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  1. Lisia
    4 Hours Ago 11:02 AM
    I'm doing okay. Still job hunting with little luck... >w>
    Currently I'm deciding which For Glory PokeCommunity Olympic events to participate in. The one I'll mostly take part in is the Animal Crossing design contest... But looking across the board, the whole Olympic theme for each competition seems a tad boring. I guess I'll just deal. xD
  2. Lisia
    5 Hours Ago 09:17 AM
    Friend! How are you today?
  3. Unapologetic Sunflower
    7 Hours Ago 07:11 AM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Let's see Nao and the Kansai volleyball girl, Rika and Nao? Hmm I'm surprise how unfamiliar am I to the Smile ships. Lmao Really? Why? Mana's a good person, she sort of reminds me of Love's personality. Wow I recall writing a fanfict under PreCure LJ. *gulp*

    I haven't watch HappinessCharge yet, but I've heard that Fortune and Princess are spotlight theives. Enlighten me of I'm wrong at that part.~

    Thanks for that, I'll pick up SplashStar again then!

    That's what the fandom exactly needs to learn, 'to each their own'. Lol

    I like you buddy, friends?
  4. Unapologetic Sunflower
    12 Hours Ago 03:00 AM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Wow I often see that kinda thing from fans of other anime, but never PreCure, at least not on YouTube. That is completely unexpected to be real honest! Why do I get the feeling that the ship wars on DokiDoki as the most intense? xD

    While I'm not a fan of Smile PreCure, aside the good character development, I really have to praise Smile's almost-equality of treatment as well. I said almost, as uh... sadly, the pink one always gets the priority. You know the exclusive forms and all that.

    On the aesthetic aspect Mai and Saki might be replicas of their direct predecessor, even their personalities resembles a lot. The plot on the other hand differs a lot from Max Heart and original a lot, which is a good thing.

    Really? I've actually watched the first 5 episodes of Yes, I have to say the girls' chemistry are amazing. But then and again, I shouldn't base my conclusion on 5 episodes. I'm a hardcore on the fighting scenes, so I love HeartCatch. Not to mention Yoshihiko Umakoshi's art style is amazing, it screams nostalgia as he's the artist of Ojamajo Doremi. Even I love HeartCatch that much, I'd llike to reassure you, I won't bash you and your favorites. Haha.
  5. Unapologetic Sunflower
    14 Hours Ago 12:39 AM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Hahaha! You gave me a great laugh there, I think I'm getting what cha meant there. No worries, you're safe under the Sunflower Aegis!

    As in you'd like the pink leader to take the leading cast or have the girls equally split the spotlight?

    I haven't complete Splash Star, the last episode I watched was that beach episode where Mai and Saki battle that blue lady. Haha, I'm still deciding whether to watch Yes! and GoGo or not.
  6. Unapologetic Sunflower
    15 Hours Ago 12:00 AM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    You're one of the few fans who isn't a fan of HeartCatch, not saying that's good or bad. But very special.

    Yeah they are experimenting with Setzuna's Heel Face Turn. And I agree Ellen is well developed. I wonder how are they going to develope Twilight? Time for me to read the episode synopsis for Episode 22. :p

    Have you watched the first ever season of PreCure?
  7. Unapologetic Sunflower
    15 Hours Ago 11:26 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Not a fan of Yoshihiko Umakoshi's art style? xD
    I haven't watch Go! Princess PreCure episodes actually, other than looking at their PreCure art and watching their moves and transformation on YT. :p
    Cure Passion is among my favs, who would expect Setzuna the dark girl to transform into that beauty? I mean she's still beautiful as Setzuna, but Cure Passion is completely astonishing, in a good way.
  8. Unapologetic Sunflower
    15 Hours Ago 11:08 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Hola, amigo mio. (Hahaha, I'm glad Cure SUnshine gets recognized!)
    So uh.. You knew what happened to Towa already, right?
  9. Unapologetic Sunflower
    16 Hours Ago 10:39 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Hello Towa-san. lol
  10. Serena08
    May 16th, 2015 08:10 PM
    Hello there! How are you?
  11. Kenchiin
    May 13th, 2015 11:20 AM
    Each banner is better than the previous one lol
  12. Xela
    May 3rd, 2015 12:36 AM
    Still alive and well? Oh, and nice KLK banner, hah.
  13. Lisia
    April 30th, 2015 09:14 PM
    I will never understand why people get so upset when someone doesn't like their favorite shows. I don't even care if people dis the shows I like... The only time I would get upset is if it was a more personal attack on me as a person instead of just trash-talking a show. I don't mind when people talk about controversial topics on Tumblr, it's just sad when I see groups of people that claim to "love diversity" but think it's okay to muk on someone just because they're white/heterosexual/male. Like, I ain't even any of those descriptors but I think it's disgusting when people act like they are always the enemy. Such hatred even if in retaliation doesn't get anybody anywhere, I think. I know this isn't everyone on that site but my god...

