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  1. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 7:10 AM
    Hey, Mateo! Missed you yesterday. What's been going on?
  2. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 10:53 PM
    As many fanboys as the manga has, I'm surprised there aren't even more Adventures-based hacks than there already are. I know there's also a Green chapter and some stuff too, but I haven't actively gone looking to see just how deep that rabbit hole goes.
    I guess a lot of these teens lack the skills to even throw together a crappy FireRed hack.

    If you want some comedy gold, get a load of the comments left on Aethestode's profile. This one especially got me LOL-ing:

    Hey sir? Zzup? I know i'll just annoy you but still here tryin to convince you to continue this BEST HACK EVER. You've been through different problems developing and improving this game for your players but you keep on solving those problems. You never fail anyone on upgrading your game. You always find ideas just to satisfy our wants. You already faced a lot of bashers since Beta1-11e, Your game is almost finish, But why now? Why do you quit now? After all the hardworks and time you dedicate to this game? Why quit now before the last beta? I Know how you feel about those freakin players that don't appreciate your work, That's the world sir, full of person that doesn't know how to appreciate efforts. You cannot please everyone, but Us Players Who you make happy on your Hack is A Lot Greater than those haters.

    I know you love this hack yourself. You dedicate most of your time on this, I just don't know why do you need to Quit on Somethinf You Love? How about continue this game for yourself? Continue the Game not for your players But for yourself. That would be awesome to feel that you finish an Incredible Game yourself. The Biggest Pokemon HackRom Ever. The First Hacker that Finish a Game with 721+ Pokemon more than 5 regions, A Dream Pokemon Evolutions?

    This hack will surely be an Hit For Life. A Hack that Lives until next Generations of Teenagers. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS GAME FOR MY FUTURE SON AND DAUGHTER. PLEASE CONTINUE LIVING YOUR PASSION. I hope i can make you think atleast a little.
    GODBLESS SIR!!!!! - The Creator Of The Best And Biggest Hack EVER!!!!

    From: A Little Fan.

    I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

    I've actually thought about looking into Gen 4 hacking. Unlike, well, anyone else that I know of in the romhacking community, I used to make cars for Need for Speed 3 and 4 before I found out about roms and hacking, so I actually already have some experience with 3D modeling (albeit modeling very different things a long time ago) but it makes me think it's something I could pick up if I got around to it, whereas everyone else around here looks at it like "oh 3d, that's impossible, we do tiles here" and stuff. Maybe I'll remake Christmas as a HGSS hack in a handful of years lmao.
    Well, if you're going to move past RBY/GSC, why not try HGSS instead of hopping on the Gen 3 bandwagon? At least it would be something different.

    That's the only reason I can think of that makes sense, anyway. But regardless of the reason, glad they tried to remedy it in the remakes. And in Christmas, I'm also planning to make sure the Kanto leaders increase in level from the original matches with the E4, then have a battle with stronger E4 teams after you have all 16 badges. Sort of playing off of the idea they used in Origins, where Brock looked to see how many badges Red already had and chose the team for the match accordingly. I thought that was a very reasonable in-universe explanation for why the difficulty would increase as if everyone started from Pallet Town. It lets you assume that all leaders are pretty strong, and choose according to their opponent, and it still lets the E4 be stronger than the Kanto leaders in reality, while letting the Kanto leaders be tougher than the first time you face the E4.
    This is a scenario where I've always felt that a strong dose of Gameplay and Story Segregation needed to be applied. While it would make perfect sense for the Kanto gyms to be weaker than the E4, storywise, it's awful from a gameplay perspective. Of course, as you said, having E4 rematches hekps fix this dilemma.
  3. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 4:05 PM
    Let's see...

