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  1. Blaziken257
    January 13th, 2012 12:48 PM
    Thanks :D

    Anyway... I wasn't even there much myself in the last year or so, although that's more due to personal issues that had nothing to do with PkStation... I hope the community can somehow be rebuilt, even though everybody went in different directions, it seems... anyway, just let me know if you publish your fanfic again, I don't mind if it's months from now... (After all, I'm often so busy that I often forget about things like that...)

    Hmmm... I hope that people involved in the project come back. Some of them haven't even been around for years... although it would help if they had e-mail notifications, I guess. Not to mention, pretty much all of the original staff has disappeared, and they show no signs of coming back. Look at this, for example... it's mostly you, me, Aria, bots, and a few lurkers here and there. Then again, I guess I'm being pessimistic...

    As for the script... Here it is. You will need Python 2.7.2 (google it), and unfortunately for now, the guide that I wrote on how to use it (there's a README file attached) is only in English. It took me a long time to write, and I haven't had time yet to write it in Spanish too... (writing things in Spanish always takes me much, much longer). I hope you can understand my English explanation, although I'll write a Spanish one eventually... also, I hope the code isn't too convoluted...

    I'll finish this message by saying that I hope you're doing all right.
  2. Blaziken257
    January 8th, 2012 11:35 AM
    I guess I should be the one apologizing for responding so late now, I've been so busy lately...

    I'm sorry to hear that your fic didn't last for long. I hope you still have it; I suppose you could always publish it here if that's the case.

    Still, I don't know why the staff just pulled the plug. I know that things seemed to have been rough for Habieru in the last two years, but still... the community there was rather large, and now everybody just separated. Pokéteca is also a ghost town now... none of the original staff is there anymore, and there are very few people who contribute to it now besides Aria, you, and me... and admittedly, I spend less time there than I used to (both due to my busy life, and the lack of people there).

    I mean... yesterday, I started to work on a lot of the Generation V movesets (I take the lists from Bulbapedia, then use a Python script to format the templates -- this is much faster than making the lists by hand), then after a while, I realized there were still over 80 Pokémon from Isshu Teselia Unova left to work on when I got about 15 done in a day, and that just exhausted me. If more people went to the site, my contributions there would be more meaningful, but, well... sometimes I just get demotivated quickly now.

    And of course, I'm busier than ever. I don't think it will be that bad for a few months, but after that, I'll have little time to do much. And starting in the middle of the year, I doubt I'll be able to have much free time, except weekends and evenings late at night...

    Anyway, I'm done ranting about myself. I hope you're able to get your job at the video game stand, let me know what happens :D I also hope that you had a nice Christmas (yes, I know I'm two weeks late) and you're having a good 2012 so far.

    Also, yes, let me know when you have your e-mail (or whatever you plan to use) ready.

    Sorry for the long message. I've written far longer in the past, but anyway... I have a tendency to write long messages at times; I often have a lot to say.

    PS: Before I forget to tell you, I got a Spanish version of Pokémon Azul this Christmas. I've played Spanish versions of Pokémon games in the past (Rojo, Cristal, Zafiro, Verde Hoja, Esmeralda, Perla, & Platino) through a certain way (heh), but this it the first time that I've actually owned a Spanish cartridge of a Pokémon game (all my other cartridges are in English, which, as you probably know, is my native language).
  3. Miz en Scène
    January 4th, 2012 5:44 PM
    Miz en Scène
    I would have entered the art competition this time round, but, again, time is against me. I did twice, once on PC and once over at Jax's BBS. One was a pokehumanification contest that I entered with this and one was a winter art contest from last year that I entered with this.

    And you too, friend. Over here, cold weather is more a problem than anything. It hasn't snowed yet in my area (well it did once, but it melted quick) which is bad because there's no point to cold weather without snow.

    Well, these days it's mostly just the writer's lounge with threads popping up here and there. You could hit up the quick Q&A thread if you're feeling adventurous, but I wouldn't recommend since the last post was in September and it's not even a sticky.
  4. Miz en Scène
    December 28th, 2011 7:26 PM
    Miz en Scène
    Man, the holiday hop would have been perfect to pitch this idea. xD
    Like a mini-wordplay competition.
  5. Miz en Scène
    December 25th, 2011 5:14 PM
    Miz en Scène
    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm completely without a group of friends to hang with these days. It's just that not every group readily accept new members of the bat. xD

    And, in keeping in lime with the general theme of political correctness, Happy Holidays and a Happy Celebration of the coming of the Gregorian New Year!
  6. Miz en Scène
    December 21st, 2011 6:42 PM
    Miz en Scène
    As long as you're a visitor. Haha
    I'm more of a stalker. I'm on to talk to friends, well... a friend or two, recently you, but, beyond that, I don't do much posting except in one of the fanclubs I'm a part of. And even those posts are far and few in between. Mostly because there hasn't been a mini-community yet that can rival the awesomeness and friendliness of the FFL to those outside the loop.

    I've been working on one of my fics for three years now. It's gone through so many re-writes that I'm kinda ashamed to make a new thread for it now. xD
    I'll probably end up posting it on Serebii or something, but only when it's completely written. Right now though, I'm not working on that one. I've got a new fic coming up, never posted, and I plan on writing at least the first arc before posting it. It features type-racism, politics and talking Pokemon living in their own, non-PMD related universe, because I've never been too fond of the standard human transported to a PMD universe concept anyway. Heh
    Oh, and, to a smaller extent, a Pokemon military force. Absolutely no mention of humans whatsoever. You're also the first person I've told this too. I've been writing the first few chapters these past few days, but it's been in planning for far longer than that.

