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Conversation Between destinedjagold and U.Flame
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  1. U.Flame
    October 24th, 2009 05:52 AM
    You've played Tales of Destiny? Sweet! Tales of Destiny, Abyss, and Phantasia are from the same series, plus about 10 others. I think you should try Tales of Phantasia. It's the first game from the series. It's been ported to many systems, the most recent would be Gameboy Addvance. So you can get it for the emulater. But there is no change in graphics from it's first system so the graphics should be the same as Destiny. (Destiny is the second game in the series)
  2. destinedjagold
    October 24th, 2009 01:15 AM
    It's nice to hear that it worked.
    The only 'Tales of' game I played was Tales of Destiny, which I find fun.
    Also, I am still busy even after school is over.
    We are slowly moving to a new home now though... :\
  3. U.Flame
    October 23rd, 2009 05:11 PM
    Sweet! Of course I'll give credit. I got internet for another weekend so yeah. I tried the idea I had to fix the event glitch in the 2P project. IT WORKED! There's still some oter things to work out but at least we won't have to worry about the event glitch now. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to test the 2P project any more than that because I'm SO damn addicted to Tales of Phantasia and Tales of the Abyss (awesome games by the way ) that I ended up forgeting to hack. Oh yeah, how did you do on your exams?
  4. destinedjagold
    October 14th, 2009 06:49 PM
    oh yeah, sure. no problemo~
    just give me credit to avoid chaos though... :\
  5. U.Flame
    October 14th, 2009 04:06 PM
    I got internet for about 5 minutes so I thought I'd ask you something. In my hack, I was thinking about making an Angeallen and possibly Devihel and Breatherna referance. (or even as catchable Pokemon) So can I have your permission for that? Thanks.
  6. U.Flame
    October 11th, 2009 06:44 PM
    Well I have to leave now. See ya next time I get internet. I'll test the 2P project in the meantime. When I get internet, we'll both have test results. Though yours is a lot more important...or is it? Who said collage is more important than hacking? Well, see ya!
  7. U.Flame
    October 11th, 2009 03:29 PM
    Then what are you doing here? Study! Lol.
  8. destinedjagold
    October 11th, 2009 01:45 PM
    this week... D:
  9. U.Flame
    October 11th, 2009 08:56 AM
    That's okay. So when do you have your final exams?
  10. destinedjagold
    October 11th, 2009 08:03 AM
    none at the moment, sadly... :\
    I got stressed cause of my programming project... -__-

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