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  1. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    6 Hours Ago 11:07 AM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    Yeah but in Hoenn there is only one versus 3 Dragon/Flying and 2 Dragon/Psychics. Plus as you said it's a fan favorite (plus Aarune has one, so why didn't he get a Mega like Lissia did?) I think those three are going to end up being marketed alongside one another for the next games (their types fit a known theme in Pokémon after all).At this point Dragon/Psychic (tied with Dragon/Water as the 3rd most common Dragon combo) all have Megas. Now something that is strange is that we have no pure Dragons getting Megas...but then again Dragon final evolved mons popped up in Gen V. Why does Gen VI has two Megas but Gen V has Audino...
    I think the most liked Megas are the Gen II mons Megas overall, as I haven't heard anything but love for them.

    I bet no Sinnoh Dragon will be left as the only one without one since the remaining three are all legends. Now Unova and Kalos are difficult to tell at this point since no Gen V and Gen VI Dragon has a Mega.
  2. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    20 Hours Ago 09:05 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I've noticed that one dragon each from Gens I-III (well Gen I and II only have one each, but there were Dragon type Megas of mons from those gens (Char and Amp) don't a Mega. Interestingly their non-Dragon type are Flying, Water, and Ground respectively.
  3. Cerberus87
    1 Day Ago 03:11 PM
    The first argument I disagree a bit with. A player who likes a Pokémon will try to create viable strategies for it in the highest tiers. You can't dictate what people like. There are the sheep that only want to win and only view Pokémon as numbers, but there are those who are creative. The latter will be immune to Smogon's tiers.

    The Smogon tiers are based on usage, but they use an algorithm to "weigh" it so the higher ranked players are more influential in determining a Pokémon's actual standing. It makes sense to classify Pokémon by usage, as, if you grouped them based on actual power, a lot more things would be in the highest tier, but few would still be used, because it's a competitive game so it's natural for the strongest tools to be used. It does influence what other players use, though.

    Smogon has a thread on the SR-less ladder and people keep saying the metagame would be just different, not better or worse, without SR. From what I've seen the ladder lasted a very short time so it's difficult to say if certain things would become overpowered and overcentralizing. At the beginning people did use a lot of different strategies, but later on the metagame "stabilized" around the most powerful threats. It wouldn't be a metagame free of bans, though, and bans are never healthy, they're done out of necessity really. It's enough to say that different things would be good, and Pokémon such as Moltres and Volcarona would rise in usage, but others could become broken, for example (Mega Zard Y among them). My personal solution would be to halve SR damage, because I think 50% damage from switching is ridiculous, or create moves that can repel SR and do more than Rapid Spin, for example.

    The DT counters aren't really ideal because they waste a turn, are too weak, etc. GF keeps trying to make evasion a widely accepted strategy, but is it viable? Currently, there are a lot of things that counter evasion. Keen Eye and No Guard negate evasion, but are very poorly distributed. Defog lowers evasion and erases entry hazards, but it's not ideal because it also erases YOUR entry hazards, and generally moves that lower stats don't see use. Foresight/Odor Sleuth/Miracle Eye force you to waste a turn. Lock-On and Mind Reader force you to waste a turn and are cancelled by switching (although switching cancels DT too). The never miss moves are too weak to take down walls using DT. Stomp/Steamroller only work against Minimize and are too situational. Evasion won't win you the game outright but it's a very powerful strategy with almost no decent counters. I can understand why it's banned. A Chansey with Minimize would be a nightmare to take down. Heck, it's even annoying in game. Juan abuses it in Emerald and on top of that Kingdra is only weak to Dragon so it's incredibly hard to take down if you're unlucky.

    Generally people try to reduce the element of luck in games. The ATP wants to abolish the "let" (when a service hits the net and falls in the service area) in tennis to make matches quicker, but a lot of people are against it because, when the ball hits the net, very often the defending player fails to anticipate it and can't return it properly. Abolishing the let would largely benefit the player who's serving, who already has the advantage of the serve! Balls that hit the net already introduce an undesirable amount of luck into tennis. The game doesn't need even more luck to affect results. And tennis, like Pokémon, is a game where one play can decide a whole match.

    One clause I'd like to see in Western play is item clause. Increases strategy, and nowadays we have dozens of viable items. Some clauses weren't even invented by Smogon, though. Sleep and freeze clause was the standard in 3vs3 official matches and Netbattle and GSbot adopted it for 6vs6 way before Smogon. There was OHKO clause in Netbattle, too. It has been the standard WAY back before Smogon was created, the only thing is that they weren't enforced, but when matchmaking you could specify your clauses and, if the other player accepted it, you could battle, if not, then farewell. No evasion clause, though.
  4. Cerberus87
    1 Day Ago 01:14 PM
    Well, SR damage is type-based. So of course it hurts some types more than others.