    I will have to do some research on the Atelier games because I know next to nothing about them. :o
    I think I've decided on getting Freedom Wars. It's a steal at only 20 bucks... I'll see if I can ask for allowance to purchase it this weekend. I just realized that Freedom Wars is from the same people that made Gravity Rush? Why are those games only 20 dollars, anyway... Did they fail to sell well enough during initial release?

    More knife crime than gun crime, eh... I remember I was torturing myself by reading the comments on an article about gun violence in America vs the UK (and how USA obviously has more) and some dumb American kept claiming that "more violent crime happens in the UK in spite of stricter gun control" without even backing up their nonsense with any sort of data/study. What even... I'm so tired of pro-gun Americans distorting evidence and spreading myths... The fact of the matter is that the UK has one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world. I think the only Texas stereotype I fit in is that I like barbecue, Tex-Mex food, and the food chains specific to my state. And of course... "y'all." xD What have you heard about Texans? I think we for some reason have a reputation above other states in the eyes of the world... probably because of movies and TV characters or something. While it is true that some stereotypes based off of prominent Texans can be seen in the general populace, it is foolish to assume we are all that way since our state is so darn big and has many differences depending on what part you're from. As with anywhere else, the big cities can be vastly different in beliefs compared to small towns. Some people seem to think Texans are racist, uneducated, homophobic conservatives... but that is definitely not the case at least in the cities, where there is much diversity.
  14. cream
    April 30th, 2015 08:18 PM
    oh i remember beyblades being popular at the time too, everyone had those at school...never got into it myself though. xD

    omfg! would you burn my godoka nendoroid and my charlotte phone charm too? :'3
    i still have those sticker collections...i've put them all in categories, too. xD oh i remember trading cards mostly...they were cards you'd get from gym classes and i remember someone tricked me into doing a card battle with them and if i lost i wouldn't need to give my cards away to them (that was the rule when you lost)...but they were lying and when i lost they asked for my cards and i threw a tantrum haha. i remember this vividly but for the most part i have really fond memories of elementary school.

    if that ever became a problem i could probably hire someone to help with my taxes. but thanks! i sure will need to practice being more responsible, though, but that's a price to pay for freedom. c:
    ah, i see, nevermind then! i don't want to pressure you into talking about things you'd prefer to keep private.

    i tried that once...but i'm forced to at least take 30 minutes for lunch at this job apparently. eh, i think i'll go for the full hour this time. some downtime is always nice and i'm a slow eater aha.
    ah, that reminds me that on fridays we're allowed to leave at 3:30 pm instead of anywhere after 4 pm. it's pretty nice.

    lettuce? i barely remember anything from tokyo mew mew but i've always thought of her as bland, sorry. aww, i see. well, i found that part of her great, being physically strong but she still can be feminine in the process. not that she absolutely needed to be feminine but y'know.
    cartoon female power rangers. xD i do remember watching this and cardcaptors on tv at the hospital where my grandma was, but i've never seen it on my tv at home...probably because we didn't have the cable at the time. even then, it wasn't absolutely necessary to get the cable in order to have good cartoons on the tv. they pretty much aired all the good stuff i have fond memories of like charlie brown, the moomins and the adventures of winnie the pooh...today's cartoons aren't really the same and the only way i can watch retro stuff is on a special channel for old cartoons...and it required the cable of course. xD
    i haven't been keeping up with disney movies at all since i think uh...that live-action movie, enchanted i think? i'm pretty weird with disney movies, most of the stuff from my era like the little mermaid and the lion king aren't really my favorite...i'm all for that ooold stuff like fantasia, pinocchio, alice in wonderland, peter pan...and for the recent pixar movies, toy story was definitely what made up most of my childhood ahah. i even owned the toys from the movie!
  15. Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    April 30th, 2015 02:16 AM
    Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    Mr Blobby what a guy, even did his own music video.

