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  1. Hikamaru
    3 Days Ago 06:39 AM
    Still, I bet the next episode (where he will battle Kyurem and Ghetsis) will likely be an intense one but I'm sure Capoeira and Rumba can pull through. They could have issues against Ghetsis' own Drapion as well as Seismitoad given he lacks Grass or Ground moves at the moment, and that those two carry Earthquake which Rumba won't like. I could see him doing a Bulk Up strategy with Capoeira like he did against Colress, but there's still a chance Ghetsis could get lucky with the crits. Toxicroak will likely resist both Capoeira and Rumba's STAB moves but they do have some coverage moves thrown in.

    I know he won't use Disco and Volta because they'll likely both get killed by Eelektross (who has both Thunderbolt and Flamethrower, and we know Disco absolutely hates electricity) while Bergamask will struggle against most of his team and again, Hula will have problems with the Eelektross.

  2. Hikamaru
    3 Days Ago 06:29 AM
    I still need to try and work out how to restart a save file that was corrupted, aka start a new game. Black 2 was my most played Unova game for a while and it was so saddening to see it get corrupted all of a sudden, especially given I always liked the Black versions over their White counterparts.

    I have to take on Skyla next in White 2 and I'm currently grinding for her, and I also gotta find Juniper in Celestial Tower at the end of Route 7 (aka my least fave route in all of Unova, because I'm not a fan of routes with that really tall grass) but I'm sure that Cinccino and Gothorita (the latter who gains EXP rapidly because she was traded) can take her down with Rock Blast and Thunderbolt.

    I watched the moment where Polka dies to a crit from Scrafty's High Jump Kick but it shows just how brutal Scrafty can be in Wedlockes, or pretty much Nuzlockes in general. In fact, I had a pretty nice Scrafty in my Black 2 before it corrupted, they can be fun to use given they are bulky and with Moxie it gets stronger with every KO. In X I was actually lucky to have caught one with Intimidate, in a horde battle on Route 5. I didn't even know she had the ability until after her capture but yeah I still think Moxie will always be its best ability.

    That Colress battle was surely intense, and after reading a comment I first thought Volta was going to die in that episode but it turned out she didn't. Thank god he didn't lose anyone to Colress or the Shadow Triad but just imagine how bad it would have been if he did, especially given that Polka only just died the previous episode. I guess Capoeira didn't fall to the Quick Claw curse here. Although if he does lose Volta at some point, Waltz could make a nice new partner for Disco given he hasn't used an Excadrill before, and it would complement Disco well.

    And wow you got very lucky in your HeartGold Wedlocke, it was kinda weird how when Marriland did it against Blue, he lost Carrot (aka that badass Raticate who survived through the entire main story) and Peach to his Pidgeot yet you didn't have any issues. Even more surprising was how you managed to take the Kimono Girls down without losing anyone yet Marriland lost three of his Pokemon (Turnip the Feraligatr, Plum the Gengar and Scallion the Tauros) to their Jolteon. Grape the Jumpluff managed to take Jolteon out, only to lose to the Vaporeon after it hit with Aurora Beam.

  3. Nakasu
    4 Days Ago 07:35 AM
    Heya! How have you been?

  4. LilJz
    5 Days Ago 09:52 AM
    Hihi, thank you

  5. Hikamaru
    5 Days Ago 05:56 AM
    My team on my new White 2 playthrough is all in the 30's... I currently have Dewott, Excadrill, Cinccino, Lilligant, Gothorita and Crobat. Pretty different to most of the team I used to have in Black 2 but you'll notice some of this bunch are shout-outs to Marriland's Nuzlocke/Wedlocke videos. And again I end up with an almost female-only team, Dewott is currently the only male I have while I traded a Gothorita that was caught in my original Black version.

    It was actually Polka's good performance in the Black 2 Wedlocke that inspired me to try out a Cinccino here. Speaking of Polka, she sadly died in the latest episode (Part 44 - Why The Frigate's So Cold!) but it was amazing to see her get that far. I do wish good luck to the new addition to the team, Hula the Marill. I hope she can help Bergamask get over his loss plus she's one pretty awesome Marill given the Brave nature and Huge Power.

    And so the Cinccino I'm currently using in my White 2 playthrough (I started it because my Black 2 file corrupted) is going to be my little tribute to Polka.

