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  1. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 05:56 PM
    I haven't made as many things for TS4 yet, but so far the third party tool and Paint.net are working pretty well. I never used Paint.net before this, always used Paint Shop Pro, but Paint.net was free and worked with the image format the tool was using.
    I occasionally use Paint.net, but I'm just too used to GIMP's layout. Unfortunately, GIMP still isn't 100% compatible and stable with Win 7 or higher, so crashes (and lost work) are frequent.

    Same here. That's always been one of the appeals of the Sims franchise to me, getting to escape real life for a while and play with other things. Live something else vicariously. Be ridiculous or be serious, whatever you're feeling with that neighborhood/world.
    Oh, I know. You can do anything you want in the Sims, which is beauty of the game. The possibilities are endless. It's why I've been a huge fan of the games for close to 15 years now.

    Yep, looks like we actually DO agree on a lot of the problems with Gen 4 after all
    I like HGSS, but DPP are not favorites of mine by a long shot. If anything, you could call them some of GF's least original games. They took most of the same basic elements from RSE--new isolated region, restricted Regional Dex, new Pokémon that are intended to "replace" older ones, new Evil Team who wants to use Box Legendary to destroy the world and is defeated after 7th Badge, Champion is a Cool Older Mentor who helps you against Evil Team, and so on--and simply stuck them in a cold region as if that was enough to make a difference. At least, BW/2 and to a lesser extent, XY attempted to break RSE's formula.

    (And, yet, for some reason, DPP, especially Platinum, are some of the fandom's most highly-regarded games. Why? I know many people came back into the fandom during Gen 4, so maybe, they didn't realize how formulaic and unoriginal the Sinnoh games really were, but come on...)

    I will say though, I don't have a problem with Cynthia
    As a female fan, my biggest problem with her is how she's constantly held up and promoted as this Ultimate Strong Female Role Model when her character is, to be blunt, a boring Mary Sue. Her team is perfect (both stat-wise and coverage-wise), and she's portrayed as this wise, all-powerful mentor who always says and does the right thing.

    Now, there are certainly male characters who fit that description, too, but they are balanced out by the popular, well-liked, and important male characters who are heavily-flawed, as well as by the simple fact that every main villain in the games so far has been male. On the flip-side, the few "flawed" female characters are either widely hated by the fandom or are simply not given the same level of importance and backstory, and none of them are Champions or even leaders, period. Many female characters are completely underwritten and ignored, altogether, and almost all are degraded into cheap fanservice... often by the exact same guys who'll praise Cynthia to high heavens.

    Bleh, where's the Sims and its bastion of equality when you need it?

    but y'know. I am actually kinda planning to use The Looker in a hack... although in my game he would pretty much act exactly like David Tennant as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, and when he introduces himself, he would say something like "Hello, I'm The Doct-- wait, no. What is it they call me here? Oh right. I'm The Looker! Never quite understood that one..." That isn't Red++ though.
    He does look like the 10th Doctor doesn't he?

    Ironically, Looker may have actually made his very first appearance in Gen 1, but it has never been confirmed. His character doesn't really deeply enrage me like Cynthia does, but I do find it a teensy bit annoying how he's appeared in every single game released since Platinum (sans HGSS and B2W2) while many other characters haven't been seen or heard from in years (some, even more than a decade).
  2. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 04:05 PM
    I'm good too!
  3. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 03:59 PM
    How are you my friend?
  4. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 03:54 PM
    Hey Mateo!
  5. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 02:18 PM
    I guess it's *possible* that there is one on their website somewhere and I just haven't seen it because it didn't seem to come bundled with the game when you buy it in Origin. But the tool I have is third party. *shrugs* haha.
    Well, as long as the third party tool works fine enough for you. While I used the Sims Creator for my very first skins many, many years ago, I've long since abandoned it for GIMP and BodyWarp. The EA/Maxis tools usually don't give you as many options as the fan made ones, anyways.

