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Conversation Between Kip and Forever
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  1. Kip
    July 6th, 2015 5:03 AM
    Sure, no problem ~
  2. Forever
    July 6th, 2015 4:58 AM
    mhm also since im sleeping soon you can do the shift until you sleep, and ill do it until you're awake tomorrow c:
  3. Kip
    July 6th, 2015 3:39 AM
    No worries. They all have until Sunday so it shouldn't make a massive difference.
  4. Forever
    July 6th, 2015 2:50 AM
    I was holding off til we had at least five so there wasn't trading circles but then went afk oops
  5. Kip
    July 5th, 2015 7:44 AM
    Is it a Lillipup? XD FC worked that time - I'd put an 8 instead of a 9.
  6. Forever
    July 5th, 2015 7:02 AM
    um 1048 - 9342 - 6550 ??? and yea do that although mine isn't really original BUT IT'LL HAVE GOOD IV'S AND I DON'T WANNA BREED SOMETHING NEW :c
  7. Kip
    July 5th, 2015 6:59 AM
    Shiny is always better. :D Good luck with it, hope it works. And that's a point - I haven't bred anything yet! Need to come up with something awesome...

    Speaking of - I'm having trouble with your FC. It keeps saying it's incorrect. Could you double check it?
  8. Forever
    July 5th, 2015 6:21 AM
    Yeah that's cool also I have bred a 4-6 IV mon to use :) well I'm trying for a shiny of it so yea gonna use that lol I hope people are original this time!!
  9. Kip
    July 5th, 2015 6:14 AM
    OK, thread is posted. EO's might start posting sign-ups but I don't think it's fair to give them numbers before everyone else can see it.
  10. Kip
    July 5th, 2015 6:05 AM
    Already on it.
  11. Forever
    July 5th, 2015 4:56 AM
    kip imma post the thread if you're not on within the hour ok if there's anything else we need.
  12. Forever
    July 2nd, 2015 3:52 AM
    i have replied to the thread :)
  13. Kip
    July 2nd, 2015 1:03 AM
    Apparently it's all sorted now.
  14. Kip
    July 1st, 2015 7:38 AM
    Not much has happened on getting you added as an EO. I've asked a few times. :/
  15. Forever
    June 16th, 2015 6:03 AM
    Awesome c: and yea I just lurk every few days lol

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