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The Magic of the Grass Type

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  1. Sun
    1 Minute Ago 1:09 PM
    Try it, try it. It's better if you have a Shiny Charm.

    Did you adopt her as a kitten or a cat (as in an adult)?

    Why so? Because of Magmortar's lips?

    Do you bake stuff stuff as well?

    I'm a bit disapointed as Wailord have no special sprite and a Mega.

    I believe she has a dark brown hair in the anime, while black in the classic Hoenn games. Yes Tabitha!!! What have they done to the villainous prince!?
  2. Sun
    30 Minutes Ago 12:40 PM
    Speaking of MM, it's time for me to keep on with the shiny Eevee hunt.

    She must be sweet! Most female cats are known for being sweet to their owners.

    Hypno… Hmmm I just couldn't get myself to use it. I had no problem with Smoochum, in fact I like it a lot. But she evolved into a Jynx, I gotta admit I lost interest in her...

    At that rate, we're all staying on the deserted island for good!

    Oh, it doesn't have any difference in X version. Kyogre simply uses the the fish blob thing in XY. As its surf sprite. :p

    Since Black and White are parallel universe as stated by numerous NPCs, Hilda should be canon for Black and Hilbert for White.

    The 'retcon' is acceptable. Since Zinnia has made clear about RSE and ORAS as parallel universe, that means Roxanne in RSE is still that same lady as we love and know, while ORAS Roxanne isn't a replacement of the former one. I applaud this tbh, as it doesn't mess up the canon and original plot. :D
  3. Sun
    1 Hour Ago 11:41 AM
    That's right! So yes, there's no need for you to be competitive concious when hatching for a shiny! Hope that clears up the misunderstanding about MM.

    Yes, yes, yes! Is it a he or a she? :D

    Maybe someone should write a petition for the Psychic Pokémon and stop Game Freak from creating any humanshape Psychic Pokémon. But then there are Sylveon and Esoeon, according to Ketsu.

    Yes I do.~ Being able to cook is awesome, you'd make a great cook if we're stranded in an island. It will lift up people's spirits.~ Sounds Asian inspired.~ *eats like a Munchlax*

    Kyogre is a fun fella, have you tried surfing and diving with one already? If they can be easily captured like they were in X and Y, then you should!

    Not a fan of N, hahaha. The dislike reached its peak when it wasn't Hilda and Hilbert who saved the day in B2W2. Nowadays, there isn't any particular thoughts or feelings with N.
  4. Sun
    2 Hours Ago 10:37 AM
    Non, non, non! Mon chéri.~ Masuda Method is simply breeding 2 Pokémon from 2 different country of origin. IVs are not neccesarily connected, unless you attached a Destiny Knot and bred it with an another Pokémon with a perfect IV. Otherwise it is simply breeding.~

    No, no, no. You will love cats from now on, forget the dogs! Just completely kidding. Yep, they are shoving them in our faces, that's why I dislike the yellow rodent. Gardevoir on the other hand was more like an upgrade and she hasn't received this kinda treatment other than the infamous 'Gardepics' about her.
    No thanks, hahaha. I'll only take the Lucarionite if it's edible; I love food. *looks at the food you cooked*

    My legendary Pokémon are all destinied to box, though there are a few I'm leveling up for the sake of leveling up and curiosity (on their moves).

    I take it that you like N as well?
  5. Sun
    3 Hours Ago 9:53 AM
    Eh? Why associate breeding/MM with competitive? :o I know they can be connected, but…

    I notice your dislike towards Zoroark and Lucario, who happened to be treated similarly by Game Freak. Incidentally they are both canines with humanoid structure and both are borderline legendary.

    I'm glad you're appreciating Gen V and Unova. Bless you, my child.~
  6. Sun
    3 Hours Ago 9:21 AM
    MM can be grueling if you're too serious about it.

    Aww..… I was gon' ask if you can breed me a Ferroseed with HA.

    Soon they'll forget about Walrein. D:

    I thought you meant Pupitar, until that 'Poison' appeared.@_@

    I'm not denying my dislike for Pikachu; it's an almost open fact for those who know me well. :D Zoroark, hell no. Oshawott, hella yes!! Take all my money!! *w*
  7. Sun
    4 Hours Ago 8:58 AM
    And I've found NO shinies from Friend Safari either. Game Freak must hate us two. I personally think Horde and MM are easier. Speakibg of Friend Safari, that reminds me do you have a Ferrothorn with a Hidden Ability?

