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  1. Zeffy
    1 Hour Ago 05:11 AM
    I've always wanted to ask this but I never got around to it. Where did you get that avatar? lol
  2. Belldandy
    10 Hours Ago 08:34 PM
    It really is a shame. The women he's related to are marvelous, wonderful individuals. Their whole family, though, is very traditional in that headscarves are worn outside, the man is basically in charge, among other things. His family is from Morocco, so it's not really the most extreme example out there. His mother was very, very nice. Food was great lol

    But yeah, it's unfortunate. I don't have anything against the people really, but I harbour some degree of anxiety/fear/suspicion when it comes to male individuals who may even just look Muslim without any other kind of religious symbol apparent. If the person could feasibly come from a North African country, I'm automatically reminded of some pretty not nice things that happened. I don't move on a bus or anything to not be near that person, but it does make me uncomfortable.

    His father never abused his mother from what I saw / heard / could perceive, though. I'm not sure where he picked that up. He was a narcissist, though, so that didn't help overall: the guy thought he was owed everything and his luck was so awful because of racism and a bijillion other things. If other arabs sharing the same faith weren't the ones firing him at work, I might believe the racial argument more than if it were white people firing him constantly. I always gave him the benefit of the doubt, but yeah, anyway. He was nutty.

    Bad people everywhere! but lots of good people, too, like KuKu Kura for example.

    Were you raised in a religious household? My dad sent me to church, but I think it was mostly so he could have quiet time and catch up on some sleep lol! He's not religious at all. My mother's side is very Catholic, but her side wasn't readily involved in my upbringing, so nothing rubbed off there. Jesus is a pretty cool dude, though
  3. Dragon
    10 Hours Ago 08:31 PM
    Mmm, I hope things will pan out well for you. <33
  4. Castform
    11 Hours Ago 07:51 PM
    mm yeah it didn't take long for me to find the comics. I have a few bookmarked somewhere too. I guess I know my plans for the next few days: binge read ever issue! lol
  5. Castform
    11 Hours Ago 07:44 PM
    np! Great work should definitely be called out haha.

    AND I AM GETTING ON THAT! I actually will just read them online because wayyyy cheaper. I've really heard a lot of people say that the show is starting to gravitate more towards the comics so it would be a good idea for me to read them
  6. Castform
    11 Hours Ago 07:38 PM
    btw sorry for making that dupe earlier I totally derped lol!

    Anyways just wanted to VM you to let you know I really like the direction GC is going. It's nice to see you actively involved again in the forum and it really makes a difference! So many active threads X_X. but anyways good work buddy!
  7. Belldandy
    12 Hours Ago 06:25 PM
    Ooo~ Interesting! That might be a university-specific branch. I don't think uOttawa's Media & Communications program branches that way, else it'd be way more popular.

    And maybe? I lived there for quite a bit off and on, and it didn't seem that there was any more prejudice towards Muslims than there was towards blacks, Jews, etc. In that respect, everyone was "equal". It depends on what recent media chooses to televise, really.

    In all honesty, though, Muslims just have a bad rap in general because of recent events in Canada, in France, in the U.S.A. etc. so if there is any kind of bias in prejudice towards them, it's because of, again, what the media is displaying recently. I've met very nice people who are Muslims in Montreal. What probably seems like a reverse scenario is that it is because of a Muslim that I can't go back there without an escort of some sort. I don't judge people or anything at face-value or what the sheeple on TV show, but my own experience with Muslims... Well, the women were so kind and family-oriented and fantastic, but this male Muslim in particular was every kind of radical / psycho / other stereotype i.e. woman beater that's portrayed of that religion.

    So that didn't help, since I legitimately went in with a clear and positive attitude, only to be affronted with exactly what my parents had told me would happen if I were involved with one of "them". I was convinced that the stereotypes weren't universally true in any way, though, and gave the benefit of the doubt anyway. It's too bad that it all turned out to be true in the one and first scenario that I got involved with someone of that faith.

    I don't discriminate still, but obviously what I experienced at a younger age is going to remain at the forefront of my mind. It was my first relationship, one that slowly then quickly disintegrated, and it was my first intimate encounter with someone of that faith. Maybe if I had more experience prior dealing with relationships, etc. it wouldn't be a template of sorts as it is now. I don't show any blatant distrust - perhaps this makes me a hypocrite - but I do get nervous thinking about Montreal or thinking about Islam or even seeing a male Muslim or someone who looks similar to that individual because of what I saw and experienced first-hand. The women were ♥ but it's the bad apples that spoil the bunch.

    Probably not a good way to look at it, but I'm dysfunctional now because of what happened with that man in particular. It could've been any other person of any other race, faith, etc. and I'd still be dysfunctional, but being my first relationship and him attributing a lot of his actions to Allah and whatnaught just painted a very scary image.
  8. Sheep
    12 Hours Ago 05:55 PM
    I can't. D8 But it would be awesome to see it!
  9. Belldandy
    13 Hours Ago 04:58 PM
    I used to live in Montreal, so I guess I have a better spatial analysis when it comes to knowing which streets and neighbourhoods the presenter was referencing, but it's a place of bad memories. Beautiful city, great schools, very green and eco-proactive, but unfortunately I can't really go there without an escort I feel comfortable with.

    I live in Ottawa now, so everything's in French and English wherever you go and there's a lot of bilingualism. It's almost like a mini-Montreal

    And neat! I didn't know Media got you into those kinds of careers. I thought you'd need to go through programming to fit in with that crowd.
  10. Belldandy
    21 Hours Ago 09:41 AM
    I can see that rofl I'm in Honours Geography with an Advanced Minor in French. This topic would be boring in English, even. Not really interested in learning about the Jewish neighbourhood of Montreal zzz

    What do you plan todo with your degree later!

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