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Conversation Between kuzronk and J-pop princess
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  1. kuzronk
    October 30th, 2013 3:15 AM
    Not sure tbh.
  2. J-pop princess
    October 7th, 2013 9:08 AM
    J-pop princess
    If you want to be.
  3. kuzronk
    October 5th, 2013 6:14 PM
    Should I be more active here?
  4. J-pop princess
    September 28th, 2013 8:55 AM
    J-pop princess
    I know right!
  5. kuzronk
    September 27th, 2013 4:49 PM
    That's good then.
  6. J-pop princess
    September 26th, 2013 4:43 PM
    J-pop princess
    like very lucky
  7. kuzronk
    September 25th, 2013 11:19 PM
    How lucky?
  8. J-pop princess
    September 23rd, 2013 4:30 PM
    J-pop princess
    yeah but I think I was just lucky.
  9. kuzronk
    September 23rd, 2013 3:05 PM
    That's really good then.
  10. J-pop princess
    September 23rd, 2013 12:21 PM
    J-pop princess
    Luckily no...not ever
  11. kuzronk
    September 20th, 2013 1:16 PM
    Did anybody hack you?
  12. J-pop princess
    September 18th, 2013 4:40 PM
    J-pop princess
    I hear you I mean for a while I was just using my name and birthday but now days I use these complex random ones
  13. kuzronk
    September 16th, 2013 11:31 PM
    My passwords used to be basic until 2007.
  14. J-pop princess
    September 12th, 2013 11:44 AM
    J-pop princess
    yes and no actually (I'm kinda a ditz)
  15. kuzronk
    September 11th, 2013 6:16 AM
    Understand what I meant?

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