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Conversation Between François and Squirrel
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  1. François
    January 29th, 2013 4:03 PM
    If I start digging now, we should be able to meet in... 2050 or so? More important than not only personal hygiene but also CUTE ANIMALS? You do make me blush. I suppose we could visit Dublin Zoo?! But that sounds a bit dull in comparison to England. I'll risk my life for you, no worries. And yes, absolutely! Though sometimes tunnels start repeating everything I say and I feel like they're mocking me :(

    Hahahaha male pregnancy. Are you OK with sacrificing your body for Princess Mud Tameera VII (aka Nu Jesus)? And yes, of course! S&M and pokémon and cute animals - amazing and totally appropriate mixture, there! Oh I often google really random phrases I come across just to see what comes up! I wouldn't recommend googling it yourself, there was one image that was horrible.

    Well now I have to decide which is more important: my education or talking to you? If I stay up at 3am I start putting down random singers as answers to math problems but if I go to bed early I don't talk to you as much. Decisions, decisions!

    Naked but covered by strategically placed objects! There's a difference! But yes they're a rather fab group if a tad bizarre on occasion. They have more conventional songs but Down The Road remains my fave, it's so massive. Now I feel like forcing a tonne of French pop on you, hmm. I've listened to all three of your Biffy recommendations! I actually liked all of them, it was weird. I may actually buy that album, I can't remember the last time I bought something by a man, congrats on temporarily stopping my rampant musical sexism!

    HMM. How about him?
  2. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 3:43 PM
    I take it back, go to 20:30 instead! :D
  3. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 3:35 PM
    Okay building a whole underwater tunnel between two countries just to see someone would be romantic, go do it! I guess we don't have to visit a zoo in England though, you not dying is a tad more important than "squee"-ing at cute animals... (Honestly had to think about that claim for a few minutes, cute animals are really cute. ;;) Ireland probably has some lovely potato farms we could visit! Or we could search for pots of gold! Or just sit at home doing nothing and watching you try to dance, that sounds just as lovely :D I think tunnels are awesome because you can shout "hi!" and they always say "hi!" back. They're really polite tbh! Say you'll haunt me~

    It's a bit of a kick in the balls (pun very much intended) to hear it but I guess he is right! Then again...! But if guys can't have kids, how will Princess Mud Tameera VII ever be born? She was going to be the next -insert dead famous person here- god dammit! :( Oh wow, you actually read my book? I hear it's becoming a bit of a success recently, pretty chuffed tbh!
    I don't know what was going through your mind when you decided to google that but oh god I'm glad you did. That's both terrifying and adorable I love it omg.

    Pshh, I know right!? Send a few texts at 4am and play some guitar to cheer people up and suddenly everyone's angry at you the next day, people are so ungrateful! I'll just assume you'll be here to annoy instead when it's 3am and there's nothing to do. :D
    Naked women are naked. Okay after listening to it that is not what I expected at all. It's... idek lmao. I think it's kind of cool? XD At first I didn't like it but it's growing on me, other than the creepy voice just after 2 minutes... ;; Feel free to shove, new things are always exciting!
    A song? I'm not sure it's possible to keep it limited to one... Go here and listen to the whole thing skip to 9:14, that's my favourite! Well, one of many... Although you might prefer the song at 1:13:33, it seems closer to the things you listen to, but honestly just listen to as many as possible imo. :D

    Pshh, I've seen him. Beat that.
  4. François
    January 29th, 2013 3:06 PM
    You have a point. Can't we build a Eurostar type thing between Ireland and the UK!? It would be so handy and it's the perfect combination of trains (best type of transport fo' sho') and tunnels (which are always fun for some reason). But FINE, I will take a ferry if there are no other options. If I die I'm coming back to haunt you, though.

    I actually said that because one time I was talking to a ("bisexual") friend and he said I didn't need to worry about having kids! I found it absurdly blunt at the time but it was kind of amusing and very true, I guess? Kids are only useful for having cool names, anyway. Hahahahaha, "torture would be nice" sounds like a quote from 50 Shades of Ozzy. Just googled "alpha uglychubbysquirrel" and found this amusing picture.

    People are so rude! You'd swear sleep was actually important or something, the way they bang on about it. YES (... I plan to), if only so as not to invoke your wrath. Currently I'm more interested in listening to this album. C2C are a random French DJ group and they have some jams, but I won't shove them down your throat (yet). Recommend me a song from Opposites!

