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Conversation Between destinedjagold and GoGoJJTech
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  1. GoGoJJTech
    May 27th, 2015 11:58 AM
    Woah, you're old
  2. GoGoJJTech
    October 14th, 2014 03:25 AM
    Pretty slow, but that's because daniil is on vacation and I'm just taking breaks..
    I get turned away easily whilst mapping..
  3. destinedjagold
    October 13th, 2014 05:19 PM
    It's slow, and with my home PC still dead, well, it became slower. :/
  4. GoGoJJTech
    October 13th, 2014 07:00 AM
    Hehe, I see :D
    Well how's hacking then lol
  5. destinedjagold
    October 12th, 2014 05:28 PM
    Dunno. Anything seemed to have taken something from everything, so he's almost nothing. :/
  6. GoGoJJTech
    October 10th, 2014 03:29 AM
    Heyo how is everything?
  7. GoGoJJTech
    August 26th, 2014 08:28 PM
    Well it'd be a central place for everything RD, also faster than talking and answering the same questions on the forums. People seem to like it better, or that's what I've picked up from everyone viewing my hacks at least. I've had a ton less repeated questions, and more people to discuss stuff etc with which really helps with development and stuff like that.
  8. destinedjagold
    August 26th, 2014 07:16 PM
    drop the "sir" or I'll...do something I'll regret.
    Like, like...like...like cancelling BT! Yeah! That'd be something I'll totally regret! >:/

    Ahem, anyway, er, a channel for RD?
    No offense, but I don't...see a point to it. =/

    I actually forgot about that chat link you gave me until now. <.<
  9. GoGoJJTech
    August 26th, 2014 07:10 PM
    Hello sir Jagold
    Remember the chat I invited you to? We never set up the Ruby Destiny channel :D
    If you still want to do it, let me know.
  10. GoGoJJTech
    June 25th, 2014 08:19 AM
  11. destinedjagold
    June 24th, 2014 07:05 PM
    Quote originally posted by GoGoJJTech:
    No it wouldn't. It's actually a 1:1, but it's supposed to be understood that impossible stuff... IS IMPOSSIBLE
    so bottom screen will not happen if you haven't noticed yet
    wifi WILL not happen if you haven't noticed yet
    I don't understand how someone can think that it will happen when it won't.
    it's your own fault for creating this great hack.
    when pipz tend to make something great, other pipz expect them to make the impossible~
  12. destinedjagold
    May 21st, 2014 05:14 PM
    chat for...what?
  13. GoGoJJTech
    May 21st, 2014 05:13 PM
    Hey, I never did invite you to the chat did I?
    Well I just helped Le Pug set up a channel there, I can help you get one going. Central Ruby Destiny chat for all. Care to join? http://chat.linkandzelda.com:9090/?channels=romhacking
  14. destinedjagold
    March 27th, 2014 05:20 PM
    Rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and um...exercise?
    At least, when I have a cold, I drink lots of water and exercise to make myself sweat a lot. It kinda quickens recovering from a cold.
  15. GoGoJJTech
    March 27th, 2014 11:20 AM
    The problem is I'm sick, and am in no mood to rip tiles to 2d from a 3d engine lol

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