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  1. BettyNewbie
    2 Minutes Ago 10:39 AM
    Also it'll be horribly cruel for Kanto fans if GF made another game in the same year as Hoenn's events that isn't a Kanto remake as Kanto should be the next game from that takes place in that 'general year' (by that I mean the timeline based on the years the games take place between each other ignoring the alternate events) that should be made.
    I do see what you mean there. I'd really hate to see XY prequels take the place of a Gen 1 remake, as Kalos is not Kanto, and Gen 6 is not Gen 1.

    Maybe, they should, then, just make ORAS sequels, possibly even allowing you to travel to Kalos in the postgame. That would give Hoenn and Kalos a more direct link, putting them in the same timeframe. (Sadly, though, GF seems to be against the idea of 2 region/16 badge games, despite Gen 2's sustained popularity.)

    Plus Gen VII could add some things, how awful would it be if Kanto got all the nice new stuff only to become miss features introduced the next year with a new gen).
    That's true. HGSS came out at the very end of Gen 4, and as a result, they ended up being completely overshadowed by the upcoming BW (which were announced before HGSS were even released outside of Japan). While HGSS still had a few things BW didn't (like following Pokémon), they still missed out on things like Seasons, Hidden Abilities, and even fully animated sprites.

    I think GF will instead release Red,Blue, Yellow, and maybe even Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Firered and Leafgreen.

    You know, Kanto's oldness really hit me when I realized the other it's the only region whose remakes and originals can both appear in the virtual console (unlike the two after it whose originals can be added in the future)...
    If a Virtual Console release was a viable substitute for a remake, they would've just put RSE on the e-Shop instead of making ORAS. The GB/C and GBA games are ancient relics with horribly outdated graphics and mechanics, making them a hard sell for anyone who didn't grow up with them. Plus, they can't directly link or trade with any of the newer games (especially in the case of RBY/GSC), and Pokémon games have always been about connectivity.

    Though if it they do come out for virtual console I may just buy Yellow...seeing how my criticism of Gen I is based on FrLg (unlike Gen II and beyond).
    Virtual Console or not, I'd still give Yellow a try. Despite being older, it's a superior game to FRLG in many ways.
  2. Makoto Tachibana
    9 Hours Ago 01:16 AM
    Makoto Tachibana
    You can do it buddy! xD

    Aww... Why? Got a similar experienced lately?
    Idk Luke, I mean... I'm still hurting inside, appetite still low, crying from Saturday to Monday. How I should I word it? Like you know, he was part of my life, daily life? I didn't know and expect that friendship falling apart just like that can be as hurtful as breaking up from love relationships.
  3. Makoto Tachibana
    11 Hours Ago 11:02 PM
    Makoto Tachibana
    Thank you so much for understanding.

    He is perfectly fine now. Still have to take meds until the doc stops him.
    And... We're not friends anymore. xD I don't trust him and he doesn't me anymore, things have fallen apart now. I don't care anymore too. But I still wish him all the best.
  4. BettyNewbie
    13 Hours Ago 08:55 PM
    Boredom, LOL. Plus, I am (a little) interested in what they'll do with the rest of Generation 6.

    As you probably already know, hacking into the ORAS Demo revealed that there are exactly two more games left for Gen 6:

    ~Project Pokemon~

    Demo's game-origin value is 26, right after X/Y's 24/25. Alpha Sapphire is 26, which is the demo's base; Omega Ruby is 27. Only 2 more games can display a Pentagon on X/Y (28/29), subsequently numbered games will not.
    This, of course, rules out a solo "Z Version" happening, but on the other hand, Masuda also said in a Gamespot interview that they weren't going to do a "X2Y2," either:

    There's been a lot of demand from people to remake Ruby/Sapphire on social media, for example. Right now really felt like a good time to do it, and instead of doing a direct sequel to X/Y we're tying it together in some unique ways.


    For example, if after Black and White we came out with a Grey, people would have been expecting that," he said. Same thing with X/Y and having a Z straight afterwards. So we're always just trying to surprise people.
    With both Z and X2Y2 ruled out, what will these final two Gen 6 games be?

