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  1. PorygonSquared
    September 19th, 2008 4:17 PM
    Okay, I've decided to attempt to be nice, so that my points do not get lost in my venomous rhetoric.

    "I DO have confidence! If I didn't, I would never have gone through with the Boycott."

    There's a difference between confidence and arrogance. The fact that you are unable to bear criticism smacks more of arrogance than confidence.

    "You DO realise that several of the Misty fans on Pokecommunity, Serebiiforums, and BMGf aren't Americans, right? several of these foreign Misty fans actually AGREED with my boycott! I intended the global boycott to actually BE global than just an American one (In fact, I also told all of the Misty fans on their clubs to gather signatures around their areas of the country.)"

    I'm concerned that you actually think that this boycott is more important to the people in poorer nations than other issues, such as survival. Many people in the world don't even have TV's, let alone have the ability to watch Pokemon. You need to widen your global perspective.

    "HAH, MY DEFINITION?! Maybe you have forgotten, but I have an actual proof as to how Fanservice has to have the participants actually enjoying it! Remember... THIS?!"

    You need to distinguish between evidence and proof. One example is evidence. However, it is merely one example. Often, many words have more than one meaning.
    There are many different angles of fanservice, and I suggest you do some research to learn about it.

    "all right, don't. If you don't stop this right now, I'll be forced to post a restraining order on you. (sheesh, it's no wonder most misty fans don't like you. I mean, you're acting very annoying, who would like that.)."

    Most? Can you kindly produce statistics to lend credence to that statement? And I don't do things to be liked. On other forums, I'm not usually like this, but the sheer idiocy of the anime forum has led me to this attitude.

    "Also, maybe it hasn't dawned on you yet, but several girls are currently getting Bulimia and Anorexia because of a certain thing involving Modeling magazines and things like Playboy. Plus, several girls are currently getting into trouble because they are mimicing starlets such as Paris Hilton. I mean, if they can mimic several negative and inappropriate characterizations (both behavioral and physical), they can certainly mimic May and Dawn."

    While it is true that many females avidly like May and Dawn, what makes you think that they are negatively affected by them? What offends me is your implication that females cannot like the girls because it will turn them into awful people. It is implied you support feminism. What gives you, a male, the right to say what females should do or not do? (for that reason, I don't consider myself a feminist)

    "Because she is a bad guy, and I don't support evil things. and anyways, she's becoming more like a female anime stereotype by the day, crying over spilt milk, becoming even more vain than before, and actually appeared topless in a recent episode (however, it was only implied.), so she can't be supported any longer, anyways."

    The Team Rocket trio is evil in name only. That is, they try to be evil, but they constantly fail. Also, the trio is known to actually have empathetic sides unlike the actually evil villains in the series, which leads them to do good deeds when there is a greater evil force.

    Anyways, concerning Misty, you might want to take a look at this:

    I do not see how following some boy is going to help come closer to becoming a Pokemon Master of some sort, not if Misty could just go by herself and not get shafted.
  2. weedle_mchairybug
    September 16th, 2008 6:53 PM
    Oh, Jeez, All right, I'll post ALL the names of the people who participated in the poll, so that this will stop you from hinting that they voted multiple times. ... or at least, I would, if they didn't block me from accessing the names of those who voted.

    Also, it wasn't long ago, in fact, it was just a year ago.

    Another thing, to quote a friend of mine, "a comment that insults, points out a negative of, or basically any negative comment is considered bashing". And, yes, I'm guilty of this as well, as are you. In fact, EVERYONE is guilty of it at some point or another. Besides, I was only objecting to the date that you posted that comment, not necessarily the comment in and of itself (though, just FYI, technically, Britain released you from their service without a fight because they grew paranoid after the revolution that you guys would start a war as well, so if we had lost, then sooner or later, you guys would probably have tried a similar tactic as well and declared independence and won your revolution in another time and another place.). I mean, think of it this way, Imagine if one of Canada's most important buildings were destroyed by hi-jacked planes piloted by terrorists, how would you feel about that? not so good, well, imagine if someone made a similar comment that you made to you, and it was made on the anniversary of that attack, would you feel like that was a very bad time to make a comment?

