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Conversation Between Platinum Lucario and gabe_k
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  1. gabe_k
    December 13th, 2008 2:41 PM
    Lol, I insulted someone's grammar and told Christos I wanted to be banned, so I was xD
  2. Platinum Lucario
    December 13th, 2008 8:05 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hey there, I wonder what happened? :\
    But it's nice to know that your ban has lifted.
  3. gabe_k
    June 17th, 2008 8:04 AM
    I have a few ideas about them which I'll test in a bit. I'm doing some scripting and model placing right now.
  4. Platinum Lucario
    June 17th, 2008 7:34 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    So the next thing we need to do is the Movement Permissions. And do you know how to edit movement permissions yet?
  5. Platinum Lucario
    May 20th, 2008 10:58 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi gabe, how are you? I've just started the Diamond & Pearl Hacking thread on Global Pokémon Organisation.
  6. Platinum Lucario
    May 20th, 2008 4:39 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Good luck gabe, I really can't wait for it to be released!
  7. gabe_k
    May 20th, 2008 4:37 AM
    The progress with positioning the polygons is coming pretty well, but not enough to make a map editor just yet.
  8. Platinum Lucario
    May 19th, 2008 4:11 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi gabe, any luck with the positioning of the 3D polygons?

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