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  1. Sun
    16 Hours Ago 7:09 AM
    Is it me or has spring arrived early? ;) -points to your profile-

    Oh, I thought you'd be cool with combat games because of SSB.

    I wasn't sure about 'Cure Up, RaPaPa'. XD Yeah I haven't watched the first episode yet, the season hasn't make a huge impact in my head yet. :P

    Ah you see
    Spoiler: Futari wa spoilers
    The very first PreCure series had Honoka

    Is this the game you're talking about?
  2. Sun
    1 Day Ago 2:53 PM
    Practice makes perfect. :)

    You should try Tekken and Pokken. :B

    The opening and transformation sequence are surely adorable!

    Mirai ended up getting the transformation item, a "Linkle Stone" by chance/fate when it mysteriously appeared in her family's jewelry store? It matches the one Riko has.
    Wow, is this a shout-out to the first ever PreCure series? :o

    I'm not sure, and I haven't heard of Touhou either! Yes, yes I live under a rock! But I'm not Patrick.
  3. Meloetta
    1 Day Ago 7:17 AM
    I think most people do, some are just more pronounced than others. I'm used to being disliked by the majority of people I encounter because of my attitude to life in general and the way I communicate, so I just make the assumption I'm incompatible with people, as it saves time. It's always a surprise when evidence to the contrary surfaces. For comparison's sake, my worry that you hate me is my equivalent to yours that you're pestering me - we can say things to the contrary until we're blue in the face, but talk is cheap, etc etc. Well, it's all relative; there are lots of ways to be "close" to someone. Just because I'm more closed off in the more "common" ways doesn't mean I'm a completely shut case in every way. It's...complicated. Or perhaps it's very simple and I just make it more complicated than it needs to be. I dunno. The short version is I had more reasons than mere whim for accepting, but my reasons were slightly different to yours for asking. If you're curious I can give you a long version (privately) although it'll be a bit rambly, go off on several tangents, and probably won't make much sense anyway. xD
    It's been half a year already? Wow. Still, you never know who is going to pop up after years...time is irrelevant to friendship, after all. It's not a good idea to hang on to hope if people vanish, but at the same time, it's always good to keep an eye open. Reunions are awesome! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc.
    Well, I try and be prompt, but I like to give people the attention I think they deserve if I'm going reply at all, and it takes a while sometimes, haha. Usually if I don't reply it's because I don't have the time or I'm too wrapped up in my own thoughts. These things are a lot harder than they ought to be sometimes!
    Different relationships for different people, I guess. I've had a couple of pairs before on other forums and I wasn't romantically involved with either of them...although I was romantically involved with someone else on one of those forums. But pairs weren't taken too seriously (they were more like member claim threads! xD) so it wasn't a big deal or anything. I'm not particularly interested in starting/being part of a harem/orgy either, so yeah, ditto that. xD
    ...plus Seiren is a total tsundere and I'm an impenetrable tsundere according to some people We could do that, depending on whether we actually like them or not, haha. Design-wise, I don't mind either of them at the moment.

    Lurking is fun! I do a lot of lurking, both here and elsewhere. I usually have the forum open when I've got my laptop on, just out of habit...it's like a second Skype. It's discomforting not to have it at my fingertips even if I have no intention of using it. xD

    I doubt it; that's not really Nintendo's style. But then, free-to-wait software and mobile gaming aren't Nintendo's style either, and look at what Pokemon has had recently. All I want from the NX is region-free compatability. If it's region locked I may very well not buy it. If I want a trophy fix I can keep struggling for platinums on my Sony consoles.

    The 60s Batman theme is very popular...but not as popular as the 80s Spiderman theme or the 90s X-Men theme. Most people think of the 90s Batman series when they think of Batman. The DCAU was amazing back in those days!

    I did, a long, loooong time ago. I used to LOVE drawing. Although I didn't have much talent to speak of, haha.

    My party was Shulk (because you NEED to control Shulk for Monado visions really), Sharla (because you NEED a healer, especially later in the game) and Dunban (because Naked!Dunban NEVER gets hit, making him an invaluable member for drawing aggro) with occasional swaps to Reyn when Dunban's agility wasn't quite good enough and I needed a proper tank. I used Riki for one boss fight - for which he was invaluable - but otherwise I only put him in my party every now and then. I didn't use Melia at all; her AI doesn't know what to do with her summons at all.
    ...and Marth is plenty effeminate to pass as a girl. /shot

    I think you'd probably enjoy it, you don't really need any knowledge of Digimon for it (the battle system and training mechanics pretty much explain themselves) and it's not particularly difficult. There is a lot of back-and-forth digivolving to get better Digimon, and you're reset to Level 1 each time you digivolve, but as long as you stagger your digivolutions you shouldn't have too much trouble. I don't know about "best one yet" as I've only played two Digimon World games prior to this - the original on PS1, and the first DS one - but the gameplay is solid. The story is a little slow to start, but then, that's JRPGs for you.