  6. Hikamaru
    6 Days Ago 08:07 AM
    Sad news bud... my Black 2 save file got corrupted and it is sad considering I always liked the Black games over its White counterpart. It had maxed rank shops in Join Avenue, lots of traded HA Pokemon from Curtis and even some other little precious gems aka Pokemon. I don't even know how to restart a new save file and therefore lose all that hard work.

    I still want to explore Unova once again, so I started a new save file on White 2 to "replace" the corrupted Black 2 file, and I got a pretty strong Oshawott right now in the early part of the game.

  7. Enigma
    1 Week Ago 08:02 PM
    I've never had the chance to play B2 or W2 so whenever I do the next stage of my ultimate, it'll be the first time I've completed either one. Hoenn is my favorite region, so most of my challenges are in RSE.

  8. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 04:16 AM
    After doing some research on Ghetsis' team, I have a feeling Marriland will be using Capoeira and Rumba when he gets up to that because there are some problems his other two pairs face.

    If he goes with Disco and Volta, Eelektross will likely just kill Disco with Thunderbolt, plus he has Flamethrower which can handle Volta. The rest of the team won't be much trouble, but it's that Eelektross who will likely end up killing those two. I know a death will be expected if he uses them.

    As for Bergamask and Polka, they will also have issues. However, Ghetsis has a lot of stuff that Bergamask can't easily take on, such as his Drapion and Hydreigon. The pair do have Grass moves that can handle Seismitoad, but Polka could likely die if they are used because she's quite defensively weak.

    Capoeira and Rumba have good synergy with each other which is why I think it'll be them. Rumba can easily handle Cofagrigus but she has to be careful of Seismitoad and Drapion who both carry Earthquake, but I'm sure Rumba's high Defense can help her tank hits from the Toxicroak. Capoeira can't handle Cofagrigus but he can easily take down Hydreigon due to its Fighting and Ice weaknesses, while he's fairly bulky so he can take hits well. He does have to watch out for Eelektross' Acrobatics though.

  9. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 07:08 PM
    Oh yes, especially after I read someone's Wedlocke of a B2/W2 game on Marriland Forums (I think it was White 2) and he suffered a huge massacre against Ghetsis, who's notorious for being a Nuzlocke Breaker. It'll be heartbreaking if Devin loses someone there. But knowing how good he was at keeping to such a low number of deaths in Platinum, which is said to be the hardest Pokemon game to do Nuzlockes in, I'm sure he can make it out of the Black Kyurem and Ghetsis event without losing someone.

    And yeah it's kinda annoying when he's in that situation where he's got a pair that fall easily to a certain type, like Rock as you said with the Disco + Volta pair, and also how in the Black Wedlocke, Cardinal always ended up getting a partner who shared his Rock weakness. In fact, it was a shared Flying weakness that led to Flamenco and Jitterbug's downfall against Burgh because Burgh's Leavanny was not only too fast for them (his Leavanny is notorious for outspeeding whatever faces it at that point) but he had Aerial Ace.

    It is kinda cool how he manages to pull through without a death against certain important characters who are well-known for inflicting lots of deaths in Nuzlockes, such as Clay, Elesa, Cheren (especially his damn Work Up abusing Lillipup in B2/W2), Whitney, Clair, and a few villains.

  10. Enigma
    1 Week Ago 10:36 PM
    Hey! I thought that by doing the solos for all the original 151, it'd just be something cool that no one has been able to do before. Definitely something memorable after all is said and done.

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Warning: this is gonna be a pretty long read, so prepare yourself for my opinions that may be different from yours.

So there have been some things that i've posted and watched recently, most notably my thread in Pokémon Gaming Central about why I tend to prefer the newer Pokémon games more than the older ones, and TamashiiHiroka's video that she just posted recently on her order of the generations. If you watched the latter, then you saw that her #1 generation was, to i'm sure the...

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So i'm 23 now, and while i'm not as well known a member as many people here, I still think it's great. And I share a birthday with our fellow admin Audy, or Owl. :D And having mine right next to Lilith's and Vader's (although I haven't really gotten to know the latter too well yet), and Sheep's not long after, does make for a nice time to have it. BIRTHDAY EXPLOSION! However I did have to spend a bit of the day finishing a project for my night class I have to present tonight, because I kinda put...

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Time for the next part of my 30-Day Challenge! Today we are going to discuss my least favorite Pokémon of all time.

My least favorite Pokémon, or most hated, would have to be Combee.

I just hate it. It’s so smug with its happy face and all that, and it doesn’t help that males can’t evolve into anything. That picture right there shows how much this thing pisses me off. They’re useless and...
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