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Conversation Between Nickalooose and Arx
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  1. Arx
    April 9th, 2014 12:37 PM
    Ah okay, I see :)

    Was watching the UCL myself.
  2. Nickalooose
    April 9th, 2014 09:21 AM
    Not just programming, I like to know everything ;)

    Not a lot tbh, going round a friends so they can watch the Man Utd Bayern Munich game in a bit, you?
  3. Arx
    April 9th, 2014 08:17 AM
    Wow, you have a knack for learning programming :D

    It's okay haha. Sup?
  4. Nickalooose
    April 9th, 2014 04:53 AM
    Anything is easy... Essentials use a lot of the same type of code here and there, so it's easy to learn, yes, but I learned Java in like 2 days, not professionally, but enough to do what I need... I learned something with Script in the title in about an hour... So just depends the kind of person you are.

    Sorry it's taken a while for me to respond, I get so many PM's about scripting it's hard to answer them all and have a social life lol.
  5. Arx
    April 5th, 2014 06:50 PM
    Errors are really common, just gotta get used to them :(
    Yeah, I've looked over it a few times. But isn't this a bit easier with Pokemon Essentials?
  6. Nickalooose
    April 5th, 2014 02:03 PM
    I lack experience in a lot of things, but I don't mind the errors... It's how you learn.
    I don't know if you've seen the game I'm working on now, a card game... This is menu creating, graphic manipulation, AI integration among other stuff... But I'm learning when I get to that specific part... 6 months ago if someone asked me if I'd be able to make my own game making battles and things my own way, I would've said no... If the same person asked me again now... I can say I'm doing it.
  7. Arx
    April 5th, 2014 04:35 AM
    Makes sense. Though I doubt I'd be good at graphical things haha
  8. Nickalooose
    April 5th, 2014 03:52 AM
    That's no problem :D if you learn what you're trying to achieve at that point... Menus, Graphic manipulation, etc... Then you will learn more than trying to attempt all at once.
  9. Arx
    April 5th, 2014 03:29 AM
    Some good piece of advice there. Thanks!
  10. Nickalooose
    April 4th, 2014 11:27 PM
    I'm a quick learner, so I didn't have to try hard enough, one day I relied on others... The next day I got bored of waiting... The day after I learned... I have lot's to learn but what I know gets me through... If you think too much you'll never succeed, just learn as you're going along... At least that's how I do things.

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