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  1. DraconianWing
    19 Hours Ago 06:44 PM
    Not as of now. Today I learned how to create more complex scripts; make a yes/no box, organizing flags and making NPCs give out items, but that's not everything. Mapping is relatively easy, so I'll probably do that until I get the hang of scripts. I plan to wait for the next alpha then figure out what to add from there.
  2. DraconianWing
    1 Day Ago 12:07 PM
    Thanks for the insight :) I have played on both the PC and console platforms in the past, and like both of them. Personally, I have no problem with installing configuring upgrades, mods and such. But the simplicity of consoles is pretty awesome too, and you don't ever have to worry about your games not working. If you do, many others on the same will have it as well and the devs of said broken game will fex it for you.

    No, I haven't made any "complete" ROM hacks yet, but I keep a copy of Emerald that I hack and play on my emulator. I do things like de-capitalizing, inserting new stuff, changing sprites, updating moves etc but that's about it. Right now I'm helping with Le pug's Pokemon Fat Kid here; so far I have managed to contribute by making the tileset for the titlescreen.
  3. DraconianWing
    1 Day Ago 09:20 AM
    Oh cool! I have yet to get a next-gen system, undecided between a PC or a PS4 haha

    I have a PS3 but don't really use it much anymore. All the focus is going to the PSPgo's GBA emulator because I'm practicing ROM hacking.
  4. DraconianWing
    1 Day Ago 08:46 AM
    Nice. What platform are you playing on?
  5. Sopheria
    1 Day Ago 07:01 AM
    I love Cinccino! <3 It's sooo adorable. And yea, they're really versatile. There's so many fun ways to play with Normal types (Ambipom's Fake Out shenanigans, Blissey's crazy HP, Furfrou's double defense, etc.)

    You know, I totally forgot about Rock type. I think I'll have to revise my previous statement and say that's my least favorite type. It has even fewer of the Pokemon I like (basically the only one being Diancie :x) But of course, I love all Pokemon, so that's only relative :3 I'm okay with Ground type. It has Excadrill in it, which makes it pretty awesome to begin with. There's also Golurk, Krookodile, Torterra, and Groudon. It's not the most flashy type, but it's still got some great Pokes in it, imo
  6. DraconianWing
    1 Day Ago 06:38 PM
    Oh hey! I'm doing pretty good, just finished my one-hour drive home. Getting ready for school in Tuesday too. How about you?
  7. Sopheria
    1 Day Ago 06:36 PM
    Nice. Normal type is a favorite of mine too! It has so many cute Pokemon in it~

    My least favorite types, hm. That's tough to say, because I like all of them, really. If I had to choose one as my least favorite though, I'd choose Grass and Poison because those are just the type with the least number of Pokemon that I like. Which ones are your least favorites?
  8. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 05:27 PM
    How good are you at roleplay?
  9. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 04:59 PM
    Remember that I can't drive a van to kidnap you becuase I'm a Snorlax.

    See, I'm not evil!
  10. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 04:54 PM
  11. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 04:47 PM
    My taste in music ranges from hard rock to power metal. And yeah the candy is in the back of the van.
  12. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 04:20 PM
    Just listening to some power metal. Some of those songs are like candy to my ears.
  13. TheFattestSnorlax
    1 Day Ago 04:06 PM
    I came up with a sore throat yesterday, but today I'm fine. I don't know what happened.
  14. Sopheria
    2 Days Ago 10:56 AM
    Cool! I hope you find it. I'm not 100% sure it was youtube though, so don't quote me on that haha

    Aegislash's stance change makes it a lot of fun to use. It's definitely worth giving a try Florges is indeed a beast as well, thanks to its stats. She takes Sludge Bombs like a pro

    And ohh I see. Pancham is quite the cutie! I'm just now reading its Pokedex entry and wow, that's all kinds of adorable omg.

    And yep, those are my favorites! What are your favorites? I'm somewhat gathering that you like Fighting types from your list, but correct me if I'm wrong!
  15. Sopheria
    2 Days Ago 07:27 PM
    Yep haha, I love that episode. I watched it on youtube (I think it was youtube that I watched it on?), simply because it was the first episode featuring Mawile And yes, I agree, it's cute as a button, but those jaws are something fierce :3

    My other favorites would be Aegislash, Froslass, Cresselia, and Florges! And what are your favorites? Pancham is one of them, I presume?

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    I am an average gamer and a Pokemon fan. As you can tell, my favorite Pokemon is Pancham because it is so cute and adorable, plus it is Fighting type which is my favorite type.
    I love to play video games, watch TV shows, movies, and anime on Netflix and Hulu, and will listen to music when I am doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes I do a bit of dancing when I am bored. I am also into cooking, even though I am not that good at it and only got into it half a year ago.
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