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  1. skyburial
    18 Minutes Ago 01:01 PM
    Yeah Kingdra was Scarfed. I find its speed to be pretty underwhelming, but that can be compensated for with Tailwind. Lack of punch, not so much.

    Finals are coming up, but I don't have anything happening on this Saturday. Wanna knock it out before the multi? Are you still doing that?
  2. Sheep
    28 Minutes Ago 12:50 PM
    thank youu 8DD
  3. skyburial
    54 Minutes Ago 12:24 PM
    I knew that Altaria would be pivotal to the match, as it was my only real answer to Keldeo O_O Holy oversight, Batman. That's why I started sacking off dead weight halfway through. I was hoping Flash Cannon would do more damage against your Gardevoir... Maybe I should put Specs on that Kingdra after all.

    Anyhow, when do you wanna do the rematch?
  4. skyburial
    1 Hour Ago 12:14 PM
    OMG-G, yo. Battling you was a treat per usual. That Keldeo. That Gardevoir.
  5. skyburial
    1 Hour Ago 11:42 AM
    Alright gimme a minute to make my team and all that good stuff
  6. skyburial
    1 Hour Ago 11:37 AM
    Just got home from my morning errands. I'm available to battle whenever you are.
  7. Charcoal Embers
    3 Hours Ago 09:40 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Definitely ghost! XD Shedinja being my favorite pokemon!
  8. Charcoal Embers
    3 Hours Ago 09:38 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Ah Breloom. Been FOREVER since I bread one of those. XD I like it. But I don't think that it can come close to Chestnaught. Grass has to be my second favorite type.
  9. Charcoal Embers
    3 Hours Ago 09:36 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Might I ask what you are breeding?
  10. Charcoal Embers
    3 Hours Ago 09:34 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Just sitting in class. Watching a vid about Kind Arthur.

    What you up to?
  11. Charcoal Embers
    3 Hours Ago 09:32 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Yes, you do need to beat the elite 4 as well. Btu that's just what I have been told. I can't say for 100% certain.

    But either way, haven't gotten a chance to talk to you. How are you!?
  12. Charcoal Embers
    4 Hours Ago 09:19 AM
    Charcoal Embers
    Hey there. Not meaning to poke my nose in your business, but I saw that you were talking about the Friend Safari. To get the third pokemon (from what I know) you need to be friends with the person, and you need to be online while the other person is online and then go the the Friend Safari then. At least that is what I know
  13. Houndoomed
    17 Hours Ago 08:04 PM
    Sorry Im at work for another 6 hours
  14. Polar Spectrum
    19 Hours Ago 06:13 PM
    Polar Spectrum
    Ah it's alright haha. I looked at your last online time compared to my vm.... You apparently got off at 9:25, and I messaged you at 9:31 lol. So a close miss. But we picked up charcoal and much merriment was had. If you wanna join next week you're totally welcome :D
  15. Houndoomed
    21 Hours Ago 03:59 PM
    I've beat them a ton of times?

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