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  1. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 1:01 PM
    Btw apparently this is you:

  2. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 12:53 PM
    But how will I ever know if you're angry or sad! Can you just put up a post-it note every day so I know what to expect? Haha I'm exactly the same. The gesture is nice but there's nothing wrong with the smaller things, it just depends who you're doing them with! I think that may well be the definition romance, and I'm pretty sure you said our first date would be in an English zoo. n.n Eheheh and you'd have to brave the sea on a boat, that's twenty times more dramatic!

    Lol that's awesome, how long ago were you doing this? Can you still do it at all? No need to be modest if you have the skill to pull it off, but I think I'll need proof of this skill first. It's a shame you gave it up, it looks like a really cool thing to be able to do especially if you were good enough to win medals. Although I feel sorry for the guys having their trousers pulled up that high, must get painful with all the jumps and stuff. ;;

    Bwaha okay I agree, cheetahs are awesome. I Googled them earlier today whilst bored and they're sooo vicious it's badass. Not the cutest of animals (other than that baby cheetah aww ♥) but not everything has to be cute I guess! ... dafuq is coming out of that snake's mouth? XD Oh god that squirrel ahhhdfoghdfsoghdfslg ;;;;;;;; I WANT TO HUG IT :( *ahem* I see your incredibly cute squirrel and raise you this beauty!
    I know the feeling, I had to do a report on para-pox and it was horrid. :( But it's partly what got me interested in the subjects I do since maybe I'll be able to help cure them! It's a long shot, but can't hurt to try...!
    Perhaps those -1 octaves happen to be my favourite octaves! If you ever feel like 'torturing' me I'm looking forward to hearing it. :D

    "Solve 5x - 4y/z = 7." Leona Lewis! Okay I can't even begin to imagine how you managed that but it's... impressive! I tend to get bored trying to sleep when there's soo much other stuff to be doing, it's impossible to switch off. D: I normally just end up texting people or playing guitar, much to the pleasure of the other people in the halls at 3am. :D What do you spend the time doing?

    Hyper-links are awesome, but are any of them to pictures of ridiculously cute squirrels playing together in the snow? Otherwise they might not help too much, sorry!

    Yeah well *sticks tongue out*!
  3. François
    January 29th, 2013 9:48 AM
    Yes, as you can see I am a huge fan of insanely underdramatic reactions (makes me very easy to get along with!). I like to think everyone else on the plane would look at me like this. And hurrah another simple person. Massive gestures are a bit passé really, if someone went to me like "hai it's your birthday I got us a round-the-world trip!" I'd be like... "do we have to go?" haha. But stuff like you suggested is wonderful, yes. Even more romantic would be travelling across the Irish Sea, don't you think?

    Yes, that is it! Though of course I was absolutely nowhere near his level, I only did it for three years. I was very good, though. I was by far the best person in my "school" of dancing and I won lots of (admittedly fairly local) competitions. My "retirement" actually came about mostly because at every competition there was an "Overall Dancer" prize for both the boys and girls. I won the boys won two years in a row but then one year there was only one more guy (and he was really awful) and they made me share the prize with him so he wouldn't feel bad for being crap. It was such an injustice! That whole paragraph is really not very modest I'm sorry. I wasn't that great it's just everyone else was worse.

    WELL, I can be quite hipster in general and it just happens to extend to the animal kingdom! Here's an amusing cheetah photo, and here's a cute cheetah photo! If they don't make you love them then I think your relationship with them is just doomed :( YAY for snake love, though! Most people I know think they're gross or whatevs, I don't know how they don't see the beauty in something like this! That's a really poor attempt at a cute squirrel though, this is much better! "Fun fact": I once did a science project on squirrel pox. It was sad :( And no, your singing could not be worse than mine! My range is so small as to be unmeasurable. Perhaps it's even -1 octaves. I will never sing to you unless I feel like torturing you.

    Well, that's much better! But I do sleep too late. At one stage I was so tired that I was putting down "Leona Lewis" as answers to simple maths equations without even realising it! This is why I go "early" (sometime around 1am) now.

    I hope it's not awful! I think the fact that I made (borderline excessive) use of hyperlinks sets me apart, at least.

