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  1. Polar Spectrum
    8 Hours Ago 9:19 PM
    Polar Spectrum
    Makes sense, I hear it's loads better on WiiU. Just can't afford it maself right now :c
  2. BeachBoy
    1 Day Ago 2:16 PM
    That's often how NU/W was for me. XD Thankfully repetitiveness is acceptable there, in a way. I liked the anecdote that that double-posting guy. It's cool to hear stories about kids today and what they think.

    I think it's cooled off considerably, thanks to the storyline. But before we had any details, just the silhouettes of the starters, it was really draining because I wanted to be hyped, y'know?

    Perhaps competitiveness will spur ingenuity, but is that rather-American mindset prevalent in Japan as well? I know nothing about Japanese business and their competitive nature. They're probably quite the same, or so I hope. I picked up Yo-Kai and put it down just as quickly, it just didn't stick for me at all.
  3. BeachBoy
    1 Day Ago 7:22 AM
    Oh but you did brilliantly! Haha, yeah, right around DP's lull we would get a lot of the same (we struggled to find mods around the hate for Gen 5, it was so harsh, but I find it hilarious how this cycle continues). Prediction and speculation can be fun (sometimes), but it's a wash if the same prediction comes during every lull. I for one think Yo-Kai is vastly overblown, but I don't really have data to back that up, just a hunch. I'll probably throw in a wall of text at some point, but thanks to you I can actually curate a foreseeable argument.
  4. BeachBoy
    1 Day Ago 7:10 AM
    Thanks for that post ^___^
  5. R.F.
    2 Days Ago 1:26 AM
    I've seen enough of the game to know her and I think she's a cool character.
  6. Archy
    2 Days Ago 2:38 PM
    Oh, that's cool.

    Yeah, I'm more secure about it now. I was getting used to it until, some days ago, haha.
  7. R.F.
    2 Days Ago 2:29 PM
    How far into the game is "on my wishlist"?

    In all seriousness, though, December is going to be a really expensive month, so for the time being I'm stuck watching an LP of the game. I don't mind spoilers anyway and even watching it is cool enough thanks to the focus leaning towards story and character interaction.

    Oh well, gives me time to play some Pokemon, Xenoblade and try to get into SSB4.
  8. Archy
    2 Days Ago 2:27 PM
    That's great to know, you're still working as janitor?

    I'm doing great! I'm on vacations now, haha. Being a server mod is going well, it's pretty fun and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  9. Sopheria
    2 Days Ago 1:37 PM
    Oh good to hear! I should have figured people were using spoiler tags, the games having just come out and all~

    As much as I do love Xillia, Symphonia is definitely my favorite (though Milla is my favorite character in the series, right up there with Sheena, so this theme's sorta grown on me haha)
  10. Sopheria
    2 Days Ago 1:17 PM
    Nice nice. I've been somewhat sorta avoiding that thread because I don't wanna get Zestiria spoilers haha. I got it like 2 weeks ago, but have only just beaten the vampire fox helion guy. Loving the game so far though, for sure.
  11. Sopheria
    2 Days Ago 1:02 PM
    Oh man, I didn't know you were into Tales! Awesome c:
  12. Archy
    2 Days Ago 11:57 AM
    Hey there!

    How are things?
  13. R.F.
    2 Days Ago 10:45 AM
    You know yourself pretty well, don't you? A battler who can hold their ground against a lot of people, who is also well aware that there is still room for improvement. You'll be a good clan leader!

    Also nice Edna ava!
  14. R.F.
    3 Days Ago 11:38 PM
    Cool, thanks! Say, how good are you?
  15. ZafirChad
    3 Days Ago 8:16 PM
    oh, ok. Didn't noticed. Thanks

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