    Yep! If only real-life could learn from The Sims and start being more open to equality.
    I agree. As stupid as Sims can be, their society is far more equal than ours. I like being able to imagine a better world in my game.
  6. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 02:05 PM
    My real problems with Gen 4 are specific to the Sinnoh region. I don't like the graphical style of the maps, it looks blurry and shoddy to me. And the storyline with Pokémon literally being gods and you going to the shadow realm to fight a giant ghost centipede just felt like bad fanfiction to me lol. I enjoyed HGSS though. The graphics still could use improvement but they are better than DPPt to me. Will reply to the longer message when I'm back on my laptop.
    Yeah, I also hate Sinnoh for introducing god Pokémon and religion into the games, especially a certain deformed llama who tried to steal the throne from the true ancestor of all Pokémon. Sinnoh also begat the trend of every Box Legendary being an ugly, overdesigned Dragon type (one that XY thankfully discarded), and the games' Legendary count, in general, was just insane.

    It also marked a low point in female PC design (It's cold enough for you to wear a coat and scarf, but not pants?!!?), and it introduced two of the franchise's most annoying and overused characters. The evolutions DPP added were a mixed bag, although they lose points for A) not letting you get most of them in DP, B) giving most of them ridiculous and over-complicated methods of evolution, C) not giving Jynx an evolution along with Electabuzz and Magmar, D) not making Yanmega Bug/Dragon, and E) making an Eeveelution that's completely redundant with a previously-existing one.

    This was also the Gen when Smogon started to take over the fandom. Blech.

    But, on the other hand, Gen 4 did give us the P/S Split, and HGSS, while not without their flaws, were far better remakes than FRLG. The move to the DS was also a pretty important first step, even if it was better-realized in Gen 5.
  7. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 12:54 PM
    I've never tried making requests (it seems most creators these days claim they don't take requests, which is honestly understandable). Still might be worth looking into though if I can't find something that suits me.
    Well, they're both active members at CTO (Hypnotiq is even a Mod), and I've seen them both take requests there. You could also hit up Viv and see if she could show you how to convert Sims 2 outfits to Sims 1.

    I guess it strikes me as odd since The Sims 4 claims to be more open for modders, (like some things in-game can apparently be changed by editing xml files) but still it struck me as odd that it didn't come with a basic tool for making clothing recolors like Sims 2 did. I mean we have tools for it now and all but yeah haha. Struck me as weird.
    That is odd, since even Sims 1 had a basic clothing-maker tool (albeit, only with Deluxe versions). It's possible that EA is saving it for a later EP or Stuff Pack, for whatever reason.

    *makes Red++ a freemium game for iPhone and Android*
    "Buy a Rare Candy for 2 gems?"
    I can already imagine that nightmare.

    I never considered them like straight-up stereotypical hippies, but they are free-spirited and open minded and stuff. And Meadow ended up becoming a lesbian and is married to a sim I made named Christy Simm (because I apparently suck at coming up with last names). Her sister on the other hand isn't dating anyone and just hangs out with her BFF a lot.
    Cool that you had her be a lesbian. I always loved how the Sims never cared about any of that stuff. The game treated all couples equally.
  8. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 11:28 AM
    Why do you consider Gen 4 to be your least favorite Gen, anyways? Just curious. Do you wish that Gen 2 had been remade in Gen 3 like Gen 1 was?
  9. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 11:04 AM
    Haha, no worries on that. I don't mind the list of links although sometimes it takes me a minute to notice they are there since for some reason they show up as the same color as normal text and so I have to mouse-over them to be able to see it's a link :p Probably just a thing with the theme I'm using or something. I'll have to look through them to see if they're my style or not I guess, but thanks for linking them, I'm sure I'll end up getting a few things from them whether or not I get a lot lol.
    What theme are you using? I'm using the "Johto Elite" one, which has a dark grey background, white text, and light blue links. It's very clean and minimalist.

    I know that Viv and Hypnotiq are still actively creating, so even if they don't have anything you like, they'd probably take requests. You might also find some good skins at various Japanese sites, of which Sims of the World has an entire list of links.