    Quote from your last message: "I'm impressed". Victory is mine.
  4. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 4:28 AM
    Yup, precisely! Plus you get to sing I'm On A Boat so really it's win-win. "that's quite sad" is the perfect reaction to dying I must say! Must romantic thing hmm... Anything involving Simon Neil tbh it's pretty similar to what you said, that's kind of the ideal situation! Although gestures like going out of your way to talk/be with someone or travelling across half a country to see them, that's pretty high up too. ♥

    It's for my benefit, not your's. :D Irish dancing? I think that video may have been the coolest thing I've seen in my life. At first it's like "He's just moving his feet...?" but it's impossible to stop watching and gets so epic ahhh! Are/were you any good? :D Lmao I hope I don't get nightmares like that from watching them ;_;

    An animal hipster...? That's new! I guess they are kinda cool but I don't really know much about them to judge. You'll have to teach me about them! Venomous snakes are sooo cool though, the way they paralyse you and wrap around your neck to suffocate you before eating you whole... okay it sounded cooler in my head! I had a pet snake for quite a few years and watching him eat mice was worryingly fun. Don't worry, I'll just throw pictures of cute animals at you 'till you start to love them!
    Now that's dedication, I'm impressed. Haha nooooo, not going to happen! My singing is worse than a cat being strangled by another cat which is itself being strangled. (Someone really needs to catch this guy...) How about you play the whistle and you sing after? :D

    I normally sleep around 3/4am but when I've got exams or labs like today I try to sleep earlier or I'll break something... OR MAYBE YOU JUST GO TO SLEEP TOO LATE MISTER.

    YAAAY YOU'RE AWESOME. ♥ I'll need to borrow your whistle to shake though, I never knew that was an official judging technique 'till today! I'll go read it as soon as this lecture finishes!

    I think I'll be the judge of that! n.n
  5. François
    January 29th, 2013 1:14 AM
    So basically what you're saying is that there is no danger whatsoever in boat travel? I agree. And besides, if a plane crashes all you can do is sit in your chair and be like "oh no I'm gonna die that's quite sad" but if you're in a boat you can re-create Titanic! So what's the most romantic thing to you, then? (should have asked that earlier)

    I don't set out to look funny when I dance! Though I think I do anyway, I've no talent whatsoever. I used to do this thing called Irish Dancing which I was quite amazing at but I gave it up to watch more TV. Well I don't know exactly where her ideas come from but I do know she started off as a fashion blogger and got noticed thanks to her... unique style! Her videos are probably inspired by childhood nightmares or something.

    I don't know! I think when it comes to animals I'm a hipster or something. I know cheetahs are worse predators than say, lions or tigers, but I like that they don't just go about hunting with pure power. I love big cats in general but I like that cheetahs are that bit different from the rest! It's the same with (venomous) snakes, there's just something really cool about how they hunt. Oh dear my animal faves aren't quite as cute as yours are they? I will send you some examples of Irish humour later! I would now but I'm typing this on my phone (dedication!). Will see what I can do about Biffy - how about I play the whistle and you sing? That sounds good.

    It's like the very start of it just when the "woah oh etc" part comes! You go to sleep too early, I went at 3am on the regular until recently!

    IT IS DONE AND POSTED. I wrote the entire thing in an hour after midnight so it's probably got more errors than you can shake a tin whistle at, but I was determined to finish it!

    Of course not! I do not try to impress, I just impress.
  6. Squirrel
    January 28th, 2013 5:18 PM
    I love boats, they're so calm and refreshing! And if you fall you're only going to end up in water so it's not the end of the world. Unless you're in the middle of the ocean or the Arctic or you get caught in the boat's propeller or there's a an octopus waiting for you or you can't swim or you're allergic to water or you get tangled in seaweed or you run into an angry Basculin... But other than that, boats are awesome! Ohhh gosh that sounds utterly amazing. ♥ Brb booking tickets to France. You're making me jealous of my own imagination. ;;

    N'aww, well I'm sure it'd still be funny to watch you try! What are you talking about bizare? People walk around town doing that all the time, crashing their hips into random things to knock them over and whatnot! Pshhh I've been doing that dance since I was 12. I don't think I'm able to materialise canes from my ear or clap to make toast appear... but I'll do my best for you if your dance is good! And yeah, I noticed that a couple hours after sending the reply, they all do give off that vibe very well. I would love to know how she comes up with some of these video ideas!

    It's not awful, it's awesome - people don't use words like that enough! Oo cheetahs are pretty cool, but why the huge love for them? And why snakes? They aren't nearly squirrel-y enough! That documentary bit is adorable btw. ♥
    Lol well I didn't know! ;; I thought you were joking or something and it was just an Irish thing! Something modern hmm... Learn anything by Biffy Clyro or Arctic Monkeys and I'll love you forever okay! Although I have no idea how this instrument is supposed to sound so suggesting a song will be difficult. :(
    But how does this make you feel? *nods head slowly*

    "My God, your face is so angular" is now my new favourite insult js. I did, but I have no idea what part you're talking about! It's gone 1am and I have lectures at 9 (stop being interesting!) so I'll watch it tomorrow but I'm excited to see this now!