    - Gen 1 remakes. This, of course, is the most obvious answer. Gen 1 last appeared in the same Gen and on the same handheld as Gen 3, so remaking them both in Gen 6 would be understandable, especially with the franchise's 20th Anniversary coming up in 2016.

    - Gen 3 sequels. Masuda may have ruled out XY sequels, but he never said anything about ORAS sequels. Never before have remakes gotten sequels (that weren't other remakes), and with all the connections they're trying to establish between Kalos and Hoenn, it would make sense to show us Hoenn during XY's time to more directly connect the two.

    - Gen 6 prequels. Or, they could do the inverse and give us Kalos during ORAS' time. Masuda didn't exactly rule this one out, either, and it would still be something we haven't seen before.
  5. Makoto Tachibana
    3 Days Ago 07:35 AM
    Makoto Tachibana
    Our collab, I have forgotten a lot about it(it's bc a lot of things happened to me, think of it as some kinda 'sickness'). But I am fully aware of our collab's existence.

    If you don't mind, can I just simply offer advises and thoughts, as in completely not taking part on the writing? The credits are of course completely yours in return. If you don't like this arrangement, then it's fine too. I'm just asking for your permission.
  6. BettyNewbie
    4 Days Ago 01:39 PM
    They should've had two mascots for Crystal, Suicune and Articuno instead of the traditional one mascot per game and have done something with the bird trio and Lugia...
    I highly doubt they would've ever put a Gen 1 Pokémon on the cover of a Gen 2 game. They still could've done something with Lugia and the Birds in the remakes, though.

    I just realized something that's amusing, all the remakes seem to have two daycares. FrLg had the one in route 5 and the Sevii one, HgSs had the Route 5 one and Lyra/Ethans grandparents one, while OrAs had the one between Mauville and Verdanturf along with the new Battle Resort one. However ORAS is the only one with two breeding ones irc.
    Which is why the Route 5 daycare should be retconned into a breeding one. It's archaic and beyond unfair to make Gen 1 players wait until the postgame to breed.

    Well I think they should keep the eeveelution attached to the character rather than their role in the game. I would like Leaf to have the 4 Kanto starters finals (maybe except for Raichu) forms (Mega Blastoise or Venusaur as her Mega depending on which one Green/Blue has), Lapras, and Sylveon. Meanwhile Red would have the 4 Kanto starters too (Mega Charizards as his ace), Snorlax and Espeon.
    I don't like that. The PCs should be functionally interchangeable, or otherwise, it'd come off as kind of sexist (especially since you're saddling the girl with the most overly cutesy Eeveelution).

    Btw for Pokemon Yellow I'll like the mascot to be Mega Raichu.
    That's just wishful thinking, I'm afraid. GF will never let Raichu have the spotlight over Pikachu.
  7. Makoto Tachibana
    5 Days Ago 02:25 AM
    Makoto Tachibana
    Bad, bad, bad. xD
    I was busy at work, and got distracted with some friends on the FB which explains why I am mostly out here.

    I have not watched, a lot of things happened. But if you'd like me to watch and discuss about Free s2 to you, I'd be gladly to do it. Just remember to ask.~

    I retired from my admin works too.
  8. BettyNewbie
    5 Days Ago 11:09 PM
    Speaking of weather I don't recall HgSs having weather...do you recall any route with weather?
    I know FrLg missed out on weather and day/night (this one as Hoenn also lacked it), HgSs may have missed weather (Sinnoh did have it though), OrAs lacks seasons (which Kalos also lacks, but Hoenn unlike Kalos has the excuse that it's a tropical region and the tropics only have two seasons, the rainy and dry seasons).
    HGSS had snow on Mt. Silver (a place I actually wouldn't mind seeing in the games), and I think, rain at the Lake of Rage.

    It's annoying how GF keeps removing these things from certain games. How hard is it to put all three (Day/Night, Seasons, and Weather) in one game?