    Oh no. Now you'll never see the most attractive man in the world!!
  5. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 2:52 PM
    Yup, I think you're right there D:

    But how are we going to visit an English zoo in Ireland? :( Does this mean you'll never be able to leave Ireland? What about when you need to return to France to fulfil your mission? You need to be brave and conquer your fear! And the only way to do that is to face it head-on. Heh, I just logic'd you. :D

    What a bleak way of looking at it lmao. I guess being gay has it's benefits!
    That's true, things can't be adorable unless they want to kill you. It's one of the '5 laws of cute' - Ozzy™ 2013. I'm not sure if what you linked really counts as "wanting to kill" though, it seems more like it's yawning in a scary way to assert it's dominance as the alpha uglychubbysquirrel! And in this case torture would be nice :( (don't quote me on that)

    I tried to do the same but unfortunately most people seem to get annoyed by being woken up with texts at 3am... so instead I just annoy people here all night! Although with Opposites out yesterday there's no time for sleeping recently. :D Have you listened to it yet/do you plan to? (Hint: Say yes!)

    The link didn't work :(
  6. François
    January 29th, 2013 2:22 PM
    I assumed it was old! The picture is OBVS not the best but I think it shows potential~

    And no, it doesn't mean I owe you a photo, it means you need to be more careful about what you put on the internet!
  7. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 2:19 PM
    Oh man, that picture is awful :( That was from years ago lmao. But I think that means you owe me one now? :D
  8. François
    January 29th, 2013 2:16 PM
    I searched Google Images to see what AlexOzzyCake would throw up so I could respond to your slanderous picture and among many Pokémon / cute animal pictures, this popped up!
  9. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 2:14 PM
    Wait what, you have?? I don't remember putting any on here... ;;
  10. François
    January 29th, 2013 2:12 PM
    I do believe I've found an actual picture of you!
  11. François
    January 29th, 2013 2:01 PM
    If I'm happy I assume I'll say something like "wow I'm in a vaguely good mood today!". I'm so excitable omg. "It just depends on who you're doing it with" - exactly! Like, I'd prefer like, fighting a fire with someone I luv than going to Paris with someone who wasn't all that great. Hey, for all you know I was talking about YOU crossing the sea! I will keep my feet on dry land thank you.

    I guess I started sometime in 2003 and finished in 2006? Sometime around that, anyway. I remember precisely one dance but luckily it was probably the most technical one I know? I don't know. I would show you but I never have the house to myself. "Unfortunately". And hahaha. I don't know if the male dancers ever have children. I don't remember my own trousers being pulled up ridiculously high but at least I don't need to worry about kids?!

    It's VENOM of course! Venom that could KILL you - how do people not find it adorable? Oh that squirrel is so cute though! Even so, I see your incredibly cute squirrel and raise you this - I win. Oh trying to make medicines and stuff for the albums sounds amazing, actually. I've absolutely no idea of anything about medicine really but I think being someone who found out how to stop squirrel pox or whatever would be amazing! And unfortunately for you, I'm far too nice to ever feel like torturing anyone!

    I honestly don't know myself. I just looked down at the page a few minutes after I did the questions and saw her name and died a little. In geography the same day, we were taking down examples of tertiary industries in the Paris Basin (fun!) and I put "I know what you said but I didn't understand" as an example :( I don't know what I do really, the internet has a way of letting you spend hours on it without feeling like you've done anything of note! When I actually do go to bed then I'll text anyone I think is still awake or listen to my iPod or something but I generally actually go to bed at 3, and sleep a fair bit later! I am impossible to get to sleep, my brain never wants to shut down.

    One of them is a colour-changing dress, if that helps?! Colour-changing dresses > squirrels. *Alex horrified*

    I like to think I'm a bit more like this, I wish I was as attractive as Mr Hollande!!!
  12. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 1:01 PM
    Btw apparently this is you:

  13. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 12:53 PM
    But how will I ever know if you're angry or sad! Can you just put up a post-it note every day so I know what to expect? Haha I'm exactly the same. The gesture is nice but there's nothing wrong with the smaller things, it just depends who you're doing them with! I think that may well be the definition romance, and I'm pretty sure you said our first date would be in an English zoo. n.n Eheheh and you'd have to brave the sea on a boat, that's twenty times more dramatic!

    Lol that's awesome, how long ago were you doing this? Can you still do it at all? No need to be modest if you have the skill to pull it off, but I think I'll need proof of this skill first. It's a shame you gave it up, it looks like a really cool thing to be able to do especially if you were good enough to win medals. Although I feel sorry for the guys having their trousers pulled up that high, must get painful with all the jumps and stuff. ;;

    Bwaha okay I agree, cheetahs are awesome. I Googled them earlier today whilst bored and they're sooo vicious it's badass. Not the cutest of animals (other than that baby cheetah aww ♥) but not everything has to be cute I guess! ... dafuq is coming out of that snake's mouth? XD Oh god that squirrel ahhhdfoghdfsoghdfslg ;;;;;;;; I WANT TO HUG IT :( *ahem* I see your incredibly cute squirrel and raise you this beauty!
    I know the feeling, I had to do a report on para-pox and it was horrid. :( But it's partly what got me interested in the subjects I do since maybe I'll be able to help cure them! It's a long shot, but can't hurt to try...!
    Perhaps those -1 octaves happen to be my favourite octaves! If you ever feel like 'torturing' me I'm looking forward to hearing it. :D

