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  1. TyHawk4501
    1 Week Ago 05:33 PM
    How are you doing today?
  2. TyHawk4501
    1 Week Ago 04:51 PM
    Hey Mateo!
  3. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 06:48 PM
    Psyduck, the site ate my long ass reply to you. I'm sorry.

    Pick a new topic to talk about so I can get my mind off of What Could've Been.
  4. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 08:48 PM
    I never had a "Pokémon is for babies" phase, although I did have a while where I knew it wasn't "cool" to talk about around friends who weren't also nerds and into it still. Then sometime around college it was suddenly cool again.
    Yeah, when the first 90s nostalgia wave hit at the end of the 2000s, it became cool to like Pokémon again, but only the first two Gens and mostly in a detached nostalgic way. Gen 3 was still the Worst Generation Ever and the Death of Pokémon. It was only in the early 2010s, when the anti-"G****nner" backlash hit and the people who grew up with RSE started to hit their late teens/early twenties than Gen 3 suddenly became beloved and nostalgic and Gen 4 was now the Death of Pokémon.

    As for how I got into it, I was already into the idea of RPG Maker and even before that I had been drawing maps and writing down ideas for Pokémon games that didn't exist, even though I had no way to make them at the time. So when I was downloading roms and saw something called Brown Version I paused and said "wait what?" and downloaded it. Then I saw it was all changed around and in a new region and stuff and I was like "holy s*** people can edit these? I wanna do that!" and started doing some googling. And it took a while to have anything worth releasing, but yeah.
    Yeah, I think many of us made up our own regions and Pokémon back then, even if we had zero knowledge about ROM hacking.

    Brown is amazing. Hard to believe that hack has existed for so long now, and many people still point to it as a gold standard for RBY/GSC hacking. I know it's one of my favorites, no doubt.

    As for R/S, my brothers bought the games but at that point I was too spoiled by emulators and so I just downloaded the roms to play them on a bigger screen with the ability to speedup emulation. And I thought they were cool and all, but I was really disappointed that features that were in GSC were missing from R/S (I'm not saying RSE because Emerald wasn't out yet of course).
    I think that's the thing older fans were disappointed about the most with RS. Many of us were expecting another expanded sequel like GSC, especially since they were on the then shiny new GBA, and instead, what we got was a hard reboot that took two steps forwards, two steps backwards.

    When I heard about FrLg, I was pretty excited, but not as excited as I was when Crystal was released or when HGSS were announced. Even though I've been playing since 98, Gen 2 was my favorite which is why I was more excited for a remake of that than I was for Gen 1.
    I'm a Gen 2 fan, myself, even though I started with Yellow, so I can see where you're coming from. I think another thing that worked against FRLG is the simple fact that they came out before there was really any nostalgia for Pokémon. As big as the Gen 2/Gen 3 divide was, RBY were still only 5-6 years old when FRLG came out. On the other hand, by the time HGSS came out, the older games were already 10+ years old, so there was a lot of nostalgia and hype going around.

    Gen 4 almost made me quit Pokemon. I didn't like a lot of the Pokemon, didn't care about the region, and got really bored with the game. To this day, I don't think I've gone further than getting a single badge in Sinnoh without saying "Meh" and pulling out another game to play. Then when HG/SS were announced it was like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! and I had a japanese promotional wallpaper for HGSS as my wallpaper for a while, and then I downloaded Soul Silver in Japanese to play around with before I could get it in English, then once I could buy it, I was all about that and like taking my Pokéwalker to class and everything.
    Yeah, HGSS (as well as BW, which came out not long after) did bring a lot of people back into Pokémon. It was the first time GF really started to pay more attention to older fans, even if it may have meant lower sales in the long run (BW and XY both sold worse than DP, the latter of which being the worst-selling main paired games of all).
  5. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 07:16 PM
    I'm honestly not sure what my first hack that was worth releasing was. I know for the first while there, I was just playing around with tools and getting a feel for them, and didn't even know hacking forums existed. I found the roms, and I found some hacks on the rom sites, and so I googled something like "Pokemon Red Map Editor" and found Pokemap on like Zophar's Domain or something, and started playing around with that. Pretty sure my first one was a red hack of no real consequence. I also was working on a Silver hack called "Pokémon Legends" which eventually was rebooted as Sterling Silver, which was cancelled but some of the ideas came back in Christmas. But yeah, I got into it between R/S and FrLg. I was much more active on the Mew3Inc forums back in the day than I was here on PC.
    Yeah, that was a long time ago. Why did you get into in the first place? Were you put off by RS' many changes? How did you feel when you first learned about FRLG?

