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Conversation Between TwilightBlade and 何贤豪
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  1. TwilightBlade
    November 17th, 2012 10:44 PM
    Happy to help, rainy. :)
  2. 何贤豪
    November 17th, 2012 9:53 PM
    Okay, thanks!
  3. TwilightBlade
    November 17th, 2012 9:51 PM
    Right and right. The Black Kyurem can be shiny because of Kyurem.
  4. 何贤豪
    November 17th, 2012 9:44 PM
    Oh wait...I need to ask something. Any Zekrom from Gen V (BWB2W2) can't be Shiny, right? For Kyurem...it CAN be shiny, right?
  5. 何贤豪
    November 17th, 2012 9:42 PM
    Never knew of that...And weird. Now you're a Super Moderator? Well, that takes you off the list of TC Mods.
  6. TwilightBlade
    November 17th, 2012 9:38 PM
    Yup it's totally adorable! Blue Nidoking! ^_^
  7. 何贤豪
    November 17th, 2012 9:19 PM
    Oh, yeah...sorry, just thought of that too.
  8. TwilightBlade
    November 17th, 2012 9:02 PM
    Yup, I've bred a Nidoran male and there are shiny version on Pokecheck done by RNG abusers all with Hustle / DW ability. You breed a Nidoran female and some male of the egg group and get baby Nidoran, who can have DW ability.
  9. 何贤豪
    November 17th, 2012 8:58 PM
    Right, but Nidoran M? The...oh, right, it's possible to...yeah, but still...DW abilities can only get passed on by females, that's what I remembered.
  10. TwilightBlade
    November 17th, 2012 9:09 AM
    You can breed shiny DW pokemon.
  11. 何贤豪
    November 11th, 2012 6:13 AM
    And I can't use that too. Pokecheck can't even work in my place.
  12. 何贤豪
    November 11th, 2012 6:12 AM
    Wait a minute...are you on during next Saturday/Sunday? Because I saw the bit of your VM...posted in 11:40 AM, plus...you were on at 01:08 PM. (Probably this would be known as "yesterday" in your time when you'd get it.) Well, let's trade during 11 AM or 1 PM at Saturday/Sunday.
  13. TwilightBlade
    November 10th, 2012 8:40 PM
    Heyooo omg. :( I'm here for the rest of the night, it seems. I'll be extending the pick up date too probably.
    Ummm you can always use the Pokemon selector to safely send files through the GTS.
  14. 何贤豪
    November 10th, 2012 7:02 PM
    Uh, hello...
    How can we actually do the trade of the Halloween thing? We're kinda split by the issue of timezones. The PKM bit doesn't sound comfortable with me, as it would mean injecting Pokemon data down to a save file.
  15. TwilightBlade
    November 6th, 2012 4:36 PM
    I vaguely remember anything about trash bytes. :s I'm not bothered by the trash bytes / nicknames thing since I've had this problem before on one of my old Pokemon. It is something weird. You can trade your Manaphy then.

    I would put a brief note explaining the trash byte thing in case anyone trades for your Manaphy, Pokechecks it, and later confronts you about it. :p

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