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  1. BettyNewbie
    April 4th, 2015 4:01 PM
    Absolutely. I mean, I get it. It's a new feature this gen, and they are proud of it, so they want to show it off. But if that's the only thing they wanna push, they have issues. smh
    And, you wonder why the storytelling seems to have suffered so much this Gen...

    Now that definitely would have been nice to see. Or at least it seems that way. Hopefully they wouldn't have tried to get too over the top with the drama and make the official games turn into Dark Rising or something. Having Gen 3 be more like B/W would have been pretty awesome though. I'll have to keep that in mind when it comes time for my Hoenn reboot(s) if/when I get around to it/them eventually. :nod:
    Yeah, the last thing I would've wanted was for the games to go all Dark and Gritty (which, really, isn't any more "mature" than Light and Fluffy), but I think Gen 3 could've benefited from something similar to BW--less "kiddy" and more teen-friendly. Like, why couldn't have May/Brendan been 13-15 to better reflect the ages most original fans were by then? And, the Magma/Aqua stuff could've been easily framed as a "technology vs environment" conflict, which had real world parallels and wouldn't have been nearly as silly. That might not be a bad direction to go in with your reboot.

    In fact, I'd say that this is the biggest thing that has hurt the franchise the most, this insistence on always chasing after the same kid demographic at the expense of older fans. The games, though, have, at least, improved on this (especially with BW/2), but the anime has been stuck in this same rut for over a decade, and it's finally starting to come back and bite.

    Which one is lightning yellow, again? Is that a Yellow remake, or a hack of Yellow? I think I've seen both mentioned at times. Either one could be cool though in its own way. But yeah, the fans have done some pretty ingenious things with the games by now. Maybe we'll finally get a decent remake of Gen 1 this time around!
    Lightning Yellow is a Pokémon Essentials-based remake. The mechanics are Gen 6 style, while the graphics are Gen 4 style (which I know you won't like).

    I actually considered using his graphics patch as a base, but I decided not to, although I may end up independently implementing the rest of the things his has that mine doesn't in time. I *think* the only features his has that mine doesn't is the EXP Bar and the little Pokéball icon next to a wild Pokémon's name if you have caught it already.
    I wouldn't mind seeing both of those things, myself. You don't know how convenient the EXP Bar is until it isn't there.

    And speaking of sprites, any progress on the Tennant and Munch sprites? I did alter text on the SS Anne so he calls himself The Looker and made another person say that she thought she saw David Tennant earlier, but was mistaken.
    Drat, I almost forgot about those. Sorry! I'll try to work on them tonight.
  2. BettyNewbie
    April 4th, 2015 10:35 AM
    Thanks! I have a bit of interest in XY, but I'm with you on the ORAS thing. I got the free demo and I wasn't convinced. Didn't seem worth it to me. Then again, most of the demo was just "zomg d00d liek we hav megaz nao" and I'm like "omg I don't care shut up" lol.
    It kind of peeved me how the marketing for ORAS was all "Megas! Megas! Megas!" as if that was literally all the fandom cared about. And, of course, people just lapped it right up.

    While Megas probably aren't going away anytime soon, I hope Gen 7 downplays them a lot and makes them just another feature instead of having the entire story revolve around them. You know, similar to how double battles played less and less of a role in the games after Gen 3.

    Definitely agree with you there. While I never went through a "Pokemon is for babies" phase, I know plenty of people who did around the time Gen 3 was out. And to this day, I still think of anything after Gen 2 as "one of the new games".
    I feel that way, too. Even if RS are pushing 15 now, they still feel "new" to me. They were the first games to come out after I had grown out of the franchise, so I just can't see them the same way as I do RBY/GSC. For me, 2002-03 were all about the Sims, not Pokémon.

    Sometimes, I wonder how things might've gone differently if GF had pulled a Harry Potter and decided to age with Pokémon's original fans instead of trying to replace them. What if Gen 3 had been something more like BW, with older protagonists and a darker, deeper story?

    It would certainly be nice to get a new official remake, assuming they could do it right and not find a way to screw it up. Which let's face it, it's GF, so they're going to.
    Oh, I'm sure. Even if it's on a Gen 1 base, Red++ is already a better Gen 1 "remake" than FRLG, and Lighting Yellow also looks promising. Even FRLG, themselves, have been greatly improved through the additions of things like the P/S split, Fairy Type, and DS-style sprites. At this point, fans have done a lot more to improve Gen 1 than GF has.