    - Any of the Dark Rising hacks, for sure. The fact that there are more than one of them blows my mind. The art is terrible, the storyline sounds like a 12 year old emo kid's wannabe-edgy diary, the level curve is, from what I've heard, absolute trash, etc.
    - Adventure Red: Red Chapter [Aethesode] or whatever the official name for that garbage is. It's based on the Adventures manga, so of course I have no interest in the story, and everything about it seems poorly implemented. Plus the creator is just super cringe with the way he handles everything related to the hack and to even constructive criticism. I saw he posted on Reddit that he was leaving Pokecommunity and/or abandoning his hack, and I had to metaphorically hold my tongue to avoid replying with grumpy cat saying "Good" lol.
    - Snakewood. While the idea of a post-apocalyptic Pokemon hack sounded promising, looking through the thread, I immediately said "Nope". The story is, again, wannabe edgy instead of well thought out. The fakemon/zombiemons/etc are all lousy edits with no effort put into them. I saw one screenshot that was like... the player up against a frankensteined 2 headed Latios/Latias hybrid, and I was like "...what?"
    Yeah, I hear you on all of those, especially Adventure Red. Seeing as the source material itself is already wannabe edgy trash with terrible character designs, it lends itself very easily to crappy fanfic hacks.

    What makes Adventure Red even worse, though, is that even though the creator claims that his game "follows the manga closely," he put the Orange Islands in his hack!

    As bad as Adventure Red is, though, the sequels are arguably worse. Adventure Yellow is not only based on one of the very worst chapters of the manga (aka. the one that ruined one of my favorite characters by turning him into some hateful emo villain), but the mukty hack of it also includes pointless fake types and hideous fake Megas.

    Since the Yellow chapter is uniquely awful, this of course means that there's another, completely unrelated hack of it. Uggggggghh.

    It still absolutely blows my mind how seemingly overnight we went from knowing absolutely nothing about hacking Gen 3 to having Map, Script, and other editors (none of which are still used, since there are better ones now of course). We had script editors for Gen 3 years before we had one for Gen 2. And for a long time, the Germans knew a lot more about hacking Gen 2 than we did for some reason. Heck, I still use an old Town Map editor for the German versions of GSC to export the tilemaps for like the town map and other stuff for Red++. But I'm getting off topic. Sorry!
    Yeah, Gen 3 hacking really took off fast and is still very dominant. Of course, this is mostly because Gen 3's the only Gen that's old enough to be easily hackable, yet still have full color and the modern stat system. Hacking Gen 4+ requires 3D mapping skills, and those games also have more DRM to work around.

    I can understand the E4 being low, since it was only halfway through the game. But I don't understand why Kanto's trainers didn't get any stronger, and there wasn't a way to rematch the E4 with a stronger team when you had all 16 badges, to help train for Red.
    It seems that they wanted to keep the Kanto Gym Leaders (except Blue) all lower-leveled than Lance for story reasons. Luckily, even GF themselves figured out that this was a bad idea, so they all got a level boost in HGSS, which also added Gym Leader and E4 rematches.
  4. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 12:59 PM
    That's fine. I've been busy with Red++, myself.
  5. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 10:47 PM
    Probably half of the stuff they've announced for Sun & Moon would be enough to make me close a thread, haha.

    What are some of the hacks that made you go the most?

    I was still playing at the time, as were my friends. We were already band nerds, Pokemon was the least of our worries as far as being part of the "in" crowd goes, lmao. One of my friends even ordered Japanese Leaf Green shortly before they came here, because he assumed we'd end up getting WaterBlue or something instead, since we didn't get Green the first time around. He was wrong of course, but we had no reason to assume that at the time. By the time Gen 3 came out, I just downloaded them as roms though, didn't bother buying physical copies. My brothers did, but I was just like "I'm so used to VBA at this point, the GBA feels too slow". So I was still on top of the whole Pokemon thing at the time, lol. But somewhere around then I jumped on the Sims train too, and that still hasn't stopped, either.
    I think I cared way too much about looking "cool" and being popular in middle school.

    Forget WaterBlue, many people actually thought ThunderYellow was going to be made (especially after FRLG didn't include anything from Yellow).

