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  1. Fotomac
    5 Minutes Ago 8:31 PM
    Yes, that's what it was! I had a hidden objects pointer in the wrong place near the top!
  2. Fotomac
    1 Hour Ago 7:17 PM
    After further review, I think I might have figured it out. I'll confirm for sure once I finish fixing the Transgender Nidoran Glitch and compile the resulting game files.
  3. Fotomac
    1 Hour Ago 7:03 PM
    Oh, I was asking about the hidden items because I added just two--one to Viridian Forest and one to Pewter City, both between existing hidden items in Viridian Forest and Mt. Moon--and that alone appears to have broken the hidden items mechanic completely by accident.
  4. Fotomac
    1 Hour Ago 6:54 PM
    As for Pewter Gym: did the alpha you received experience any damaging glitches upon entry into Pewter Gym?
  5. Fotomac
    2 Hours Ago 6:20 PM
    Also: how do you do hidden items?
  6. Fotomac
    4 Hours Ago 4:05 PM
    OK, now Pewter Gym looks totally glitched up from the second I enter. Do you have any idea what may be the cause of that?
  7. Fotomac
    5 Hours Ago 2:42 PM
    Here's a picture illustrating the glitch, similar to the 1/256 miss glitch which we've both eliminated in our hacks:
  8. Fotomac
    6 Hours Ago 1:43 PM
    I just now discovered a bug in the gender mechanic that allows for transgender Nidoran. Is it in Red++, too?
  9. BettyNewbie
    6 Hours Ago 1:38 PM
    Reading about the Hoenn episodes of Generations has only further confirmed the special's sexist bias.

    Yes, they showed Brendan.

    Look, I can kind of see the argument for favoring the boys in Kanto/Johto since RBY and GS didn't have female PCs, but there's absolutely NO way in hell you can get away with that argument in Hoenn. There's little question of which Hoenn PC is the most iconic and recognizable, and it ain't Brendan, that's for sure.

    At this point, it should be clear that Generations is just going to show the male PCs and give the middle finger to the girls.

    In fact, even the female NPCs seem to be getting the middle finger. As far as I know, only three female characters of significance even appeared in the entirety of episodes 1-7, two of which were in the same episode: Lorelei, Agatha, and Courtney. Out of all the female characters who exist in Gens 1-3, are they really the only ones who are worth any screentime? Not even Misty, Sabrina, Jasmine, or Clair?

    Generations can go completely psyduck itself. Whoever made it clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about female fans and female characters. I guess I should be used to this treatment by now, but it's still angering.


    The idea that they just didn't have enough space to include a full Kanto is a myth perpetuated by people who have no idea what the inside of the games are like. For example, look at all the new areas and whatnot that Polished Crystal has added without having to make the ROM bigger. In Gold and Silver, there are several entire ROM banks that are completely empty that could've been used for anything. One ROM bank is enough to hold all of the event, script, and text data for most of the towns in Johto, so they could've put tons of events in there. There are also several fully-inserted but unused maps, and plenty of room that they didn't have to shrink the existing Kanto maps. I have heard the anecdote that originally they couldn't get the rom to fit on the cartridge even with only Johto being available, and then someone stepped in and rewrote half the engine to waste less space and they put Kanto in. Sounds like hogwash to me, though. And even still, there was plenty of room in the rom to have filled out Kanto better. I'm guessing it was more a case of laziness and/or approaching deadlines.
    Well, the fact that they ever considered such broken, glitchy messes like RB acceptable to release in the first place should probably tell you that GF probably weren't the best judges of quality.

    It's possible that GS may have indeed suffered from deadline issues. I read somewhere that the games actually had gotten delayed by about a year, which is why the Orange Islands arc ended up happening in the anime. The Kanto arc was rushed to be finished by the time GS came out (Gen 2 was already well into development by the time the anime started, hence Ho-Oh's cameo in the first episode), but since GS got delayed, they had to create a new mini arc to fill time.

    Very true. Most of us who grew up with Gen 1 and 2 all saw GSC as the better games. Sure, Gen 1 started it all, but it was also a buggy mess. If it wasn't for nostalgia, it would be almost unplayable to some of us at this point due to how broken it was mechanically. Yet another reason that I deny being a Genw***er any time someone brings it up. If I was one, I wouldn't think Gen 1 needed fixing, so I wouldn't be making Red++ lmao. But yeah, Gen 1 has a place in my heart for nostalgia, but Gen 2 and Johto are the ones who make it into my top list, and I know other people have to be the same way.
    Same here. The big reason FRLG disappointed me so much was because of how little they fixed from RB.

