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  1. icomeanon6
    4 Days Ago 4:04 PM
    No worries re: disappearance--you've got to put life first. And I'm hardly one to complain about people disappearing suddenly. >_>

    Btw, I think I'll resume my rewatch of 02 next week. This week I'm trying to slap together a draft for the collaboration thing with Art & Design since apparently they're short on stories and needed to extend the deadline.

    Hey thanks, you're a champ! :D Looking forward to your thoughts.
  2. Astinus
    4 Days Ago 3:31 PM
    I started to read your fic, and I'll write down any comments as I get through each chapter. Since it's been so long, it's like I'm reading Digimon Campaign for the first time again!
  3. Astinus
    4 Days Ago 3:02 PM
    Sorry for the sudden disappearance. Life got in the way. Even though I did still have enough time to start watching Digimon Data Squad.

    Between episode 4's need to have Miyako held back to have her D3 looked at and episode 11's need to have Miyako held back to sort through her feelings (which did take a very short time), it seems as if Zero Two is a prime example of the saying that the need of the logic is second to the need of the plot. There's a lot in Zero Two that could be looked at in that way. There doesn't even need to be big plot changes to fix the logic.

    To do this they try to make it look like the issue is that Daisuke's unwilling to put himself in harm's way, and it doesn't work at all.
    Especially in the context of episode 8, where Daisuke offered himself to the Kaiser in exchange for his friends. So not only was this episode apparently written by someone who didn't pay much attention to Adventure, it was written by someone who didn't pay much attention to characterization from three episodes ago.

    And yet people argue that Zero Two doesn't have any plot holes.
  4. icomeanon6
    1 Week Ago 5:04 PM
    Episode 11:

    This is the Lighdramon episode, and by golly is it dumb. There's a coherent idea or two in there, but everything's so clumsy in execution, starting with Taichi and Yamato being all "let 'em fight!" and claiming that their old fights were what made them friends. Were they even watching their own show? Those fights between them were an obstacle and they nearly got everyone killed. The fights were a manifestation of their competing egos, and it wasn't the fights themselves that resulted in a reduction of those egos. I get the impression that this episode was written by someone who didn't pay much attention to Adventure. Here's what they handled okay: A deficiency in Courage made Fladramon degenerate, and an expression of Friendship made Lighdramon strong enough to destroy the Evil Spiral. The bigger problem is how muddled the buildup to that is. The situation is that Daisuke doesn't want to fight MetalGreymon because he's worried about hurting him, and the writers have to somehow bend that into being the result of Daisuke lacking Friendship. To do this they try to make it look like the issue is that Daisuke's unwilling to put himself in harm's way, and it doesn't work at all. In the end the moment where Daisuke awakens the Digimental feels more like they wrote themselves into a corner than it does that Daisuke actually changed in some way to awaken it. I remember scratching my head when I was seven years old at this episode, and now I understand why.
  5. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 3:46 PM
    Episode 10:

    This is the first one with MetalGreymon, and a lot of little things felt off to me. It's not a big deal, but there's this one bit where Daisuke practically body-checks Hikari just so he can talk to Taichi face-to-face. More importantly, the subplot with Miyako staying behind wasn't handled well at all. The idea's a good one, which is that she's disturbed by how there's suddenly so much more at stake, but then it's resolved in ten seconds with no real impetus for it, and in the end we find out that they probably only staged it this way so that Yamato could arrive later than everyone else. This raises the question: why not have Yamato there from the beginning? That way he can challenge Taichi about holding back against MetalGreymon during the fight, and then when he punches him after the fact it will have more impact; both for the punch itself and for when Taichi admits Yamato's right. Also, I believe this is the first moral correction in 02 that's delivered via a strike to the face. I'm going to keep score since I recall this happens in 02 a lot: 1.
  6. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 5:27 PM
    As a New York Mets fan, I can only shake my head at you for going to a Walgreens Nats game. :P At the very least, we can both cheer on the Nationals to beat the Dodgers, because I hate the Dodgers.