    Scary monster designs? I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe not quite as surreal as the Grotesqueries (although honestly in Drakengard I was more terrified by Furiae coming back wrong) but it's all moderately disturbing. I don't think they'd be able to get away with the giant babies with teeth now, unfortunately.
    A few developers that specifically localise Japanese games will detail the localisation if they're going to change anything - I remember Atlus talking about scenes they cut from Dungeon Travelers 2 recently. I guess these days everyone has to be particularly careful so as not to draw an angry mob...

    I dunno which is the better leader there, honestly. xD
    I seeee. References are awesome. It's why I'm so fond of the Neptunia franchise. I just get so many giggles out of random nods to other franchises in games.

    Croquet, maybe? It doesn't get much more laid-back-sporty than that, I don't think. Something like that...I dunno, I've not watched it yet, haha. I see a lot of complaints in the fandom about how creepy it is, though. I doubt it's as creepy as Rika and her teacher in Cardcaptor Sakura, though...
    Gaming sounds good. I've not spent enough time gaming yet - I've had Digimon Story for a week and I've not finished it. Nothing is really holding my attention right now...or, rather, I have too much to play. Derp.
  4. Sun
    1 Day Ago 12:15 AM
    Strong imagination = curse for drawing artists and writers. :D

    I saw you on Server too, didn't expect you to be a competitive battler, tbh!

    Have you watched the first episode? Was it good? Probably it's similar to how Haruka/Cure Flora got her dress key.

    Fun fact: Some forum pairs were taken seriously before 2010. :P

    While I prefer her with the name Cirno, but hey that's her name it's her choice. (:
  5. Meloetta
    2 Days Ago 11:47 PM
    Somewhat, yes. I've never been one to entirely believe that people might actually like what they see of me, haha. Probably because I go out of my way to be distant a lot of the time...but I guess that isn't hugely important to everyone. I dunno. I think cream will probably return at some point; it's difficult to stay away from places once you get attached to them, or people in them. Life has a way of swallowing you utterly sometimes though; when I took hiatuses last year I didn't really have time to think about PC or much else. I'd say give her a year...but then, you're probably used to talking people on a more frequent basis than I am.
    I'd say it probably is...I have enough difficulty replying to my VMs on time sometimes and I'm only talking to four people including yourself right now, haha. But then, the nature of my VM conversations are that they get longer and longer as time goes by, so I have an excuse and I'm sticking to it. It's not social ineptitude, it's social precision! /shot
    Isn't the pairing thread the marriage thread? Well, it amounts to the same thing...sort of. Maybe. A little. Themes are fun! We could even do Hummy and Seiren at some point if you wished...I have at least as many Seiren reaction gifs as you do Hummy ones ay my fingertips. I'm sure there are other things we both like that we could theme on as well if we thought about it. xD

    Better to keep all your eggs in one basket, no? At least, I've tried juggling multiple forums in the past and it's never really worked out. One inevitably draws all your attention.

    Well, you CAN use another, but you have to reset the entire thing and it formats the memory card, too. Setting the thing up again is a friggin' pain. You can use as many as you like on PS3/PS4; I have about six on my PS3. I've been using the same one since October 2013 now, but that's mostly because I don't want to lose my digital Vita purchases...there are a lot of them now. The problem with Nintendo is, even if they let me share account data, lack of trophies means I have very little incentive to, haha. If they let me link my existing accounts I'll be a lot more receptive, though - I have MH4U on an isolated account, Rune Factory 4 on another, and all my 3DS Ambassador titles on a third. It's irritating.

    Nostalgia, I'd guess? Like how Marvel will be making the X-Men 92 spinoff they did for Secret Wars into a full thing, and BOOM! Studios are bringing out a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic in March...I went wild importing issue 0 of that, aha. But it's a way to carry it on when a televised series isn't an option (Buffy, Angel and Smallville have all done this too) and a nice little nod to the fans...of which there are many for Batman 66, I'd guess.