    I know I'm asking many questions, but I'm just curious to know about how it was like for an original fan in the GBA era. I was deep into my "Pokémon is for babies" phase by then, so I pretty much missed everything after Crystal.
  6. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 04:23 PM
    Thinking about this to reply got me feeling old and nostalgic again, as usual. It reminded me of when Gen 3 was still current, and back when I got involved in the Game Dev scene with RPG Maker and stuff. Like, when I met Fangking Omega, it was actually on the Booda Sack Project Forums, which was part of the main site for Pokémon Call of Latios whose name ended up inspiring one of my cancelled hacks' names -- Pokémon Sterling Silver: Cry of Celebi. Best I can tell, that fan game was never finished, but it had some interesting ideas. And I remember I had a fan game that I had started in RM2K called "Pokémon Advance: Mewtwo's Revenge" and it was, well, nothing to write home about. When I started it, FrLg weren't even out yet, so it was only using RS tiles. Then partway through, some screens were released and people ripped some stuff from Fr and they got in, then I used some actual FrLg tiles a bit before finally deciding the project was a waste of time and cancelling it xD.
    Wow, you've been doing this for a long time, now. What was your first hack, anyways?
  7. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 09:53 PM
    Yeah, to me anything newer than Gen 2 is still a "new gen Pokémon" or "one of the newer games", despite the fact that some of the people on this forum probably weren't even born yet when those games came out (it blows my mind that people here weren't born when Gen 1 came out, Gen 3 is just like "omg you guys are babies how did you find the internet?" haha). I had someone randomly comment on Christmas today saying they probably won't be playing it because they are 12 and like flashy graphics. I wanted to say a lot of things, but I just said "Have fun with that, then. Thanks for stopping by." It's like seriously, kids these days. smh.
    Good grief, someone who's 12 isn't even old enough to have experienced Gen 3! (And, *I* was 12, myself, and had mostly grown out of Pokémon when RS first came out! Scary! )

    And, to think, that even the kids who did grow up with Gen 3... aren't exactly kids anymore. The 7-8 year olds of 2003 are the 19-20 year olds of today, which is why so many college aged people were hyped about ORAS. RSE were their "Gen 1," so they love it and worship it as much as we do RBY. Time sure has flown.
  8. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 04:58 PM
    Haha, I know I'm kind of the odd-man-out these days by still being focused on the first two gens. I know the nostalgia is a large part of why I'm still involved in the hacking scene at all, and I don't have as much nostalgia for Gen 3. I do have plans to make some Gen 3 hacks eventually, but not wanting to give up Gen 1 and 2 either.


    And yeah, it really doesn't seem like 2006 should be almost a decade ago. And I mean when someone says "10 years ago" I still think of the 90s, not 2005. I was in highschool in 2005, that can't be a decade ago! At least that's what my mind thinks. Then again, my brain was hit by the y2k bug, I know. Ever since 2000 I've had the worst time keeping track of how long ago things happened. It's like I *know* it's 2015, but 1997 was only a few years ago. And my car is still brand new, even though I got it in 2008. And while I was in college, I once accidentally wrote the date as 1998 on an in-class writing assignment by accident. Nevermind the fact that I was in like... 4th grade in 1998? lol.
    I'm often the same way, myself. "10 years ago" still equals "the 90s," even though 1999 was 16 years ago, now. It's a big reason why I still see RSE as "new Pokémon" instead of nostalgic, even though the games are 12-13 years old now. Stuff that came out in the 21st Century when I was a teenager just doesn't seem like it should be nostalgic at all.

    (Plus, it still feels like we've only just moved into the era of late 80s and 90s nostalgia. It's way too soon to start getting nostalgic for the 2000s, especially since it was only 5-6 years ago that we were calling them the "Worst Decade Ever.")

    Of course, these kinds of discussions reveal a hard, yet unavoidable truth about us Millennials--We're no longer the youngest ones out there. An entirely new, younger generation has been born in the 20 or so years since us, and they've become old enough to start having a real presence on the internet. That early-mid 2000s stuff we sneered at for being "lame" and "not as good as the 90s" (like, again, RSE) is their nostalgia, and they've got no shame about it.