    How did you manage to score tickets?
    I'm just going to put this picture of old-school Nats Ted Williams and Curt Flood staring disapprovingly at you:


    (Also Denny McLain but nobody likes him.) Oh, and fun fact: did you know that the Mets' ballpark's design is basically a love letter to those same Dodgers? :P

    Got the tickets through stubhub. Not exactly cheap, but I'm going with my dad and he's helping to pay. I was away at school the other two times the Nats were in the playoffs, so I'm pretty stoked.
  7. Astinus
    2 Weeks Ago 5:00 PM
    Speaking of sports, I won't be able to watch an episode on Friday because the Washington Nationals are in the playoffs and I've got a ticket!
    As a New York Mets fan, I can only shake my head at you for going to a Walgreens Nats game. :P At the very least, we can both cheer on the Nationals to beat the Dodgers, because I hate the Dodgers.

    How did you manage to score tickets?
  8. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 3:23 PM
    Episode 9:

    Now we're talking. This is the episode where Ken decides to run away to the Digital World permanently, captures Greymon, and mistakenly evolves him to SkullGreymon. Lot of great touches in this one, like how Ken nonchalantly dusts off his shirt after the interviewer who touched him there leaves. (Unrelated: Ken gives astoundingly boring interviews.) Ken's veiled but vicious contempt for people he sees as beneath him--"insects"--ties in well with his persona as the Digimon Kaiser. He's moved from a world where he is superior but powerless (isn't even allowed to skip a grade) to one where he is superior and reigns supreme. There may be some modern allegory in a talented but disaffected youth who withdraws to a "video game" to live out a Nietzschean power fantasy. Worst part of the episode is the fight with the Meramon which inexplicably occupies the space where they should have shown Greymon resisting capture. It doesn't help that it's one of the most anemic and lame fights I've seen in the whole franchise. Skullgreymon makes up for it, though.

    EDIT: Ken's note to his parents literally sent a chill up my spine. It reads as much like a suicide note as a running-away-from-home note.
  9. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 3:31 PM
    Episode 8:

    Sports! Every shounen action anime could use more sports. In seriousness, the writers did well in how they handled Daisuke's attitude towards Ken and soccer in this episode. The obvious thing would be to have Daisuke talk a really big game and then everyone laughs at him and he gets pissy about it (it's so obvious that it's closer to what the dub did). Instead, Daisuke's shown as a real competitor but one who has enough respect for the game to know when he's up against competition that utterly outclasses him. My picture of Daisuke is still shaped so strongly by the dub that it surprised me to learn that he sees the game as being bigger than just himself; hence admiration of the prodigy instead of anger at him. It's nice to have a look at his character beyond "Daisuke is an arrogant, hotheaded tool with an embarrassingly obvious crush." Good episode. Big plus: the shot where Ken is momentarily taken off guard at the sight of the other Chosen Children at the game. Big minus: no-budget soccer animation.

    Speaking of sports, I won't be able to watch an episode on Friday because the Washington Nationals are in the playoffs and I've got a ticket!
  10. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 4:19 PM
    I can't say I'm looking forward to Digimon Universe, but I'll get to at least the first episode sooner than later.

    Episode 7:

    This is the one with Andromon, and I think it's a marginal improvement over the last few episodes if only because trapping Hikari in the city tweaks the formula a little and almost makes things tense (key word almost). I imagine this episode is pretty gag-inducing to someone who can't stand Hikari, as this is the first instance of her nebulous Light-powers coming into play in 02. The trouble with a character like Hikari is that while the other characters are defined by virtues/human qualities, Hikari is defined by something supernatural/mystical/spiritual. And because they don't really explore the supernatural side of her (only occasionally exploit it), what we're left with is someone generically virtuous, prone to facilitating Deus Ex Machina, and ultimately Sue-ish. She doesn't really bug me so much as make me wish they'd done a better job with her, as I generally like the pseudo-spiritual good-vs-evil aspect of Adventure/02. You can bet I'll have more to say about Hikari when the Dark Ocean episode rolls in (can't wait!).
  11. Astinus
    2 Weeks Ago 5:54 PM
    There's a subbed version of Digimon Universe's first episode. Just got done watching it.
  12. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 3:44 PM
    Episode 6:

