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Mega Houndoom, baby!

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  1. BettyNewbie
    2 Days Ago 06:01 AM
    Just replied.
  2. BettyNewbie
    3 Days Ago 06:55 PM
    Don't leave me hanging, Cerberus.
  3. BettyNewbie
    5 Days Ago 01:17 PM
    Oh, muk, internet outage? I hate those so much!
  4. Dedenne1
    6 Days Ago 03:12 PM
    I used a doubles monoteam with all fire with him as the mega and he was awesome!
  5. BettyNewbie
  6. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 08:09 PM
    Based on average overall BST (weakest to strongest):

    Bug (371.65)
    Fairy (384.82)
    Poison (386.89)
    Normal (393.52)
    Grass (409.95)
    Water (416.68)
    Ground (417.02)
    Ghost (426.75)
    Dark (430.67)
    Electric (432.50)
    Rock (432.94)
    Flying (435.33)
    Fighting (441.59)
    Fire (448.48)
    Psychic and Ice (449.60)
    Steel (471.45)
    Dragon (517.83)

    Well, Dragon and Steel being the top two is pretty accurate. But, Psychic and Ice at #3? Only if it's RBY!
  7. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 07:52 PM
    I meant more like HM03 in RBY and HM07 in GSC.
    Those annoying sidequests? Kill it with fire!

    If this was made they'd need to add the full Pokédex, I think. I wonder if you could "unlock" types as you played, because it's undeniable that some types are stronger than others.
    Well, with any of the types, you'd start out with the weakest members and move your way on up. Legendaries, of course, would automatically be barred from use.

    As for the ranking of the types, from weakest to strongest (as of Gen 6):

    1. Bug
    2. Grass
    3. Ice
    4. Normal
    5. Rock
    6. Poison
    7. Psychic
    8. Electric
    9. Fire
    10. Dark
    11. Flying
    12. Fighting
    13. Ghost
    14. Ground
    15. Fairy
    16. Water
    17. Dragon
    18. Steel

    Not that this list is totally unscientific and just of my own accord.
  8. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 04:02 PM
    I disagree because HMs add to the element of "exploration" i.e. you have to go out and find them. In GSC for example the Waterfall HM was hidden in the Ice Cave and, if you weren't much of an explorer you'd miss it and not be able to reach the Victory Road.
    Yes, because nothing says "exploration" like a lab aide giving you Flash for catching 10 Pokémon or getting Strength by talking to a sailor in a restaurant.

    The motivation to go to the next town and get the next badge should be enough to want you to explore. Plus, things like Legendaries and plot exist.

    It would be viable only with a full Pokédex IMO.

    But the biggest "allure" of Pokémon is that it allows you a great degree of freedom. Granted, we never really had as much freedom as in 1st gen since in RBY the available Pokémon were all that existed at the time, but in most games there's a "reasonable" amount of freedom.

    I like balanced dexes but it isn't a disaster if you can't make a team of six Fire Pokémon for example since you aren't "supposed" to. People mock DP for only having Ponyta, but looking at its stats, Ponyta is a damn useful Pokémon. It was not designed to be available early, and in DP you can get it as low as L6 I think, and it just mauls everything else at that stage. Still, another option wouldn't hurt. 4th gen was terrible for Fire lovers.
    You don't get it, though. A game where you play as a Gym Leader or E4 Member would have a completely different playstyle than the standard Main Series formula. It would be more story-based and not revolve around the get 8 badges/beat Evil Team/become Champion formula.

    You see, this reaction is why GF is so conservative about breaking the formula. Not pointing fingers at you or anything, but far too many people look at the games solely through a competitive battling lens and riot if a game doesn't let them build their "perfect team" for beating other people with or have the "metagame" as an end goal. This is why a certain section of the fandom automatically dismisses any and all spinoffs, regardless of whether or not the games actually deserve it.
  9. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 06:47 PM
    My idea was to turn them into purely field moves. Of course, Surf and Waterfall would need replacements in the battle front, but turning them into exclusively field moves would allow us to use our competitive Pokémon as workers, like in the anime, and also eliminate HM Slaves.
    I think the water HMs should all be things that any fully-evolved Water type should automatically be able to do. Same goes for Fly and fully-evolved Flying types (save for a few special cases like Butterfree and Dodrio). In fact, that would actually be more realistic, anyways. Squirtles and Pidgeys should not be able to transport people around.

    As long as they don't limit us to a certain type...
    But, that would be the point!

    (Plus, don't you want to be the games' first Dark Gym Leader? )
  10. Dedenne1
    1 Week Ago 06:59 AM
    Oh do you like his mega? Its an amazing pokemon and i love his new ability and look he gets
  11. Rukario
    1 Week Ago 12:07 AM
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
  12. Dedenne1
    1 Week Ago 08:05 PM
    And im guessing houndoom is your fav fire type?
    I love houndoom hes definately my favorite dark type :D
  13. Dedenne1
    1 Week Ago 07:56 PM
    Haha im guessing you love fire types then? :3
  14. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 07:53 PM
    We just keep getting into these little spats, don't we?

    I'd like it if you had a choice between being a trainer or a coordinator. Contests are boring because they're side quests. Besides, different Pokémon could shine in contests.
    Interesting idea. I do agree that many fans look down upon contests simply because the games, themselves, de-prioritize them. It was mostly the anime that gave them more importance by treating May and Dawn's goals as equivalent to Ash's.

    I also would get rid of HMs, my hate of which you probably know well, and maybe make a game in which the goal wasn't to beat the league and become Pokémon master. In XY they even ran out of names to call the badges...
    HMs are the devil, no question. Surf, Waterfall (Gen 4-onwards), and to a lesser extent, Fly, aren't bad moves, but the rest are just worthless. Shouldn't a Lapras automatically know how to swim, or a Pidgeot know how to fly, anyways?

    LOL on the XY badges. I especially love how the badge for the first Fairy gym ever is... Fairy Badge. Like, was "Pixie Badge" too original and unexpected?

    I'd like to see a game where you play as a Gym Leader or E4 member, something more story-based.
  15. Dedenne1
    1 Week Ago 07:31 PM
    Haha np my supportmanship was gifted to me by a member so im happy to have it but you did use a bunch of the customizations though and the coloring looks good haha and it works with your avatar :D

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