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Conversation Between Kura and derozio
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  1. Kura
    June 1st, 2013 01:38 PM
    :C Wha happened? You were one of my fav mods
  2. derozio
    April 16th, 2013 12:58 PM
    Marzipan? What's that? As for the punshrulles themselves, they look like they're made from chocolate. And I looooove chocolate!! <333; Talking of these awesometastic sweets, aren't they expensive over there??

    We should totally make a list of all our fave sweet dishes and share them with each other. I'm sure we'll discover tons of amazing new stuff. Sure, you probably won't be able to taste the exact same kind of delicacy that's made in India and reverse is also true. But at least they'll taste similar since they're basically the same thing no matter where they're made. Also, at least we'll get to know more about food. And knowing more about food is never a bad thing. BECAUSE FOOD IS AWESOME. lol As for the milk cakes...I'll have to ask my parents about it. Don't really know, haha. And yeah, staying away from unauthentic sources of food is something I practice myself. Once ate something from a really suspicious place and had pains in my throat for three whole days. Better to avoid those at all costs! :( BUT yeah, Britain is a huge place. You'll probably find some good Indian place sometime. :3

    It wasn't exactly school, haha. I had applied for an external exam. :p Too bad I couldn't do much. I seriously ****ed up as far as time management goes.

    How was the get-together? :3
  3. Kura
    April 5th, 2013 11:47 AM
    Reminds me a bit of Swedish "punschrulles" that are made with marzipan and some other stuff <3 Absolutely YUMTASTIC <3 I have to order them in from a specialty bakery every time I want to have one, but I usually just get a bunch to keep on the freezer <3


    And ooh! Glad we seem to have the same sort of tastebuds (save for the crazy affinity for spice you have ;3!) But I'd love that, too! Is there another indian word for them? There are quite a lot of Indian places in the UK (most are takeout, and I don't like unauthentic or fast-food much so I tend to stay away from them.) but if I could find a place that sells milk cakes I would love that! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth myself!

    Awwh boo! on SUNDAY of all days? Do you have school on Sundays too? WTF that's unfair ;O; Good luck on the exam though!
    And not too much over on my end; Will is coming to visit (finally, it's been ages since he's come to mine instead) and we're going to chill on Sat with a mutual friend down in Brighton (beach town that's about an hour away on the train.)
    I say beach town. It's not very beachy here. It freaking SNOWED yesterday. Why can't winter just be over >_>
  4. derozio
    April 5th, 2013 11:21 AM
    The shiny diamond shaped ones are called "Kaju ki katli" or something. I don't like it myself, to be honest. But others in my family adore it for some reason. :/ The other ones you posted look delicious, though. I might've eaten some of those but I don't really remember right now. :p

    Milk Cakes ARE freakin' yummy, lol. I wish I could somehow send some over to your place, haha. But yeah, they're outrageously expensive. So I get to eat them once in 3-4 months. ;__;

    Haha, I'm sure you will. Life's too long and you never know when you'll come across someone special like that. ;]

    haha, yeah. <3; Me? Well, nothing much, I have an exam on Sunday so I'll probably spend the entirety of today (saturday) studying. This weekend will suck. ;__; What about you? :3
  5. Kura
    April 5th, 2013 11:15 AM
    I tried the one in the middle here. The shiny diamond shaped one:

    I didn't like it. It was too grainy.. BUT.. I did try something that sorta looked like these and they were delicious!

    Milk cakes look absolutely yummy!!

    :3 And no problem! You know I never had a friend I was so close to that I considered a sister, but maybe one day I will!

    @_@ And yeah I can be too blunt sometimes.. ._. Oh well!