    Yeah, it was one of the few places besides the E4 to earn more money once you'd beaten the normal trainers, and grinding off wild Pokemon at that point was a pain. Why they thought we wouldn't want that is beyond me.
    GSC were horrible for grinding, in general. The E4 only went up to L50, and the highest leveled wild Pokémon topped out in the high 40s. Why couldn't Mt. Silver have had levels more like Cerulean Cave?

    Carrie was legit in Gen 2. Still disappointed she didn't look like Kris in the trainer house. In the future, I'm going to make sure the linked trainer in Red++ has their proper gender sprites in battle and the overworld. It's already doable, I'm just holding off on it since there are some other issues with link battles apparently, and I'm not worrying with them until I get more of the single player changes out of the way, since most people seem to not be able to link with their emulators anyway. But still, would be a nice change to have for those who can.
    Well, the Kris sprite didn't exist in GS. However, it's strange that that she still looked like Gold in Crystal.

    Glad to hear that Red++ isn't going to have any issues like that.
  6. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 6:51 PM
    Oh, I know. Haha, I know. Also another thing that crappy fangames have been doing already, championed by the same people who are like "Why don't you make Cut a bug type move and give it like 100 BP and make it cause flinch" or whatever.
    Suffice to say, whenever I'm looking at a hack and see a list of changed Pokémon/moves, the first thing I do is click away. Not every attack needs to be 150 BP.

    In my defense, it was hard for me to be active in online communities before then, since we didn't have the internet at home until about 2001 or 2002 I think. When I could only get online by going to Dad's office or the school library, it was harder to be active in anything :p But yeah, I'm sure that since that was the same gen when regions became separate, it was something of a retcon.
    Admittedly, I didn't have internet myself until around 2002, either. Of course, by then, I had started to lose interest in Pokémon in favor of the Sims. I didn't even learn of Gen 3/Hoenn until years later.

    And, on that note, Hoenn probably had one of the most disappointing E4s ever. Why did GF reuse types that had already been used in the Indigo E4? And, Glacia, in particular, had a horrible team, made up of just two lines (Snorunt and Spheal). The Hoenn Dex didn't have enough Ice types for an Ice E4.

    Yeah, I was all for giving it more use, but the way they did it in HGSS seemed like a weird way to handle it. I did like that it was linked to the Pokewalker, since it was originally linked to Mystery Gift, and I actively used my Pokewalker and linked with other people, such as classmates (who'd've thought a bunch of English Majors would be nerds? lmao). However, not gaining experience and earning Battle Points and basically being a generic battle facility was strange.
    The EXP and money was one of the best things about the Trainer House for me, so HGSS definitely screwed up there.

    I never had many friends, so the only Mystery Gift I ever used it with was the one from Stadium 2. When you did that, you got Carrie instead of Cal, who had better teams than him.
  7. TyHawk4501
    2 Weeks Ago 6:29 PM
    I'm doing alright too
  8. TyHawk4501
    2 Weeks Ago 6:07 PM
    How are you today?
  9. TyHawk4501
    2 Weeks Ago 5:17 PM
    *TyHawk appears*
  10. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 4:27 PM
    Oh I'm sure. These people want the whole game to just be a battle facility, so I'm sure that's all we'll get for the post-game again. When they consider the game to just be getting started is when I decide it's done. *shrug* people need to get a grip.
    As if you needed another reason to hate them, Alola Forms are pretty much more competitive catering, too. Almost all of them have better types, stats, and movepools than their original counterparts.

    I've been involved with the online fandom basically the whole time. When Gen 1 was new, I was on Maxpages sites looking for gameshark codes and hearing about the rumours and stuff. Somewhere around Gen 3 I found sites like Pokecommunity (I had actually already gotten into hacking before I found the forums, because I found hacks on rom sites, then I looked up tools and found them on sites that weren't forums, and went from there.) so I've been around for quite a while, which might be part of why I call them Johto and Kanto E4, although I think I was calling them that on my own already. Hard to say for sure at this point.
    The bolded/underlined part may be the key. RSE were the first games to have a true regional E4, so I think many people began to retroactively view the Gen 1-2 E4s through the same lens. Same can be said for Pokédexes, too.

