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  1. apocalypseArisen
    2 Hours Ago 07:23 PM
    Thank you! :D
  2. Nakasu
    14 Hours Ago 07:10 AM
    Thanks! I'll make sure to drop by more
  3. Hikamaru
    2 Days Ago 08:13 PM
    Yeah, it was good to see Fettuccine do very well in his first big battle because given the hopes of even defeating Flannery rest on him he has proven his worthiness. Especially given his partner would get totally obliterated in the Gym. I am kinda worried about Flannery's Torkoal since she has Attract and if Fettuccine gets hit badly by infatuation hax everything could go downhill and the challenge would be called a failure.

    Also, I do love the nickname Marriland gave to his new Machop (Cobbler) but that Calm nature though... terrible.
  4. Hikamaru
    3 Days Ago 09:26 AM
    I had a feeling Kyogre would kill something of yours, but still 4 deaths is pretty minimal for a challenge as hard as this. You do have a solid line-up so if you make it to the Elite Four with them I'm sure you'll breeze through.
  5. Hikamaru
    3 Days Ago 05:59 AM
    Yeah I read Bulba's post in the Challengers Clan. It was sad to see him fall to hax, but I do hope that his next challenge can go much better because hax is always never fun. I do hope HW will do better despite his tougher restrictions, especially given he still only has 2 deaths so far.

    Also, I feel sorry for the loss of your Bibarel in the Platinum Wedlocke. I do sorta recall the NPC Abras in that game had set Hidden Power Fighting, but yeah at least it gives you a better partner for your Prinplup now. I think of the female choices you have, the Zubat will probably benefit him right now given she'll be able to counter Grass-types.
  6. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 04:48 PM
    He did say "I could try for Tentacool..." in one episode, but there's a high chance he'll be stuck with the Magikarp, plus Tentacool would add another Ground weakness to the team (in fact one for each pair) but given that this is a female Nuzleaf he has to get a partner for, he just has to hope his fishing encounter is male, and Nuzleaf would resist Ground moves anyway. It's just that the Water-type he gets (more easily if it's a Tentacool or Goldeen, since Gyarados doesn't learn many Water moves) will have to solo the Gym because Bruschetta has loads of weaknesses.
  7. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 03:57 PM
    OH MY GOD....
    Bread and Peanutbutter died against Poke Maniac Steve's Aron after they got forced in by Roar. Said Aron was also hitting extremely hard with Rock Tomb and Peanutbutter lost a speed tie (after his Speed got lowered by Rock Tomb) despite his +Speed nature and 31 Speed IVs. At least he got a female Nuzleaf named "Bruschetta" as his Route 114 encounter.

    But now the main problem is that he will definitely wipe out against Flannery. Bread would have been the best answer for her and I guess her and Peanutbutter's death is basically the deaths of Carrot + Peach 2.0, dying against a tough Pokemon after being forced in by Roar/Whirlwind.

    Although I do wonder if he'll start up another OR/AS Wedlocke if he fails against Flannery... but man 6th Gen games have not been nice to him in terms of these challenges.
  8. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 04:31 AM
    About what happened on Route 113 in the Omega Ruby Wedlocke:
    As I expected, Marriland got a Spinda as Bread's partner. Said Spinda was male (since his encounter there pretty much had to be male anyway) and was named "Peanutbutter" which sorta complements Bread's name well. Spinda may not be the strongest things out there, but I'm sure he can make him work.

    Aside from that, not much else happened other than close calls against two trainers. First one was Youngster Neal who had a Trapinch that locked Ketchup in thanks to Arena Trap, but thankfully she OHKO'd it with Icicle Crash. Neal's second Pokemon, an Electrike, wasn't as much of a threat although Marriland did derp when he commanded to Ketchup to use Electro Ball when said Electrike had Lightning Rod.