    But yeah, I can't think of any valid reason we need Gen 4 remakes, whether fan made or official.
    Basically, Platinum already "fixed" most of DP's worst issues, while neither Yellow or FRLG did much to fix RB's. There's simply more that can be done with a Gen 1 remake.

    Thanks! I think so too Danny on the other hand disagrees -- I originally made that revamp to offer up for his Gen 2 graphics patch, and he preferred to use or make (I forget which) a devamp of the FrLg one and I thought "Cool, whatever. I'll just use it in SaR" and so when I came up with the idea for Red++ I decided it made sense to use there as well.
    Well, if he likes his devamp, then that's his preference. Which, just doesn't happen to be ours.

    I like his graphics patch, though, since it's nice to have a vanilla RB that doesn't have ugly sprites, and it's not a bad base for hacks, either.
  3. BettyNewbie
    March 31st, 2015 10:14 PM
    If that happens, I guess we hackers will just have to up our game, and pick up where GF left off!
    Hurray for hacks! They're pretty much the only new games I play, nowadays, anyways. I have zero interest in either XY or ORAS, and many hackers here can make better games than GF, to be honest. (Like you, of course. )

    And it seems like other things from the 90s like to try and make a comeback this year, why not Gen 1? I mean, we have Friends on Netflix after all. Haha. I still find it amazing that new updates and things come out for Brown from time to time, since that's the hack that originally got me into hacking in the first place. Ah, the nostalgia -- now with added layers of nostalgia!
    90s nostalgia is still a huge thing, so why shouldn't GF capitalize on it? FRLG came out before there was really any nostalgia for Pokemon (RBY were only 5-6 years old at the time), so a lot of older fans, deep into their "Pokémon iz 4 babiez" phase, completely missed those games. While some did get their nostalgia fix later on with HGSS, a sequel can never replace a prequel, and there were even many who missed those games as well. A new, highly-publicized Gen 1 remake would be perfect for hooking in those lost older fans, as well as getting the younger ones a chance to experience the franchise's origins.

    On the other hand, who in the ****'s nostalgic for Sinnoh?!!? Pardon my French, but seriously?

    I get Hoenn nostalgia. The games are 12-13 years old now, have zero compatibility with any modern hardware, and its original fans are old enough to be in college now. Gen 3 was also the last Gen before things like the P/S Split, wi-fi, more than 50 TMs, sprites that looked good and accurate, and of course, Smogon taking over the fandom. The early 2000s are also just becoming old enough to be nostalgic, in general.

    But, Sinnoh? The games are still less than a decade old, can be played on modern hardware, have a P/S split, and have more than 50 TMs. They were also the beginning of the Smogon-ruled wi-fi era, when GF started paying more attention to competitive meatheads than normal players. Why would anyone be nostalgic for that? What, they didn't have Megas and Fairies? So, that means we can be nostalgic for Unova, too? Give me a damn break.

    And, most of the people who came of age with DPP are still in high school, at best. They're way too young to be nostalgic for anything. Maybe, once they get into college...

    A very good point. I'll try to mainly stick with Gen 3 devamps, Gen 2-style custom sprites (if necessary) and Gen 2 style revamps of Gen 1 sprites (like the one I made for the Engineer. I figured I'd go with the original design instead of the devamped one that Danny-E33 used in his patch).
    Yeah, I always thought that Engineer devamp looked strange, to be honest. I like your revamp better.
  4. BettyNewbie
    March 30th, 2015 8:27 PM
    That box art is so accurate it hurts lol. That would definitely be nice, then we wouldn't have to worry about them anymore. Nice daydream, anyway.
    Ah, if only... What will more likely happen is that Gen 7 will be even MORE formulaic and competitive-catering than Gen 6 was, and casuals will have even fewer reasons to continue buying the games.

    Yeah, I know Gen 3 is considered easier, but at the same time, since it isn't what I'm used to, you never know lol. Guess I'll see when the time comes. I have noticed a lot more Gen 1 hacks starting to pop up nowadays though, which is cool, even if most of them are sideshow hacks it seems (mine included).
    Well, there aren't as many easy-to-use tools and tutorials for GB/C hacking beyond smaller edits, but that may change in the coming years. I think there's a decent number of people who are getting tired of FireRed and want to revisit the older games more. Hacks like yours, Brown/Prism, XY Naturia, and so on show that a lot can still be done on a GB/C base.

