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  1. Legendarian Mistress
    June 6th, 2009 04:55 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    Hi, I'm a friend of Blahman117. I was just wondering if you could check out my thread at the writers' lounge. It's called "Kanto Lover's ides (don't ask, I was typing too fast) for Spliced". If you could, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. solovino
    May 28th, 2009 10:49 AM
    I guess it is. I mean, somehow I ended up in the memetic end of a Memetic Mutation a couple of years ago at work, because of my FF fan-ness and somehow I would just arrive at the server room one minute after a problem as detected, do some console magic and solve the thing. Since then, yeah, "summoned". :D

    The position I have to fill up is quite complicated: web pages protection against hacking, ad detection and anonimous browsing and participation statistics. And it's tomorrow afternoon. I should be more nervous (my actual core competence is only the anonymous browsing and statistics).

    But I guess I can do some magic on-site and solve the problem. The main issue is that the conference staff has not contacted me to confirm the available hardware and equipment yet.

    I trust our wall-o-texts will be a defining elements in our Visitor Message pages, all the way! Ye who look at thee, behold keyboard mashin masterness!
  3. solovino
    May 28th, 2009 07:48 AM
    Hey, Aurincha, I'll be QUITE busy for the next two days. I've been summoned to a conference to fill in an expositor's place, and I was notified with too much short notice to prepare.

    So the next Wall'o'Text will have to wait.

    Will be seeing you!
  4. solovino
    May 25th, 2009 08:44 PM
    "Sorry for the block-o-text?" Come on, Aurincha, u kidding me! You know how much I love those! And for fanfiction, too! :D

    You know, I kinda wanted to be a chemist when I was a kid, then I decided I wanted to be a news anchor (then again, I once wanted to be a mathemathician, but I was already too old* for that -- I was 15).

    * = check the alt-text :D

    About the IRL items, one word two words: Master Ball. Just get close enough to a world leader and they'll unwillingly pledge absolute obedience. Then again, FF-wise, Magicite would be good provided you have a good supply, it's like having adaptable superpowers. But I concur that Hero Drinks would be awesome. I'm actually in dire need of them, otherwise I'm derailing gravely --- -2 STR and -1 CSM every day, because of my sickness. I thought your more biologist side would strive for Soft of all items, you know, the scientific value, but whatever, antidotes would be just too cool if they became universal.

    I'm sorry to hear about your President. Here things are no better either and I don't pay too much attention anyway. And your lack of heroes too. Here we have some heroes (just Google "Arturo Prat" for some canned awesomeness), but their spirit is slowly dying under the pressure of urban tribes and corporate disruption.

    But I think you're selling your people too short. I though I read once that the world record of hits by a sniper in times of war was held by a Finnish... or was it a Sweddish? And, AFAIK, your country holds one of the highest Human Development Index in Europe. Which in our world is a lot. Oh wait, I know! Linus Torvalds, thanks for reminding me of him. But, come on, don't you have any example of One Man Army in your history books? Or maybe a particulary mischievous strategical commander? How did your coutry got independence from (I think) Russia then? I mean, come on, your people had to hold against the Russian, the early Nazi, and the Swedden.

    BTW, about Chile, well done but... I don't live in Santiago. I don't like Santiago. None of my family does. A much polluted city, the lifestyle for the midclass was ruined during the 1990-2000 period because of a general insuficency to uphold construction and transport regulations. We have the third most contaminate capital in the world, I think. Maybe it helps that Chile is a relatively small country - once you find it, there's only two places uou can go: North and South (mine is South), and as soon as you walk a mile you see a post with a sign that says "This way: Santiago; That way: poverty". Whereas with USA, thinks workk geographically on a different scale... and don't get me started on Russia.

    Why, thanks for holding this kind of conversations with me! I feel like I am making valuable use of my PC@PC time (PC at the PC, lame pun intended).
  5. solovino
    May 23rd, 2009 02:05 PM
    Oh, yeah, with the H1N1 thing... I so wanted to make a mention to a "Swinub flu hoax" in my fics...! Oh well, for the next one.
    It's lovely how some people can enjoy being close to a earthshattering disease. While the rest of us cower in fear hidden in a corner, mumbling about the Illuminati inside the CIA and the lack of a real world, RPG-like, "Antidote" item. So good luck to you and you earthshattering career! :D

    Monies here are bronze-golden (coins) and green or red, both with a tint of blue and an image of misinterpreted national heros. Which brings me to the question: what national hero does your country have? Wikipedia hasn't helped me that much (that, and I'm actually not at home, meaning not at liberty to spam the PC forums as I would usually do).
  6. solovino
    May 23rd, 2009 01:43 PM
    Good news everyone!

    (that means me and you :D )

    I got my hands -- finally - on Final Fantasy III. In English. For NES.
    Now I'm closer to fulfilling my destiny!
  7. solovino
    May 22nd, 2009 07:25 AM
    Same here (busy and sick)! :D I love my country: from zero to 27 confirmed H1N1 cases in less that 120 hours. So yes, still alive, and willingly isolated. Things should get better any time I can get biohazard sealing at my collegue office...

    I hope you get better during your vacation. And that you get to be at least a bit busy, if it means green paper ($). You know, just in case.
  8. bobandbill
    May 16th, 2009 07:46 AM
    Hmm...did you get my e-mail a few weeks ago at least which had the beta of your next chapter? Just wondering, is all - it says it sent but then again Outlook isn't the most reliable thing in the world...
  9. solovino
    May 7th, 2009 06:50 PM
    I did, Aurincha, don't worry. It just that, well, you sick, me busy, you busy, me sick, so I'd rather wait till a better moment comes. Just, you know, don't lose all hope.
  10. Suzume
    May 4th, 2009 07:46 AM
    Huh, hämäännyin kun en meinannut löytää sua kaverilistalta. " Piti vaan kysyä, että oletko tietoinen että Helsingin seudulla jaeltaisiin Shaymineja ensi viikonloppuna? Muualtakin niitä saa tän kuun aikana. Itse olin ihan hämmästynyt kun kuulin että Suomestakin voi saada event-pokeja. : D Lisää juttua täällä~ http://www.nintendo.fi/?file=1243

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