    Yeah, makes sense that it would take a while to get people settled in and work the kinks out of content creation. One thing that confuses me is that Sims 4 didn't even come with a version of Body Shop like Sims 2 did, people had to make their own tools for making CC. But even though they didn't release one with it (at least not that I can find) The Sims still shares pictures of CC people made on their official Facebook page and has talked with creators. *shrugs*.
    Yeah, that is strange, but it's nothing new. Back in the Sims 1 days, people had to create their own tools for making objects, and creators are a lot more experienced now than they were back then.

    I definitely believe it. I've heard stories of kids playing with their parents phones and accidentally buying used cars on eBay and the parents not knowing until the bill showed up. In-app purchases are even easier to believe, since all the kid has to do is keep clicking OK because to them, credit cards are just magic pieces of plastic that run out of money. Or they might not even know or care that money is involved, all they know is "If I click this, I get more gems so I can keep building houses faster and I want Ponyville to be big!" Yeah, for the app developers it really is like they struck a goldmine.
    It's exploitation. Most kids don't realize that "$100 for 100 gems" actually involves real money, and developers love this fact. They want the little kids to just mindlessly press "OK" until their parents get a $2000 bill from the credit card company. They make far more money that way than just charging $20 at the start for a complete game.

    Also, I love Meadow's name. It isn't average, but it's still cool. Since she was a townie, I made up a backstory for her where her parents both had "naturey" names to explain it-- her mom being named Brooke and her dad being named Forrest. And I gave her a sister, who was named after the mom, although that got a bit confusing at times when clicking menus. "Wait, which Brooke Thayer is this? Grr why did I do that" xD
    Yeah, I kinda expected they were a bunch of hippies. Fun backstory, though. I love redesigning and fleshing out Townies.
  10. Mueez
    March 29th, 2015 07:40 AM
  11. BettyNewbie
    March 28th, 2015 10:32 PM
    Yeah, the sims themselves were my main concern. The items and stuff look a lot better than the sims lol. But that's just how it goes I guess lol.
    Well, that's because, again, the objects are 2D sprites, while the Sims are (blocky) 3D models. But, you can still find pretty faces and clothes for the Sims. (Even if they're not quite Sims 2 quality.) I'm not sure if her taste is your style, but many of Vivacious' heads and bodies are Sims 2 conversions, so they look really good. Sims of the World and Hypnotiq's Boutique also have very pretty skins. Vita Sims also has realistic, non-blocky celebrity heads.

    (I hope you don't mind my lists of links, LOL. )

    Ah that's good to know. I know there are issues if you have conflicting IDs in Sims 2 as well, but since pretty much everyone uses SimPE to get unique ones I don't think I've ever run into an issue with it so far.
    Yeah, I think the kinks were mostly worked out by the time of Sims 2. Back in the early Sims 1 days, many people didn't have the best understanding of Magic Cookies and ID numbers, so many objects were made with either random different Magic Cookies or no Magic Cookie at all (as with those "bad" sites I listed earlier). With newer stuff, though, all objects by the same creator will have the same 4-5 digit Magic Cookie, so their stuff's easy to identify and will almost never have conflicts.

    Yep! Thanks :3
    You're welcome.

    Well it's not like most of them have strange names that would set off flags. Meadow Thayer is probably the least "real" sounding name, and that's only because I've never met anyone named Meadow irl.

    And yeah, Freemium games are a mess like that. They get you hooked with it being free and addicting, but then they nickle and dime you to death with random things you need to beat it (or just to let you beat it faster.)
    Real or not, Meadow Thayer is one cool-sounding name.

    Freemium games are the devil. There are actual stories of kids racking up massive debt on their parents' credit card over in-app purchases. Game developers have discovered an easy money vacuum, and they're exploiting it to the fullest.
  12. BettyNewbie
    March 28th, 2015 02:58 PM
    While it seems easier to make, I will admit that the low-res low-poly look does feel like a huge downgrade in terms of how the engine feels. But even still, looks like you did a good job with it anyway
    Well, when it comes to objects, quality Sims 1 stuff is often on par or even superior to Sims 2 stuff, IMO. Since they're 2D sprites, you can make them as bright and detailed as possible without having to worry about things like poly counts. For a good example of very high quality Sims 1 stuff, I recommend Olena's Clutter Factory. Many of her things are conversions from Sims 2/3, and they look just as beautiful.

