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Conversation Between Jbsundown and ShaymieTheShaymin
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  1. Jbsundown
    May 24th, 2013 5:52 PM
    I don't blame you! But you're moving onto bigger and better things! :D
    Yeah! And take a camera or phone or something, so that you can take pictures and remember all the times!
  2. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 24th, 2013 5:19 PM
    I'm so going to miss everyone...
    Yeah! I want to have their signatures, at least.
  3. Jbsundown
    May 24th, 2013 4:56 PM
    Ahwww! That's cute I see! Well, that kinda makes sense! That's a pretty good idea then! :D
  4. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 24th, 2013 3:54 PM
    It was super fun! I think I'll cry on the last day of school... I have a lot of friends at school that are younger than me, so I'm leaving them behind. And I have a notebook that I'm making all of my friends sign.
  5. Jbsundown
    May 24th, 2013 3:45 PM
    Wow! It sure sounds like you had a great time there! :D It was my last day at school today It was quite a good day, I got my shirt signed loads and some people drew whiskers on me and turned me into a cat xD
  6. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 24th, 2013 2:56 PM
    It was awesome! I like the dance team the best because they were the most fun. The cheerleaders messed up at the end of their routine and almost dropped the girl at the top of the pyramid. But other than that, it was awesome~
  7. Jbsundown
    May 23rd, 2013 11:16 PM
    Yeah! It sure will be! :D that's alright then! haha! I like that logic! Could come in useful, especially for today!
    Tell me how it goes!
  8. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 23rd, 2013 3:54 PM
    It's going to be fun! I think my seventh period teacher is going, so the class will have a substitute. I bought a ticket for the morning show because I didn't want to have to come back to school.
  9. Jbsundown
    May 23rd, 2013 3:46 PM
    I'd rather do either, alas I cannot
    Oh right, wow! That sounds amazing! :D definitely something to look forward to! Hey, don't worry about that! :D live in the now, not the later!
  10. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 23rd, 2013 3:38 PM
    I'd rather sing than dance.
    Bragging Rights is like the talent show, except it's just for all of the organizations at school. The stepping teams, salsa team, dance team, and I think the cheerleaders are going to do something. It's fun. I'm going to miss seeing it...
  11. Jbsundown
    May 23rd, 2013 3:17 PM
    Do it on your own then to start! Watch some YouTube videos on it or something and do it on by yourself
    I don't blame you! :D What's Bragging Rights? If it was fun, it must be great! :D
  12. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 23rd, 2013 3:13 PM
    I don't like being embarrassed, though. >.<
    I can't wait~ I bought a ticket for Bragging Rights tomorrow, so I'm even more excited. It was fun last year.
  13. Jbsundown
    May 22nd, 2013 11:14 PM
    Ah, I see! You shouldn't stop that letting you trying though!
    That's understandable, I don't really have one either I actually think I may have heard of that. Or something with a similar name, at least. You'll just have to wait until you get there to decide then! :D
  14. ShaymieTheShaymin
    May 22nd, 2013 4:36 PM
    I'm clumsy, though. I'd fall on my face an embarrass myself. @~@
    I don't know what my favorite song is, or what my favorite kind of music is. And we're going to Golden Corral. I've never been there before, so I don't know what I'm planning on having.
  15. Jbsundown
    May 22nd, 2013 4:19 PM
    Hahahahahahaa!! XD only one way to find out, you might be a professional tango dancer or something
    That's understandable! That's a good way to find music what's your 'favourite' at this current time? great! :D I look forward to it! Any idea which restaurant it is you're going to? Or what you plan to have?

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