    GSC also had more polished storytelling than RBY. I can certainly tell you that most of my love for Lance comes from GSC and not RBY, that's for sure.

    I'm sure right. They could've done it if they'd wanted to, but instead they chose to reboot it. Another reason is probably gonna come down to Money, as well. Why make it so you can keep using the ones you have, when they can make you have to buy even more games to complete the Pokedex? That was probably someone higher up stepping in and saying "No, let's not make an adapter that people will buy once. Let's make 2 new games so they'll have to buy both."
    Oh, Gen 3 was probably the PEAK of money-grubbing from GF/Nintendo. The fact that they even made you buy those two mediocre Gamecube games just to fill the Pokédex says it all.
  10. Fotomac
    7 Hours Ago 12:52 PM
    That's odd. I could've sworn I had the relevant part typed out correctly.
  11. Fotomac
    10 Hours Ago 10:05 AM
    Also, I've noticed that the boy/girl option box is a bit off right when you start the game. Looking at the code that came with the latest released alpha, can you figure out why?
  12. Fotomac
    12 Hours Ago 8:22 AM
    Well, the random Rickroll seems to be working fine. Oh, I'm trying to make it for the next alpha so that TMs can be used multiple times, like in later Gens. But is it simple as removing a few lines of code from the end of ItemUseTMHM and replacing it with ret, as it was with removing the penalty for throwing at a trainer 'Mon?
  13. BettyNewbie
    1 Day Ago 8:43 AM
    Well, in general, people always complain about the new Pokémon. It doesn't matter what their typing or design is like, one fan or another complains about all of them, and "those genw****rs" stereotypically complain about anything newer than Gen 2 as being trash just by nature of it existing. If anything, I wonder if the smaller amount of new Pokémon and the new forms added in an attempt to make Gen 1 Pokémon be talked about and used again were an ill-informed attempt to pander to "genw****rs" due to the 20th Anniversary. I don't know if it's true or not, but there is that quote that gets passed around as coming from Gamefreak claiming "If we made a game the way fans ask us to, it would suck. You want every region, but only the first 150 Pokémon" and other stuff like that. Can't say for sure, but those are my suspicions.
    I know that the Gen 5 Pokémon got a ton of criticism (especially Vanillite and Garbodor) and that many people hated being forced to use only new Pokémon in BW, but I've seen just as much criticism of XY's and Sun/Moon's small rosters and the new Pokémon getting overshadowed by new forms of old ones.

    As far as I'm concerned, "Alola Forms" offend me FAR more than some ice cream or trash bag Pokémon ever did. If GF thinks that lobotomizing old Pokémon and morphing them into something they're not is the way to attract older fans, then they're sadly mistaken.

    I can totally believe that Gamefreak aren't nearly as big of fans as players are when it comes to GSC. The games were originally meant to be the last in the franchise, and as such they were probably a bit lazy with them. As a parallel, some people seem to absolutely love my old Halloween Hack, but I have absolutely no idea why. It barely changed anything. It was something I slapped together one afternoon when I was bored. I'm ashamed that I even released it like that, so I don't really bring it up at all, and I get confused why some people seem to like it. Gamefreak might feel similarly about Gen 2 for the same reasons. Sure, there were a lot of engine updates, but it was still based on the Gen 1 engine pretty heavily, and it wasn't particularly original. It was just a sequel to the original game, with a half-empty version of the original region for you to return to. Trying to look at it objectively, I could see why they might be disappointed with it and not like being reminded of it, even though as a player, Johto is one of my favorite regions and I love going back to it every chance I get. While I haven't played it yet, seeing that Glazed had Johto in it was one of the main reasons I thought "well, maybe this will be worth checking out after all" and stuff.
    Also remember that GSC were the last games directed by series creator Satoshi Tajiri, so it seems that he never intended for Pokémon to continue on and on forever and saw the games as a two-part series centered around Kanto, Johto, and their 251 Pokémon. I wouldn't be surprised if he may have had differences with Masuda (and possibly Nintendo) over GSC and the future of the series, which led to him quitting as director.

    And, while the franchise's post-Pokémania Dork Age is associated with Gen 3, it actually began midway through Gen 2 with the failure of the Johto anime. Although GS still sold very well (around 24 million copies), Crystal did not (around 6 million), so Gen 2 really was kind of a dark time for GF. If Masuda really had issues with GSC, the total collapse in sales and popularity that occurred midway through Gen 2 only confirmed his misgivings.

