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Hibike! harmony.

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    Quick Self-Introduction
    Palamon. 19. They/them, trans masculine. I'm a sinerd who likes animanga. Kagepro is my favorite thing, you should talk about it with me.
    "Be a hero, or dance in my ashes. Your choice."

    My name is Kory. I'm also known by the name Pala. My username is Musique, but I change it whenever opportunity comes, so you probably won't remember who I am. I don't really come around here all that often. Whether you want it or not, here's the deal about me, a quick rundown, aha.

    I'm 19, and I really like Kagerou Project and Vocaloid. They're my entire life. I don't know what I'd do without either of them. I watch a lot of anime and manga, since I have a hell of a lot of free time on my hands. I'll be damned if any of that runs out eventually. I'm also really into mahou shoujo, but these days, I just like the simple life of card games.

    I'm an avid writer, but I'm on a really long writer's block vacation. Haven't written anything at all since I graduated high school. I tend to be the dark side of writing. I wrote a horror novel back at the end of 2013, towards the middle of 2014. I'm still working on editing it, but I'm taking my time. Feel free to ask me for the link to it, I'll give it out if you want it or anything like that.

    I have atypical autism, so I have my quirks. I also have a mood disorder which throws me around for a bit, and a few other mental things you might need to know before interacting with me. If I don't understand something, I don't. My intake on things is a bit slow, and I do apologize for this. I also tend to take things very seriously, and have trouble telling what's a joke, and what isn't... please be patient with me. My personality also tends to shift from time to time, it's best you ignore that.

    My VMs are limited because I don't like random VMs and some past events from 2008 that bug me when I had them public to everyone. While I'm fine with accepting friend requests, don't just add me to stalk my visitor messages. =/ That's gross. Don't do that. If you're gonna add me, talk to me, or I'll kick you out.

    Other things I tend to do is draw a bit, and dabble a little in voice acting, but I'm rather mediocre at that, so I barely make any. If my mood is good, though, I sometimes do, and release what I post. If only I had a mic in my computer, that'd be grand.

    I go by they/them pronouns. I also accept masculine titles. I identify as trans maculine. I feel I am a boy... but, not quite. I'd explain it in detail if I weren't too lazy, I guess, but that's just too bad. Life isn't fair for some people.

    I have Skype, but don't add me if we've never talked, seriously. That's a bit obnoxious, and I don't have time to figure out who's who. I'm a very not busy person.

    And fair warning, I'm very, very gay. I'm the gayest person on this planet. In fact, my phone almost auto corrected "same" to "same sex" once. That was a fun time. Good times, good times.

    That's it, really... I always go on and on and on about myself.

    A la other accounts:

    Nota Musical.
    Izuk Midoriya.

    Current obsession: card games.
    Pokemon, Glitches, Magical Girl, anime, manga, RPGs & JRPgs, Os-Tans, Black Rock Shooter, Higurashi, Selector Wixoss, Kagerou Project, Mikagura School Suite, Choujigen Game Neptune, RWBY, Homestuck, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Touhou Project, Vocaloids, Show by Rock, Love Live, card games, K Project, Durarara!!, etc, etc.

    I USED to be interested in MLP:FIM, but not so much anymore, sorry.

    Also, Law of Ueki is the best anime ever.

    Tokyo Ghoul is also the best anime ever.
    Male ♂
    High School graduate.
    Forum Pair
    Tenn Kujo/Satoshi.
    Also Known As
    Favorite Pokémon
    Treecko, Snesel, Dewott, Litwick, Malamar, Mime Jr., Charmeleon, Klefkfi, Wartortle, Breloom & Vulpix.
    Battle Server Name
    X&Y/OR&AS In-Game Name
    X: Creatillix. Y: Umbrellix
    Go Team
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Posted 5 Days Ago at 10:59 PM by Musique Comments 2
It's nearly three in the morning, and I'm wide awake...feeling extremely empty. ...Guess I don't wanna be too much of a bother, but I need to vent a little, I guess.

Lately, I've kind of realized how little I interact with people. I guess just can't do it. I'm not cut out for personal and deep relationships. I'd rather never talk to anyone at all, really, why waste my time? I don't really have anything fun to talk about, anyway. Sometimes I feel like it's better for me to be seen,...

Posted 1 Week Ago at 9:33 PM by Musique Comments 0
Can I add you on x, a very bad rant by me.

"Can I add you on,
Skype? No. I dislike Skype and never reply unless you spam me enough to get my attention. I rarely log in. Only if you absolutely need to contact me on Skype for emergency reasons or something? I don't know.

Discord? Go for it, I guess. Doesn't mean I'll reply: Palamon #6718. Been trying to come on Discord more as of recent.

Facebook? Absolutely not, lol.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 11:00 PM by Musique Comments 2
Love and dating, marrying and starting a family.

None of them make sense to me. I don't know...I just don't understand. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I don't think love and romance particularly interest me. I find sex repulsing, and the idea of someone kissing me too close for comfort. Maybe I just don't want to dedicate my life to another person. I'm too much a loner and not caring enough about other people to wanna pursue a relationship with a girl.


Posted August 18th, 2016 at 10:47 AM by Musique Comments 4

Posted August 16th, 2016 at 11:31 PM by Musique Comments 1
When people at work gawk at me, I seriously wanna punch people. Please stop staring at me? I mean, I turn away, but I've always been disgusted when anyone looks at me for more than six seconds, it just makes me uncomfortable.

I mean, I've told this person at least 15 times to stop gawkng at me, but he doesn't understand so I just turn away.


Don't stare at me. It's rude, and I'm easily annoyed. Autism or not (since his social cue skills are
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