    This hilarious Buzzfeed article may be relevant here.

    (Oh, and speaking of them, they've unironically hopped on the 00s nostalgia train. I feel old. )

    I mean, I can't blame him for sticking with Charizard, since Charizard looking cool on the box for Red Version is part of what got me into Pokemon in the first place, and my first starter was of course Charmander lol. But I know what you mean.
    Which is why Charizard cards are worth a fortune. Even today, it's still one of the most popular and iconic Pokémon ever, often eclipsing even the mascot, itself.

    As for myself, I was more into Meowth/Persian back then (big cat lover here), but Charmander's line is cool.
  9. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 08:39 PM
    In Gen 2, it's crazy simple to make a person just follow you around on the map. Trick is making it work across maps, since it doesn't work that way (NPC following you would get unloaded) so it seems like you'd have to get into whichever routine draws the player and expand it to always draw an NPC behind you too. Or something like that, anyway. That's how I'd try to go about it if I was going to try and add it since I don't know how Yellow did it. Seems like it would be easier said than done, especially in a gen that doesn't have a disassembly. Maybe one day we'll get it working!
    *Sigh* I wish there was more interest in Gen 1-2 hacking. Understandable as it may be, it's annoying how much further behind GBA hacking GB/C hacking is, despite RBY/GSC being older games. You deserve props for being one of the few people left who still messes with RBY/GSC and isn't cranking out FireRed hacks like almost everyone else.

    Honestly, I'm not either. But I was friends with Fangking Omega when he was the one in charge of it (back when it used Gen 3 style graphics and stuff) and I ended up helping out with tiles a bit, and made some concept sprites of trainers (but not the ones they ended up using). Wow, guess that really was a long time ago. It's funny how time works. That feels like a long time ago, but other things from back then seem like they were just the other day. #nostalgia
    I gather you're not fond of their decision to switch to a Gen 4 style look (aka. your most hated style).

    Yeah, it is hard to believe how long ago that was. 2006 was almost a decade ago now.

    For her sake, I hope she got on with her dreams and at the very least put more effort into her goals than Ash did. "Gotta catch 'em all" eh? More like "Gotta catch like 5 and then quit" :rolleyes:
    And, only evolve 1 or 2 of them before dumping them all (except Pikachu) off at Prof. Oak's after you lose the League and move on to another region. Can't have any old or ugly Pokémon, unless they happen to be extremely marketable and badass-looking fire-breathing dragons. "Gotta market 'em all," right?

    I blame Gamefreak catering to Smog Heads. "Change clothes? Psh. I'm too busy spending all day trying to breed an Eevee with perfect IVs and the right nature so I can *starts rambling bull**** nobody cares about*
    Ironically, some Smog Heads complained about the removal of character customization because everybody would look the same in wi-fi battles, but this has zero effect on the many who exclusively use emulators like Showdown (who don't even deserve to have any say on how the games turn out, if you ask me).
  10. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 09:57 PM
    Definitely. Plus, that would open the doors to porting some of the yellow-exclusive features to Gen 2, such as following Pokémon and (going out on a limb here) the surfing Pikachu Mini-Game. But that's getting the cart before the horse, so to speak.
    Yeah, the following Pokémon would be huge. I partially blame people's lack of knowledge about it on the lack of Yellow hacks. Few have really explored Yellow's code, so most can't figure out how the mechanic works.

    I haven't done it yet, but I was planning to give the Elite Four stronger rematch teams in Christmas as well, for the same reasons

    Yep! I also made the New Bark Town houses in Crystal Dust, unless he has changed them since then. I didn't make them specifically for those projects though. A long time ago I was on the team for that fan game "Pokémon Acanthite" and somewhere along the road, someone made that game's tileset public asking you to credit "the Acanthite Team" and so yeah. A few things on that huge tileset are from me, but certainly not all of them haha.
    *One Google Search later*

    Oh, a fakemon hack. Yeah, not too much into those, myself.

    A Misty series could be fun. We'd finally get to see what she's been up to after leaving Ash. Probably being a lot more productive without him around.
    Yeah, being with Ash undoubtedly held her back. (As well as getting saddled with that Togepi.) Unfortunately, it appears that the anime's writers have a vendetta against her. She hasn't been seen or heard from in a decade, and she was never given true closure to begin with. We still don't know whether or not she fulfilled her goal of being a Water Pokémon Master.

