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  1. BettyNewbie
    3 Days Ago 11:22 AM
    Do you like tennis? I'm so frustrated that Federer lost. He played really badly, unfortunately.
    Not really into tennis or sports, in general. Sorry.

    GF doesn't seem to like promoting the E4 characters. PokéSpe is really the only thing that makes them have any sort of significant role. Lance got exposure in the anime because the Lake of Rage plot wouldn't have worked without him, but that's a rare thing. Of course, Cynthia is a Champion and appears throughout DPPt, so she's more recognizable than an E4 or even a gym leader, though she's still overused.
    It's not just GF, but also the anime. Even to this day, only the Gen 1 Indigo and Sinnoh E4s have appeared on the show in whole, and out of the other E4s, only Koga (who appeared as a Gym Leader), Drake, Caitlin, and Siebold have been seen. (It's unknown if one E4--Gen 2 Indigo--even exists in the anime, as neither Karen or Will were even seen or heard from, nor did we ever hear of Koga getting promoted.) The fact that the anime seems to deliberately downplay the E4's role by ending every arc with a large tournament (which Ash will inevitably lose) only makes it look worse.

    And, I don't doubt that the anime's hatred for the E4 has influenced GF's treatment of them. The fact that GF deliberately excluded them from the PWT only proves that GF doesn't regard them as anything more than generic nobodies standing in the way of the Champion, akin to that generic Camper standing in the way of Brock.

    (I think this anti-E4 bias has also caused Lance to play second-fiddle to the likes of Steven and Cynthia in marketing and promotion. Even though he's just as much a Champion as they are, he started off as an E4 member and is still widely recognized as one, so he gets cheated out of the cameos and appearances that are handed out to Cynthia like candy.)

    Actually, Smogonites despise hax. They've even tried to remove crits from the game! In fact, the crit nerf in 6th gen is a big nod to them, which is sad because hax is part of the game, otherwise all attacks would always hit and activate their secondary effect.

    I personally don't mind a battle facility, but I'm not fond of the gimmicks the BF had.
    Smogonites may hate hax, but they LOVE being forced to use only the strongest Pokémon with "perfect" stats, which is what battle facilities force people to do. Plus, Smogonites don't actually hate all hax--They may hate evasion, but they love using inaccurate moves like Fire Blast and Hydro Pump.

    Brazil is a vastly different country from the US. People below a certain line do what they can to survive and can't afford babysitters, although there are public daycares. The government helps, but the help isn't much (despite what some people think).

    I'm unemployed currently, but, if I wanted to have a child, I'd have to find a job most certainly to pay for its needs. I don't have anyone who can help me other than a possible girlfriend/wife, so it's hard.
    Yeah, I imagine things are different down there, although it's a similar situation for the poorest people in the US. Welfare and food stamps only go so far, especially when you have politicians who actively want to remove those meager benefits. On the flip-side, those same politicians also want to restrict access to contraceptives and abortion, making it harder for poor women to not have kids they can't afford. (Anti-abortionists are only "Pro Life" as long as the baby's still a fetus. But, a living, breathing baby or child? Screw 'em! And, screw the mother, too! )

    PokéSpe created most characterizations from scratch. RBY really didn't provide any, apart from a few lines. And, at least according to what I could find in Bulbapedia, it came out before GSC, too, which allowed them to write Lance as a villain, contradicting what happens in GSC. And, frankly, his RBY persona doesn't do him any favors (as with the rest of the E4). He came off as arrogant and not dealing well with his loss. But maybe, just maybe, his later position as Champion mellowed him and made him far more responsible, since he was now representing the whole League. The three years between 1st and 2nd gen are a mystery, and no one knows what happened in between, but it seems they molded Clair on the RBY Lance, and made Lance mature past his old self.
    While his Gen 1 characterization was a little "off," I still never saw him as evil (just like I've never seen Clair as evil). As I said, RBY Lance was very likely meant to be a teenager (like, 16-18 years old), and even the nicest teenagers tend to lack maturity and be kind of "unfiltered." The maturity difference between a 17 and 20 year old is larger than many people realize.

    (Of course, his personality wasn't the only thing inconsistent about Lance back then. Not sure if you remember, but Lance was originally meant to have purple hair, as seen in an early anime design of him on cards in the Pokémon Monopoly and Master Trainer board games (close-up here). It wasn't until Yellow that he officially became the redhead we all know and love. Interestingly, his early purple-haired look makes him look more closely-related to Clair, whom his RBY characterization has been compared to.)

    I'd like to see the next Gen 1 remake address this issue in the postgame. Maybe, they could have Lance apologize to the protagonist for being rude at the Indigo Plateau and give him kinder dialog in the rematch?
  2. BettyNewbie
    5 Days Ago 09:35 PM
    In HGSS they made more sense because they were involved with Pokémon of their region. But in BW, Cynthia was just "spending some time in Unova". Her whole appearance was fanservice.
    Steven, I could sort of understand (as the Weather Trio and Hoenn starters were, otherwise, unavailable in the DS games and thus, unavailable to people with DSi's), but there was no need to put a Creation Trio event in HGSS. Wasn't that what DPP were supposed to be for? It was nothing but an excuse to shove Cynthia into HGSS.