    What did the fox say?

    #How2MegaWalrein #IgnoredWalreinIsIgnored

    Guitar...? While Grass/Fairy isn't a good typing for Florges as it lacks the moves to cover its Grass/Fairy weakness. I have to agree completely on the Flabébé line for not being part of the Grass family.

    Pikachu is literally looking at you somewhere high in Castelia City. While an NPC in Village Bridge has one Pikachu. There are Gen V spinoff games with Pikachu as well.:p
  8. Sun
    4 Hours Ago 8:13 AM
    It is easier? Everyone wants to take their share on becoming a bearded lady. :p

    They should be at least Level 75. My Sliggo was already 72 whem we arrived Pokémon League.

    Whenever I see Mega Glalie, it felt like a torture to Glalie -- its jaw is permanently in that state as long as it remains in its Mega Evolution form.

    Very true on your points. Ahem, I mean I agree with your points. A Water/Bug has so much potential. I really couldn't understand the Flying-typing: Dustox, Beedrill, Venomoth, none if them are part Flying despite the visible wings.

    That is why Pikachu took the path on becoming a Spotlight Thief!
  9. Sun
    13 Hours Ago 11:25 PM
    Does that mean you are still hunting for a shiny Nosepass?

    Well, what can you do? That's the flaw of regional dexes -- lacking of diversity. But regional dex = diversity is adverted by B2W2 and Kalos dexes, which I'm really pleased of. :D I have to agree a lot, Mega Glalie just doesn't fit her image. It's prolly better if there was a Mega Froslass or Mega Walrein if you prefer the lady to stay true to her own signature Pokémon.

    Ah that reminds me, what's your thoughts on Pokémon that loses their original typing upon evolving, like Surskit and Onix?

    Just imagine if we had the Gastly line as our mascot.
  10. Sun
    14 Hours Ago 10:28 PM
    You caught her from a horde right? She must be the leader of that group.~

    Ah, so it wasn't just me. They could have changed the flowers on her head, as well as the colors and patterns from her attire. Speaking of Glacia, I'm surprised she wasn't retconned she came from the Kalos region, she fits in the region if you ask me. She should be Wulfric's wife.

    I'm guessing that is to prevent Brock and Jasmine from sharing the same signature Pokémon, and an another obvious reason -- it loses its Rock typing upon evolving! While Pikachu... That rodent is our franchise's mascot, so.... :'(
  11. Sun
    1 Day Ago 11:12 AM
    Not evolving him or her?

    Speaking of Phoebe, is it me or she didn't receive an update on her attire?

    They turned it into Mario! Ahem and yeah, I agree that Nosepass could have evolved into something better. I wonder if Nosepass is more usable because of the Eviolite.

    It's like an All Star gathering.~
  12. Sun
    1 Day Ago 10:47 AM
    I forgot the color of a shiny Yanma and shiny Yanmega? Is it blue green? Sea green? Guess I hafta check tmr.~

    Hoenn region has packed a lot of good looking Gym Leaders. Boy, the people are as hot as the regiom itself. *thrown to Mt. Chimney for saying that*

    While Normal-types aren't particularly strong against certain types. Mosy of them are capable of learning different types of moves to compensate. Woah a Miltank and Slaking is deadly... Rock-types on the other hand, Tyrantrum, Archeops, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Rhyperior and Gigalith aren't too shabby.
  13. Sun
    1 Day Ago 10:09 AM
    Now that's what I call honest. We are entitled to our favorites, don't be afraid to admit you are biased… because I have that side on Pokémon choices when I'm not exploring for new sensations! Yanmega and Abomasnow are part of those refreshing sensations.~

    He thinks his Machoke is Cute. D: Fortunately the handsome Brawly's offering a hand on training the Machoke gal.~

    Wouldn't it be great if those 4 types are E4 under one region?
  14. Sun
    1 Day Ago 9:21 AM
    but I am one of those players who only tends to use Pokemon I like.
    Isn't this basically admitting you are biased? Hahaha. XD

    Gardevoir, along some Ghosts and Alakazam are great in the Clever category.

    Still hoping for that Grass Elite eh? I can let it slide off for awhile if they gave us a Grass Leader as the eighth Gym Leader.
  15. Sun
    1 Day Ago 8:32 AM
    So Lilligant being an ace is actually a biased cause. #TruthHasBeenSpoken

    If those are great contest Pokémon then what is Milotic? Lol

    Is it me or it feels Sinnoh inspired?

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