    Yep, you've got a point there. That is definitely one thing that Gen 3 did get right. Maybe they'll bring back character customization in a Red remake, so even if they do try to make Green into something weird, we can make her how we want. Sorry, I know I keep bringing that feature up, but I liked it >.<
    Yeah, as long awaited as character customization was, it was pretty rotten of GF to dump it in ORAS. Could they have, at least, let us dress May/Brendan in their older outfits?
  11. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 02:38 PM
    Well, disassemblies take a long time haha. But they are slowly but surely working on adding the option to build Yellow into Pokered (which can currently build Red or Blue). That will be nice once they get all the way there!
    That's good to know. I'd like to see more Yellow hacks, myself.

    Yep, I've raised the Gyms' levels for Kanto. They were, at that point, basically a joke in vanilla GSC and we can't have that!
    They obviously wanted to keep their levels equal to or below Lance's for story reasons (with only the character who canonically defeated him, Blue, surpassing his levels). Lance can't so easily claim to be the Champion if the likes of Misty and Sabrina have stronger Pokémon than him, after all. HGSS got around this issue by having an Elite Four rematch after beating the Kanto Gym Leaders, so they could have higher levels now.

    Crystal Dust is awesome. Not gonna lie, if you compare a few areas in Crystal Dust and in Christmas you'll notice that some of my maps look pretty similar, since we were both using FireRed graphics a lot.

    Also, I'm pleasantly surprised nobody has accused me of stealing the Celebi Shrine from Liquid Crystal (and I think Crystal Dust) since I actually made the original that they used, and then devamped it for Christmas xD
    Oh, I didn't know you made the Liquid Crystal/Crystal Dust Celebi Shrine. That's pretty neat.

    Crystal Dust isn't bad at all. It's great for people who want a more updated Gen 2 that can be played on VBA and/or doesn't have HGSS' many design changes. It's a very literal remake like FRLG, but luckily, Crystal was a more complete game than RBY to begin with.

    I'm more "eh" on Liquid Crystal. It's nice that they tried to do something different with Gen 2, but it's not-so-nice that their "something different" was a completely new and boring and irrelevant Evil Team. If a Gen 2 sequel was what you wanted to make, then make a Gen 2 sequel. Don't shoehorn a sequel plot into what is supposed to be a remake.

    Yeah, once Pokecrystal gets to the point that it can build the rom on its own without having to include chunks of the original rom, I'll probably end up using it for Gen 2 hacks, and it would make things like that at least somewhat easier.
    Yeah, that'll be a huge step forward for GSC hacking. Crystal's a better base than Gold, anyways.

    Maybe they can replace it with a reboot that would be better quality, and everyone wins!
    Ah, if only. I'd love to see an Ash that was more of a true counterpart to Red, or even just a completely new series centered around a different character. (I'd love to see a Misty-focused series, myself.)

    I mean, c'mon Gamefreak. You can make a female character cute pretty or feminine without overdoing it and making them look... well.. like that. smh...
    Yeah, just look at, well, Green, herself. She has long hair and wears a skirt, yet isn't drenched in pink and still looks practically-dressed and battle-ready. Also, May wore a dress in Emerald (albeit, with bike shorts underneath), but again, she looked strong and battle-ready and wasn't all weak and frilly-looking as her ORAS counterpart. (Coincidentally, both are Gen 3 designs. Whatever its other faults, it was a good Gen for female PC designs.)

    Dawn, on the other hand, looks like she would rather go shopping than become Champion, and Lyra's just a skinny, cutesy moeblob cosplaying as fem!Mario. Ick.
  12. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 05:35 PM
    The Gen 2 Graphics patch would be doable, I'm gonna currently say No on Yellow though, because I wouldn't know how. I honestly wouldn't even know how to put it in Red using a hex editor instead of the disassembled source code, like I'd have to do for Yellow, so I don't know how to put it in Yellow. Maybe one day!
    Maybe, someone should do a disassembly for Yellow, then? I don't think that game has been explored enough, anyways, and people might learn more about how the following Pokémon mechanic works. (As it stands now, Yellow is comparable to how Emerald was several years ago, a stabler and more advanced base that was poorly-understood and thus, rarely hacked.)