    I totally understand. Hopefully the ones I end up going with in the end will work ok
    I'd probably advise against using trainer sprites any newer than Gen 3, in general. While you might be able to get away with HGSS devamps for some of the generic trainers, most of the major characters just look far too different and OOC (with Sabrina and Blaine being some of the worst examples). While Red++ is adding many things from later Gens, you still want to keep some of the nostalgia, you know? Plus, DS sprites don't tend to devamp as well as GBA ones, anyways.
  5. BettyNewbie
    March 30th, 2015 5:42 PM
    I'm sure they'd complain even if they got a battle simulator though. There are already dedicated battle simluators that are unofficial, and they still feel the need to ruin the official games anyway. :/ Maybe GF will do something to fix this before they let Smogon kill the games for normal people.
    What GF needs to do is just make Pokémon Smogon Version. They can even hire the people in charge of Smogon to direct the game so the battle simulator can be exactly what they want, with all of their rules and restrictions. Smogon Version could, then, grow to be its own series, completely separate from the main games and their "pesky" story mode. And, then, we can finally kick these people out of the fandom.

    Yeah, it would be a GBA hack if I was going to do that. I've already dabbled in learning Gen 3 hacking a little, but my main focus has always been Gen 1 and 2. I don't have the same level of nostaliga for Gen 3 as I do for the first two, so there wasn't as much draw to focus on those for me even once everyone else moved on to hacking those. Not to say I don't have an interest in them, just not as strong in the nostalgia factor.
    Because of how widespread the tools and tutorials are, GBA hacking is actually considered to be easier than GB/C hacking, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get into. But, I like that you're into RBY/GSC more, because Ruby/FireRed/Emerald hacks are a dime a dozen. The older games deserve more love.

    Yep, I remember getting cards taken up, bringing gameboys on field trips to play on the bus, all of that. I still have a lot of cards in a binder and more in a box somewhere. I had a few japanese cards but they were a lot harder to find in a small town in Alabama lol.
    I know I still have my several binders' worth of cards, but I have no clue where they are. Shame, too, because I know many of the ones I have are worth a lot of money now.

    I gotcha. Yeah, I have no attachment to those sprites with this project. Someone offered to make some devamps for Christmas to give them their HGSS outfits since I was roughly basing mapping on HGSS and stuff and I said sure. Then I just tossed them in as placeholders. If you'll notice, some sprites still use the original Gen 1 sprites because I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll plan on replacing them, like I'm planning to do with the other leaders I haven't done yet as well.

    Also, thanks, glad you like the Lass
    You're welcome.

    Good to know those are just placeholders. It would completely kill the nostalgia to see some of these characters in their OOC redesigns from HGSS, you know?
  6. BettyNewbie
    March 30th, 2015 4:50 PM
    It was shortly after we switched from dial-up that I got into roms and stuff. Before that I wasn't online enough to really know. Mom wouldn't give me the password for the modem and so I wasn't on nearly as often as I am now. I do remember the days before YouTube and Facebook though. And even before MySpace (Seems hard to believe I still had a MySpace in college, although I pretty much stopped using it after freshman year and went to Facebook).
    Oh, MySpace. Just seeing that name conjures images of Blingees, bathroom selfies, and bad Emo music. Oh, and pedophiles pretending to be teenagers. Those were the good old days!

    Hard to believe it, but YouTube will be turning 10 in less than a month. Even YouTube was a different place back then, back before Google and all of the anti-copyright crackdowns. Even when I still had dial-up (as recently as 2006), I'd watch the occasional video or two on YouTube, but I'd have to wait a good 20-30 minutes just for a 3-4 minute video to load.

    Have you seen this video from the Nostalgia Chick? She takes a look at some of the videos people watched online before YouTube existed (around roughly 1998-2004). I remember many of those.

    That's a good point, I somehow hadn't picked up on the fact that it was mainly him to blame, I just assumed GameFreak in general had run out of ideas. Not sure why that is, since I blame Moffat for Doctor Who stuff, not the BBC. *shrugs* But yeah, I almost feel like Pokémon should split into two franchises. The battle simulators for the Smogon Drones, and the real games for normal people.
    Well, GF, in general can be to blame, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to Masuda. He's the one in charge, so the direction of the games is mostly his doing... And, it's painfully obvious that he's not doing a good job. He cares more about pushing out a new battle simulator game every year than good storytelling and quality gameplay. Again, it's no surprise that the recent games he had the least influence over (BW/2) were the strongest and least formulaic in both areas.

    With all of the timeline issues Gen 6 caused, I truly hope they give Masuda the boot and do a full-blown hard reboot in Gen 7. (His first games as director were RS, so it's fitting that his last games are their remakes.) Bring in a fresh mind and do something completely different with the franchise.

