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✩ not all heroes wear capes ✩

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  1. xxkaylabby
    6 Hours Ago 10:20 AM
    yeah that's what i did a cople days ago. i backed it up on the desktop computer
  2. xxkaylabby
    21 Hours Ago 06:57 PM
    yeah i like my iphone too. i ran out of icloud storage tho
  3. xxkaylabby
    22 Hours Ago 06:13 PM
    that's how my mom is. she has this nice gold samsung galaxy 6 idk what the newest one is but it beautiful
  4. xxkaylabby
    23 Hours Ago 05:21 PM
    my bf's mom has it idk why she dont even know how to use it!
  5. xxkaylabby
    1 Day Ago 03:57 PM
    ah that's exciting. i have an iphone 5. i want an iphone 6 or galaxy
  6. xxkaylabby
    1 Day Ago 12:10 PM
    oh what kind of phone is it? is it better than your old phone?
  7. xxkaylabby
    1 Day Ago 09:19 AM
    aw thank you.

    oh that's awesome. my mom and sister have ipads but they dont have a keyboard for it.
  8. xxkaylabby
    1 Day Ago 07:08 PM
    it's alright. wow that's good that you're discovering yourself. i haven't been able to say i've ever experienced that. i've always been straight.
  9. Delirious Absol
    4 Days Ago 10:15 AM
    Delirious Absol
    Being like Alice... I get that lol. I'm often in my own little world. People get used to it when they've known me a while XD I totally would not make a good driver! I drift off into daydreams so easily I lose my attention. And I get lost while walking cos I miss the turning and have to back track lol

    Yeh, Boris is adorable. He's probably my favourite character =3 I have a friend who is a bit like Ace. He has no sense of direction and often goes the wrong way. He calls them 'adventures' and says it adds more fun, he finds unique and unusual places that way. (The only problem is he can't find them again XD)
  10. Delirious Absol
    4 Days Ago 12:25 AM
    Delirious Absol
    A quick google search shows they sell custom Cheshire Cat ones on Etsy =) Alice in Wonderland is my favourite childhood story. It inspires some of my writing. I'm planning an upcoming novel - not fanfiction - about a world that's split into four districts each of which are named after card suits. I want to add a Wonderland feel to it, but right now it's still in the 'formulating in my brain' stage. I've not written anything down for it yet lol.

    If you like anime and manga too, you should check out Pandora Hearts and Alice in the Country of Hearts. Both are strongly influenced by Alice in Wonderland and are AMAZING! =D
  11. xxkaylabby
    5 Days Ago 11:25 AM
    hey sorry i was gone i was busy
  12. Delirious Absol
    5 Days Ago 05:43 AM
    Delirious Absol
    Aww =) we were at a convention recently and there was this guy in an adorable fox fursuit in a cyberpunk outfit. He kept us entertained in the queue, which made time fly by since we were queuing for a while lol. I didn't get his photo though, and was too shy to ask for a hug =(

    Did you mean 'hand-me-downs' rather than 'hammy-downs'?

    I get the standing out thing. I used to get teased in school for still collecting Pokemon cards at 15 and having a Pikachu cyber pet. To this day I collect Pokemon cards (after a break, mind you. I've not collected them flat out for 15 years). I also dress rather oddly. Currently I'm wearing a Harley Quinn style hooded jacket complete with a jester hood lol. I get anxious wearing stuff like this outside in case people tease me, since I'm kinda familiar with it. But I just want to be myself =/ I like cosplay hoodies and I have a Stitch one and an Alice in Wonderland mad tea party jacket with bunny ears. And why not? I mean, they wouldn't be made to fit adult sizes if adults weren't meant to wear them!

    She could have a small group of friends who have the same interests as her maybe? They could also provide support when she gets teased and stuff. Maybe one of them could be a comic relief character too. They're really fun to write, and could also help cheer her up =)
  13. Delirious Absol
    1 Week Ago 01:48 AM
    Delirious Absol
    Aww that's great!! =D I imagine he was in a fursuit? I love fursuits. They're so cute X3
  14. Delirious Absol
    1 Week Ago 01:03 PM
    Delirious Absol
    lol I get my friends sending me YouTube links and I'm like "Sorry. Got iTunes on." Well, I've finished another chapter. Yay! Time to go to bed now and call it a night I think XD
  15. Delirious Absol
    1 Week Ago 07:58 AM
    Delirious Absol
    Aww yay =D have fun!
    I'll have to check out that song some time. I get a little reluctant to listen to songs outside my playlist when I'm writing lol XD throws off my groove a bit. I'm trying to get as much written as I can of this chapter before we head off out in half an hour.

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    But though I’m full of anxiety, I’m ok. I won’t be defeated.

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