    Just like last episode was "Isn't Iori kind of like Jou?", this episode is "Isn't Miyako kind of like Mimi?" Not much to say there, IMO. It was occasionally pretty funny, so I put it above the last episode, but the combination of formula and low stakes is really making the show drag. They go through the gate, they take down a tower, they come back, tune in next week. It's a cliched complaint about the first arc of 02 but I think it's valid. One positive thing I want to mention is that the Digimon Kaiser's transition from being amused at his enemies to irritated with them has been mostly smooth and convincing.
  13. icomeanon6
    2 Weeks Ago 5:31 PM
    Lol, I almost wrote that Iori should have gotten Purity and Miyako should have gotten Knowledge, but I was thinking I'd wait a few episodes to see how well Purity fits Miyako.

    I think the blogger's explanation is a stretch. The search for inner truth I would call the pursuit of Wisdom rather than Knowledge. Also, the post sets up a false choice. The assumption that Iori would get Love if not Knowledge is peculiar. My first guess for a reassignment would be Love/Knowledge for Miyako and Sincerity/Purity for Iori. I don't think you'd have to swap their partners in that case; you'd instead have to think up 2 different evolved forms out of 4 for them. Basically, I wouldn't say these characters need a "switch" so much as a comprehensive rewrite of their arcs. It's definitely not a quick fix, but that's what happens when you have a fundamentally flawed story, heh. :P
  14. Astinus
    2 Weeks Ago 5:08 PM
    Found it! I'll quote the necessary part:

    Iori’s quest is one of better understanding the world around him. His thirst for knowledge is not external but internal. It’s not technical but philosophical. It involves human morality rather than computers. It doesn’t mean is less valid in any way or form, or “less deserving” of the crest, and for Iori is of extreme importance to understand the world around him in order to make educated choices.
    Also, apparently Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori are meant to represent Fire, Air, and Earth. So since Miyako represents Air, she needs the flying Digimon. Hawkmon was purposefully put under the Digimental of Love and couldn't be born from any other Digimental. This means that Miyako was forced into getting the Digimental of Love because she had to be paired with Hawkmon.

    This now makes me wonder how the story would have gone if Miyako was paired with Armadimon, and Iori was paired with Hawkmon.
  15. Astinus
    2 Weeks Ago 4:51 PM
    You're not the only one that feels that way about Iori. A lot of people--myself included--feel that he should have gotten Purity over Knowledge. (This is something that I wrote into my own fic, and I don't think that's changing in the rewrite. I like exploring Iori's character growth by having him no longer see the world in black-or-white. Since that was such a huge part of his characterization in the show.) I did see once on Tumblr an explanation as to why the Crest of Knowledge fits Iori, and I'm trying to find that so you can read it.

    That scene between Daisuke and Hikari in episode four further cemented by dislike of Hikari. I can understand Yamato getting upset at Daisuke for not liking Jun, because a.) Yamato only saw Jun as a decent person earlier that day and b.) Yamato has always had issues with sibling relationships. But I would think that Hikari wouldn't be so quick to put Daisuke down like that. She should have been the one to see Daisuke's side of things. I can only imagine how that scene would have gone if Miyako was there, since Miyako also finds her siblings annoying.

    Between that scene in episode four and the sled in episode five, I think the writers just force things along for plot reasons. Like they only needed the sled because the writers needed some way to show that Jou's into medicine still and to get Jou and Iori separated from the others.

    As you can see, I do not mind at all longer thoughts about Zero Two. Being able to discuss it with someone who isn't automatically going "Zero Two sucks because of vague reasons! And the epilogue!" is really refreshing.

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