    Hehe okay, can't wait to read it! If you don't submit it in time I'll cry and throw things at you.

    Well are you? ;_;
  7. François
    January 28th, 2013 2:08 PM
    I've always wanted to be known as "that guy who knows some guy", majorly jel of you right now. Sexy trips to Paris = thumbs up. And omg I hate flying too! Really I hate any travel that isn't on land but there's something far more relaxing about boats. I think it's because you're gently bobbing along the water while in planes you're just TEARING THROUGH THE AIR. Or we could take the Eurostar - it's totally post-modern (like MTV). OMG stop that picture is awful! My poor, poor eyes. Hmm the most romantic thing to me. I am trying to think of one supermassive grand gesture but it's difficult. Really I'm a man of simple pleasures, just cuddling on the couch beside a fire or something would be nice! <3 Maybe in a hotel overlooking Paris

    And noooooooo, I'm not quite able to capture the essence of the dance, I don't think! I would look more like... if for some bizarre reason someone was trying to knock things over with their hips or something (?). Well if I have to do the hip dance then you absolutely must do the PONPONPON dance! I actually linked to three songs (one for every word!) in her name but it's all a similar "shouldn't this girl be in a mental institution?" theme, so it matters not. You are a huge flop of a kids' TV fan!

    Everyone picks up on me using that word, it's awful! I don't even think about using it but it just comes out. It's an amazing word. Cheetahs are my favourite animals (well, they're tied with snakes in general)! I feel like if I were an animal I'd be a cheetah, and I love seeing them in action even if they fail a bit too often :( I watched a really good docu on a cheetah family once and the mother died and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO and was BORDERLINE SUICIDAL for days over it. Srysly. And yeah, Ireland isn't that bad that we would resort to using that as an instrument! Give us a few years and maybe then we'll be so desperate for money that we'll be using them. Hmm, well I only ever really learned random "traditional" tunes that I've forgotten for the most part but I'm sure I could dust off a couple. I have a friend who learned 'Levels' by Avicii (though she totes messed up in the exam) so I suppose I could learn something modern if u lyk. Hahahahaha, have you really not considered becoming a shrink before?! That response is up there with "... so how does that make you feel?" and "*faux-thoughtful nodding*".

    That picture is also awful! My God, his face is so angular. Did you ever watch the video for 'Good Time'? I used to get endless amusement from him looking like he was having a stroke at the start of the first chorus.

    I'll get it in on time, don't worry! I will re-write tonight because I realised my current one was a bit sh- subpar, but all going well I'll post tomorrow. And win. *evil laugh*

    You're not?! *bursts into tears*
  8. Squirrel
    January 28th, 2013 11:57 AM
    In that case I'm just going to assume it's the truth and tell everybody I know a super secret Irish spy and become famous as "that guy who knows some guy"! Don't worry we'll just have to take a trip to Paris, it'll be sexy. :D Let's not fly though that's scary. ;;
    Everything? I'm trying to picture a sexy blood transfusion and it's not going well ;; What's the most romantic thing possible to you?
    Oh god PLEASE LET ME SEE YOU DOING THIS. And wow, that song's actually really good, I'm surprised! I've never given that kind of music a chance since I assumed it'd instantly suck, but that was soo catchy. The second video though... That might be the single most confusing video I've ever watched. XD Her voice is awesome and the song's cute but the video is giving me nightmares. ;; And making me want to learn that dance...
    Honestly I don't remember lmao. I remember thinking Po's name sounded a little like Poo and that was endlessly entertaining... This is when I was 16. But I don't remember anything else about them, such a disappointment. :(

    Lol wow you actually used the word fab. That's +50 brownie points! But nah, zoos want such specific requirements for working with them since everyone and their mother wants to do it. Sounds like a date ♥ No backsies! And yesss we have cheetahs! Are you a big fan of them?
    OH THAT'S A TIN WHISTLE. I was picturing something like this lmao. Okay well that's much more exciting! What kind of stuff can you play on it? I want to hear it some time k! :D
    ... that's the first time I've actually laughed out loud at something on the internet in months. XD OH GOD YES I'd be exactly the same. I'd find it so hard not to reply with something like "Don't worry, I know exactly how you feel... I dropped my sandwich earlier." On the plus side you'd get to see how much better your life is than other people's and feel really good about yourself!