    I imagine if Kanto has seasons the most visible signs of winter will be at Mt. Moon. Also speaking of Mt. Moon it's one of the least appealing mountains (well I'll admit Mt. Mortar and Mt. Chimney aren't great mountains/volcanoes either. Chimney is shown as being very tall but feels underwhelming when going down hill) mostly because we don't get to climb the outside...the sequels (and thus their remakes) made it even less appealing. Perhaps they could put Creselia or maybe even Lugia (something moon related) at the summit at night and show the lake from the Johto games except bigger.
    Lugia's a no-go as it's already got its own location postgame story in the Sevii Islands. Cresselia fits much better, anyways. (Her counterpart, Darkrai, would also need a spot, though. Maybe, Rock Tunnel?)

    I'd like to see the "Mt. Moon Square" from Gen 2 be added onto Gen 1 Mt. Moon, but larger and far more expanded.

    Kanto as a region tends to be looked down for lacking the interesting or diverse biomes of the other regions (more so when compared to Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos), so perhaps they could spice up Kanto's biomes. They could make the Mt. Moon area snowy/icy and the southern part (maybe Cinnabar only) tropical. The central part could be grassland (with tall grass) like that found in Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos.
    I agree. Cinnabar should look very tropical (as well as the Sevii Islands), while Mt. Moon, as well as Pewter City, Route 23/Victory Road, the Indigo Plateau, and (hopefully) Route 28/Mt. Silver should seem colder.

    I hope they don't restrict the dex to 251, as they should add the evolutions and pre-evolutions. I'll be content even if they added only the Gen II mons you find only in Kanto in the Johto games alongside their evos and pre evos.
    By "first 251," I was including later pre/evolutions like Munchlax and Weavile. (Although, admittedly, even the GSC Pokédex would be an upgrade from FRLG's. )

    And, on that note, the Day Care on Route 5 should be made into a full breeding Day Care, as it should've been in the first remakes.

    By the way if they add in all the Johto mons too where can one find Ho-oh (I already heard your idea for Lugia)?
    Well, first, I'd have the player character see Ho-Oh flying overhead as they first step out onto Route 1 after getting their Pokédex (as an obvious reference to the end of the anime's very first episode).

    Go talk to the NPC who gave you a Potion earlier, and he'll tell you about the brilliant, rainbow-colored bird he saw flying overhead (aka. the same one you saw). It dropped one of its feathers in front of him, and he wants to give it to you (as he had no idea what to make of it). He gives you a Rainbow Wing and tells you that he thinks the bird flew to the northwest.

    After beating the Elite Four, you'll get access to Route 28 and Mt. Silver. Climb to the top, and a L70 Ho-Oh will be waiting for you.

    Admittedly, Ho-Oh won't get as much of a story as Lugia, but that's mostly because it'll get more of the spotlight in the Crystal remake (where Lugia will take more of a backseat role, as it did in the original).

    Also before a another Kanto remake is made I'll like for them to give Eevee a Dragon evolution.
    I think most of us want that to happen. (I sure as hell would.) This design would be soooo cute (if overlapping a little bit with Glaceon, color-wise). They could also go with something more like this as an homage to a certain cute purple dragon from another game.

    On the topic of Eevee perhaps GF should give Green/Blue Umbreon to contrast with Red. If they remake the Johto games and make Leaf canon she could have Sylveon (strong against Umbreon interestingly which is strong against Espeon) in her canon team.
    Amusingly, Umbreon's the Eeveelution Blue's anime counterpart has. Perfect!

    As for the other PC, remember that these remakes would set up both genders to be equally canon (as HGSS did with Ethan and Lyra), so either PC would have Sylveon if they're unselected. (And, similarly, either one would have Espeon at the end of Mt. Silver, as the Crystal remake would allow for either to appear as the Final Boss.)
  9. BettyNewbie
    5 Days Ago 03:12 PM
    Seasons, Day/Night, Weather... I'd want the whole she-bang. Ideally, it'd have an effect on what Pokémon you'd encounter, which would be a great way to mix things up. (Especially, if the Kanto Dex includes all of the first 251, as it should.) We could even have the PCs change clothes based on the weather (ie. a coat in the winter or a swimsuit/shorts in the summer), which would provide some form of character customization.
  10. Makoto Tachibana
    1 Week Ago 09:46 AM
    Makoto Tachibana
    Am I forgotten? xD

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