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Conversation Between -Neji- and acatfrommars
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  1. acatfrommars
    October 27th, 2013 6:25 PM
    Yeah, I'm a big an of both as well. I also like Dark Horse comics and Vertigo. :p

    Yup I can't wait for the new Superman/Batman movie! Also, DC has an ongoing Superman/Batman comic series that's pretty good as well.
  2. -Neji-
    October 27th, 2013 2:25 AM
    aha, sall good I'm just being stupid, I love both to be honest. I mean you can't go past B-man and S-man!
  3. acatfrommars
    October 25th, 2013 8:16 PM
    Haha no hate. I like Marvel comics too as well as Dark Horse. Simply put, my favorite is the DC canon! :p
  4. -Neji-
    October 25th, 2013 7:18 PM
    Marvel rules! . sorry couldn't help myself, since i see you are a DC fanboy .. Marvel! =P

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