    What are you up to this weekend?
  6. derozio
    April 5th, 2013 10:48 AM
    I already have the iStalker emblem, hun. ;3 But your bluntness is one of the things I love about you. <3; runs off before fabio gets me

    Nope. I believe I've never seen or eaten beef or pork in my life. The burger I ate was a veg burger. :p And yeah, Indian food is pretty spicy. Some of those can make you go teary-eyed while eating. There have been plenty of times when tears wouldn't stop running down my cheeks but I would still be eating because I loved it and didn't care. :p Samosas are awesome. I love them. In fact, MOST Indians love them. :3 I don't think I've eaten a korma before, though. I'll have to ask my mom, hehe. As for the desserts, I'm not a big fan of many of them since I don't have a massive sweet tooth but I like eating stuff like milk-cake (i'm sure it has some other name. my parents call it that so I do too) and gulaab-jamun once in a while. :3

    As for the pic - thank you for the compliment! ;D They're my friends, actually. XD;
    But the one on the left is like a brother to me. We're close friends. <3;

    I don't even remember what I was referring to when I 'lawled' at your and hikari's convo but I'm sure you know her well enough after all this time that you'd understand why I'd lol. :p

    Milk cakes look like this:

    Gulab jamuns:


    These three are my favorites. <3;
  7. Kura
    February 25th, 2013 11:57 AM
    : O!!! *Gives you iStalker emblem* Haha I would if I could ;3! I guess I can be a prick because some of the way I tend to come across or say things may be seen as insensitive because I'm blunt. But thanks!

    And oh, that's cause a lot of people don't eat beef or pork, right? @_@ Indian food is really spicy no? I've not had very much of it because I can't even handle very mild spice so I've only had korma and some samosas (samosas are spicy to me!) I've had some indian desserts; some I loved and some were dreadful and way too sugary for my liking! ;_; :3 Nice suit! Looking very sharp! .O. I dont believe I've ever seen a pic of you before! Are those your brothers or something? Cousins? :3 You all look lovely!

    Heyhey don't lawl me, I legitimately wanted to know the reasoning. I'm really confused over the hype!
  8. derozio
    February 25th, 2013 10:40 AM
    I've never seen you like that. Ever. You go with what you think is right. And as far as my opinion is concerned, you do raise valid points most of the time (yeah, I lurk a lot lol). If people consider you a prick for something you said in the heat of a debate, I don't really think you should think of yourself as one too. Because you aren't. At least, I've never seen you being one, like I said earlier! You're too sweet to be a prick. <3;

    Lmao, something like that. We don't usually have burgers in India. There are alternatives, though. Namely Samosas and Vada-Pavs. They're quite delicious too! <3; And damn, that sounds delicious. I didn't know burgers were cooked too, though! I thought they merely consisted of some vegetables squashed between two bread buns - that's all. Because that's the kind I ate a long while ago, haha. :p

    Things tend to be different here in India than in the west. :3 Here's a pic of me from the ceremony. The one in the mid. Though I gotta warn you in advance - the ugliness you are about to face is of unimaginable scale. Try not to harm yourself after going through the torture that is viewing my image. :p Edit: lawl@your convo with hikari.
  9. Kura
    February 22nd, 2013 10:28 AM
    Yeah well on the flip side I can be a total prick sometimes too haha!

    Why haven't you had a burger in so long? You live in Japan or something? I would if I could; I have two made and I just cooked one tonight :3 Didn't have it on a bun or anything, just put some cheese over it (Dunno what kind, some swedish or like.. danish cheese) and made a salad with it :3

    Oh damn, you graduating? o_o Already? I thought grad was in April/May usually!
  10. derozio
    February 22nd, 2013 10:19 AM
    No, honestly, I figure people probably don't say it as often as they should. You deserve all the compliments you can get because seriously, you're just plain nice and really do help cheer up other members. Some of your blog comments made me go "holy crap she's so niice ;___;" <3; So yeah, figured I told you what I felt like. ;] And wow, a burger? Been years since I had one of those. I wish you could share it with me or something. o3o; Well, as for things on my end, we have our farewell ceremony tomorrow - basically means my last day in our school. Hopefully, I'll be able to decide on some decent clothes to wear and return with some pictures to blog about! /totally wishes to go just to get a picture with his crush, tbh

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