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Conversation Between Ivysaur and Lash
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  1. Lash
    January 1st, 2009 2:56 PM
    Yep, pretty much, haha. If I drank 24/7, then some loudmouth friend of mine would know, and we have the same probation officer XD;

    Yes it is, because that's when I am legal to drive, and when I can get a parent to sign for a tattoo at certain parlors.
  2. Ivysaur
    January 1st, 2009 1:02 PM
    Tsk, you need excuses to drink? XD

    And, I'll remember it. 16 is a good number methinks.
  3. Lash
    January 1st, 2009 12:56 PM
    My week will get better next week because I turn sixteen.

    Well, I usually don't drink by myself unless I'm at a party or with a friend. Beer pong! XD
  4. Ivysaur
    January 1st, 2009 4:47 AM
    Oh, well, I had a crappy night, but it will get better this weekend.

    You couldn't drink so happily? XD
  5. Lash
    January 1st, 2009 3:21 AM
    Pretty good, aside from the disappointment of my drinking buddy friend not showing up, haha.

    How has the new year been treating you so far?
  6. Ivysaur
    January 1st, 2009 3:18 AM
    Oh, it has been awesome mostly.
    How has the new year started for you?
  7. Lash
    January 1st, 2009 3:16 AM
    True that ):

    So, how has everything been lately?
  8. Ivysaur
    January 1st, 2009 3:08 AM

    Long time no talk :<
  9. Lash
    November 27th, 2008 8:49 AM
    Happy (official in my time zone lol) birthday Went! Hope you had/have a good un'. Hooray for 18!
  10. Lash
    October 9th, 2008 2:25 PM
    Congrats dude :3
  11. Lash
    July 31st, 2008 2:30 AM
    ?eimoh ,neeb yad ruoy sah woH .doog ma I ,dna ,hO .siht htiw nfu hcum os evah ot gniog ma I !looc is iht ,nam aohW
  12. Ivysaur
    July 31st, 2008 12:54 AM
    D: won thgir doog yterp m'I ?uoy era woh ,olleH
  13. Ivysaur
  14. Lash
    July 30th, 2008 2:44 PM
    Ah, sounds awesome. Do you know the site?
  15. Ivysaur
    July 30th, 2008 6:07 AM
    There is a page where you can write a line, and they reverse it XD
    If you want...

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