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  1. Fun Size
    2 Weeks Ago 04:40 PM
    Fun Size
    Oh thanks! I'm feeling better than yesterday. Lol when in doubt: Ponyta. Hmm tower thing... I actually don't remember that. Is it in a town or something?
  2. Fun Size
    2 Weeks Ago 07:24 PM
    Fun Size
    Sorry for the long wait!!! I've been sick >.< Hmm you shoul look up when you get Ditto on like Bulbapedia cause I don't know if you get it early in game. Fantina was hard. Probably one of the harder gym leaders in the game. Iirc there was like a thread here that was comparing the Pokemon games and most people said that Pearl/Diamond/Platinum were the last hard games in the Pokemon series. Afterwards it did turn a little too easy easpecially with 6th gen. Oh so you're leaving town... In game or irl haha I can't tell what you mean. Sorry!
  3. Fun Size
    2 Weeks Ago 06:33 PM
    Fun Size
    Lol Eevee by itself isn't super great iirc, but the Eeveelutions are cool. Yeah if you want you could get Leafeon now, but you won't be able to get Glaceon yet due to the icy rock being too far away fight now.
  4. Fun Size
    2 Weeks Ago 11:09 PM
    Fun Size
    Well I guess it's your choice there. Which four Eeveelutions are you thinking about if I may ask? And even if you were to evolve Eevee you could always Ditto and Eevee and get one through the Day Care in Solaceon Town.
  5. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 12:52 PM
    Fun Size
    Buizel can learn Surf, so you're in luck there. I wish there were better HM slaves in Platinum. But I can't think of any. You can only get Pikachu in the Trophy Garden which is a place behind the Pokemon Mansion. Here's a picture (it's in blue and under Hearthome City):

  6. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 02:13 PM
    Fun Size
    Lol wing it!!! Well you already have two fires and a flying right? A water type would be nice to have for Surf and to fight against two people in the Elite Four, so I'd recommend that. Not really sure where you could get dark/psychic/ghost type Pokemon. It's been a long time since I played Platinum and I never have the heart to delete a file.
  7. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 01:53 PM
    Fun Size
    Oh two fire types huh? Have you figured out what your final team will be? I guess I can see the comparison. Iirc they're both Normal/Flying, so yeah makes since that you'd think that.
  8. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 11:23 PM
    Fun Size
    Omega Ruby was ok. I think it was an improvement over RSE as it brought some new mechanics such as the Soar feature or the Pokenav thing that scanned for Pokemon. Lol Ponyta is low-key-op-af. Well Staravia will definitely be a good Pokemon to have in the next gym battle.
  9. curiousnathan
    3 Weeks Ago 01:19 AM
    That's because I closed it
  10. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 11:34 PM
    Fun Size
    Um not right now. I finished OR recently and I'm taking a break now. Best not to get a Pokemon overload or you'll feel bored right? Yeah you're doing really good, especially since you have a Staravia for Gardenia. Oh btw "Pokemon" is singular and plural so you don't need an "s" at the end to signify... let's say a full team of Pokemon. Lol confusing right?
  11. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 05:05 PM
    Fun Size
    Lol. So how far are you in Platinum now?
  12. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 12:31 AM
    Fun Size
    Whoa you actually found it new!? Where I am, I'd be lucky to find it used at Gamestop!
  13. Fun Size
    3 Weeks Ago 11:01 PM
    Fun Size
    Lol yeah basically you can "transport" one of your Pokemon from HGSS into the Pokewalker and then you can walk with it like outside and junk and as you're doing that it can level up the Pokemon that's in it and find items. And a little fun fact for you: researchers found that the Pokewalker was one of the best pedometers at the time when HGSS came out.
  14. Fun Size
    4 Weeks Ago 03:30 PM
    Fun Size
    Lol I played HG when it came out although I lost it right after *cries*. It was pretty fun as it was my first and only experience of Johto. Did you get the Pokewalker?
  15. Fun Size
    4 Weeks Ago 12:02 AM
    Fun Size
    Oh yeah you're doing pretty good. A recommendation is that when Chimchar evolves to Monferno learn Mach Punch!!! I'm glad you're having fun! Pearl was my first Pokemon game so it's like special to me lol.

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