    Now, the Sims, themselves, on the other hand, are considerably blockier that what you're probably used to, but CC gives you ways around it. The replacement hands from CORRY's Factory are a must, and many custom heads and bodies use higher poly meshes.

    Sounds like I need to check those out! Thanks for the tip, I'll keep those in mind when I get around to finding the game.
    You're welcome. I'm pretty familiar with Sims 1 land, so if you need more help finding stuff, I'll be glad to help.

    Never heard of something like that happening in Sims 2, only heard of crashes when like a modded item is broken (either made wrong or missing files or something). Not heard of it happening from too much CC though. *shrugs* oh well.
    Yeah, that must be just a Sims 1 issue.

    Now, one potential issue that Sims 1 objects have that Sims 2 stuff doesn't are Object ID conflicts, as explained by Bunny Wuffles here. In short, objects that have the same ID number will conflict with each other, and when an object conflicts with part of a multi-tile object (as seen here), that causes the game to crash.

    Luckily, this issue doesn't come up with most objects (especially newer ones), but there were a handful of sites in the past who didn't use Magic Cookies (an identifier that creates ID numbers and makes them unique from one another), and as a result, are very prone to object ID conflicts. Unless you want to spend hours fixing borked files, I strongly advise against downloads from any of the following sites: Honey Sims, Sleepy Hollow Sims, TA Sims, Game Island, Colorized Sims, and much of Savage Sims. Luckily, there are many sites who have similar stuff, but are far safer for your game.

    I'm sure there's an option to disable it, I just need to look again. At the time, I was just looking for aging and didn't think to look for that at the time since I was staying on top of my sims well enough and they have gotten at least a bit smarter by Sims 4 it seems, so it really isn't as bad if it's left on. But I still wouldn't want them progressing completely unattended.
    Does this help?

    Those accounts are still online and stuff, although some of the e-mail addresses aren't valid anymore so it yells at me when I sign in. Not sure if I could get away with making any new ones or not, haven't tried lately lol. I never played Sims Online, but I played Sims Social for a while, and The Ville which was just a clone of it that someone else made (which shut down shortly after Sims Social did). I thought about getting Sims Free Play on my phone, but wasn't sure if it was worth it or not (Free, just not sure if it would be enjoyable enough to be worth the time and worth trying to play it on a small screen since I don't have a tablet).
    Yeah, I'm very surprised those still exist since Facebook has been all about using real names for a long time now.

    As for Sims Free Play, it looks interesting, but I'm leery of anything that's "freemium." Even though it's free to download, getting all of the tools needed to actually complete the game costs real money, and the costs can add up very fast. (Not that the Sims is a complete stranger to giving you an incomplete game, *cough*Expansion/Stuff Packs*cough*.)
  13. BettyNewbie
    March 28th, 2015 12:03 PM
    Gotcha. I'll look on Amazon, but I might end up looking to just, yknow, download it if I can't find it for a reasonable enough price. If you know what I mean.
    Oh, I know what you mean. (Don't worry, I won't tell. )

    Also that's cool, you say you made those? Nice! :3
    Thanks. Most of the objects are recolors, and the heads on the Sims aren't mine, but yes, they're my creations. Another reason why I prefer Sims 1 is that CC is much easier to make. None of the objects are 3D models, and Sims are just head/body/hands.

    When it comes to my favourite themes, I tend to prefer more every-day type stuff. Not the ultra-modern things they try to slip in, and I don't often go for super old-timey (although I do tend to have a retro diner or something similar in my neighborhoods. In one I have a copy of the Waffle House in my home town as well.) I guess I go with retro but not AS retro. Like, for example: CRT TVs that sit on the floor, Nintendo 64 for my sims to play, 80s movie posters on the wall, custom music to listen to on the radio from the 80s and 90s, stuff like that. Things that bring back feelings of nostalgia combined with current things like that Pokéwalker and a DS for them to play and stuff like that. Oh, and I also modified a computer to have Windows XP running on it and to replace the "Write novel" interaction with "Hack Pokémon" which shows the sim working on Christmas with a map editor and a hex editor open on the screen.
    Ah, so you like 80s/90s nostalgic stuff. Whenever you get Sims 1 running, you should check out 7 Deadly Sims. They have a lot of things you'd like, such as TVs with consoles hooked up to them, arcade machines, famous movie cars, a deco PS1 and several GBAs, among other things. They also have a sister site called 8th Deadly Sim that has similar content, but requires registration (it used to be a paysite, but it later went free).