    I know! I'm not sure why I put 'their' ;; And they are indeed, but it makes some of the lyrics so adorable when he's being so cheerful all the time. It does get kind of grating though haha. Mr Cheerful!

    Eurdop Pidgeon, what's that?? Never heard of the thing. Boy, I sure hope someone writes a review for it so I know what it's about! (Psssst you have 2 days left. ;D)

    Ohh, so now I'm trying to impress you am I? ;D

    I wasn't kidding about the dance bit btw.
  9. François
    January 28th, 2013 10:07 AM
    WELL for all you know it is a similar story to that and I'm just not allowed to tell you. I've been back there three times I think, we don't go on holiday very often :( I would say everything is more romantic than that, haha! Unless it was a SEXY LIFE-SAVING BLOOD TRANSFUSION in which case I suppose it is a bit romantic. Hmm, well I don't listen to HUGE amounts of Asian pop but for the most part it's the Korean girlbands (my favourite K-Pop song ever is this - I do enjoy doing the hip dance routine) but there's the occasional solo singer, of which my favourite is Japan's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is just incredible. Most visually interesting popstar on the planet? I think so. There are of course much more classics though, so if you ever want to hear more just ask! What even is this fake Noddy stanning?! Never heard of that Cubix thing but Tellytubbies were life <3 Who was your fave? Po was mine. I wanted her scooter when I was younger.

    WELL not permanently but as a part time job it would be fab. Have you ever tried getting work in one? And sure I'll visit a UK zoo, we can make a date of it. Perhaps you should diversify what zoos you're going to?! Random question but does your zoo have a cheetah? When we went to the zoo on a school trip once I abandoned the rest of the class to look for one but my searching was fruitless :( Tin whistles are very plain instruments but they're easy to play so they're thought in school. Somehow there are some people with SO LITTLE musical talent that they can't even play one of those. But no, Ireland is not impressive! You'll never hear anyone insult it more than me. Maybe I'm just bitter about having France snatched away from me. And yes! I hope I get a good secretary I can dish all the dirt too, I probably will have the laughing thing too. Do you ever laugh at really overly morbid things? Like if someone came into me and was like "all my family died and then I got married and my husband died and then my pets died and then my house burned down" I'd be struggling to hide the giggle. BUT I'm sure I'd help that person!!

    Owl City is one person! All his lyrics are super saccharine though. Which is weird because he doesn't look like an overly happy person!

    Oh no! You actually KNOWING STUFF about Eurovision makes it about 100 times harder to impress you with my review :( Might need a change of plan (and I had it all written and everything!).

    I am honoured to be of more importance to you than your personal hygeine. Not many men will go without showering to impress someone!
  10. Squirrel
    January 28th, 2013 12:30 AM
    D'aww, I was expecting some epic struggle in France which left your family as the only chance to save the world and stop the Eiffel Tower from being detonated by getting enough Irish wheat to clog up the base of the tower to stop it from being able to get into the air and now your family operates it's own wheat farm in a race against time itself! But your story's interesting too and as long as it results in an Irish accent that's fine by me. :D France sounds sooo nice though, do you go back there a lot?
    Pshh, and what may I ask is more romantic then being aggressively sexual whilst pumping your blood into someone? Okay don't answer that but still. What kind of Asian pop do you listen to? o3o
    NODDY COUNTS. NODDY ALWAYS COUNTS GOD DAMMIT. What do they teach you in Irish schools I don't even know smh. (Ironic thing is I've never watched/read Noddy :D) My favourite TV shows wereee... Okay I have no idea, I think probably the Tweenies or Tellytubbies or something like that?? Ohh or Cubix, definitely Cubix!

    Lol oh you. /swoons
    Ohh you'd want to work in a zoo? Me too! It'd be such an amazing job ahhhh. It sucks about he lack of zoos in Ireland though, you'll have to come visit some of our's instead! I go to one zoo about 40 minutes from us so often that the keepers know my name - not sure if I should be proud or get a life. XD
    I can be anything you want bby. Okay so what the noodle is a tin whistle? I'm thinking it's a whistle made out of tin...? If so, Ireland isn't seeming too impressive sorry dear. ;; Piano is amazing though, you should definitely play for me some time!
    "It's the sort of job that really helps people while at the same time entertaining me!"... hahahaha oh god best reason to become a shrink. That's one reason I could never do that kind of thing, not laughing at some of the people would be too hard ;; /bad person. It is a really interesting thing to do though, finding out about how people work is fascinating. Just come back and tell me all the funny stuff they say each week k!