    Yep! Viridian Forest, Cerulean Cave, Safari Zone (although it is planned to be a bit different, probably doing Friend Safari like the Johto Safari Zone will be, or it might be more Safari Zone-like, I'll have to see when I get there), Pewter Museum, all that stuff that was taken out will be back. You also get Old Amber in Kanto, and can revive it by taking it to the Museum like in HG/SS. So yeah, should be plenty I can mention to promote it
    Yeah, it'll be fun to see a more complete Kanto in GSC, Safari Zone and all. Will you also raise the Gym Leader levels like HGSS did?

    Adding new names is relatively easy, but still, having a bunch already in Emerald is a major plus too for sure!
    Definitely. At this point, there's literally no reason to hack Ruby over Emerald. Emerald has everything Ruby has, plus more, and on a far stabler base, to boot. It also has more to offer than FireRed for all but the very lazy and inexperienced.

    When it comes to GSC remake/reboot hacks, in particular, Emerald is the best base. Unlike FireRed, it has a clock and berry trees, as well as a phone device, and the Frontier Pass also gives you a second trainer card of sorts. No surprise that the most accurate fan made GSC remake to date is on an Emerald base.

    That's what I did with Christmas, so that's what I'd end up doing here as well I'm sure. Really the only way to go unless the Crystal disassembly gets a lot further along to make it viable to do something crazy like restructure the data to let you use 2 bytes to store Pokemon and Move IDs instead of one, so you could have more than 255 entries lol.
    I'm sure GSC hacking will eventually get to that point. Remember that it's only been recently that people have figured out how to have more than 386 Pokémon in the GBA games, games that people have been hacking for more than a decade now.

    Oh yeah, I was never saying it was a good idea to only use them as eye candy regardless of age, I just meant it would be less gross if they hadn't insisted on claiming they were 10. It's like, it would still be perverted, but at least they wouldn't be trying to make themselves and fans look like pedos on top of it.
    That entire interview I quoted was just sickening. If you ever needed evidence of why the anime went so far off track after the first couple of seasons or so, look no further than Masamitsu Hidaka's statements to PokéBeach. He knew very well that they had been turning the show to crap, and he didn't give a damn about it.

    Luckily, though, the anime's time may have finally run out. The ratings have hit rock bottom, and there's enough evidence even in the show, itself, that they may be planning to finally retire Ash and end the show for good.

    Wait, for real? That's news to me. I don't think I've ever heard anyone of any gender have anything nice to say about Lyra o.O

    I've always gotten the impression she was near universally hated, and everyone either preferred Kris or just didn't care about her one way or the other. I've only ever heard her outfit described as "ugly", "weird", "mario-looking" or "stupid" (or something similar). Guess I learned something today. You're right though, Gen 5 was a lot better, especially White/Hilda. To me, Rosa seemed a little less normal because I just wasn't quite sure about her outfit but still better than Lyra.
    Oh, Lyra has her fans. I can't understand them at all, myself, and how anyone could tolerate that dumb mushroom hat, Mario overalls, and clown stockings, pervert or not, but some things are like that.

    Yeah, the Gen 5 girls were a huge step up from Gen 4's. Yes, Hilda's shorts were kind of short, and Rosa had that weird Sailor Moon hair, but they were both strong-looking and practically-dressed, as player characters should be. (Rosa even holds the honor of being the first female PC to have her legs fully-covered, albeit with a wetsuit instead of pants.) I think both of them being explicitly teenagers instead of pre-teens helped; there was less of an impulse to make them all cutesy like Dawn and Lyra were.

    With Serena, they went back to a girlier design, but, at least, she isn't drenched in pink like Dawn (and her skirt's a little longer, too, especially when you consider, like Hilda and Rosa, she's also definitely an older teenager), and you can actually change her outfit in the game.

    As for new!May, on the other hand... I'm not so sure about her. Right away, I don't like how her legs look like literal toothpicks. She makes even Lyra look chunky! And, I'm definitely not fond of her bow and added frills and her younger, girlier look, in general. Despite her girly, fanservicey anime counterpart, game!May was strong and assertive-looking, especially in her Emerald art. This is why I really wish they had brought back customization in ORAS, even if it was only to put May back in one of her older outfits.