    SomeSimThings also has hacked computers (which let you work from home) that have a late 90s/early 00s look and display Windows XP at startup. Around the Sims also has a pretty nice (if messy) hacker's office. If you join CTO, you'll not only get access to all of 8DS' stuff (which were uploaded there when it was still pay), but also a ton of other goodies like this gorgeous retro boombox.

    I don't think Sims 2 actually has any sort of cap as to how much CC you can have, but it makes the game load a lot slower if you have a lot. Well, it seems to take forever the first time I launch it after I restart the computer, but if I play it again later without restarting the computer in between it loads a lot faster so it must be keeping that cached somewhere.
    With Sims 1, if your game has too many objects, lots will start crashing whenever you click on them. It's possible that Sims 2 has a similar cap, but the load screen becomes too excruciatingly slow before it gets there.

    Definitely agree. Half of the time I turn free-will off in Sims 2. Not sure if that's an option in Sims 4 or not, haven't noticed it but that doesn't mean it's not there. Might be interesting to just sit back and see what happens if sims are left to their own devices for an extended period of time though.
    Free Will is almost always off in my game. Sims just can't take care of themselves, no matter what. Their pea-sized brains need to be guided through everything.

    It should be an option in Sims 4, especially if you can also turn aging off. It seems like their goal with Sims 4 is to give you more control than Sims 3 gave.

    Haha yeah, from what I remember about Sims 1 (which was for console and so not necessarily relevant) kids couldn't grow up and all sorts of stuff that would make it annoying haha. If you do track down some mods though, good luck!
    Yeah, kids don't grow up in Sims 1. (Unless they use the Age of Instant Charm, that is.) I can easily just use Sim Enhancer to change the kids' age after a set number of days, though. As for adults, I'd have them take some of Ophelia's poison after a set number of days to simulate death from old age.

    Also, you mentioned story telling. While I've never sat down and done traditional sims storytelling things like people post online, I somehow got in the habit of doing something similar. I made a bunch of fake facebook accounts back when The Sims Social was a thing so that I could send myself things and add people without cluttering up my "real" Facebook. And somewhere along the way, I just started posting in character as the sims the profiles were made for. Posting about the things "they" were doing and posting pictures and things to amuse myself while I was online with those accounts. Now the Sims Social isn't around anymore so I don't use those accounts nearly as often but I still get on them from time to time and post stuff for the lulz.
    LOL, that sounded fun. (Remember the days when you could make fake Facebook accounts?) I never really got into any of those multiplayer Sims games, though. (Remember The Sims Online?)
  14. BettyNewbie
    March 28th, 2015 09:41 AM
    I'll look around for the complete collection next time I'm in Wal-Mart. I seem to remember seeing it in there before, when Sims 3 was the current gen. Might just have to *ahem* find it online some other way. If you know what I mean.
    I think Complete Collection was rereleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary in 2010, but I'm not sure if you can still find it in stores. I know Amazon has it, but new copies are a tad pricey.

    I made the shirt and Pokéwalker. The jeans I downloaded from some site, most likely TSR or Mod The Sims. The hair is the one she came with (she was originally a townie) but with a default repalcememnt texture I got from Mod The Sims and her skintone is from some site, I don't remember which exactly. And I forget where all her makeup came from.
    She looks great. You did a good job with the shirt and Pokéwalker.

    I've made quite a bit of stuff for Sims 1, albeit not Pokémon-themed. My favorite Sims theme is retro/vintage, so most of my things are that. Here's a few examples:

    (You might recognize the toilet and sink from Sims 2. Yup, they were conversions.)

    (Yes, someone actually converted the heads on these from Sims 2!)