    I'd like to see another entry hazard from a different type, just to see its impact. Of course, the possibility to deploy SR, Spikes AND Toxic Spikes is already too much, even if it's extremely difficult to deploy all three with maximum effectiveness.
  5. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Day Ago 09:59 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I forgot about Arcanine, that would fit him better.
    I do hope that they add rematches to the Kanto re-remakes and give all of the gym leader's Megas like GF did with the Hoenn Elite 4.

    If the Hoenn Gym leaders had Megas (they could give them some for the PWT so we don't have to wait for a Hoenn re-remake) I imagine them to be

    Roxanne: Mega Probopass
    Brawley: Mega Hariyama
    Wattson: Mega Magnetic
    Flannery: Mega Torcoal
    Norman: Mega Slaking (it'll be a legendary...that isn't a legend with those kind of beastly stats if it loses it's ability. I am thinking it'll regain Vital Spirit from it's time as Vigoroth).
    Winona: Mega Tropius, or Mega Altaria (even if it does lose the fairy type...)
    Liza: Mega Lunatone
    Tate: Mega Solrock
    Wallace: Mega Milotic
    Juan: Mega...Kingdra (yes the same as Clair...but then again Lucian is bound to have Mega Gallade, and Morty and Agatha will likely share Mega Gengar.) Or maybe Mega Gyarados to contrast with Wallace

    Roark: Mega Rampardos
    Gardenia: Mega Roserade
    Maylene: Mega Lucario (yes same as Korina) or Mega Machamp
    Wake: Mega Floatzel
    Fatima: Mega Drifblim or Mega Mismagius
    Byron: Mega Bastiodon
    Candice: Mega Abomasnow, or Mega Froslass, or Mega Glaceon
    Volkner: Mega Electivile, Mega Luxray, or Mega Raichu
  6. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Day Ago 07:24 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I don't know.

    Btw if each Kanto (I and II) gym leader got a Mega what do you think they would get?
    My guess is
    Brock: Mega Golem
    Misty: Mega Starmie (or is it Staryu...I get these two mixed up)
    Lt. Surge: Mega Raichu or Mega Electivile
    Erika: Mega Tangrowth
    Koga: Mega Venomoth
    Janine: Mega Weezing
    Sabrina: Mega Alakazam
    Braine: Mega Magmotar
    Giovanni: Mega Rhyperior
    Blue: Mega Tyranitar (as a gym leader, not as champion).

    As for Johto:
    Falkner: Mega Pidgeot
    Bugsy: Mega Scizor
    Whitney: Mega Milktank (the irony that Clefairy's line became fairy so her gym will need to be drastically redesigned.
    Morty: Mega Gengar
    Jasmine: Mega Steelix
    Pryce: Mega Mamoswine
    Clair: Mega Kingdra
  7. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Day Ago 06:10 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    typo fixed (I meant Golduck).
  8. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    1 Day Ago 05:59 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I think Mega Ninetales (or an unlikely evolution) should be Fire/Fairy or Fire/Psychic if it isn't Fire/Ghost. Kyuubi are tricksters so it'll fit the Fairy type like Mawile does. As for Fire/Psychic it has access to psychic moves, plus is shown in the anime to have some psychic abilities.
    Speaking of Psychic Mega Golduck should be Water/Psychic.
  9. Cerberus87
    2 Days Ago 06:15 AM
    Smogon tried a ladder without Stealth Rock before XY were released. It was quite a bit different. Moltres rose in usage by a lot. Everyone abused the Focus Sash because it was more difficult to break them. To counter this, Sandstorm and Hail became more prominent. Flying became a premier type to avoid Spikes. Dragonite was a possible suspect. Charizard still sucked. Articuno was outclassed by Moltres.

    Basically it was much different, but I believe it lasted a short time so it's hard to say it was "better". When it comes to Stealth Rock, there are as many opinions as there are people. After reading a bit, my understanding is that it was never banned because it doesn't "overcentralize" the metagame, that is, you aren't forced to run stuff to counter it, unless you have a 4x Rock weak Pokémon that your team revolves around.

