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Conversation Between Syltti and The Amazing Justin
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  1. Syltti
    November 22nd, 2012 01:30 PM
    None of those. It was just a for-fun web-story.
  2. The Amazing Justin
    November 22nd, 2012 01:26 PM
    The Amazing Justin
    Was it supposed to be a book, a show or a movie?
  3. Syltti
    November 22nd, 2012 01:10 PM
    A while back I was working on an original story. I put it on hold earlier this year because I was preparing to re-write it.
  4. The Amazing Justin
    November 22nd, 2012 12:52 PM
    The Amazing Justin
    You're story?
  5. Syltti
    November 22nd, 2012 12:32 PM
    It depends. Nowadays, I usually name my characters and rivals after characters from my story. Before, my rivals names would be pretty random.
  6. The Amazing Justin
    November 22nd, 2012 11:57 AM
    The Amazing Justin
    What do you usually name you're rivals after?
  7. Syltti
    November 22nd, 2012 11:07 AM
    Nothing wrong with that~
  8. The Amazing Justin
    November 22nd, 2012 10:34 AM
    The Amazing Justin
    I just felt so generic, usually I name the rival after one of my friends.
  9. Syltti
    November 22nd, 2012 07:44 AM
    If you can't think of a name, you can always go with his default. Rival names tend to be pretty good most of the time.
  10. The Amazing Justin
    November 21st, 2012 08:07 PM
    The Amazing Justin
    I only asked because I was unsure of what to name mine's.

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