    This is likely the real reason RS were a hard reboot rather than the GBC/GBA compatibility issues. Both Masuda and Nintendo wanted to wipe away the negativity associated with the late Gen 2 era and start fresh.

    Notice how Gen 2 and Johto basically ceased to exist in Gen 3. Even FRLG had few-to-no references to Johto or Gen 2, let alone RSE, and the Gen 2 Pokémon themselves were extremely hard to obtain, mostly either stuffed into postgame areas (Safari Zone, Sevii Islands) or left to spinoff Gamecube games (Colosseum, XD).

    Even in Gen 4, HGSS were relegated to the tail end of the generation and got quickly overshadowed by BW (which were announced before HGSS were even released outside of Japan), so the remakes barely had any time in the spotlight compared to ORAS and even FRLG. And, none of the games released since then have even touched Gen 2, opting for Gen 1 or Gen 3 nostalgia instead.

    I'm a huge fan of GSC and Johto, myself, so GF's seeming dislike for the games is saddening. I think GSC's biggest problem was that they tried to do more than either GF or the hardware itself were capable of at the time, hence the clock/battery issues and half-empty Kanto. The games also had other, smaller issues like poor distribution of Gen 2 Pokémon, Johto Gym Leaders mostly using Gen 1 Pokémon, awful level curve, and disappointing E4.

    However, the games' many positives still outweigh the negatives, and the negatives can be fixed in hacks.

    As far as the nostalgia angle, you have some good points. Given how closely to one another they were released, pretty much all Gen 2 fans are also fans of Gen 1. I think I've met a few people who said they started with Crystal, but pretty much everyone started with Gen 1, Gen 3, Gen 4, etc. Just pandering to Gen 2 nostalgia probably doesn't work, like you say, since it probably alienates a few people who were around for Gen 1 but left. That said, if they left after Gen 1, what are they still being pandered to for?
    Exactly so. However, GF is still wrong in this thinking, because many of us found GSC to be better games than RBY and would be more taken in by nostalgia for Gen 2. In fact, GSC are far more likely to top people's "Favorite Pokémon Games" lists than RBY, so what does that say?

    The hard-reboot of Gen 3 always bothered me. I can understand that ok, from a technical standpoint, it wasn't feasible to allow backwards compatibility since the link cable works differently from a hardware standpoint if I remember correctly. That said, they could still have just like... let you use the Gamecube adapter to import Pokemon from Gen 1 and 2 into the Gen 3 version of Pokemon stadium, then imported them from that over to Gen 3. That shouldn't have been very hard. It might've even made me want to buy a Gamecube. (I technically have one that lives at my house, but it doesn't belong to me. It's a friend's Gamecube and their copy of Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II is the only disc for it, lol). Even though I liked Gen 3, I was still irked by the lack of features that were in Gen 2. The clock was practically unused and uncheckable, there was no Day/Night which made it more annoying to evolve Espeon and Umbreon (who were my favorite Eeveelutions at the time and still pretty much are), and other "minor" details like that. Then when ORAS came out, they continued the tradition by removing player customization and other things that were in XY. I've come to the conclusion that Gamefreak doesn't believe you can have Hoenn without removing at least one or two perfectly good features from the previous games for no reason.
    Gen 7 has proved that it IS somehow possible to transfer GB/C Pokémon into later games (since Sun/Moon will be compatible with VC RBY), which means that it probably could've also been done back in Gen 3. This is something that Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire on the Gamecube could've been utilized for, IMO.

    Of course, had GF done this, then there wouldn't have been any need for FRLG or for Gen 3 being a hard reboot, in general, which (again) makes me think that it was a creative decison on GF's part. The hard reboot feeling and many removed features in both RSE and FRLG certainly frustrate me, as well, enough to probably sour me on the entire generation.
  14. BettyNewbie
    2 Days Ago 7:54 AM
    Thanks! Yeah, I was sitting here thinking about how I could go about implementing it when it occurred to me just how similar it could be done to the Pokedex. Then I realized that showing the trainer's location on the map would probably look nicer than just showing the area name as text, it could be done in about the same way. Then flavor text about the trainers would work the same as the Pokedex entries. The option for listening to their cry would then just be replaced with the option to call them (and of course tweak the UI a bit so it blends in with whatever I come up with for the Pokenav thing).
    Sounds good.