    "Solve 5x - 4y/z = 7." Leona Lewis! Okay I can't even begin to imagine how you managed that but it's... impressive! I tend to get bored trying to sleep when there's soo much other stuff to be doing, it's impossible to switch off. D: I normally just end up texting people or playing guitar, much to the pleasure of the other people in the halls at 3am. :D What do you spend the time doing?

    Hyper-links are awesome, but are any of them to pictures of ridiculously cute squirrels playing together in the snow? Otherwise they might not help too much, sorry!

    Yeah well *sticks tongue out*!
  14. François
    January 29th, 2013 9:48 AM
    Yes, as you can see I am a huge fan of insanely underdramatic reactions (makes me very easy to get along with!). I like to think everyone else on the plane would look at me like this. And hurrah another simple person. Massive gestures are a bit passé really, if someone went to me like "hai it's your birthday I got us a round-the-world trip!" I'd be like... "do we have to go?" haha. But stuff like you suggested is wonderful, yes. Even more romantic would be travelling across the Irish Sea, don't you think?

    Yes, that is it! Though of course I was absolutely nowhere near his level, I only did it for three years. I was very good, though. I was by far the best person in my "school" of dancing and I won lots of (admittedly fairly local) competitions. My "retirement" actually came about mostly because at every competition there was an "Overall Dancer" prize for both the boys and girls. I won the boys won two years in a row but then one year there was only one more guy (and he was really awful) and they made me share the prize with him so he wouldn't feel bad for being crap. It was such an injustice! That whole paragraph is really not very modest I'm sorry. I wasn't that great it's just everyone else was worse.

    WELL, I can be quite hipster in general and it just happens to extend to the animal kingdom! Here's an amusing cheetah photo, and here's a cute cheetah photo! If they don't make you love them then I think your relationship with them is just doomed :( YAY for snake love, though! Most people I know think they're gross or whatevs, I don't know how they don't see the beauty in something like this! That's a really poor attempt at a cute squirrel though, this is much better! "Fun fact": I once did a science project on squirrel pox. It was sad :( And no, your singing could not be worse than mine! My range is so small as to be unmeasurable. Perhaps it's even -1 octaves. I will never sing to you unless I feel like torturing you.

    Well, that's much better! But I do sleep too late. At one stage I was so tired that I was putting down "Leona Lewis" as answers to simple maths equations without even realising it! This is why I go "early" (sometime around 1am) now.

    I hope it's not awful! I think the fact that I made (borderline excessive) use of hyperlinks sets me apart, at least.

    Quote from your last message: "I'm impressed". Victory is mine.
  15. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 4:28 AM
    Yup, precisely! Plus you get to sing I'm On A Boat so really it's win-win. "that's quite sad" is the perfect reaction to dying I must say! Must romantic thing hmm... Anything involving Simon Neil tbh it's pretty similar to what you said, that's kind of the ideal situation! Although gestures like going out of your way to talk/be with someone or travelling across half a country to see them, that's pretty high up too. ♥

    It's for my benefit, not your's. :D Irish dancing? I think that video may have been the coolest thing I've seen in my life. At first it's like "He's just moving his feet...?" but it's impossible to stop watching and gets so epic ahhh! Are/were you any good? :D Lmao I hope I don't get nightmares like that from watching them ;_;

    An animal hipster...? That's new! I guess they are kinda cool but I don't really know much about them to judge. You'll have to teach me about them! Venomous snakes are sooo cool though, the way they paralyse you and wrap around your neck to suffocate you before eating you whole... okay it sounded cooler in my head! I had a pet snake for quite a few years and watching him eat mice was worryingly fun. Don't worry, I'll just throw pictures of cute animals at you 'till you start to love them!
    Now that's dedication, I'm impressed. Haha nooooo, not going to happen! My singing is worse than a cat being strangled by another cat which is itself being strangled. (Someone really needs to catch this guy...) How about you play the whistle and you sing after? :D

    I normally sleep around 3/4am but when I've got exams or labs like today I try to sleep earlier or I'll break something... OR MAYBE YOU JUST GO TO SLEEP TOO LATE MISTER.

    YAAAY YOU'RE AWESOME. ♥ I'll need to borrow your whistle to shake though, I never knew that was an official judging technique 'till today! I'll go read it as soon as this lecture finishes!

    I think I'll be the judge of that! n.n

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