    Suffice to say, when and if Gen 1 gets remade, I fear for Green. At the very least, she'll probably get a girlified redesign like May, but more than likely, she'll get dumped for a new character like poor Kris. HGSS already retconned her out by only showing Red on Mt. Silver, and the new remakes would likely be redos of the original games (particularly, Yellow) instead of FRLG. Plus, Green was the only PC besides Kris to have never been established as separate character in the game. If you play as Red, she doesn't exist, and vice-versa. Since the new remakes would likely put the unselected character in a secondary rival role (like HGSS did), that only increases the odds of them just making a new female PC out of scratch instead of trying to un-retcon an older one. Sucks, I know.
  13. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 11:01 AM
    I'll see if I can make a patch for Gen 1 that adds it without re-arranging too much data when I recompile it, so it won't like super interfere with existing hacks (hopefully). With Red++, I was intending to let people use it as a base, but I am making no effort to make old editors work with it, since it would be much easier to edit it as source code the way I'm doing and recompile it.
    At the very least, I'd want a patch that's compatible with the Gen 2 graphics patch. If possible, a separate one for Yellow would be nice, too. (Yellow's data is a little different from RB's, so RB patches won't work with it.)

    I'll see what I can do, not sure when Kanto will be ready to release. Some of it is already done and just inaccessible in the current release, but at this point I don't actually remember off top of my head. Once I get a release for Red++ out, I'm just gonna go play around and explore Kanto and make a check-list of things that need adding/fixing/etc and start crossing them off, like I did with the Johto release. And while I'm doing that, I'll be tryin to keep in mind things to talk about while promoting it!
    Well, you're adding back areas like Viridian Forest and Cerulean Cave, right? I know a lot of people would like to see those things in GSC Kanto. There's a lot of things you can promote when the time comes.

    Yeah, Fire Red is popular for a few reasons off top of my head. I know people like the fact that it has multiple Town Maps by default without needing to know how to add more by ASM, it has more trainer sprites you can use, since it has all the FrLg sprites AND the RSE sprites usable, and a lot of pre-made patches are for Fire Red and not Emerald, so lazy people want to just use that. But in terms of what it has to offer, I feel like Emerald is much better as a base.
    If I'm not mistaken, Emerald also has multiple maps hidden in its data for FRLG compatibility, as well as possibly for the event islands. (So, a Pokémon that was caught on, say, Route 1 will say "Met on Route 1" if traded to Emerald.)

    FireRed became the most popular base for hacks because it's very stable and simple, while still being relatively modern. Its default graphics also happen to be less ugly than RSE's. People only used Ruby if they really wanted to have a clock or berries, but now since more is known about Emerald, they're starting to use that more, as it's better than Ruby in every single way.

    Well, I'm gonna try and keep from changing canon TOO much, but yeah, having an updated Gold Version with the nicer tilesets, gender selection, P/S Split, Fairy Type (but not as many new moves because Gold has barely any slots available), the HG/SS locations added, etc. would be nice
    Yeah, that's the downside of Gold, fewer slots available for both moves and Pokémon. I'd say, replace the things that seem useless or redundant.

    I've always refused to believe they were actually 10, since even in the official art almost none of them actually look 10, and I would say that based on the games they don't act 10, and it seems hard to believe that even in the Pokémon world, people would let their kids move out on their own at 10. That said, to sexualize them and use them for fanservice while swearing up and down that they are 10 is just... eww. I mean, if they wanted to say they were generically teens, it would at least be a bit more socially acceptable and less pedo, but still not a good call for them.
    Well, they're all explicitly stated to be 10 in the anime (which is separate from the games), so, yes, it's as gross as it sounds. But, even if they were older, treating your female leads as nothing but fresh meat for horny teenage boys is just all sorts of wrong. A lot of girls watched Pokémon, and many of them identified with Misty because she wasn't some boring fanservice stereotype. Throwing her away for May and her inflated chest (and later, Dawn and her tiny skirt) did nothing but alienate those fans. (If Johto's boring-ness didn't already do so.)

