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Conversation Between CrumbledCandyWrapper and Starsprite
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  1. Starsprite
    July 24th, 2012 10:09 AM
    Because all the kids are really annoying? Well, my friends are all right. In fact, some are pretty great, but they get on my nerves after a while too. They're way too caught up in drama. And shoujo manga.

    Everyone is my friend when I use that cheat.

    Well, technically it would be 'ma chérie,' since I'm a girl. French grammar. It's got genders. 'Mon chérie' is how you call a male 'my dear.' xD

    ...You do? I'm going to go look that up now. /curious

    The bias? There was a bias?

    Well it doesn't sound bad. I'd join. (I would join pretty much anything, but that isn't the point.)

    Hey, just saying. It could happen. I mean, it's all about coincidences.
  2. CrumbledCandyWrapper
    July 24th, 2012 09:46 AM
    Why not? :[ I'd never want to go somewhere I dreaded walking into. That's like me going to sees clown ... not gonna happen -.-

    I've gained many a friend with that cheat C:

    Yay! I love birthday spam! Fire away Mon Cherie[I think I used that correctly `•`]

    I share mine with Biggie Smalls! :/...( crickets) ... ahem .... yes well

    Well that wad MY question? But what IS the bias behind the sign-up?

    Indeed it is :]

    In short its like a secret Pokemon agency ... it looks way better than it sounds though ...

    -.- *(-shot-)*
  3. Starsprite
    July 24th, 2012 09:39 AM
    Hey, I can dream. Honestly I don't want to go back to that awful school at all, but I have no choice in the manner. xD

    That it is, and I tend to abuse it. Everyone's about to die? Cheats!

    21st? I will commit that to memory! Then I can spam you on your birthday. It will be exciting.

    My birthday's going to be like that too, I trust. I have a reading project as well as a permit test I have to take. Plus I think my mom's going to be away on business. I kind of outgrew birthdays a while back I guess. I think the one and only time I ever had a 'party' was when I was maybe...six? xD (Oh well, at least I get to share my birthday with Benito Mussolini. c:)

    B-but... I don't like violence. (Well then why did I sign up?)

    Well I've been trying my hardest not to let on anything. Though I think it may end up to be pretty predictable. I hope not. It's more fun with the mystery.

    Well when you can put it in words I want to know, okay? Tell me.

    What if they had the same last name?
  4. CrumbledCandyWrapper
    July 24th, 2012 09:28 AM
    ...o.o right then ...xD

    Hunger AND Energy? [Bonechilling shudder] But the testingcheatsenabled true cheat is like God's gift to Sims ;D

    Yep! 21st, to be exact. But Sadly My birthdays are always ...well...sh!t ... for lack of a better word :/

    The whole prospect is just enticing, right? :]

    I kind of want to keep it a surprise. I know our partner's important so I'm keeping that in mind, but everything else I want silhouetted in mystery >:] [dun dun DUN]

    Well, you see, this ones a work in progress. Meaning its in my head....but nowhere else (.__.)

    Ah, good idea. I forgot humans have at least two names for a reason [imstupid<--]
  5. Starsprite
    July 24th, 2012 09:13 AM
    ...two months? :D

    Cheats are the best thing that ever happened. xD No, actually I try to really play sometimes. It just gets frustrating the more people you have. And when two bars are going down at the same rate... Hunger and Energy depleting at the same rate is a terrible thing.

    It's just a birthday, but still. I'd feel so special~ x3 Yours is in May, right? I looked once. My memory is terrible, though.

    And kill each other... ;w;

    I didn't change it, but it would serve as a good reminder. I mean, the plot is kind of important. Just a little.

    You have another idea? See, now I need to know.

    Well I'm going to use last names when I announce things. That should help at least.
  6. CrumbledCandyWrapper
    July 24th, 2012 09:00 AM
    How wouldn't he remember you? Wouldn't that've been like one or two years ago?

    The thing about Sims is that you have to do things quick (lest that accursed Needs bar deplete -.-), unless of course you have the cheats on ... in which case you're just fine :]

    Hmm, good question ... I guess the LEAST I can do is randomly edit a conversation with a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish :]] (I feel so amazing that I figured out your birthday without even checking onbyour page )

    Aww man, that sucks. Well we're both in her own RP so I guess we can just play around on hers?