    I'm a fan in the sense that I like three of their songs haha. I just love Vanilla Twilight so much because it's freaking adorable. The lyrics are so sweet and the video is beautiful. ♥

    YEAHHH ♥ Well figure it out soon because you've only got three days left to write it! Also that Gangnam style comment has made you my all-time favourite person js. Eurovision is a good one though, I'm glad it turns out I'm not the only one that likes it. XD

    (And I'm sorry back :D (sgfjfh I was about to have a shower and stuff before leaving for uni, this was more important?? ;;))
  11. François
    January 27th, 2013 4:17 PM
    Well AFAIK it's because dad lost his job and one came up in Ireland. We lived in Rennes which has lots of Irish people so I think my parents naturally liked the place (or at least its people) and they were semi-Anglophone at the time because French schools teach it. I don't get why they didn't find a job closer to home but maybe they wanted a change of scenery! Rennes is not that big a town by French standards but in Ireland it would be one of the country's biggest "cities". I wouldn't have called it romantic! And I did just Google the lyrics myself, only one site came up and it doesn't let you copy and paste :( However I just saw the lyrics called "aggressively sexual" haha. I do listen to a fair amount of foreign language music, there's the occasional random artist like Nordpolen and after that it's mostly Asian pop and the odd German song. And I listen to a fair amount of French music but it doesn't really count. ACTUAL CHILDREN'S BOOKS HMM. well I seem to remember The Hungry Caterpillar but I don't know if I ever read Noddy. I definitely saw the TV show a fair amount, if that helps? Haha. You must tell me what your fave TV shows as a child were. And of course nerdy is good! More people should realise that.

    You've never seen your reflection? Haha. But yeah it is adorable (as is that seal), I should really find more stuff like that. It kinda makes me want to work in a zoo but Ireland only really has one zoo and it's a two hour drive away from me! I've only been there twice but it was fabulous on both occasions. Oh, so you're versatile? That's kwl. I can't say I'm really one for PLAYING music but I can play the tin whistle very well (most Irish people can) and I used to play piano a bit. When it comes to music I'm very much a listener. As for Psychology, I really can't say what got me interested in it. I just know that I really love figuring out how other people work, and being a 'shrink' is basically my dream. It's the sort of job that really helps people while at the same time entertaining me!

    Owl City fan?! How random. I know precisely two Owl City fans, both of which are supposedly "manly men". But I'm afraid the only songs of his I'm partial to are 'Good Time' (because of Carly for the most part) and the 'Shooting Star' one that reminded me a bit of Katy Perry's 'Firework'.

    (it's very much appreciated!)

    I saw that reviewing 2012 thingy and decided I'd take part. Currently unsure of what to write about - I reckon there's a severe lack of 'Gangnam Style' reviews right now!

    (I'll probably end up reviewing Eurovision - oh god sorry for this essay of a vm)
  12. Squirrel
    January 27th, 2013 3:52 PM
    You're not making it difficult!

    Hooray for Irish accents! So why'd your family move from France to Ireland? Seems like a bit of a strange place to move to for a French speaking family?
    ... that title's kind of... romantic...?? XD I'm curious about the rest of the song now, I may just have to Google it myself. Do you often listen to songs without knowing what the lyrics are about? People find it really weird when I do it lol, it's nice not being alone. ;;
    D'aww I was hoping for proper kid's books! What about The Hungry Caterpillar? Sam-I-Am? Noddy? Give me something! Never heard of the Mortal Instruments series though, what's that about? Hehe, nerdy is good!

    That video may well be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Not lying I was almost making the "SQUEEEEEE!" noise - very manly moment. ;; The way they're playing together in the snow then they trip up and n'awwww! ♥
    I play both, mostly acoustic though since lugging around a huge amp is tiring! Plus acoustic sounds so much cooler if you play it well, much nicer than most sounds you can get from an electric. Can you play any instruments? :3 We could play together some time! n.n
    Nah, unfortunately too late to change, but oh well! Chemistry's still cool just not ideal lol. What got you interested in Psychology? Are you learning to control people's minds?? ;_;

    Lol sorry, I'll think of a replacement fact for you later! It'll probably involve sparrows or vanilla or something red or nothing on that list or all of them. :D

    (I click them all! Decided to follow your style and add a few totally relevant links in myself. ;D)
  13. François
    January 27th, 2013 1:06 PM
    Your flattery skills are truly unparalleled!