    And anyways, Quite a few Petitions to bring back Misty were made, even to this day. I mean, I have at least 900 on a petition I made, and several of the people actually agreed that we should boycott as well, one of my fellow Misty fans made a similar petition online, and I have one online as well (though not the same one.). there's also one that's been around since the beginning of AG, which is currently at 28,152 signatures, and the previous signature was made just a day ago. In fact, there are at least 32,896 signatures if you group them all together (and possibly even more since these aren't the only ones, period, just the ones I have found as of yet.), and if we take into account the 195 people who signed it on Serebii, BMGf, and Pokecommunity combined, AND the 300+ members of the old SPPf club, that brings it up to 33,391+ people, and there are possibly several more not having been taken into account yet.
  3. PorygonSquared
    September 16th, 2008 4:52 PM
    Oh, so you have absolute faith in Internet polls, in which people voluntarily vote depending on whether they are interested or not and can hack the system to vote multiple times, do you? And you somehow think that the Internet is representative of the whole population, most of which have better things to do than hang around forums? And did you account for how long before those polls were made?

    And for your last paragraph, excuse me. I didn't know that telling facts was bashing. After all, the Western World has no qualms about constantly bringing up similar facts about the rest of the world, so why can't they be held accountable?
  4. weedle_mchairybug
    September 16th, 2008 2:39 AM
    "And really, you exaggerate the impact of Misty's departure on audience perception. The ratings actually went up during the first season of Advance Generation, and most of the complaints are actually about the show being childish and repetitive to anyone not a fan of the show, and those complaints have been with the series since the first season. May is a popular character in her own right, despite the Misty fanatics complaining about her. The Bring Misty Back lot are merely a very vocal and extremely irritating minority in the fandom, and I see no purpose in having Misty back other than to get that lot to shut the f*** up."

    Oh, you want proof on how it's affected the fanbase? I'll give you proof:

    From Pokecommunity:

    View Poll Results: Would you like Misty/Kasumi to officially return to the series?
    Yes, I would like to see her officially return to the series. [50] 54.95%
    No, I would rather that she would stay as a reoccuring character. [27] 29.67%
    I honestly do not care for her regarding an official return. [19] 20.88%
    Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: [91]. You have already voted on this poll

    From Serebii:

    View Poll Results: Would you like Misty/Kasumi to officially return to the series?
    Yes, I would like to see her officially return to the series. [81] 58.70%
    No, I would rather that she would stay as a reoccuring character. [48] 34.78%
    I honestly do not care for her regarding an official return. [18] 13.04%
    Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: [138]. You may not vote on this poll

    Two out of three polls have Misty returnng being the highest score, which is saying a LOT if you ask me. Only one that doesn't is the BMGf poll. If anyone seems to be the vocal minority in regards to Misty, it's those who don't want her back. Heck, in regards to Serebiiforums, Misty's returning votes far
    outclass Misty stay away from us votes (a bit ironic since people bash her and her fans on there.).

    BTW, that reminds me, that Usertalk post was said at a very poor choice of a date. I mean, if you had to bash america, shouldn't you at least do it on a different date than 9/11?
  5. PorygonSquared
    September 10th, 2008 6:02 PM
    "While I'm NOT saying that we should declare war on Japan. (and unlike Britian at that time, Japan's Government isn't dominated by corporate franchises.), We DO need to show them that, by messing with the wrong group, that there are DIRE consequences."
    Ha ha. Like what the US did with Cuba? Nicaragua? Chile? Venezuela? Vietnam? Congo? In these countries and more, the US either sponsored military coups to forcibly change democratic governments that only committed the horrible, horrible crime of not doing exactly what the US said or just directly invading. Yep, freedom sure is a great thing as long as one does everything someone in power tells them to.
  6. weedle_mchairybug
    September 7th, 2008 5:12 PM
    Well, in terms of the Petitions made by me, Probably over 900. In terms of the videos, probably 50. however, people will soon see my vision. I mean, think about it, would you rather keep a character who proved herself to not be of that sexist stereotype countless times over, thus sparing several people across the globe from getting bulimia, anorexia, or "stupid celebrity starlet" syndrome, or would you rather have characters along the lines of the girls from Princess vs. Princess, Love Hina, Witchblade, and countless other female stereotypes, as well as several starlets/magazine models dominate how girls must act and look? If I were you, i'd rather have the former than the latter (in fact, LOTS of people would rather have that. Ask any Teacher if you don't believe me.)
  7. Deadly Arbok
    July 20th, 2008 6:00 AM
    Deadly Arbok
    Soooo, how many people do you have devoted to your cause Weedle, hm? After watching yhour videos.

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