    Well a village is justified in not having a major book chain in it, a Large town is not. I used to get lots off ,I mean lots of WH Smth book tokens as a kid (but most were spent on games haha) so I kinda had to use WHS. When my mum worked at the library she used to bring home older books to keep that they had withdrawn, however I don't really like library books because they put that horrid clear film on the front which ruins the book, pus the pages are normally full of filth and mess.
    I don't really know the staff at my local GAME(s) as I most buy on-line to be honest.

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  • About Meloetta
    Zeria, the Magical Girl Pokemon. This Pokemon often makes references to obscure media, hoping to appeal to kindred spirits. It is said that those who recognise and correctly identify something a Zeria references in conversation will be eternally blessed - or perhaps cursed, depending on your perspective - with a lifelong and loyal companion. Despite being classified as a Magical Girl, this Pokemon is Genderless, and is indifferent to being described as either male or female.

    This often frustratingly elusive creature is commonly found roaming areas where there is a high concentration of anime, video games, or new members...when it can be found at all. Due to real-life circumstances and an ongoing chronic addiction to Final Fantasy XIV (where it spends its time as a Paladin, screaming at useless DPS classes as they charge in recklessly ahead of it, and making up songs for dungeons and bosses) it is sometimes difficult to capture a wild Zeria on either the PokeCommunity Forums or Skype, which it spends *almost* every waking hour of the day on. Locating a Zeria is not difficult, but commanding it's attention can be quite the task, for Zeria have been known to become so focused on what they are doing that they literally ignore everything - and everyone - around them.

    Despite its flighty, absent-minded, often blunt, and (apparently) intimidating nature, a Zeria is a friendly, affable creature that welcomes any and all attempts at conversation. Whilst often slow to respond, a Zeria will reply with great enthusiasm - and length - to all communications if given sufficient time. Despite its sociable nature, it is almost unheard of for this creature to start a conversation itself, however.
    The best bait to capture a Zeria is a JRPG. A Zeria will spend most of its free time playing JRPGs. It is especially partial to more obscure titles, such as The Guided Fate Paradox, Resonance of Fate, and Baten Kaitos. However, it is also fond of series such as Hyperdimension Neptunia, Disgaea, and Atelier. A Zeria prefers handheld video game consoles, particularly the Playstation Vita, although it can be equally captivated by the 3DS. In the console department, it is most drawn to Sony consoles. Zeria do not like Xbox systems, and would not be caught dead playing one.

    Attempting to capture a Zeria with anime is a slightly more difficult task. It enjoys most magical girl anime, but has a noticeable dislike for Madoka Magica, which is the only magical girl anime most people will want to talk about, to its everlasting sorrow. Similarly, popular titles such as Mahouka, Attack on Titan, and Code Geass are a sure way of driving it off. A Zeria will keep a comprehensive anime list to display what it enjoyed and what it did not, and it is recommended that those seeking to capture one this way consult such a list before attempting to capture it, as its tastes are eclectic.

    Zeria enjoy orchestral music, and will be immediately drawn to any piece which contains a dramatic choir. It has a distinct dislike for most pop music and all rap, although some Zeria have been known to appear when music from the early 80s or 90s is played...and MIKA. This Pokemon also has a notable passion for Gilbert and Sullivan, as well as select opera and musicals.

    As they were first discovered in 1989, Zeria also enjoy cartoons from around that era. Zeria do not enjoy modern cartoons such as Steven Universe, the new My Little Pony, or Adventure Time; they are unable to see the appeal in such things. Zeria also enjoy many Power Rangers shows, as well as science fiction television series such as Stargate SG-1, Babylon Five and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Any positive mention of Deep Space Nine will earn you the instant dislike of any Zeria in the immediate vicinity, however.

    Zeria have been observed to have many interests, and those who are seeking to capture one are advised to strike up a conversation and see where it goes. A Zeria will often reveal its interests of its own volition, and even those who find that they have nothing in common with this strange creature will find something to discuss with it.
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    “Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.”
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