    I definitely agree with you on splitting the franchise. Catering the main games to Smogon Drones will ultimately backfire, because that crowd doesn't want anything short of a dedicated battle simulator (to them, "Pokémon stories suck," no matter what, even if it's BW quality), so all GF is doing is alienating casuals. Seeing as XY were the worst-selling main pair ever, they don't really have anything to lose at this point.

    I agree with both of those :3 Haha that gives me an idea. Maybe after I eventually make that Hoenn-Reboot I've mentioned, I should make a Sinnoh reboot. Use Gen 5 graphics, the same region, but totally change the story and get rid of the "Pokemon are gods" junk and all of that along the way. Just like, throw out 90% of the game and make it from scratch. Might be interesting to see what people thought, anyway. No idea if/when I'd ever get to that, but y'know.
    Basically, what Sinnoh needs is a completely new story. (And, for Arceus to cease to exist altogether.)

    By "use Gen 5 graphics," I gather that this means that it would be a GBA hack, because you can't exactly use those on a GB/C base. BTW, I found a fan-made remake of Twinleaf Town in Gen 5 style. Definitely prefer it to the original.

    I definitely remember it blowing up. All the kids in school were all about it, whether they were nerds or preps or punks or whatever they were, everyone was into Pokémon. Half the people claimed it was going to be a fad and we'd all forget about it in a year or two. We see how that worked out xD.
    I remember how huge it was from 1998-2000. Most kids, both boys and girls, were into it, trading cards in secret on the playground (because they were banned at school), and a few even smuggled in their Gameboys. And, Pokémon merchandise was just everywhere, from dolls, to toys, to clothes, and so on. There was even Pokémon food!

    I was really big into collecting the cards back then, and I loved scouring flea markets and specialty stores for Japanese imports and other rarer cards. (Luckily, unlike other collecting fads from the era like Beanie Babies and Pogs, Pokémon cards are still worth some money.)

    Yeah, I kind of used a couple of those sprites myself, but it just seemed like the thing to do. But it isn't all fanservice though. And on the Lass issue, I used the one we talked about instead of the ditzy fanservicey FrLg one haha.
    I could care less about the Beauty, but hell no to that Sabrina. It's a hideous design, and it doesn't match her OW sprite, anyways. Either her GSC sprite or a FRLG devamp would be better. Same goes for Blaine, who I notice also has his questionable HGSS outfit.

    Misty, Giovanni, Lorelei, and Agatha could all use FRLG devamps, although I'm sure you're working on those. And, Lance, for that matter, since that's what I based his new OW sprite on.

    Good job on the Lass, though. As I've said before, I've always liked how the GSC and RSE Lasses looked battle-ready (and more like the Youngster counterparts they're supposed to be), something that sadly wasn't carried over to HGSS and ORAS.
  7. BettyNewbie
    March 30th, 2015 11:12 AM
    Yeah, that is a nice thing about Gimp. I didn't realize that about the plugins until just now though, I thought it had to have its own plugins :O Good to know!
    Yup, it's true. While there are also brushes out there made specifically for Gimp, there aren't many, and it's mostly because of the Photoshop compatibility. Why release a brush that only Gimp users can use when you can release one that both Photoshop and Gimp users can use, after all?

    Mhmm. Plus, that was around the time I joined PokéCommunity as well. My how time flies.
    LOL, I still had dial-up way back then. Not that it mattered too much since YouTube didn't exist yet.

    Yeah, it bothers me that we've only had 2 actual sequels among all the games. GSC to RBY, and BW2 to BW.
    GF seems to have grown allergic to sequels and continuity, in general. Even B2W2 were only made because of Nintendo, who thought that having sequels instead of a Third Version would help promote the games better on a dying handheld. (One of the rare cases where Executive Meddling turned out for the better.)

    As I've discussed with someone else, I think the franchise could greatly benefit from Masuda stepping down as director. He's held the position since RSE, and there's no question that he's the one who's mostly responsible for the formulaic rut the games have found themselves in. He loved the hard reboot they did with RSE so much that he wanted to do it again and again with every new Generation, with older regions and characters only being revisited in remakes (unless your name is Cynthia or Looker, that is). Entire regions simply get tossed out in favor of new ones before they even have a chance to sink in, and the end result is a large backlog of characters who have been completely forgotten, many for as long as 8-10 or more years.

    It's no surprise that the Generation that saw the most influence from outside of Masuda (Gen 5) was the one that broke the formula the most--first sequels since Gen 2, first Gen to not include remakes since Gen 2, first Gen to have a Dex that was entirely composed of a single Generation since Gen 1, first Gen to have an Evil Team whose goal wasn't destroying the world since Gen 2, first Gen to have Gym Leaders more directly involved in the plot, first Gen to not have the Evil Team be defeated after the 7th Badge, and so on.