    The real scary moment had to be when he had Onion and Souffle as his active pair when running into Parasol Lady Madeline, who had a fairly high-leveled Numel. I first thought those two would die given Numel had a type advantage against both. He did start with Souffle doing Power-Up Punch while the Numel used Amnesia, but then activated Sunny Day just after Souffle scored a critical hit with Struggle Bug. Numel immediately used Lava Plume the very next turn, and I was seriously thinking that a STAB + Sunny Day Lava Plume was going to kill Souffle, but it only ended up coming short of doing half of Souffle's HP. I guess that Numel might have had Simple, which caused Struggle Bug to actually weaken its Sp. Attack by 2 stages instead of 1. But yeah, I think had Souffle not used Struggle Bug earlier, she could have definitely died.

    The episode ended with Ketchup being changed into the Libre costume in Fallarbor Town's contest hall. Next I think he'll be going to Route 114 where he'll finally be getting an encounter that will actually be sent to PC upon capture, and there's some good options (notably Zangoose, Swablu and Nuzleaf) there which could serve a great backup if he loses another Pokemon.

    The one thing I'm concerned about is that nothing on the team can learn Surf, so he could end up having to catch a random Water Pokemon somewhere (probably a Tentacool or Goldeen, since Magikarp can't Surf until it becomes Gyarados) for the purpose of being a Surf slave, should he get up to that point where he needs it to cross the water on Route 118 without losing anyone first.
  9. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 09:46 PM
    I am still concerned about how Marriland will handle Flannery though:
    The reason I'm concerned is because looking at the team he has no solid counter, plus Ground-types threaten pretty much everything on the team.

    Tamale + Ketchup: While Tamale isn't weak to Ground, the problem is Ketchup won't be able to take a Ground move, and Tamale is also defensively frail as well, especially when there's powerful Slugma and Numel all over that Gym, and also Flannery's threatening Torkoal will definitely make short work of them. He could hope for Tamale to get burned by a Slugma's Flame Body and get Guts in effect, like how he did so against a wild Roselia prior to battling Wattson.

    Onion + Souffle: No way is he using these two in the Gym, because Flannery is pretty much a death sentence with her Fire and Ground coverage.

    Bread + *insert male partner*: Bread could be the unlikely hero in this Gym (since her Ground-type is strong against Fire) but then again, she's slow but most of the stuff in the Gym are Slugma as well as opposing Numel so there could be a possibility she may outspeed those. The main concern though is still Flannery's Torkoal who can hit very hard if a Sunny Day is up, even though Bread resists Fire. For strategies he could use with her, there's Curse (I can't remember what level Numel learns it at but it's still there) which will give her a free +2 Attack/Defense boost right off the bat thanks to her ability, Simple.

    But then again Bread's usefulness could also come down to what she gets for her male partner, if he does backtrack to Petalburg and get a Goldeen (Magikarp is OK, but Gyarados doesn't learn many Water moves through level-up while Goldeen gets easy access to Water moves). Getting a Tentacool in Dewford may be a possibility but he doesn't want an entire pair weak to Ground, especially given his other pairs each have an Electric-type and having another Ground weakness would spell disaster.
  10. Hikamaru
    1 Week Ago 01:43 AM
    On the latest Omega Ruby Wedlocke episode:
    Marriland finally said BIG SERVICE when he interviewed Gabby & Ty lol

    But alongside his encounter with Aarune and building a secret base in the tree on Route 111 he had a close call against a Picnicker's Sandshrew after it lived Ketchup's Icicle Crash and did around over half of her HP with a Magnitude 6. Thankfully he prevented a death by switching into Tamale who killed said Sandshrew, and he evolved into a Swellow afterwards, so yeah he's faster, stronger, more badass and now more determined to avenge his fallen friends.

    Next, he did a smart job avoiding the two Hikers at the Fiery Path entrance because he knew they had Geodudes which are the mortal enemy for both Tamale + Ketchup and Onion + Souffle since both pairs have a combined Rock/Ground weakness. Next, he ended up getting his Fiery Path encounter, a male Numel, which he ran away from (I don't know if he ran or knocked it out though) because of his concern about Magnitude posing a threat.