    Perseverance, too. Doing something like that on a daily/weekly basis is horribly time-consuming. I can't draw for muk anymore, I was going to do a sprite comic. Much easier, more official-looking, and quicker too. The lazy option, basically. xD

    I think the only character's battle quotes I hate are Sharla's, because Sharla is a pretty useless healer and she's the only one you really get. Riki's are all fantastic. You can, and it is! Some of the swimwear is pretty viable early game as well. I'm a little disappointed in SSB's Shulk alternates, actually - there was a particular spoilerfic costume I was really hoping they were going to include...

    I have...it's alright, I guess, but I think it'd be a lot more enjoyable in dub. It's another one of those series that is going to need more instalments to justify the general lack of pretty much everything in the earlier parts. By itself, I would say it's not particularly good. But that's just me. If you're not as attached to the dub as I am, you might enjoy it more. Although regardless, it definitely loses something by not having the Digimon call out their attacks.

    Well, it's a pretty tenuous connection - in the last ending the protagonists get transported to another world, which is NieR's. But that event is directly responsible for what happens in NieR. You wouldn't know without reading Grimoire Nier anyway; the connection is never mentioned in game. The grotesqueries never make an appearance again after the original Drakengard, no, but the queens are a major plot point in Drakengard 3...and a freakin' pain besides. I wouldn't say we're more aware of the process, given the lack of information regarding delays and reasons why things are cut out or modified a lot of the time, just that different companies have different standards and people can't accept that. Nintendo have never gone for the dual audio thing, and I can't see them starting.

    Yeah, there is a lack of personality to default Advance Wars units; it's like pretty much every other SRPG in that regard.
    Well, I could be wrong...I just see references in everything. xD

    Isn't it almost like hockey? At least, that's how it feels in Futari Wa. Nagisa's friends are far more annoying than her hobbies anyway - Shiho says the same word three times in 90% of her sentences, it's infuriating infuriating infuriating. The villain in question is a kid around her age, so it's not Izumi/Coco disturbing...although he definitely doesn't seem her type, haha.
    I might do for a bit, although keeping up with Precure week-by-week is irritating; I tend to just watch it all at the end. If you're craving Precure and feel like watching it on more than a weekly basis I'd strongly point you in Splash Star's direction, for a duo experience. Or Fresh if you want another team. I still need to watch Yes! and GoGo yet, it's been on my to-do list for about three years now...
  6. Meloetta
    2 Days Ago 6:36 AM
    Well, it's more private than public, since my VMs are contacts-only, haha. I wonder who was more surprised - me that you asked, or you that I accepted? I'm just glad I wasn't eating or drinking anything at the time! Was cream due to come back in December, then? I didn't speak to her for a while, then I left, then she had left by the time I got back, now I'm back and she's not back. I talk to Dragon every now and again, but I guess we've all gone our separate ways...or however it is this stuff works.
    I think one of us is just supposed to post in the thread and that's kinda that...unless you want a ceremony? I dunno how this stuff works either, it just seems entertaining; I've not had a pair on a forum in yeeeeeears. xD

    They're very closed communities. At least, that's the sense I've always gotten from them. I suppose PC could be classified as the same, but...eh, some forums suit some people better than others, I guess. It can be really hard to interact with people sometimes; it's one of the main reasons I've drifted from place to place since the YGO forum I frequented shut down.
    Understandable...I've had a few randoms add me since I made my Skype public. I have no problem deleting them if they irritate me, however. xD

    Indeed! At least Sony are doing it right. It's a shame about the single-account lock on the Vita, but I guess you can't have everything. I've often considered getting an American 2DS or 3DS, but...eh, I'm not THAT desperate. I have too much else to be doing in the meantime anyway. If I was short of games to play that'd be another story, though.

    Unfortunately yes, I've seen the '66 Batman...they're even doing a comic of it now. It has its moments, but it's a little TOO before my time for me. xD
    Webcomics were awesome! I used to love Kabutroid. I always wanted to make my own (and still do) but lack the time or inspiration...or the wit, probably. I still think about doing a Zelda one from time-to-time...the many adventures of Link and his recovering smoker Koffing sidekick to find the Legendary Wand of Creativity and escape from the plagiaristic land of Whyrule. Or something. xD

    You could just watch the voice actor videos if you wanted to do that, they compile all of their battle quotes into one long, convenient place. Dunban's is actually my favourite, but then I love Dunban to pieces. He has this amazing passive ability that boosts his agility/evasion when he has no armour equipped, meaning I never have to buy equipment for him and he looks ridiculous in swim shorts next to everyone else in heavy armour. xD

    It's very repetetive, for a 90s opening theme, but still obscenely catchy. I liked the Frontier opening quite a bit, actually. I've never heard the Japanese Digimon openings in full, haha.

