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  1. chiilove
    10 Hours Ago 07:58 PM
    lol, thanks :p and now im not a pokemon anymore~
    how are you?
  2. Meloetta
    3 Days Ago 10:30 PM
    You've never heard of Darkwing Duck?! @_@

    The eReader was kind of a scanner, and the Pokemon cards you could get for it had weird barcodes along the bottom...I'd say they were probably the inspiration for Amiibo cards.
    Because it's free, probably.

    And this is precisely why I buy JRPGs more than anything else. I refuse to have multiplayer thrust upon me. Although if you can get trophies through split-screen co-op I'm fine with that, since I have a second controller for precisely that purpose, aha.

    An AT-AT cosplay? That's awesome! And hilarious...I pity the guy who had to be the back end, aha. Doesn't sound like very good shows are popular, though. Still, sounds better than the Hetalia or Homestuck fest I hear a lot of American cons can be.
  3. xxkaylabby
    3 Days Ago 07:41 PM
    im okay how are you
  4. Meloetta
    4 Days Ago 04:53 AM
    They do look a bit strange, but they're not too bad...I'm very disappointed in the Disney Infinity community for not voting for Darkwing Duck as the next figure, as well ._.

    I expect we'll see Amiibo cards before we see figures...but I really hope we don't. I'm not sure if Amiibo cards come in sealed packs or if you can see what you're getting, but if it's the latter that is the WORST possible idea. I remember the e-card reader in the GBA days we never got D:
    I refuse to play the trashy free-to-wait Pokemon titles. I'm happy to pay for Pokemon Link on the 3DS, and I'll buy any other Rumble game they make, but I want a proper game, not a trashy microtransaction title. It's just not Nintendo, and if I don't accept that kind of crap from anyone else, I'm not accepting it from them either!

    I don't mind online multiplayer, but I like it as an optional extra, not a mandatory thing. No trophies, no requirements to do it, just something that's there if you want it. EA don't know how to do that, so...no Battlefront for me probably. I'll wait until I see the trophy list, but I doubt I'll get it somehow.
    LucasArts was indeed awesome! Amongst other things they made the Episode I game, which was about fifty million times better than the film!

    Well, we're always getting shafted by...everyone, pretty much.
  5. chiilove
    4 Days Ago 08:16 PM
    lol, no problem :3 i add people i find interesting.
  6. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 03:38 AM
    I'll take your word for it...it's not my sort of game, aha. Plus it's ridiculously expensive. The Marvel fan in me would like some of the figurines, but not enough to actually buy them...unless I win the lottery. xD

    I wouldn't pay more than £10-12 for them, personally. Shulk is an exception, because I'm a huge Xenoblade fan and it works with the 3DS game as well. But for characters of series I'm indifferent to, which is pretty much all of them except for Pokemon, Zelda and Metroid...nope. Not happening. xD

    I probably won't be buying the new Battlefront for that reason...plus it'll almost certainly have online multiplayer trophies, which I detest. But EA are definitely one of the worst when it comes to compartmentalising their games. It makes me very worried for the next Mass Effect to be honest.

    Well, when it's that or nothing, most people will opt for it...it's the same as digital-only games for the EU when the US get physical copies. Although I import where I can. Honestly, companies and developers really do take us for a ride these days >.>
  7. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 12:52 PM
    I have yet to see a Disney crossover I actually like, so I wouldn't say that is a good thing. xD
    To push up demand, maybe? GAME are selling them for £15 apiece now, and I believe the original price was a lot lower...not that that stopped me buying a Shulk (the only one I really wanted!) the other day, aha. I suppose physical DLC is better than digital DLC, but I'd rather have it in the game in the first place, rather than as an extension.
    Well, if they can get away with it, why incur the extra cost? Gotta keep the overhead down and all that, and whilst plenty of people will complain, many more will keep buying the products. xD
  8. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 10:07 PM
    If we've discussed SAO before, then probably...my memory doesn't go back far enough. Too many long VM convos and extended periods of absence, plus crossovers in topics. xD

    They did, but they started them up again...I know they've done Leia and Vader, and have plans for Lando, but that's it; I'm too interested in Secret Wars right now to pay much attention, aha. Honestly, I think Disney owning a lot of things they own is more a matter of business than control...Marvel are doing far too well for them to interfere in company structure. Probably.
    That would be a very, VERY bad business decision. Especially considering Nintendo can't get their act together when it comes to actually supplying the things. There is no excuse at this stage for Amiibo supply not being able to meet demand, so if they were to integrate them fully into new games...the reception would not be positive. They are essentially glorified DLC, and Nintendo have never been huge on that. If they start changing their policies, it'll go against everything they stand for in regards to accessibility and fun.
    You get what you pay for, I guess. Stuff like Skylanders and the Infinity figurines are aimed more at kids though, so having them of a higher quality would be a waste.
  9. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 07:58 AM
    I...actually don't like SAO that much. In fact, I only like the first ten episodes or so; up to the point that Asuna stops being a decent co-protagonist and turns into another dependent, mindless housewife. I've not watched the second series yet because it hasn't been fully dubbed, so I know nothing of GGO. I liked the concept of Aincrad, and Hollow Fragment is basically a continuation of that, which is why I bought the game. Whether or not I'll like Alfheim depends on how good Lost Song is when that comes out. They're generic fantasy worlds, so it's difficult for me to say how much I like them really~

    If I want stealth I'll play Metal Gear Solid, aha. I've never had a huge amount of patience for insta-death games.
    There are comics as well, which I've not read but plan to...Marvel have been doing really well recently with ongoing series. But then, I'd attribute that to one particular writer, and I'm not sure if he's handling the Star Wars comics.
    I kinda wish I'd started collecting Amiibo when they started off, but in retrospect I'm glad I didn't, as I doubt I'd have a full set and it'd be driving me mad. Stuff like that is of good quality and has a dual purpose, but the asking price is still pretty steep.
  10. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 11:00 PM
    It's getting re-released on PS4 with updated visuals and, more importantly, a proper localisation. I wouldn't bother with it if not for that second point. The Vita version of the game is inexcusably bad.

