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Conversation Between Migrating Mews and KingCyndaquil
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  1. Migrating Mews
    May 28th, 2012 4:19 PM
    Migrating Mews
    my fc is 382578224983. what is yours?
  2. Migrating Mews
    May 28th, 2012 3:02 PM
    Migrating Mews
    kk. thanks
  3. KingCyndaquil
    May 28th, 2012 2:58 PM
    yeah sure just pm me your fc when your ready
  4. Migrating Mews
    May 28th, 2012 2:39 PM
    Migrating Mews
    May i vs you in an hour please? i got to go.
  5. KingCyndaquil
    May 28th, 2012 2:30 PM
    alright sure, pm me your fc
  6. Migrating Mews
    May 27th, 2012 11:20 AM
    Migrating Mews
    U want 2 vs me in pokemon black? reply and ill give u my fc kk.

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