    I don't even feel like Lyra works as eye candy, unless people have a Fem!Mario fetish.
    I've seen many people (or, I should say, many guys) go on about how "cute" she is, so yeah. Gen 4, in general, was a low point for female PC design, as it was the same Gen that gave us Dawn and her pink miniskirt. Luckily, Gen 5 made up for it by giving us a couple of strong, practically dressed female PCs.
  14. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 07:56 PM
    Mhm! I even wrote a tutorial on how to include gender selection in Gen 1 as well (although now it needs to be slightly updated I think, but eh, close enough). And since I tend to play as the female character because of reasons, I enjoy having that option as well.
    That's great. I'd love to see a gender selection patch for RBY/GS, because I'd love to play as a girl in the vanilla games as well as hacks.

    Cool that you like to play as a girl.

    While it would be a bit late to change the name, it's never too late for promotion, you're right! Guess I'll just have to try and hype the Kanto release a lot more when the time comes :3
    Yeah, that's what I'd try to do. If you have to, downplay the Christmas aspect and put more emphasis on things like the Gen 3 tilesets, new Pokémon, P/S Split, new areas, and whatnot. There's a lot of people who would like to have those things in a game without the hassle of Natures/EVs. (Like, myself. )

    Yeah, when I get around to making a Gen 3 hack, my current plan is using Emerald as a base. I have this crazy idea to put Dive areas and Secret Bases in Johto, and to have functional berry trees, and all three of those would be a lot easier to add in Emerald than Fire Red.
    That's a big reason why more people are hacking Emerald to begin with, nowadays. In the past, Emerald's coding wasn't understood as well, so most people wrote it off as an unstable, difficult-to-hack base in favor of Ruby and FireRed. It wasn't until later on that people started to fiddle with Emerald more and realized that it was far more stable than Ruby and that it was capable of far more than both Ruby and (especially) FireRed. Because of this, you rarely see Ruby hacks anymore, and FireRed's popularity has somewhat slowed down (although it's still very popular).

    I think he kept the same name, and I don't still have a link to the thread anywhere. Not sure if it's even still around, that was a long time ago lol. I can try to look into it though.
    Well, since he was banned (interested in knowing why, if you don't mind), it's possible that the thread was deleted. It's probably for the better. PC has enough mukty Team Rocket hacks.

    That's a pretty cool idea, and one I've thought about. A lot of the devamped graphics that I used in Christmas were ones I originally made for something I was going to call "Gold DX" which would be Gold with updated graphics and maps (like Christmas ended up having) and new features, like gender selection and Wonder Trade, which also ended up in Christmas. I can still see myself doing that, and maybe tossing in a few tweaks to help it fit in with any accidental changes to canon that happened because of Christmas or Red++ or something. So basically, you might get your wish one day :p
    When you finish Red++, I wouldn't mind seeing Gold DX revived as its sequel. At this point, we can almost assume that Red++ will change GSC's canon (whether intended or not), and I wouldn't mind playing through Gen 2 with things like Fairies and the Safari Zone, anyways.

    Misty: How old are you?
    Ash: 10
    Misty: How long have you been 10?
    Ash: ...A while.

    Ok, not an actual quote, but it's pretty show-accurate. I guess kids are still watching it even though we outgre the anime a while back, so they're still making it, and keeping Ash forever young and giving him a new pseudo-girlfriend each season. smh.
    I like the Ho-Oh theory about Ash's non-aging, but that doesn't make it any less stupid. They want the show (and their source of advertising for the games) to go on forever, which means that Ash must be 10 forever (and always lose every single League he participates in), because Mew forbid they replace him with a new protagonist every Gen.

    There's a darker side to the show's disposal of female leads every few seasons. It's less about giving Ash a new pseudo-girlfriend and more about giving the (presumably male) audience a new pseudo-girlfriend:

    So then I said, “Why can’t you just ditch Brock, have Ash, have Misty, and then bring in a new boy? That would be switching up things instead of having a new girl.” His following answers made me laugh my head off I had to pick it up off the floor and reattach it. He stated that they like to switch up the girls because it gives the boys some new eye candy every once in a while. He also said girls are more customizable and you can change their outfits, like when they are in their bathing suits (yes, he specifically said that). He also said Ken Sugimori designs a new girl with each generation and that gives them another excuse to switch the girl, though I reminded him that there is also a new boy with each generation too, and it wouldn’t hurt to use them.
    All together now: EWWWWWWWWWW!!!

    And, yes, these presumably 10 year old girls have been played up as fanservice in the show. Even nowadays. Blech.