    And, her BW appearance was just crossing the line. I wonder how many other, more deserving characters (especially those poor, forgotten E4 members) could've gotten that cameo, instead?

    The Frontier isn't a bad idea since it's similar to what Stadium was, but the hax machine in the Frontier is vicious and forces you to use the most overpowered Pokémon.
    Basically, Stadium without any of the things that made it fun. Perfect for Smogonites!

    I'd rather explore a second region and earn more badges in the postgame, thank you very much. Far more fun than losing to a bunch of cheaters.

    That's one of my favorite quotes ever. I thought the movie makers would try to stop him from saying such things, but it seems he doesn't care.
    I love how refreshingly honest Rob is about that horrible franchise. The sad thing is that being in those movies may have ultimately killed his career, as no producer will ever take "the guy who played that sparkly vampire" seriously as an actor. Same goes for Kristen Stewart.

    Make Lorelei travel with him then!
    Only if they start appearing in some more games. Why couldn't they have been visiting Unova instead of boring, overrated Cynthia?

    I'll admit I don't think highly of stay at home parents, which is something I've been trying to change. Nowadays there's pressure to find a job...
    Not sure how it is in Brazil, but in my country, it's pretty much impossible for your average family with children to live off of a single income. As I may have told you before, average wages have not kept up with inflation, so both parents usually have to work full time to make ends meet, which means that the kids either get shoved into day cares or left with nannies and babysitters.

    While I don't want to return to the "Leave it to Beaver" days, I hate how stagnant wages have basically forced parents to work, even when they may want to stay home with the kids. I especially hate how this situation has caused some kids to have more contact with the day care/nanny/babysitter than their own parents. I think stay-at-home parenting should be better-supported and destigmatized, especially for stay-at-home dads (fathers need to be more involved with the house and their children, in general).

    That's right. For the sake of richer storytelling, PokéSpe turned a lot of characters into villains, which effectively turned them into completely different characters.
    Adventures clearly never gave a crap about preserving game characterizations. It wanted to be "dark," so it turned everyone and their mother into a villain, even those who are very sweet and gentle and heroic in the games (ie. Lance).

    Of course, Lance seems to be a funny case in that is Adventures counterpart may actually be his MOST popular version! Searches for fan art of him commonly brings up stuff based on the Adventures counterpart, while game!Lance and especially, anime!Lance are considerably less common.

    In fact, it's sadly common to see anime!Lance get bashed by Adventures!Lance fans for being "too nice" (How is being "nice" even a bad thing?!?) and "OOC," even when anime!Lance is actually far closer to the game version in both looks and personality! I think more Adventures!Lance fans need to admit that they're only in love with a certain (OOC) version of him and not the person he actually is outside of Adventures, IMO.

    But I still like some things about PokéSpe because it seems they acknowledge stuff like trade evolutions, while in the anime we've seen things like Weepinbell evolving without the Leaf Stone, for example.
    I don't necessarily mind that the anime ignores trade evolutions. Like Levels and HP, I see that as a purely gameplay-related mechanic that doesn't translate well to story form. Now, Weepinbells evolving without Leaf Stones, on the other hand...
  3. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 11:16 AM
    Yeah, we can get deep into some discussions, LOL.
  4. Mr. Pipboy
    1 Week Ago 01:14 AM
    Mr. Pipboy
    Tudo bem?
  5. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Week Ago 10:00 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I have only read summaries and it doesn't sound good.
    What kind of books do you like?
  6. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 02:39 PM
    That site is a literal rabbit hole, I tell you!
  7. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 10:08 AM
    TV Tropes to the rescue!

    "Spork" is used as a term to mock and criticize So Bad, It's Good and So Bad Its Horrible works, since sporks have the right size and shape to dig out an eye. A bad Fan Fic, for example, can be described as "It sporked me.", i.e: so bad it made me want to take my eyes out so I wouldn't have to view it any more.

    Not to be confused with "sporking", another name for MSTing. Also not to be confused with a Portmanteau Couple Name for Spock and Kirk.
  8. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 01:43 PM
    I did indeed! Chances are I'll go back to Zeria...I'll probably make an alt account somewhen, so I can swap between the two. I'll be putting random anime and game characters on display still though, so fear not =P
  9. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Week Ago 02:26 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I noticed you and BN are talking about Twilight. While it sends a bad message to girls (and boys in that it's telling them women like being abused), it's not nearly as bad as that fan fiction of it's which later became called Fifty Shades of Grey...
  10. Mr. Pipboy
    1 Week Ago 11:40 PM
    Mr. Pipboy
    Oi. c:

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