    That's the problem with having so much CC, you forget where you found it all xD (I really need to cleanup my downloads folder in Sims 2. It's gotten cluttered with things that looked good on the site but then looked weird in-game or things I downloaded but never use. I spend a lot of time looking through the closet in create-a-sim thinking "Gah I have nothing to wear" as I scroll through all the pages of stuff I've wound up with.
    I feel your pain. My Sims 1 game is so loaded with CC that I'm always losing it, and I'm constantly hovering around the download ceiling.

    Story Progression was one thing that really turned me off to Sims 3 as well. I remember Justin talking about it when I was playing with his copy of Sims 3 and I was like "Why would you want that?" and he was all "So you don't have to play all the houses" and I was like "But... that's kinda... the game?" Haha. I mean, I don't want to be off playing one sim and come back to find out this other sim has gotten pregnant and another died and another abducted by aliens. I mean, you know how when left to their own devices sims are kinda... yknow... not smart? Why would I want the whole neighborhood doing that? Forget the other stuff, I wouldn't be surprised to find half the neighborhood in flames. Read the paper and the headline is "Lobster Thermidor fires reach apocalyptic proportions" xD
    Sims should have as little free will as possible if you ask me. They are creatures who will sit down in front of a TV when they're starving to death, or grab a cup of espresso when their bladder is about to burst. How in the hell can somebody be trusted to find a job and raise a family when they can't even take care of themselves?!?

    There's another "Nuzlocke" type variant (and one you can do in Sims 1) where you play with Free Will on and see how long your Sims last. Suffice to say, it usually ends with a mass die-off, often from a fire.

    I've heard of them and I've read some, and they seem a lot more appealing to me than Nuzlockes (never got into Nuzlockes, really.) I've never done a legacy challenge yet though. I probably will at some point because they seem cool.
    It might be worth trying out just for kicks. I'd try one, myself, but, well, I've got Sims 1. I'd definitely have to employ some cheats to make it work.
  15. BettyNewbie
    March 27th, 2015 09:59 PM
    Yeah, I should try giving Sims 1 on PC a chance. Since I had only played Sims 1 on console and went directly to Sims 2 on PC, my reaction was "Ok yeah, this is an improvement in pretty much every way imaginable" and since it was comparing console to PC it was like apple and oranges so who knows, I might totally agree and fall in love with Sims 1 on PC if i find it and give it a try At least I was familiar enough with Sims 1 that I immediately recognized your username even before we mentioned Sims at all :p
    Yeah, console Sims 1 vs Sims 2 is just no comparison. As for PC Sims 1, with the might mods (and all 7 expansions), you can pretty much do anything with it you can in Sims 2, sans build 3+ story houses or have Sims that age (which you don't like, anyways). For example, I have both cell phones and driveable cars in my game.

    Although I will say that with custom stuff and default replacements, I'm sure you could make any of them look about however you wanted them to.

    For example, Meadow Thayer wearing a top that I have in real life and seemingly taking a Pokémon for a stroll with her PokéWalker.
    That's a pretty skin. Did you make it?

    Also, I'm with you on the whole disabling aging thing. In sims 2 I have a mod that lets me do it, and in Sims 4 you can just turn it off from the options menu with no cheats needed (one of the first things I did lol). I know some people love aging, but I kinda have a tendency to play vicariously and/or get "attached" to my sims and not want them to get old and die on me when I wasn't close to done making them have adventures. I'm sure you can at least somewhat relate to that, if not completely.
    I'm a storyteller, myself, so I just can't have Sims age or die unless the plot calls for it. (Plus, many of my characters are immortal or semi-immortal, and thus, literally don't age.) At least, Sims 2 gives you roughly the same amount of control as Sims 1, though, otherwise. Sims 3, on the other hand, introduced a horrid "story progression" feature where Sims even in unselected houses would marry, have kids, and even die, all behind your back. Based on what I've read, it seems like Sims 4 has given more control back to the player.

    Speaking of Sims aging, have you heard of Legacy Challenges? They're like the Sims version of Nuzlockes. I've read many of them, although I've never actually done one myself (for obvious reasons, it's pretty much impossible to do one in Sims 1, at least not without heavy use of hacks and cheats).

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