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  1. Mateo
    2 Days Ago 10:03 PM
    Cool, went ahead and merged those in.
  2. Mateo
    4 Days Ago 6:55 PM
    Wait which city do you mean? You said Celadon in one place and Cerulean in the other.
  3. Mateo
    4 Days Ago 6:38 PM
    Probably, I'd just need to get used to the new macros.
  4. Mateo
    4 Days Ago 6:12 PM
    In terms of a full feature map editor, honestly, no. I could be remembering wrong, but I want to think I was told the map editor that comes with pokered doesn't run on anything but Linux. You could use this map editor that ShantyTown made though. You could load a vanilla rom, draw your map, export the .blk file and replace the one in your project. But that doesn't help you with moving events around or editing tilesets. I do find it EXTREMELY ironic that now we have the whole rom decompiled and so many things are much easier, but now one of the first things we figured out how to edit back in the day is now a pain in the ass. (Even with glitchmap, I still have to manually move events around, but I can just hover over a tile on the map and it tells me the X and Y values to enter so it isn't toooo bad).
  5. Mateo
    4 Days Ago 5:30 PM
    I use an incomplete private beta of GlitchMap. I don't know if PokeGlitch would want me just giving it out to everyone since it's old and not a release build, but I don't think it would be compatible with yours anyway since they updated pokered to use map object macros between when I forked pokered and when you did.
  6. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 4:24 PM
    I sent you a pull request to fix both of those. And of course I still have the corrected file, why would I get rid of it? :s
  7. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 3:58 PM
    Not sure the best way to necessarily do it in Gen 1, but the way I did it in Gen 2 was:

    - Make sure they have room in their party for the Pokemon (as usual)
    - Give the Pokemon
    - Check how many Pokemon are in their party
    - Go to the known moves data for the last member of their party (which will be the one they just received)
    - Replace a move with the one I want it to know

    Then afterwards I think I made the guy heal your Pokémon just to make sure it didn't end up with like the wrong amount of PP for that move. I'll look around and see what the best way to do it in Gen 1 is at some point, but that's the outline of what you'd essentially need to do.

    The code from Christmas won't help, so I didn't post it, since Gen 2 uses a scripting system and Gen 1 uses ASM for everything, so I would have to make up the ASM to accomplish the same thing I did with the script system in Gen 2, in case you're wondering why I said it that way. In Christmas, this was used by the Dragon Elder to give the player a Dratini that knows Draco Meteor.
  8. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 3:06 PM
    Anyway I just tried compiling the fork I made and it won't work. In addition to the female having too many colours in her titlescreen sprite (she has one stray pixel on her foot giving it 5 colours instead of 4), it is now yelling about "unterminated IF construct" so I'll look into that as well.
  9. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:52 PM
    After some messing around, I got it setup as a fork of your project. I had to turn Red++ into a standalone project (like it should be anyway). So now I can just recopy my changes over and try sending a request.

    And umm I'm not sure what you mean. Like, make them know a particular move in the wild based on the area you encounter it? Or are you talking about like "Have someone give you a Pokemon that knows a special move it can't normally learn, like a surfing pikachu"
  10. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:26 PM
    I'm pretty sure we can make it work even without mine being a fork of your fork.

    Like I say, right now, that's dead simple to copy and paste over by hand.

  11. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:24 PM
    No because I'm currently not that worried about it.
  12. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:18 PM
    It's weird because people fork mine, but github isn't wanting to let me fork yours.
  13. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:13 PM
    Also, apparently github won't let me fork your project, because your project is itself a fork. So when I try to fork it, it just takes me to Red++ because Red++ is my own fork of Pokered. I knew there was a reason I didn't just fork it to begin with.
  14. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 2:01 PM
    I technically cloned it, and I know that I can pull changes from yours in even without it being a fork and without having to do them manually, so we should be able to make it work. Or I could just delete my current repo, fork it but use the same name, and re-push my changes.
  15. Mateo
    5 Days Ago 1:48 PM
    Not entirely sure, never sent one. But I've had people send them to me.

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