    In Soviet Russia, baby eats you! With the exception of the first ending - which leads into the awful second game, making it the worst one of all - every ending results in the end of the world...and the fourth leads to NieR.
    I'd hope in 40 years everyone would have forgotten about it, but...this is the internet, who am I kidding. It's true that I see hardly any complaints these days about XCX, and I wasn't even aware complaining about BD was a thing. It'll all blow over by the time it's out...definitely by the time it's out over here. It's almost becoming a thing, like reverse-hype.

    The comparisons were made, but it was due primarily to SSBM's success in the West, yeah. Honestly, Advance Wars is about the only SRPG series I like less than Fire Emblem, haha.
    ...for some reason that screenshot makes me think of Lord of the Rings. I bet if you open up Roy's hand you'll find a ring in it.

    Indeedy. Nagisa is the sporty one, and entire episodes are devoted to her various exploits. They're not bad episodes, but Honoka is the more interesting Cure (at least I think she is; hell, she almost has a relationship with one of the villains! Not in a creepy way either, it's quite well handled) and I would have liked to have seen more of her. The Saki/Mai attention split in Splash Star was much better, despite the similar personality types to Nagisa/Honoka.
    It's difficult to judge Precure seasons by the first episode alone...regardless of what the fandom thinks. It's not the most impressive of opening episodes, but that doesn't mean it won't be a good show :3
  7. Sun
    3 Days Ago 5:35 PM
    Oh, I have played a bit of the very first Zero Escape series for the DS. Had to stop because of my imagination, I was imagining the whole scene while reading, haha. In terms of intellectual training for Mafia, Zero Escape does work. Just don't get too into the plot! (:

    Yes, it's the site with quick mafia game. It helps when it comes to quick thinking and quick decision, which is also vital for mafia. Think about my situation in Blue Moon when I was cornered, one needs to think and decide quickly in those kind of situation. Apparently I failed, as you've seen, haha.

    Well, one thing's I'm sure about the bear -- it's a boy! XD Since the bear has a listed voice actress, obviously it's gonna talk someday. (: You are brave for asking a pair with Melo, wishing you luck with that! (:

    I've been hearing 'fate', 'destiny' of sorts, but to be real honest I don't believe in such. I do recall Janna mentioning her age in her own AMA, you might wanna check that out. ;)
  8. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 3:43 PM
    i hope we can be good friends one day
  9. Dedenne1
    3 Days Ago 2:51 PM
    Itsssssssssssssssssssss done:
    Also i asked about the collab which im sure i can make sigs for now
  10. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 12:15 PM
    very wise choice this is a great forum indeed
  11. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 12:08 PM
    i was on lake valor for a time before they turned into a dictatorship and cool
  12. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 11:44 AM
    thats good i suppose you go to any other forums besides this one?
  13. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 9:58 AM
    i've been up since about 11 i'm sorry if i'm bugging you.
  14. Vespy89
    3 Days Ago 9:16 AM
    good afternoon
  15. Sun
    3 Days Ago 6:00 AM
    Psst, try Hotel Dusk 215! The whole thing is more realistic, nothing too anime-ish so might not be your thing if you love the anime/manga expressions. But that game requires logic and stuff. (:

    Where can I find a copy of Mafia Games For Dummies?
    Try joining the EM. It differs from forum mafias, it requires quick thinking but it helps a lot when playing forum mafias. If you need the link, just lemme know.

    The whole AMA is on it's quiet period, even Janna acknowledges this. So no need to take things personal. (: And I assure you, you aren't a muk person, at least I don't think so. Like I don't know you in person so I can't say much. But at least you are behaving perfectly well here on PC, which is a great thing for a community.

    Nah, the PreCure thing ain't pairing you two this time hahaha. I just happened to like the mascot more than the Cures, hahaha. Don't forget, it's not just you two, it's the three of us, unless you see the mascot as a less important character! ;) The bear is the season's transformation item, yeah you read it right, the mascot itself. So officially important like the Cures. I can also tag in Melody but I'm not sure if Meloetta and Melody are familiar to each other, I hate it when it feels like I'm forcing anything, that also applies to the theme suggestion. :P And sure, March it is then.~

    It's my year now and according to Chinese Zodiac signs, if it's your year you're gonna have a terrible year ahead of you. Lmao Not that I believe in it, I just found it cute. :P

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