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Conversation Between ambientechx and Cyclone
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  1. Cyclone
    September 23rd, 2012 04:01 PM
    Actually, now that I'm sitting here, I just realized something. If I do a massive inbreeding setup, there might be a chance of getting a flawless of whatever Pokémon I want by mating with Ditto over and over (it loves putting out, I think); at that point it's just a matter of waiting for the nature. I think the guy at Battle Subway tells you if you are successful, so I will give it a shot with the Feebas. A flawless Feebas and a flawless Ditto should always produce flawless children, no?
  2. Cyclone
    September 23rd, 2012 03:35 PM
    Hey guys, what's going on? I'm looking for a few Pokemon to complete my team. I'm looking for a torchic with max attack, speed and special attack stats, or all around good Ivs (22+) with a lonely or naughty nature; a Dieno with max special attack and speed Ivs and all around good Ivs with a mild or modest nature, a ferroseed with max defense and spec defense Ivs with a bold or calm nature, and a feebas with max special attack,speed and special defense Ivs with a calm or modest nature.
    List simplification:

    - Torchic (max attack, speed and special attack stats, or all around good IVs with a lonely or naughty nature)
    - Deino (max special attack and speed IVs and all around good IVs with a mild or modest nature)
    - Ferroseed (max defense and spec defense IVs with a bold or calm nature)
    - Feebas (max special attack, speed and special defense IVs with a calm or modest nature)

    For starters, I can get three of the four above; Torchic I don't have in Gen. V yet, though I have a Combusken in Emerald that I will breed and import someday if I don't get one sooner.

    Secondly, I have five of the six Power Items that can be attached to a flawless Japanese Ditto. This will guarantee a specific IV is maxed out for the baby (since it's flawless, everything is maxed out). Unfortunately, when breeding, you can only guarantee one IV being carried down; three are carried from each parent, so the other two are a big gamble. I also don't RNG my Pokémon; I keep it all legit.

    I'll be more than happy to try getting you a Feebas; I have to still breed my Milotic (Lv.69 and Quick Balled on the first turn of the battle, woot) to give me a "caught" Feebas, so this will give me that. I can breed until I get a calm or modest one. Of special attack, speed and special defense, which is most important? As long as it's not the missing Power Item, I can guarantee it being maxed out, but the rest are by chance. Same question for Deino and Ferroseed and same ability to breed until the right nature hatches.

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