    I will say, I thought it made perfect sense to give Exeggutor a new form in Alola. He is a tropical palm tree who has usually been in non-tropical climates, so it made sense to me for him to have a form that looked like a coconut palm in the environment it was suited to. I thought the Dragon typing was stupid, though. I feel like if anything, it should've been done like a Rotom form instead.

    That said, you're definitely right that it was really lazy for them to give us new type combinations but do a half-assed job of using them. To quote Ron Swanson, "Don't half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing." Instead of trying to make up all these new forms and new Pokemon, they should've just focused on the actual new Pokemon and done a better job of it.
    I'm tired of seeing all these new forms and "makeovers" of old Pokémon, especially when they're very obviously being used as a substitute for new Pokémon. It was bad enough when it was just the Legendaries getting a million different forms.

    I get that Unova's large Pokédex wasn't exactly well-received, but the solution to that isn't to skimp on the new Pokémon and have 25% of the Regional Dex be "makeovers" of old Pokémon. That just comes off as lazy and desperate.


    I've started to get the sense that GF isn't as fond of GSC as the fans are. Notice how throughout this 20th Anniversary celebration, as well as even the nostalgia pandering that happened back during XY, Gen 2 and its Pokémon have mostly been excluded.

    It's one thing to give less attention to Gens 3 and later, but Gen 2 was just as much a part of the Pokémania Era as Gen 1. Most of the same people who grew up with RBY also grew up with GSC and are equally nostalgic for both games. So, why has the nostalgia pandering been 100% Gen 1? Heck, it seems that even Gen 3 gets more attention than Gen 2 does, as was especially the case in Gen 6.

    Then, I realize that I probably just answered my own question--"Most of the same people who grew up with RBY also grew up with GSC." By virtue of being sequels, GSC fans ARE pretty much the same group of people as RBY fans, so from a marketing standpoint, it doesn't make as much sense to focus on Gen 2. GSC only bring in a slightly lower number of the same fans as RBY, so you get more bang for your buck with RBY nostalgia. And, even RSE nostalgia has the advantage of bringing in a different, younger generation of fans. Gen 2 nostalgia lacks a niche compared to Gens 1 and 3.

    GF's own biases may be a factor, too. While he's never said anything, there's fairly good evidence that Masuda actually dislikes GSC. Notice how the very first games he directed (RS) seemed to go out of their way to do the opposite of everything GSC did:

    - One standalone region (Hoenn) instead of two connected regions (Johto/Kanto)
    - Brand new story featuring a brand new cast instead of a direct continuation from the previous games
    - Legendaries that play an active role in the main plot instead of sitting around waiting to be caught
    - New Pokémon that are designed more to replace the old ones rather than complement them
    - Friendly, happy rival (Brendan/May) instead of an angry, belligerent one (Silver)

    And, all of the main games released since then have followed the same general template first established in RS, which only makes GSC stick out like a sore thumb compared to the other gens. If Masuda really hates GSC that much, he has certainly done a good job of minimizing their legacy and impact on the franchise.

    For GSC fans like us, it's a tough pill to swallow, but it seems to be the hard reality. Maybe, one day, Gen 2 will finally get its time in the spotlight, but in the meantime, it will forever remain ignored and overshadowed compared to Gens 1 and 3.
  15. BettyNewbie
    3 Days Ago 9:39 PM
    Trying to! In fact, the Trainer's Eyes could function similar to the Pokédex come to think of it. Scroll through a list of names, choose one, and you can see their: location, info, rematch status, etc. It would be different options of course but it would be intuitive to use, and probably easier to code since I'd have a reference.
    Heh, really clever idea!

    Exactly. Even if they look cool sometimes, those are pretty much always lazy when fan games do them, but at least they are somewhat excusable there. It's often easier to just recolor and slightly edit an existing sprite than it is to make a new one, so it usually looks more consistent if they do that when they can't sprite new ones. But in Gamefreak's case, there really is no excuse to do that and treat them like new Pokémon. In a way, it's not too different from Pokémon like Rotom that have forms with different typings and skill sets and whatnot, but since you can't swap back and forth, these aren't really the same thing at all.
    Yeah, that pretty much goes back to the original point of GF doing things that crappy fangames already did a decade ago. It's one thing when a 16 year old amateur hacker does it, but I generally expect better from GF.

    I hate that the first Ice/Fairy and Ice/Steel Pokémon are both cheap recolors of old Pokémon and not new ones. Or, that the only two Grass/Dragon Pokémon are a Mega Evolution and Exeggutor with a stretched-out neck. Too many unique, interesting type combos are being wasted on "makeovers" of old Pokémon.

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