    Argh, I hated the one-hit-kill mechanic they used for Rainbow Six! It's more realistic, but it gives so little room for error that it's often frustrating.
    They did, but...well, there was YEARS of content in that. It's going to take them years to replace it, and whether or not the material will be as good remains to be seen. I don't have much hope that it will be given Disney's recent track record with movies.
    Merch is fun, but costly. I can't afford figurines; I'd rather have games or books or something I can do more with than just stare at or put on my shelf. Stuff just isn't affordable these days...
  11. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 12:06 PM
    You can transfer data to an external HD, yeah...I have a 2TB one now, so I guess an upgrade isn't necessary, aha. It's just me wanting the latest stuff. I sold my 360 for a Vita and I never looked back; it became a glorified DVD player for me by the end of it's lifespan...after all, it had no worthwhile exclusives after a while.

    Me neither, actually! Well, I'll get Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment on PS4 in a couple of weeks, but then I won't get anything until the 28th of August, when Dishonored and Lost Dimensions come out. A nice month to catch up on a few things~

    If memory serves, then yes. It was such a long time ago, aha.
    I never played seriously in Battlefront; I just ran around slaughtering everything as Darth Maul usually. Did you ever play Republic Commando? That game was AMAZING. If a little too short.
    I'm wary of it...I was really into the Expanded Universe a while back, and if they can make movies better than the Thrawn trilogy - which was the unofficial Episodes VII to IX - I will be very, VERY surprised. Will wait and see, I guess.
    So do I, which is why I would probably go without. xD
    The levels of some people's obsession with certain things creeps me out, I'll admit. I suppose I can be just as bad - I did go out of my way to get a Cure Beat plushie - but I don't have body pillows, or shrines, or obscene amounts of merchandise, etc. I'm a filthy casual. xD
  12. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 09:58 PM
    Given that the 1TB PS4 just got released, I really wish I'd waited before getting mine now...500GB isn't really enough for a console HDD in this day and age. Still, there's plenty on the horizon for the PS4. Shame the Xbone can't say the same, haha.

    Me neither; there's too much else coming out for me to give much consideration to my backlog. xD

    I had that on the GBA! I didn't get a PS1 for years, so I had to make do. But it was a pretty good game. We haven't had a decent Star Wars title in years, not since Battlefront 2...I didn't really care for The Force Unleashed, much as I like Sam Witwer as an actor. Of course, about 90% of them are now no longer canon if you believe Disney...I won't accept that unless Episode VII is amazing.

    I'd go without food for the day or pack something before I left if I was going...high street food prices are outrageous, unless you don't mind what you eat. xD
    I guess it depends on how hardcore of a fan you are? I don't even know the names of any of the ponies so for me it'd be amazingly awkward, aha.
  13. Meloetta
    2 Weeks Ago 01:27 AM
    True...it always takes new consoles a long time to pick up, and the PS4 isn't very old yet. It took the Vita over a year to get a game on it that was worth playing. xD;

    We'll get to them when we get to them, right?

    I used to get bored and randomly spawn Death Stars over my opponent's bases from time to time...just thinking about it makes me want to install it on my laptop and play it, aha. I had the game version of Episode I back in the day as well; it took me over a year to complete it! xD

    Closest for me would be London, so it'd cost me about £50 to get there and get in...and then there is the cost of souvenirs. I didn't know there were Brony cons! That's...mildly amusing and disturbing in equal measure, aha. Let me know how it goes~
  14. Meloetta
    2 Weeks Ago 12:47 PM
    Agh, how can you enjoy being hot and sticky?! Nothing good comes from heat x_x

    Nicely, anyway. I would use more choice words. xD

    PS4 doesn't really have enough to recommend it at the moment...although the PS3 is second only to the Vita when it comes to JRPGs. The 3DS is fading into obscurity. xD
    I typically start everything as I get it and then focus on one thing...whether or not I go back to the other things depends on my mood. I have games from last February I need to finish still.
    RTS titles were a favourite of mine growing up; I played a lot of Age of Empires, Galactic Battlegrounds, Tiberian Sun, etc. Not really suited for consoles but great on PC.

    Exciting stuff! I have to admit I'm more than a little envious; I've always wanted to go to one but distance and money and not knowing the area has stopped me in my tracks each time. xD
  15. Meloetta
    2 Weeks Ago 03:26 AM
    New video games, clocks going back to their proper time, Christmas! Plus the colder weather is lovely~

    Quiet days are the best days often, I think. Other people are noisy, and a general nuisance. xD

    My advice would be this: don't. It'll consume you. Case in point: it's taken me over a week to reply to my VMs because I've spent every free moment running around dungeons, doing raids with my new Free Company, and grinding out stuff for trophies. I'm aiming for a December plat so I can move on with my life, but either way I'm going to need to stop by year's end because if I don't I'll rack up an even more terrifying backlog because it's all I'm doing. xD
    Total War? I've never actually played an instalment in that...well, unless you count Spartan: Total Warrior, which was one of my favourite Gamecube games <3

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