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  1. Legendarian Mistress
    May 24th, 2009 04:30 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    I spose the review's still coming?
  2. An-chan
    May 23rd, 2009 02:40 PM
    Ah, yes. It's truely liberating to think like a biologist sometimes. For example, when I think of unborn babies or having children, I start to think about how the different cells in a tiny lump emit all kinds of hormones and stuff that makes the lump grow into a human. Or, when I think of cancer, I get all excited about how great it would be to treat it with viruses. Also, never ask me about microbiology, because I can just go on and on about it forever. I'm weird. I'm very weird. You better run while you still can, my friend.

    That aside, irl-Antidote would rule. Personally, though, I'd much rather have Elixirs, because they seem to have the exact same effect as a good night's sleep. I wouldn't have to sleep anymore, I could just live on Elixirs. Or, a Hero's Drink would rule a lot in some situations. But, yeah, Antidote would rock. Or Eyedrops that cure blindness. Annnnnd the biologist steps in again! I'm currently wondering how much of this could actually be possible... This'll be my life's work.

    If you mean national heroes on monies, we don't have any. Since Euro is used troughout Europe, we only have buildings on the bills to be, you know, fair and politically correct. Before 2000, when we still had Markka's and I was young and had no real understanding of money ("HEY you can buy a chocolate bar with that it's like the most money I've ever seen!!11!!"), we had tons of boring old presidents on our monies, none of which I recognized back then. Heck, I still wouldn't recognise them. All Finnish presidents ever do are trying to bow to both East (Russia) and West (Europe+USA) without mooning the other way. Seriously.
    If you mean national heroes in general, I'm not so sure about that, either. Nowadays, a national hero is anyone who we think that has made Finland more visible to the world. Linus Torvalds? A national hero, if you ask computer people (i.e. my dad). Mika Häkkinen? Totally a national hero, although a bit less so since he left his wife for a show dancer. Kimi Räikkönen? Very much a national hero. Ville Valo as well... And, then, of course, we have the historical ones that most people don't really even think about anymore, like Kekkonen or Mannerheim, but I bet most people would still put them on a list of Finnish national heroes. Now, there's a list of meaningless names. Did that answer your question?

    I'm sort of happy you live in Chile of all places, because that's a place I actually know something about. I've even read about Chile's history and manually searched for (and found!) Santiago on Google Maps. I can locate you on my mental world map... Unlike some of my online friends, because I go "Connecticut is where now?" I mean, I know it's in States, and I think it's somewhere around the east part of it, but...

    ...This is completely unrelated. Uh, yeah. I'm feeling very chatty now. Sorry for the block-o-text.
  3. Legendarian Mistress
    May 22nd, 2009 06:40 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    How long is it?
  4. Legendarian Mistress
    May 22nd, 2009 06:30 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
  5. Legendarian Mistress
    May 22nd, 2009 06:25 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    Where's the review?
  6. An-chan
    May 22nd, 2009 03:00 PM
    Ah, yes. Thank you for saying H1N1. Thank you. I'm so fed up with the Finnish media going all "OMGoMG SWINE FLU" here and there so that people think it actually does have something to do with pigs. I'm not really even remotely in danger of catching that flu (seeing as Finland had - note the tense - two suspected cases, both that had just returned from either of the Americas), which is a very good thing, because knowing my immune system, it would kill me. From what I've gathered, it's not that much of a killer virus after all, but it's always best to keep on your toes. Just, you know, even a bit. I'm actually really fascinated about all this, because I'm aspiring to be a biologist and we biologists are a bit crazy that way. When normal people go "oh no, killer disease, run!!!11!!", I go "hmm! This is rather interesting. I wonder how exactly the virus functions in our cells? ...Oops, I caught it now! Well, what a splendid opportunity to observe this all from a close proximity!" (please imagine a British accent here). TL;DR, thanks for saying H1N1 and try to keep yourself non-contaminated. Okay? Okay. You're pretty close to where it started from anyway - at least way closer than I am. Let's hope for the best, anyway.

    That aside, euro bills aren't really green. Well, the 100 € bills are, but those are, you know, a lot of money, so I've seen a few in my life. I really intend to be somewhat busy, at least in the beginning, but that's a whole different busy than school. School doesn't pay. They just expect you to give your time, your health and your youth and then be happy with some stupid paper that has grades on it.

    Don't take me wrong, though, I actually do like going to school. Just not so much right now. I still have at least six wonderful school-filled years before me, and I'm actually, truely looking forward to it. Am I a nerd or what? Although, you still beat me hands down with your computers and having played FF VI and so forth :<

    That aside... What colour are your monies? U has pesos in Chile, amirite? *too much lolcats because that's basically all I do when I'm sick*
  7. An-chan
    May 22nd, 2009 03:26 AM
    Funny thing, though, right now I'm both busy and sick :D An all-new low has been reached, apparently! Well, my vacation begins soon, and I expect to be both healthy and everything but busy during the said vacation. What about you, any better moments in sight? Oh, and you're still alive, I hope?
  8. Legendarian Mistress
    May 21st, 2009 05:48 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    How's the review going?
  9. Legendarian Mistress
    May 20th, 2009 05:43 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  10. Legendarian Mistress
    May 19th, 2009 06:44 PM
    Legendarian Mistress
    I just got a phone call from home. The house is a little flooded. Gonna have to stay in a motel for the night.

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