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  1. Volkner's Apprentice
    September 12th, 2008 09:40 PM
    Volkner's Apprentice
    Well hi there Thanks for the team advice over on serebii, glad to know you're at an awesome forum like this too!

    If you're into actually battling alongside giving RMT advice, check us out here.

    If you get a chance, I'm just spreading the word about Extreme Speed's new invention, the ESCT: Extreme Speed Champions Tour. A stroll through the Kanto region with various tournaments, prizes, rankings, intense battles, and lots of fun: what more can you ask for? Check us out in the Battle Stadium.
  2. Aquilae
    September 12th, 2008 05:30 AM
    Define "massive". 106 / 130 / 154 isn't enough to wall OU, I'm concentrating on the 106 / 130 part. Lugia needs Reflect to wall, with Stealth Rock shaving off 25% every switchin it can't wall. To illustrate my point and to refute the statement that "every team needs to run CBtar to deal with Lugia":

    Assuming maximum defenses and 0 / 0 in every stat:

    Gyarados Life Orb Dragon Dance Stone Edge - 65% minimum
    Lugia Thunderbolt on Gyarados - 76 - 90% (Not enough for an OHKO after LO recoil most of the time, 90% can only be rolled with max RNs)

    Gyarados Life Orb Dragon Dance Stone Edge, with Reflect up - 32% minimum
    Total minimum damage assuming Leftovers - 65% + 32% - 18% = 79%, KO after Stealth Rock

    Gyarados Life Orb Dragon Dance Stone Edge - 77% maximum
    Gyarados Life Orb Dragon Dance Stone Edge - 38% maximum
    Total maximum damage assuming Leftovers - 77% + 38% - 12% = 103% (1 turn of Leftovers factored in, KO without Stealth Rock)

    Gyarados wins with Stealth Rock in play and has a very slim chance to win without Stealth Rock in play.

    Lucario Life Orb Swords Dance Crunch - 63-75%
    Lugia Thunderbolt on Gyarados - 29 - 35%
    Lugia Aeroblast on Lucario - 47 - 55%

    Lucario Life Orb Swords Dance Crunch, with Reflect up - 32% - 37%
    Total minimum damage assuming Leftovers - 63% + 32% - 18% = 77%, KO after Stealth Rock in two turns

    Total maximum damage assuming Leftovers - 75% + 37% - 12% = 100% (1 turn of Leftovers factored in, KO without Stealth Rock)

    Lucario wins with Stealth Rock and has a negligible chance of winning without. Take note that without Aeroblast Lugia isn't stopping Lucario from Swords Dancing in its face.

    Garchomp Swords Dance Outrage - 56 - 66%
    Garchomp LO Swords Dance Outrage - 73 - 86%
    Garchomp Swords Dance Outrage with Reflect up - 28% - 33%
    Garchomp LO Swords Dance Outrage with Reflect up - 36.5% - 43%

    Lugia Ice Beam on Garchomp - 80 - 95%
    Lugia Ice Beam on YacheChomp - 40 - 47.5%

    Lugia doesn't win with Stealth Rock in play as LO SD Outrage puts it out of comission and it fails to do respectable damage vs. the Yache Swords Dancer.

    I'd go on and on but basically with Stealth Rock and Life Orb being introduced Lugia doesn't wall well anymore. It would be a safe addition to OU for the extra security it grants while countering several threats namely Infernape and Azelf.

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    Quote originally posted by Sebastien Loeb rating a UU Team:
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