    Anyway, now that Defog was improved and weather was nerfed I don't think they'll ever ban it.
  10. Cerberus87
    3 Days Ago 10:03 AM
    That's because most Ghosts don't have the stats to take advantage of their type. The ones who do, however, are in higher tiers (like Gengar, for example). Ice, on the other hand, is so crippling that even Legendaries with the type rarely make even UU, let alone OU. Why? It has no useful resistances or immunities, has a ton of extremely common weaknesses (including one to the very common Stealth Rock), and its best STAB attacks (Ice Beam/Blizzard) are already widely distributed among a bunch of other Pokémon with better movepools and type matchups, making the sole offensive role of Ice types obsolete. The few Ice types who make it in the higher tiers do so in spite of their type, not because of it.

    In fact, Ice being so weak is part of the reason why Dragon became so overpowered in Gens 4 and 5. Ice was Dragon's only weakness besides itself, and most STAB users were outsped and nuked by Outrage/Draco Meteor/Fire Blast/etc. before they could even pose a threat. Meanwhile, the only type that did resist Dragon, Steel, had limited access to either Ice or Dragon moves and shared two of Ice's weaknesses (Fire and Fighting).
    That's not true. Mismagius has great stats for a Ghost and dropped from UU to NU this gen. There must be some other factor. Usually it's a combination of factors that make Pokémon drop tiers, including, but not restricted to, the fact that the metagame simply became unfavorable to the Pokémon.

    I do agree that Ice is a bit hard to use, which is why I wanted GF to buff Ice instead of creating Fairy type to push Ice down even further. Ice, however, does have a few good assets. STAB on Ice Shard is one. Few non-Ice Pokémon learn the move, and it's very useful.

    You could just as easily argue that Psychic types were "meant to be strong." The first two banned Legendaries were mono-Psychic, after all, and the early games seemed to portray supernatural strength (ie. Psychic types) as being superior to physical strength (ie. Fighting types)--See all of the in-game comments about Sabrina wiping the floor with the Fighting Dojo. And, yet, that didn't stop GF from later hitting Psychic with the Nerf Hammer and making the type suck.
    I do think Psychic was meant to be the strongest type. After all, Mewtwo, the strongest Pokémon, was Psychic-type. However, Psychic wasn't only strong, it was broken. The type doesn't exactly suck now, sure there are better types offensively and defensively, but it isn't as useless as you think, especially when prior to 4th gen there weren't many usable Dark-types.

    Problem is that defensive Fire types just don't work. That's part of the reason why Ninetales was in the Crap Tier in every Gen except the 5th.
    Yeah but making it Fire/Ghost means it directly competes with Chandelure. It could probably beat Chandelure with a Sp.Atk boost since it's faster so it doesn't need a Scarf to outspeed anything, but it's a great risk because Chandelure, without Mega, already has 145 base Sp.Atk (stronger than Mega Houndoom).

    That's because NU is the Trash Tier, so it's understandable that most people would ignore it. Most people want to see their favorites move OUT of it, just like most aspiring baseball players want to ditch the Minor Leagues for the Major League. There's no dignity in being "less than," after all.
    But if you lack talent there's not much you can do. It's a bit harsh, but not everyone is equal. Everyone would like to play in the first leagues, but that doesn't mean the lower leagues are useless. In soccer there are many lower leagues with high attendance. But in sports it's a different thing, there are lower tiers in sports because of the calendar, not because of balance. There are 24(!) tiers in English football. It's impossible to make everyone play everyone. And it wouldn't be desirable since some teams are basically amateurs, others don't have money, so they want to compete against teams they can beat.

    Farfetch'd and friends are meant to be Dex filler and nothing more, harkening back to a time when GF didn't see competitive battling as the main point of the games. Useless novelties like them became fewer and farther between after Gen 3.
    Some of those Pokémon aren't meant for competitive. Luvdisc is just a Heart Scale source. I mean, GF added a beach full of Luvdisc in XY for that purpose.

    It's a problem when such a tiny proportion of fully-evolved Pokémon are even considered to be "good enough" for UU, especially when competitive battling has been increasingly taking priority over Story Mode and other parts of the games.
    But it's very difficult to balance. You boost something, it becomes OU, then something in OU suffers because of the boosted Pokémon and drops to UU. Game balance is complicated like that. The people who create the games aren't necessarily the best players, so they may not be able to anticipate the effects of something that's introduced to the game. Either that, or they simply don't care as much, considering the things GF gave Megas to.

    Poor Houndoom. I remember when it was considered to be one of the strongest non-Legendary Dark and Fire types.
    To be fair, Houndoom was never firmly OU. It dropped to UU in 4th gen where the metagame was much more favorable to it.

    There's a guy on YouTube called Mega Mogwai who used Mega Houndoom to great effect. Terrible luck with Fire Blasts though. Smogon even did a feature on Mega Houndoom, too.

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