    Definitely! I hate that they replaced her with Lyra in HG/SS, because Lyra is just so bleh, yknow?
    Like most of Ash's traveling companions (save for Misty and Iris), Lyra was aimed at the creeps who like to draw 10 year old girls like this instead of the normal people who draw them like this. They wanted to bring some new "eye candy" into HGSS, and Kris (like Misty) was too much of a tomboy, so she was dumped for a younger, cuter, girlier version.

    Sure, people can play the "HGSS are Gold and Silver remakes" card all they want, but Eusine, Buena, and Extremespeed Dratini don't lie. Lyra was 100% moe fanservice, plain and simple.
  15. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 10:01 PM
    That was written before I had a viable way to include gender choice, and probably has some outdated info. The current plan is to make Jack the male player and Jael the female one, with the other showing up in-game the way Hiro and Mei do in Christmas.
    That sounds good. While I grew up just fine with RBY/GS, it's kind of hard to go back to playing as a guy when you've been given a female option in other games, you know? One thing I love about Red++ is that it proves that gender selection IS possible in Gen 1 (so RBY hacks have less of an excuse for excluding it, now ).

    Indeed. Plus, a lot of the events aren't even that related to Christmas, it just takes place at Christmas time, if we're being honest. Only thing is now people know it by that name and it would be weird to change the name. :/
    Very true. The hack just needs to be promoted more, I think. The newest version isn't 100% finished yet, so you still have time.

    When I started it, Gen 3 hacking wasn't even as advanced as it is now lol. We were still using tools like Elitemap and RS Ball and stuff.
    Hacking in general was less advanced back then. Gen 1/2 were even further behind Gen 3, despite being older games. Obviously, most people prefer full color graphics and the newer stat/battle system, so most people gravitated towards GBA hacking, and since the DS games proved to be not as hackable, GBA hacking continues to dominate. (Although the bases have changed over the years. Back then, Ruby was a very common base, while nowadays, Emerald is far more common. FireRed still beats both, though.)

    I remember at one point, Pyro and I planned on abandoning Secrets and Rumours, because at the time we didn't think we could pull it off. And someone asked to take over, and we agreed. He promptly ignored the stuff about being a remake with rumours added and turned it into a ****ty team rocket hack. Then he got banned. Then later I brought the hack back to life the way it was supposed to be. :p
    Ooh, drama. What was this "mukty Team Rocket hack," anyways? I want to see how much your game was butchered.

    Wellp, time to do some promoting of gen 1 and 2 hacking, then sit back and wait so we can party like it's 1999!
    Tell me about it. I love name-dropping my favorite RBY/GSC hacks in threads. (Which includes your games. )

    I don't buy the lack of room argument that gets tossed around all the time. There is a LOT of free space in a vanilla Gold rom. I didn't use any kind of "clearing patch" for Christmas, I left most of it intact and just added new stuff. I deleted the original tileset data to save room, but yeah :p There are several whole rombanks at the end of the rom that are completely empty, nothing but 00s (which was free space in Gen 1 and 2), and most of the banks that hold event text and scripts have plenty of free space at the end of them as well. For example, Gamefreak could have very easily given us a full-size Kanto without shrinking maps and removing areas if they wanted to, there was plenty of room for it, they were just lazy
    I guess you could say that GF's developing skills were, well, "less advanced" at the time. I mean, just look at the loads and loads of glitches that the Gen 1 games had, or the terribad sprites that RGB (and even some from Yellow and GS) had. The fact that we had to wait until Crystal to get a female protagonist when, as it turns out (thanks to your hack), even RBY had room for one, says it all.

    A future hack I wouldn't mind seeing is Gen 2 getting a HGSS-style makeover, like a "Gold++," if you will. However, I'd definitely keep Kris over Lyra and most of the major characters in their older designs (one area where, with a few exceptions, HGSS really screwed up).

    Because doing it right would make too much sense. GameFreak has something in common with the university I went to, in that respect xD
    It's been a long time since the anime's done it right, I'm afraid. How in the hell has it even been allowed to go on this long?

    Well, when you get to the E4, Kris is the Champion, so in that respect she could be. When they are encountered as an NPC, Mei wants to be a Coordinator and Hiro wants to be a Breeder. So in that version, Kris could be the real protagonist and the others are her supporting characters, even though she is presented as the friendly rival in-game.
    Yeah, that works. It can be a story about the rival. (And, Kris needs more love, anyways.)

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