    (The term "Kanto Pokédex" largely didn't exist until Gen 3, and that's because the idea of Regional Pokédexes didn't exist until Gen 3. There weren't any isolated/cut-off regions until Hoenn.)

    I could put the new one, with the battle machines, into the underground in Goldenrod. Then the levels available could change as you progress through the game. They were originally based on machines I put there in Sterling Silver (someone bought the old warehouse that Team Rocket had used over the summer and converted it into a facility with practice battle machines) so it could be a reference to that.

    Christmas could maybe do with a Battle Tent, too. Maybe in Viridian's trainer house?
    Those would work.

    I always liked the idea of the Trainer House, but the execution was poor (based on Mystery Gift, could only use it once a day). HGSS messed it up even more by turning it into another battle facility.
  11. Fotomac
    2 Weeks Ago 2:47 PM
    Oh. Right.
  12. Fotomac
    2 Weeks Ago 2:30 PM
    Well, obviously, I'm going to have to add DVs to TCNS before I can even think about adding Pokémon genders to any future nightly build. In the meantime, I'm preparing the new nightly build right now.
  13. Fotomac
    2 Weeks Ago 1:38 PM
    Same routine I brought up for the Rickroll Easter Egg: for the attempted run from a trainer battle.
  14. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 1:32 PM
    Looking forward to it!

    You hit the nail on the head, there. I see those people on Reddit too. "Looking for a hack that doesn't bother with any story crap and just lets me do the postgame" and I literally want to find them and set their computers and 3DSs on fire, then put on sunglasses and walk away while it explodes behind me and I give a cheesy one-liner. I don't understand why those people bother playing the games at all. Clearly all they want is a battle simulator run by Smogon, and those already exist. Why can't they just get the hell out of the fandom and let us enjoy the games for what they are?
    On top of that, I don't know why *GF* continues to bother with these people. GF continues to bend over backwards to cater to them even though they rarely play the games. For all of the drastic changes Sun/Moon are making, I lay credits to beans that the postgame (yet again) won't be anything more than a rehashed battle facility.

    I know that Johto technically doesn't have its own Elite Four, but I have literally always called it the Johto Elite Four for as long as its existed, so it is extremely hard for me to call it anything else at this point, because that's still what I think of it as. So while you're technicallly right, and I accept that, it doesn't change what I've called it and thought of it as for the past 16 years :p Sorry about that.
    LOL, I'm the exact opposite. I've always called them "Gen 1 E4" and "Gen 2 E4" since forever and never heard the terms "Kanto/Johto E4" until I started getting involved with the online fandom.

    I think I will improve the one in Christmas for the full version. The battles will still work the same way, but there will be a bit more variety in the opponents you can face, so it isn't just the same few random people and that's it. Well, I might actually make that a separate facility. It would probably be easier to keep the standard Battle Tower once it moves to Crystal, but keep a facility that works the same way in Johto as well, for the same purpose.
    That'll work. Those who want a competitive battle facility still have the one from Crystal, while those who want something more laid back will have the other one.

    That's what I'm saying. A lot of people act like the hand-holding in later gens is something new. I just remind them "FireRed had a sign in your bedroom telling you how stairs and doors work, wouldn't let you leave Pallet Town until you'd read how to open the Start menu, and Prof Oak held your hand and showed you how to battle. Then the Old Man forced you to watch him show you how to catch a Pokemon. Don't act like this is something new."
    Don't forget the help buttons and Teachy TV.

    I much preferred the Old Man when he was the gateway to multiple Rare Candies/Master Balls.
  15. Fotomac
    2 Weeks Ago 1:13 PM
    Where would I put all that code?

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