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  1. Rezilia
    November 11th, 2013 7:49 PM
    Unfortunate we don't really get paid for philosophy, isn't it? >.>;

    Your extension of proof goes along with my idea of evidence, which is cool and all. In order to understand the "evidence" of ether, however, you must first consider the idea of the Intelligible World. Intelligibility is defined as "thought thinking itself". That is to say, pure thought absent of the bounds of senses and the physical. The idea of the Intelligible World refers to the world seen outside of ideas or calculations which are based on physical concepts. Mathematics was originally a form of this but, over time, was changed to be completely attached to the physical and the idea of physical proof. Ether, as a material, currently exists as part of the Intelligible World but, as believed by many, will eventually become a part of the Visual World for it will be sensed by all humanity in natural form, though many supposedly are able to sense it now even though they are a minority.

    Ether, believed to be the basis of the spiritual, being seen by all later on, means that we should be able to sense and calculate the spiritual at some time in the future. And so, our intelligible evidence of its existence may be taken in regards to its inevitably visual form. This is actually a large part of New Age - to recognize ways in which the spiritual exists intelligibly, how it can exist visually, and how to have it acknowledged visually.

    A good example of ether taken form COULD BE Odyle - a theoretical force or energy hypothesized by Baron Carl von Reichenbach, who said it was in a trinity with Magnetism and Electricity. He said Odyle was the color itself we see at the poles, that being the Aurora, and the "Aura" many see within people's Electromagnetic Fields. Odyle could very well be made of Ether, which is why some but not most of us can see it in EMFs. However, due to the high amount of electromagnetic material at the poles, it is easier for us to see in that form - even now. This is only a theory, however. Odyle is also called Od in the Nasuverse (the universe of Type Moon), if you're into that kind of thing. However, it is there sort of like a replacement for Chi, rather than being an atmospheric force as Reichenback described. Mana is an atmospheric force, btw, for comparison. Mana is that vital energy that is generally used by mages in fantasy as material for their spells...

    Do know that ether's true nature is a huge matter of debate. While many see it as matter-like, others claim it to be the Fifth Classical Element. In Thor: The Dark World, it is the name for a liquid based on the properties of the "void". However, its existence as an intelligible property is still upheld, for now.
  2. Rezilia
    November 10th, 2013 8:19 PM
    Proof is...well, there are many definitions.

    When something is proven, it is supposed to be 100% true and correct - able to be seen by all the senses and mathematically plausible.

    However, perception goes against this. Each and every person perceives reality differently. Even if all but one person in the world saw a giant sphere coming towards Earth, that one person could see a cone. Let's, uh, just say that that person didn't have any problems seeing things prior...

    So, due to this, nothing can ever TRULY be 100% proven. When you realize this, the concept of "proof" - and the modern world's reliance on proof (that is to say, people only believing what's so-called been "proven") - starts to fall apart and people get a more "open mind".

    As for a field that does not rely on proof, let's say Spiritualism. Pretty much the poster child for Possibility and Open Mindedness, spiritualism focuses on things of a spiritual nature. Perhaps the most important concept in spiritualism is that of Ether - a type of matter which is non-chemical and makes up the basis for nearly all spiritual things.

    We have no way of proving Ether exists nor any way of measuring it. All we have is an overwhelming amount of evidence that something of its nature exists - but this evidence cannot be used with modern day technology and, as this, the "proof" that ether exists and works in certain ways has not been attained.

    Despite this, ether has been talked about, discussed, outlined, compared, contrasted, etc for eons - by thousands or even millions of people throughout time. In other words, the subject of ether isn't limited by proof.

    So many seem to forget that Science was originally created to help get as close to as accurate a Universal Truth as possible. It was never meant to claim that some things 100% were this way or that, only 99% state as such. But the Scientific Community has long since cast that idea away, doing the same thing as religions in the past by claiming certain ideas to be 100% truth and, because of this, people have started to rely completely on things "proven" by Science. New Age helps dispel this threat and speaks of other possibilities, not being limited by proof.
  3. Rezilia
    November 10th, 2013 8:09 AM
    Well, NDEs and "Past Life Recall" aren't New Age concepts. I know many people get confused about this, but New Age is NOT mysticism. That is to say, New Age uses mysticism but it isn't mysticism itself.

    New Age is, basically, a movement that takes all manner of thought - history, religion, science, mysticism, philosophy, etc - and SMASHES it all together into one. It goes beyond Proof and into Possibility. Due to this, it isn't limited by proof and allows a person to build on ideas that haven't been...set in stone, so to speak. The movement also has various "points" it's trying to reach and the "truth" that New Age seeks MUST fit all of these points. Refer to Wikipedia on this, they aren't easy to find.

    A unique thing about New Age is that it EXPLAINS. You cannot claim something is New Age if you cannot explain it and connect it to other ideas and theories. This is different from Transhumanism and Transhumanists - the idea of transhumans isn't far fetched, but the ideas have NEVER been properly detailed and explained in Transhumanism, while they HAVE in New Age.

    If you see the hype of hard logic and chemical science as Enlightenment, then New Age would be Endarkenment. Think of the Allegory of the Cave. Many people thought Enlightenment was everyone coming out of the cave and "into the light". However, this isn't the case. Instead, everyone was drawn to the "light of the flame". While this DID help them measure and make some sense of the area of the cave they were in, they got so addicted to the fire that they never left it. In order to get out of the cave properly, people have to go deeper into the cave - into the darkness - in order to find the real exit. That's the analogy there - going into the darkness, Endarkenment.

    New Age, as a movement, is meant to do many things. I'll list basic ones here:

    1) Have the world go through many revolutions - political, cultural, economic, scholarly, etc

    2) Bring science back to its philosophical bases so that it can evolve to a higher form.

    3) Rediscover lost knowledge and spread all the knowledge we have in the world today all across the world.

    4) Create communities for mentally and spiritually gifted individuals, known as ESPers, so that they may flourish instead of being hunted down and alienated.

    5) Fuse religion and irreligion. (Exoreligion has been seen to do this, like with Scientology.)

    6) Discover the secrets of human evolution and upgrade ourselves without interfering with that evolution (transhuman stuff right there).

    7) Become "one" with the universe; per se, healing and living alongside nature, expanding ourselves throughout space, attaining spiritual and mental prowess to that extent, etc


    Those are a few points, not all of them.

    A good way to get into New Age is to research "Ages". Many Ages are said to exist in the present day and from now on. This includes the Space Age, Age of Aquarius, Information Age, Age of Awakening, etc. Studying modern trends, such as trans and metro life, is also an important thing to do - as those generate a "new norm" which will come into contact with the movement later on.

    Personally, I believe the Fourth Science (the main science after Physics), Neuro-interfacing (like with Virtual Reality), and age-alteration technologies will be created faster due to the movement, but that's just the Futurist in me
  4. Rezilia
    November 7th, 2013 9:16 AM
    Thank you :O You too!
  5. Rezilia
    November 6th, 2013 5:29 PM
    HI :D
  6. Rezilia
    October 27th, 2013 12:54 PM
    Omelette du fromage <3
  7. derozio
    September 17th, 2013 6:28 AM
    I am impressed by your debating skills. Being a guy who does not engage in debates much but thoroughly enjoys being a spectator in the same; your posts, I have to say, have been a joy to read.

    I hope to learn a lot of new things from you, mister. Especially since you seem so knowledgeable from the few posts I have read by you in the discussions section.

    Oh and - first VM iz minez.

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