    Irish, I think! It would have started off French but it's gradually gotten more Irish over the years, moreso than my parents' obviously. I think most people don't realise I'm not native to Ireland when they first hear me speak. Frankly I've no idea what the song is about but after a quick look on Google Translate, the title translates as 'When My Blood Pumps Into You', so it's probably best I not know the rest of the lyrics! The books I read were very much mainstream children books - Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, A Series of Unforunate Events, Horrible Histories, etc. I read a few more random things like Lord of the Flies too but the first three series I listed were definitely the basis of my childhood reading. More recently I've been reading the Mortal Instruments series which is rather fantastic. It's a bit Twilight in parts but rarely veers too far into that territory. On a more nerdy note I also used to read my school textbooks before school started after the summer - they were so interesting! And it meant I could relax more in class.

    Oh my, a swimsuit contest, I just love taking part in them!!!

    Animal lovers get the thumbs up from me. I'm not a huge animal fan but I make the odd exception and I think people liking animals is generally a sign that they're a nice person. Do you play acoustic or electric guitar? I know plenty of people who play electric guitars but no acoustic, which is a pity because I prefer acoustic for the most part. And you know, this is the fourth time I've seen you mention how amazing Biffy Clyro and their lead singer are, I think! That's a pity about your uni course - is it possible for you to change? I have quite a bit of time left to go in school yet (I'll be 19 by the time I'm in uni) but I intend to do either psychology or a dual Psychology/French course.

    And yes, they do (poor effort with the Biffy Clyro one aside)!

    (I don't know if you've noticed yet but I do love hyperlinking to random things - nobody ever clicks on them though!)
  14. Squirrel
    January 27th, 2013 9:51 AM
    I beg to differ. :D

    That's really cool, so is your accent mostly French or Irish? Irish accents are the best thing ahhh, please say Irish! ♥
    Pshhh you totally just like that song for the cute shirtless guy in the video ;p I listened to it, it's pretty good but I think it'd be 10 times better if I had any idea what they're singing haha. What is the song about?
    Ahah, what kind of kids' books do/did you read? Now you're talking! B)

    Don't worry, this is just the start of the interview process. There's a whole questionnaire to fill out before becoming the father of my children. Plus a swimsuit contest!

    My turn? Ehh, like you said, I'm not very interesting! But I'll try...

    - I like squirrels. A lot. It seems a bit childish (probably because it is!), but they're just such amazing creatures. They're utterly adorable and have the most spectacular anatomy/habits, they're just really fascinating. I'm a huge lover of animals in general though so apologies in advance for any bouts of spamming pictures. n.n
    - I play guitar allll the time. It's my favourite thing to do, practically every second of the day that I'm not working I'll be playing guitar or doing something involving music. Music's my favourite thing about life hands down, it can make any moment or mood feel that much more real.
    - My favourite band is Biffy Clyro! And Simon Neil is the single greatest person alive. You already know that from GE but it fills up a slot so nyeh. XD
    - I'm studying Chemistry at uni, currently in the first year, but chose the complete wrong course! The fields I wanted to go into are ecology/zoology, and I naively listened to my Chemistry teacher when she told me a Chemistry degree would be more useful for these paths... Then I get to uni and find out it's the complete wrong course haha. But it's still interesting so all's good!

    I hope these facts pass your standards!

    ... don't feel like you have to reply to everything, I probably won't! :D
  15. François
    January 27th, 2013 9:29 AM
    Ahhhhhhhhh that's tough. I'm not a very interesting person. Anyway:

    - I'm French but have lived in Ireland since I was 1 or so. I'm therefore not perfectly fluent in French which is a tad embarrassing :(
    - My taste is decidedly POP but can be vaguely indie on occasion. This is my favourite song at the moment but I'm also on a huge Azealia Banks / Jessie Ware kick.
    - My favourite sport to play / watch is tennis by far, though I keep an eye on European football (English football is too mainstream) and used to do sprinting because I'm skinny + naturally fast but terribly unfit so long distance is a no no.
    - I love English, especially creative writing and debating. I used to be a massive reader but lately I've not had the time for it and for the most part I only ever read kids' books anyway, haha.

    I feel like I should be telling you different stuff but when people aren't specific about what they want to be told I'm clueless! In any case - your turn!

    (I don't think I made any spelling errors, unless you count 'Ahhhhhhhhh'!)

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