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  1. FBI
    1 Hour Ago 6:35 AM
    Glad to see you got everything sorted, sorry I couldn't help to much. I really don't know much about Emerald.
  2. Sky High
    8 Hours Ago 11:12 PM
    Sky High
    Hmm... I'm not sure what went wrong but make sure that the pointer should be to where you place the message string. Either way, the string should be ended with FF and don't consider that FF after the FB is a free space. It is taken to terminate the string to avoid for loading more.
  3. PlatinumDude
    13 Hours Ago 5:59 PM
    The ! and ? forms of Unown were introduced in Gen III.
  4. Sopheria
    1 Day Ago 3:50 PM
    That Windows 10 update did some nasty things to my computer too. The worst part about it is, it didn't even successfully finish the update

    But yea, I'd recommend going through some of the exercises in the book, to help you get started with the language. And if you want to get more advanced, you should check out this Java game development book. This is the same book that I started with when I first got into game development
  5. Laguna
    1 Day Ago 1:44 PM
    You gonna get on Plug/Dub right now? We're having a stream so come join us.
  6. Achromatic
    2 Days Ago 2:50 PM
    if not then click the number by the post and it'll take you to it
  7. Achromatic
    2 Days Ago 2:49 PM
    I'm guessing you already figured it out? haha
  8. Achromatic
  9. Hikamaru
    2 Days Ago 10:02 AM
    Oh don't worry you timed well given it was around 2:40 on Thursday when you sent that VM. And while my family was too lazy to celebrate I did have a great one.
  10. Sopheria
    3 Days Ago 7:44 PM
    I see! I don't know much about PlayStation homebrew, so I couldn't be of much help there (it does sound interesting though, so I might read up on it!) But if your end goal is to do game development, I'd say Java would be the best choice as a first language. It'll give you the best introduction to data structures and object-oriented programming. Also, you should download Eclipse--trust me, you'll be glad you did
  11. Sopheria
    3 Days Ago 9:40 AM
    Hey! Sure, I can help you out! Or do my best, at least~

    So what are you looking to do with programming? Anything in particular? Which language you should go for really depends on that. If you're just looking to get a general knowledge, I wouldn't recommend C as a first language (even though it's my favorite).
  12. Pancham Cutie
    4 Days Ago 12:23 AM
    Pancham Cutie
    If they keep it, and it gets backlash, I would imagine that would eventually remove it because EA hasn't learned from SimCity. It would be even better if someone found out that you could play the game without having to be online and if the servers worked just as well as SimCity's servers when it was released, and in case you didn't hear about that, the servers for SimCity when it was released in 2013 were atrocious and it was impossible for some players to play the game for a good solid 2 weeks, and it took months (I don't know exactly how long) before they decided "Okay, you got us. We're flipping the switch so that you can play it offline.". I get why they are trying this, it's for anti-piracy, and I don't blame them, but always online DRM is not the solution especially since no one wins from it, consumers don't like it and the company will lose money to maintain their servers, and clearly it is obvious as the sun that EA doesn't learn because they are EA (At least they aren't Konami. They would have to sink lower than low to be worse than Konami.). I just hope that Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst won't have these always online DRM requirements, and they shouldn't, especially Mirror's Edge: Catalyst since that's a single player heavy game.

    I honestly don't know what they have planned or if they are even planning to do something to replace it all. You can ask one of them if you want. If they do have something planned, I highly doubt that it will be us watching YT vids again. However, if they do have something planned this week on Friday, unfortunately I won't be able to make it cause I gotta be somewhere this Friday, and I honestly wish that I can say what it was, but at the moment, all I can say is that I'm going to an event, I'm nervous because I haven't been to this kind of event before, but I'm also excited because I haven't been to this kind of event before and I've always wanted to go to one. I can tell you tomorrow, in fact tomorrow I'm gonna be changing my avatar as a giant hint as to where I'll be. If they don't have anything planned, then I'll try to think of something to get the gang back together. It won't be something that is PC official, but rather something for us, me, you, and the others who went to Plug.dj to watch the Pokemon vids, to personally do. Currently I do have a stream planned for this Saturday on my personal Twitch channel and I'll be playing Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on the highest difficulty so if you do want to join in on that you can, unfortunately my microphone broke so there is not going to be any commentary during the stream, but I will be accepting Skype calls (I'll be streaming from my PS4) just in case if anyone wants to talk to me vocally as I play or hear me get irritated and possibly rage a bit as I play. If you don't have Skype or you got no way of talking on Skype, that's fine, you don't have to join in on the Skype calls as they are just completely optional and there is always the Twitch chat and even though I can't respond to the chat without having to stop, look over, and type something in, I'll still read what is put, I may respond to a few of them, and there might be some PC members that you can chat with as y'all watch.
  13. Pancham Cutie
    5 Days Ago 6:26 PM
    Pancham Cutie
    Honestly, as it stands, the new NFS game is not worth it because EA thinks its a good idea to make the game online only. They pretty much said "Yeah, there's a single player, but you need to be online to play the single player". Hopefully it'll get backlash, just like how Sim City got backlash for being online only, and they'll remove that requirement. I don't know what makes them think that online only is the best option. It's a racing game, and it has a single player, it's not an MMO.

    Well I do hate to tell you, but it's never going to leave maintenance because they shut the site down today.
  14. Pancham Cutie
    1 Week Ago 11:25 PM
    Pancham Cutie
    Sorry for taking a long while again TnT. This time it was because I got a new game, went to the movies, had to pick up my new pair of glasses, and I've been so tired lately. I heard the worst case of rubber banding AI is The Crew. I heard some horror stories that you can have a way faster and overall a way better than car than your opponents in The Crew, and the AI would just rubberband right to you and steal 1st place right from you when they shouldn't have, but I heard it is even worse when it comes to co-op where if you're playing with a friend and you are way underleved than they are by a whole lot, the game will set the difficulty of the AI according to the highest level, making it impossible for you to win if you not around the same level as your friend. I haven't played The Crew, nor do I know if they did any patching to the difficulty, but that is how I heard it was like when it was first released.

    I currently can't right now. I still don't have an emulator on my computer right now. I've been so busy with a lot of other stuff so I've been unable to get an emulator.

    That's really weird. Well from the looks of it, Plug.dj may be shut down soon. Apparently they ran out of funding, and if they don't get enough money by a certain day next week, the site is gonna be shut down.
  15. Lycanthropy
    1 Week Ago 10:47 AM
    The puzzles have a varied difficulty. I estimated the Similarity Code to possibly take some time to figure out so I coupled it with a easy one.

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