    Being politically correct, are we? Happy Holidays to you too, Sol. Have a good one. :D
  7. Miz en Scène
    December 16th, 2011 8:52 PM
    Miz en Scène
    Aww, that's nice of you.
    You were also one of the guys who made the F&W and, by extension, the erstwhile FFL an awesome place to be. It's fine, though, I'm the type of person who doesn't really care about how long someone is gone, it's whether or not they come back that matters. Haha

    Ficlets meaning oneshots?
    Man, you talking about fics really makes me want to get back into the game. It's just my very slight OCD nature, think the kind of guy who doesn't like change but can tolerate change unlike actual OC people, makes me want to write the best possible thing I can before posting it. Or, you know, at least finish an entire fic or arc before posting it at regular intervals, so I don't have to worry about a deadline because I'm horrible at keeping those with any quality in my fics. I kind of feel like the only quality thing I've rushed at writing would be this year's SWC. This one, which was received well-ish by the two who reviewed it, but only managed to scrape by ninth out of twenty-one.
  8. Miz en Scène
    December 15th, 2011 5:32 PM
    Miz en Scène
    I have to agree with you on that point. The amount of miscellania that you can find within the Pokemon fandom --which is actually canon-- is staggering. This just makes it all the more easier to derive fan-material.

    Ah, glad to see you're still ficcing (granted, that isn't a word, but still). Are you writing in English or Spanish, inquiring minds would like to know?

    It's fine if you're not up to it. Might not be too expedient to burden (depending on how you look at it) oneself with too much socializing when your life isn't entirely stable at the moment. I myself sometimes find myself taking at least a day or two to reply to VMs sometimes. Nostalgia is nostalgia though. I haven't visited the F&W in a while now, a few months at least, but I'm hoping to make a comeback soon enough. Even if I'm only working on, and not actively writing, my fics atm, I get flashes of inspiration throughout the day that really make me want to start again, even if I don't really have much time for it.
  9. Miz en Scène
    December 14th, 2011 3:59 PM
    Miz en Scène
    Ah, it's been too long, old friend. Truth be told, I assumed you'd left the fandom to focus on work or something, heh. Incidentally, the first Pokemon forum which I visited was a Spanish one. Not because I speak Spanish or anything, but because when I first got into the fandom I was a hacker not a fanfiction writer, and the tools linked to this Spanish site of which the name eludes me right now.

    But yeah, it's good to see an old face around these parts. As for me, my life's been going good, I guess. I admit I haven't been on the forums much except to talk with one of my friends because I've been pretty busy IRL, but I am working on a few fanfictions at the moment. One of them's for the new fandom I got sucked into somehow. You may know it. You may not. It's weird, get's a lot of flak, but it's a good one nonetheless. Anyway, yeah, great to see that you've returned. Any intention of staying?
  10. Blaziken257
    November 18th, 2011 9:11 AM
    Hello :O I just noticed that PkStation has started to close. You probably know that already though... but anyway, I think it's sad, because there was a whole community there, and there will be people that I'll never be able to talk to again :( But at least we can still talk here! My English is far better than my Spanish, anyway... How has it been for you?
  11. Blaziken257
    August 22nd, 2010 8:18 PM
    Yeah, the Pokémon Etymology articles that you made are still there, as you can see here: [1][2] Nobody's even touched them, either...

    Funny thing, when I was playing through HeartGold, I got a female Nidoran from the Pokéwalker and decided to keep it throughout the whole game. And now in my current FireRed playthrough, I'm using a male Nidoran. Just thought I'd like to let you know.

    By the way, definitively sounds a bit weird in that context... definitely sounds better... at least, to me, anyway.

    You should go back to Pokéteca sometime... I don't know if you're busy or what, but when you have the time, it could always use your help.
  12. Blaziken257
    July 13th, 2010 7:43 PM
    Good to hear back from you, especially since we haven't talked in months, and good to hear that you've been OK. I've been OK too, but I've also been stressed out a little bit from issues in real life.

    Oh, and I'm still obsessed with Fire-type Pokémon! You've probably heard of Pokémon Black and White. When those games come out, I'm definitely going to choose Pokabu as my starter! That probably wouldn't surprise you, though...

    (As for Pokéteca, I hope that we'll see each other again on that site. The good thing is that a lot more people have been contributing to it lately (and there are new "Pokétecarios"), which helps a lot. Yay! And I still contribute too, lately I've added articles about various Kanto routes and other things.)
  13. Blaziken257
    July 11th, 2010 10:03 PM
    Hello. It's been a few months since we last talked to each other... ¿cómo estás?
  14. Buoysel
    July 10th, 2010 7:37 PM
    Junly June + July, don't you remember this from last year?

    Anyways, did you get my email?
  15. Miz en Scène
    July 10th, 2010 4:57 PM
    Miz en Scène
    No matter, we have Polar Bears over here, which, I admit, aren't as pwnsome as Penguins, but we've gotta start somewhere.

    Nice to see you're being cheery-ish again. XD

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