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Conversation Between Averdak and JakeG
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  1. JakeG
    January 11th, 2012 5:26 PM
    Sorry that it has been so long, another game is in writing stage and may need your help soon.
  2. JakeG
    December 2nd, 2010 9:26 PM
    Sure I'm just restarting, I'm back to storywriting for now and will send you some requests soon.
  3. Averdak
    November 29th, 2010 3:54 PM
    I've been gone for a year, but I'm always down for a little comp work. If you still need me, hit me up.
  4. JakeG
    June 3rd, 2010 11:25 PM
    Hey I'm not sure if your active anymore but I was looking for a Composer, will you still be able to fill that spot.

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