    Did you change it? I remember the last time I checked it said something about bonding I believe? But from my recollection it was vague and I didn't grasp much from it. It gave it a good cliffhanger affect though x)

    Tell me about it. Speaking of which, I'm losing hope with the In Time RP I was making. There's still hope for my other idea, however x]

    I feel like it'll cause turmoil come the actual tournament but that's probably a weird case of paranoia taking over. :/
  7. Starsprite
    July 24th, 2012 07:58 AM
    Pretty much. I just hope this has all blown over now. I mean, he probably doesn't remember me now. /hopeful

    When I play the Sims, I always do so in the most ridiculous manner possible. Like I start out very easygoing, and by the end all my Sims lives have spiraled out of control. But getting married in four weeks is pretty common for the Sims, right? Especially if you're not playing with slower life spans.

    It actually says so on my profile, but yes. So now you know my entire birthday. What will you do with this newfound knowledge? xD

    I VMed her to ask if she wanted a spot, because I figured I could squeeze her in somehow, but she declined. I really wanted her to join too, but that's just how it is. :/

    Well it says so right on the plot description, so it mush not have been such a big deal until now. Seriously, all of you need to go back and read the OOC thread very carefully. xD

    Well there are a lot of people that want to do lots of things, and people that will refuse to sleep, so of course IC days are long. RPs that big are difficult to manage.

    I just didn't process that he also named his character Alex. So this may be confusing, or funny, or maybe it'll just blow over well and nobody will mention it.
  8. CrumbledCandyWrapper
    July 24th, 2012 07:10 AM
    True. And he was a bully? That's just ugly... -.-

    I played Sims yesterday actually ... got married and had a child the same day! ^__^... Well, for them it was like 4 weeks ... but you get what I mean : P

    Soooo, by my horrible math calculating skills, your birthday's on ... July 29th?

    I've lived in the same time Zone all my life, only going outside city limits on a trip to Tallahassee ... which is the SAME timezone :/

    Ugh! I know right? She's such a great RPer it sucks she cant join... (secretlywishingsomeonewouldgetkicked) <--- I'm horrible, I know :/...

    Linked? Sounds sexual ... you know, considering what's been going on IC wise and everything :]

    So the day isn't over then? Wow ... IC days in PTA are brutally long! Here I am sitting at the computer thinking I missed days at a time :/

    [Awkward recollection] *__# Ah, I see ... I remember now ...
  9. Starsprite
    July 23rd, 2012 09:31 PM
    I doubt you will, considering we only know each other through the internet. And it isn't like I can't take teasing but ugh...that guy was just awful.

    This is why you should never have children. 'Nuff said. Anyways...I love the Sims too, but unfortunately it runs very slowly on my laptop. Sometimes it will run nice and fluidly though, and it's really fun.

    '97 is correct, and my do I hate my age. I make futile attempts to act older than I am, because otherwise people judge me. Then again, it seems we only have a two year (well, three year for the next five days) gap, so it shouldn't be such a problem. :/

    Yep. Central Time Zone. I used to be in the Eastern, but I moved, and that's about the time I learned about how confusing time differences can be.

    I don't think she did, but it may still be pending. I also noticed her OOC post for Synchronicity just now, and I feel awful. ;w;

    And just think, in one IC day Malik will be linked to Ryudo by an artificial act of fate. Use it to your advantage. xD

    I think I'm about done talking to Mark now since they got to the dorm now. There isn't much to salvage of the IC day though, so I'm probably going to put Mitzi to bed if I can't occupy her otherwise.

    The new person who replaced Kularian. xelarator, I believe.
  10. CrumbledCandyWrapper
    July 23rd, 2012 09:15 PM
    :D! *Yay!*

    Harrasing you? O.e Great way to break the ice...That's a line I'll remind myself not to cross with you... [mentalnotecreated]

    I meant to say (I love) the Sims ... darn typos -__-... But yeah, it is a nightmare because, unlike the Sims in comparison, you have to pay child support and visit them every three hours or they hate you. And it really sucks because your only interactions with the babies are ... fart and burp... -___-

    Yea it was probably the same time because if your close to the end of the decade ('97 I'm guessing?), then your 5th birthday would've been my 7th...

    Its 1:10 here so you're an hour ... behind? ... Right? O.e ... TimeZonesAreConfusing... @__@

    I know about your PHG's entry (its so sad though; we may have to kill each other), wonder if Meganium made the IC thread yet? As for Ozzy I guess I have to play fair and make a rivalry with Alex the RIGHT way... so BORING -___- lol. I'm not doing anything with Danielle and Mark anymore. I got their numbers so we can still keep in touch whenever I guess. You're interacting with Mark too now, right?

    TWO Alex's? ... who's the second? o.o

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