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  1. Squirrel
    7 Hours Ago 08:50 AM
    Mm I know the feeling haha, it was easier for me since I love the anime but a lot of the Digimon are really strange XD
  2. Squirrel
    7 Hours Ago 08:43 AM
    Haha god no, not even close! I'm still pretty new to the game myself XD
  3. Squirrel
    7 Hours Ago 08:31 AM
    Haha, yay teddies :D

    The basics are... hmm... I guess first off is how to battle - when you click on a Digimon you can see its level come up at the top of the screen, obviously don't try to fight things that are a lot higher than you! If you double-click something you'll start fighting it, and if you click your ability icons at the bottom of the screen (or press F1/F2 respectively) you'll use your abilities to deal a bit of extra damage. If you level up enough times you'll gain a few bonuses - one is that you can improve your skills (if you click the big D next to your Digimon's face at the bottom you'll be able to level up their skills in one of the tabs), you'll be able to digivolve (when you reach level 11 you digivolve into champions, 25 you digivolve into ultimates, and further on you can digivolve into more), and you'll gain new attacks (at level 6 your rookie gains a new attack, at 16 your Champion gains an attack, etc), and you'll generally get stronger as you level up. As you level up you'll notice the names of nearby Digimon changing colour - the more red their names are the harder they are for your current digimon to defeat. Your tamer can also level up, this generally just unlocks new features in the game and increases your tamer's Digisoul.

    In order to stay digivolved. you use up your tamer's Digisoul every few seconds that your digimon is evolved for. Eventually you'll run out of digisoul and you won't be able to keep it digivovled any longer, but you can restore your digisoul by either returning to civilization (it recovers fastest near buildings/camp sites/etc) or by using items to increase it.

    You can get quests by talking to people with exclamation marks above their heads, and if they have a question mark above their head it means you can either continue or turn in a quest to them. Your minimap will show these too! You can track your quests by pressing L to bring up your quest log, and they're also tracked at the side of your screen.

    To get new Digimon on your team, you have to find mercenary eggs. Basically when you kill things there's a chance they'll drop a special egg (you'll recognize it by how much it glows compared to other eggs), and in order to hatch that egg you need to put Data into an incubator with the egg and hope it hatches successfully - you can get data by killing Digimon and collecting their regular Digiegg drops, which if you scan them you'll have a chance of getting data from them. (All of this probably sounds confusing but there's a quest pretty early on that walks you through this process :D)

    The only other big thing to mention is item storage - if you press i it brings up your inventory but it's quite small. As you get further into the game (you'll be trying to get to an area called the DATS center, that's the game's main hub) you'll find places to start storing items (look for something called a PawnChessmonWhite with a "storage" label above its head) and there you can start to expand your inventory and carry more things. You can win items to expand your inventory size and expand the amount of Digimon you can catch, but that kind of stuff won't come in til a fair bit later haha.

    And I think that's all the basics of the game... I've probably missed some obvious stuff out though so if you need any more help feel free to ask :D
  4. Nakala Pri
    7 Hours Ago 08:25 AM
    Nakala Pri

    which one...

    ill be the red one!
  5. Squirrel
    9 Hours Ago 06:38 AM
    Thanks man :D
  6. Nakala Pri
    11 Hours Ago 04:16 AM
    Nakala Pri
    Spread the love of hug bear to five of your contacts and your greatest wish will come true
  7. Nakala Pri
    12 Hours Ago 03:27 AM
    Nakala Pri
    After leaving the scene, feeling slightly insulted, Ludicros encountered WobblePlopper who became a hippy and rode a jet around town. 'supman' Wobbleplopper saluted Ludicros who sniffed disapprovingly. 'Do you throw up food?' she asked, feeling manipulative. 'pfffffffffff' Wobbleplopper threw up a burger on Ludicros's feet. Ludicros giggled evilly and took her in as an 'apprentice'.
  8. Nakala Pri
    18 Hours Ago 09:25 PM
    Nakala Pri
    While feeling positively bummed out, she encountered Sir Alfred the Buttchan > ( & > &) again but this time it was a stroke of luck. 'Kidnap my baby!' she handed him a pebble in payment and he wiggled his toes dutifully. When a cheesy night came, WobblePlopper was snatched from her bed of nails and taken to a village full of veal and castrated computers which spoke Traitorese. WobblePlopper was pretty miffed, I can tell you, so she bit of Sir Alfred the Buttchan's nose off and waddled over to a nearby tavern. When she reached the counter, a horrific sight greeted her. A PERSON!!! It's face was a sickly shade of pink, it's eyes were on the FRONT of it's head and it had a strange girth appearing in the middle of it's face. It's mouth was merely a slit and it had a strange tuft of hair on top of it's ugly head. 'ALLO LUV' Cocott the bartendress ( ^ > ^) yelled deafeningly. 'FUD!' WobblePlopper climbed up the bench and tweaked the bartendress's nose. The bartendress handed WobblePlopper a crisp and WobblePlopper inserted in into it's/her/his ear and then vomited rainbows. When Martin found his baby was gone, he cried jelly beans and prodded his wife who giggled evilly.

  9. pixie^.^forest
    1 Day Ago 02:37 AM
    hi there!im up against u for the PCL, pls reply to this once u get to read this and tell me what time u are available to do the battle so i can be make time thankiesss
  10. Nakala Pri
    1 Day Ago 01:33 AM
    Nakala Pri

    id evlopedd sawg

    Betty Boop howled in joy and squeezed her baby until it's eye fell out. When she took it back to Martin, who was having a burping fit, he kissed it's eye and then poked it affectionately and burped in it's face. Wobbleplopper was a bit fed up by now, so it spat on their feet and sang Rihanna until it's parent's cried.

  11. Nakala Pri
    1 Day Ago 12:50 AM
    Nakala Pri


    Stupid Norman heard her coming and panicked. She ate her toe thoughtfully and then had an ingenious idea. She threw WobblePlopper SO high into the flippin' sky that the alien's would get her. Norman then faced Betty Boop with a smug nose and threw a toenail at her. Betty Boop was SO mad she threw up into Norman's eyes/ears/nostrils/mouth so she couldn't breath and then stuffed her down a cattypiddler's nest and stared up into the sky hopelessly when suddenly an alien pooped from space and a big blob of rave poop fell into her eye.

  12. Raine
    2 Days Ago 04:11 AM
    For the most part, yes. But if the situation calls for it, I can be outgoing c:
  13. Raine
    3 Days Ago 09:22 AM
    Nope, never been one to prank or be pranked. I'm not that festive a person, now that I think about it...Besides Christmas.
  14. Raine
    3 Days Ago 06:27 AM
    Forum games are too active @.@ And I like having conversations with other members c:

    Hm, I think you're asking the wrong person...I'm not evil or creative enough to come up with pranks ;-;
  15. El Héroe Oscuro
    3 Days Ago 02:31 AM
    El Héroe Oscuro
    That's good! I'm glad to hear you had fun with it!

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