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Conversation Between Silhouette and Revise Librarian
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  1. Revise Librarian
    1 Day Ago 09:48 AM
    Revise Librarian
    Oh, cool! I dunno how it's gonna work for me since my parents just got divorced (and I applied for it before that happened), so I guess we'll see what happens, haha.

    It's gotten even better, actually! I think they're at the... fifth gym, at the moment? (So around 64 episodes or something along those lines.)

    Also, thank you for everything, pal. I felt the need to give you a shoutout in this thread:

  2. Silhouette
    1 Day Ago 06:12 AM
    Financial aid is figured out... for the most part lol.

    I watched XY for the first handful of episodes (I think I stopped after the second gym), but I really liked it. How far is it now?
  3. Revise Librarian
    1 Day Ago 02:43 PM
    Revise Librarian
    It's fine, dude. Don't worry about it. xD

    Dang, that sucks. But at least it's good that you can start with college again! So I'm assuming that you've got your financial aid situation figured out?

    Aha, mostly XY for now, since it's ongoing and all. They're actually doing pretty well with the character development and whatnot, even on Ash's end. xD
  4. Silhouette
    1 Day Ago 02:36 PM
    Verrrry sorry for the uncalled for absence DX

    Nah, I don't have a sort of spring break unfortunately. But I'm finally taking the steps necessary to enroll into college again! :D

    Watching Pokemon? Which season(s) are ya watching?
  5. Revise Librarian
    2 Weeks Ago 02:26 PM
    Revise Librarian
    Haha, I completely forgot about that! *facepalm* Does your full time job have a spring break of sorts?

    Well, I actually have a lot of work do, but aside that, I've been on PC, dueling, and watching Pokémon with EBOR. xD
  6. Silhouette
    2 Weeks Ago 12:58 PM
    Well, since I've had to wait til the fall semester, I guess you could say I've been on spring break THE WHOLE TIME *evil laughter*

    So how have you been spending your spring break?
  7. Revise Librarian
    3 Weeks Ago 09:55 AM
    Revise Librarian
    Yep! But the worst part about speculating cards is the disappointment when Konami decides to either make them unplayable, or not give them support at all. =(

    Wait, whoa, WHAT?! *falls out of chair and gets back up* Seriously?! That's just... okayyy then. xDDD #MirrorForceForPokémon2015

    Lol, that's true. I'm still trying though, haha. When's your spring break? Mine starts today!
  8. Silhouette
    3 Weeks Ago 09:46 AM
    That would make a good speculation, though :D

    If you don't have any available Pokemon to battle when one of yours faints, you lose immediately XD

    Well that's good! Not that cramming is good, but I guess it isn't... bad, either.
  9. Revise Librarian
    4 Weeks Ago 12:38 PM
    Revise Librarian
    Haha, yeah. But what I'm looking forward to the most are the new cards that the old characters would receive if they came back. Unfortunately, "if" is still the key word. xD

    But wait, wouldn't you be unable to lose the match? I mean, you can't lose those prize cards if no Pokémon are dying. xDDD

    I've been trying. xD But apparently, it's not as bad as I thought. According to my most recent test scores, PC made me way better at cramming for tests, lol.
  10. Silhouette
    4 Weeks Ago 08:33 AM
    Hm... It'd be interesting to see how everyone reacts. I love when they do that in shows, which is probably why it makes great fanservice episodes lol.

    It would be a stupid scenario haha. It's really risky to do that because of that exact reason.

    Oh no! If your return to PC is screwing you over, you should focus less on PC!
  11. Revise Librarian
    4 Weeks Ago 03:45 PM
    Revise Librarian
    Simply put, all three protagonists magically met each other and took down a common enemy, lol. In ARC-V, however, we're actually seeing some real plot buildup to link all of the series together. As much as I want certain old characters to come back, there are no guarantees at the moment.

    Ah, okay. You said that if there were no basic Pokémon in your opening hand, you'd keep having to redraw until you get one, right? Well, what if you finally got one, but the rest of your basic Pokémon ended up as prize cards? That'd be a stupidly awkward scenario, haha.

    Not bad, but I'm struggling to keep my grades up, haha. Not only are my classes significantly harder this semester, but my epic return to PC is screwing me over LOL. (I literally had straight A's last semester, and that was before I came back to PC. But right now, though, ehhhh. xD)
  12. Silhouette
    4 Weeks Ago 01:49 PM
    Hm... I see what you mean. How did they do it in the fanservice episode?

    I think the solution to that is drawing your hand and getting that settled, THEN you place prize cards. I could be wrong, but that would seem logical to me. But yes, that's actually a legitimate strategy to have just a handful of basic Pokemon in your deck so you are guaranteed to have one that you want in your opening. I stopped playing the TCG when I learned that it was possible XD.

    Haha yeah! So how are things going on your end, anyway?
  13. Revise Librarian
    4 Weeks Ago 08:04 PM
    Revise Librarian
    Yep, though we're not exactly sure if the old characters are coming back yet. The locations of the past series have made explicit appearances, but it doesn't say how far in the future they are. =P

    But what if you chose to have only six basic Pokémon? You wouldn't know if all six ended up as prize cards LOL. (But yeah, that would be a tournament-breaking scenario right there, haha.)

    Ah, I getcha. But I totally agree about having more hours in the day. That alone would already make my mediocre life a million times better. xD
  14. Silhouette
    February 22nd, 2015 09:41 AM
    Ohhh, I see. I think I remember the name ARC-V now that I think about it. But I'd actually be interested in watching this crossover :D

    Nope, they're not face up. And the thing is, you can have more than 6 basic Pokemon in you deck. You just can let 6 of them get knocked out haha.

    Yeah. The snow is stacking up several inches every day, and it takes a lot of time to snowblow my driveway XD It does sound trivial, and it kinda is. And don't worry about these things, I might have made them sound worse than they are. What would REALLY solve all my problems is having more hours in the day :l
  15. Revise Librarian
    February 21st, 2015 10:21 PM
    Revise Librarian
    Yep, but it was more of fanservice than an actual plot-heavy movie. xD ARC-V, on the other hand, is literally trying to tie all five series together.

    Aw, dang. That kinda sucks that it's random, lol. Are they face up? Because what if all six of your basic Pokémon turn out to be prize cards? xD

    Wait, are you saying that nice weather will actually solve your problems? (lol) But anyways, that sounds pretty troublesome. Financial aid in itself already confuses me, but I honestly doubt that I could handle the rest of the things you're going through. And no problem, man.

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