    So, he came out onto Route 112 and after a tough battle against a Street Thug's Mightyena (who made Onion's Electro Ball useless thanks to spamming Snarl) who was somehow outspeeding his team despite the paralysis thanks to Quick Feet. Souffle came to the rescue with her Power-Up Punch once again. After that, he got his Route 112 encounter which was another Numel, but a female this time. He was successful with capturing her and named her "Bread" (she has the Simple ability, which turns into Solid Rock when she evolves, which could prove handy). Sadly she's currently unpaired, but there's the grim possibility that she could end up getting paired with a male Sandshrew, which could leave the possible pair with a shared Water weakness. He might hold off his Route 111 encounter until he goes into the desert, but he has to presumably go through Route 113 next, where he can get three possible encounters - which I'm hoping is either a male Spinda or Skarmory instead of a Sandshrew.

    Sandshrew may be cool, but it's not the best matchup with a Numel. Plus, I'd like to see him to bring out the real potential with Spinda, a Pokemon which is known for having a low yet equal base stat total. Skarmory would be good in terms of synergy, since Numel resists both of Skarmory's weaknesses.

    But anyways, I hope Bread can at least make it to the point where she'll evolve since the last time Marriland used a Numel in a Nuzlocke/Wedlocke (Potatoer in the Emerald Nuzlocke) it didn't last very long on the team. Plus, Camerupt are pretty strong so I can imagine she'll hit really hard later on. But just imagine if she gets given the "cursed" Quick Claw and it somehow gets triggered a lot, like what often happened to Vesuvian, the Camerupt he used in his White 2 Adventure series.

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Posted December 31st, 2014 at 07:57 PM by Pendraflare Comments 0
Posted inUncategorized
Hey guys! I haven't really used this blog in a while, so I figured i'd use it to talk a little bit about how I feel 2014 was as a year for me.

As the year began, I jumped into PC's Trade Corner, and got to know quite a few people there. And that was what compelled me to try to complete my Pokédex in X, when I initially wasn't really up for it at first. When I got the Oval Charm for the Kalos Dex, I managed to get everything without Bank, with some faint strokes of luck by getting...

Posted August 14th, 2014 at 06:22 AM by Pendraflare Comments 1
Posted inUncategorized
On the contrary, it really does feel like a long time since I joined, but I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first set foot on PokéCommunity’s forums. I remember having a really silly name then, novachief37 I think? That name resembled what I had on Marriland at the time. Time for a look back on what i’ve gone through over the year!

I stumbled across the site during my vacation in Colorado that summer. I may have found it while Google searching random things once, but...

Posted July 12th, 2014 at 04:27 PM by Pendraflare Comments 1
Posted inSerious stuff
So this was my first year on PC, and thus my first time being a part of their apparently annual Get Together. As a whole, I really enjoyed the events offered, even if I didn't participate in all of them. Here are some of the ones I did, and what I thought of them:

The Pokémon Challenge: The premise behind this was neat, combining so many different things for a theme team - weather, "11", Hoenn, Unity and counterparts. I liked the team I got to go into the Elite Four with,...

Posted June 23rd, 2014 at 04:45 AM by Pendraflare Comments 2
Posted inSerious stuff
Warning: this is gonna be a pretty long read, so prepare yourself for my opinions that may be different from yours.

So there have been some things that i've posted and watched recently, most notably my thread in Pokémon Gaming Central about why I tend to prefer the newer Pokémon games more than the older ones, and TamashiiHiroka's video that she just posted recently on her order of the generations. If you watched the latter, then you saw that her #1 generation was, to i'm sure the...

Posted April 24th, 2014 at 10:05 AM by Pendraflare Comments 3
Posted inUncategorized
So i'm 23 now, and while i'm not as well known a member as many people here, I still think it's great. And I share a birthday with our fellow admin Audy, or Owl. :D And having mine right next to Lilith's and Vader's (although I haven't really gotten to know the latter too well yet), and Sheep's not long after, does make for a nice time to have it. BIRTHDAY EXPLOSION! However I did have to spend a bit of the day finishing a project for my night class I have to present tonight, because I kinda put...
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