    As Gen 6 has sadly proven, Masuda has run out of ideas. GF badly needs some fresh blood, someone who truly cares about storytelling and doesn't just want to make a new battle simulator for Smogon Drones (Can we please boot them from the fandom?) every Gen.

    People try to say "Ugh, we don't need ANOTHER Gen 1 remake!" and I'm like "We didn't need Gen 4 the first time around, what do we need a remake for?" I will admit though, if they changed the story some and made it have Gen 6+ graphics, it might be worth giving Sinnoh another go. Maybe.
    What Sinnoh needs is a total reboot instead of a remake, although I would laugh my ass off if Gen 4 fans ended up having to suffer the same kind of tutorial-laden copy/paste borderline-enhanced port we got with FRLG.

    Still though, you're right about the kids thing. It still blows my mind when something causes me to realize how young most of these people are and what year that puts them being born. I was chatting with someone the other day and made a comment about how "I miss the 90s" and their response was ":O I wasn't even born then!" and I was just like "oh wow. I forgot I'm old." lol
    Yes, it's true, people who were born in 2000 are old enough to be in high school now! Scary, scary realization, there. At sites like this, 20-somethings like us are practically senior citizens!

    (Hard to believe that there are so many people here who not only don't remember Pokémania, but weren't even alive when it happened. The idea that Pokémon was once popular enough to have three major theatrical releases in the US, as well as a musical and a buttload of spinoffs and merchandising, or even just make the cover of Time Magazine, just blows their minds.)

    Yeah I saw fan-art of Cynthia before I saw her in-game and I thought "That can't be her real look. I mean, she's probably just wearing a normal jacket and doesn't have it like that with only one button done barely holding it on her in the games." ...I was wrong. lol. Then again, I'm not too surprised, since the RSE beauty sprite appeared to have her wearing a sheer top over a black bra and may or may not have been too revealing when you zoom in. Hard to tell with that resolution, but yeah. I remember that coming up back when Gen 3 was the current gen, and Cynthia reminded me of it. Gamefreak confirmed for perving on their trainer classes. (Then again, the "Graphic Artist" in Gen 1 basically confirmed that in-game by going on about how hot he thought Misty and Sabrina were).
    Yeah, that was obviously the intention with Cynthia, make a Strong Female Role Model (TM) for girls to look up to while also making her look like a supermodel for boys to drool over. I highly doubt Cynthia would've been nearly as popular if she looked like Agatha or Bertha, instead.

    Ironically, the RSE Beauty was the first (and only one until Gen 5) to wear pants. The GSC Beauty even had to have her sprite changed because the original one was too suggestive! The most recent Beauty design from ORAS looks like a flat-out hooker!

    The Graphic Artist's comments about Sabrina are highly ironic in light of the Hotter and Sexier redesign she got in HGSS. There's just no question what the intentions behind that were.

    That would be cool though, giving him a custom David Tennant/Looker sprite. If you're up for making it, I'd appreciate it
    I'll be sure to whip up a sprite for you. I'll also see what I can do about Detective Munch.
  8. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 9:48 PM
    Gimp isn't one I ever really got into. I bootlegged a copy of Paint Shop Pro 7 a few years back and got used to that. So when I use Paint.net, it still feels off to me so I can definitely sympathize with that lol. Sorry for the instability though, I know that has to suck
    You get used to what you get used to, even with the downsides. Gimp is lovely, but it was designed with Linux in mind first and foremost, so the Windows versions aren't nearly as stable as they could be. Sometimes, I wish I had gotten into Paint.net first, LOL.

    (That being said, one thing I REALLY love about Gimp is how it can freely use Photoshop brushes and patterns, so finding nice custom stuff is very easy.)

    I forget exactly how long I've been a fan, I know I didn't get into it right at the start. I think I got into it shortly before Sims 2 came out?
    Well, you said you played the Sims console game first, and that came out in 2003 (I actually remember getting it for my birthday that year), while Sims 2 came out in 2004. Sounds about right.

    For me, it was the opposite. DPPt almost made me quit Pokémon-- and did for a little while. I didn't buy them, just played roms, and generally had the feeling of "this is BS. They alternate between boring and over-the-top and I just don't care" but then HG/SS were announced and I was like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! And I was that person taking my PokéWalker to class like that was just a normal thing people did in college (then again, I also played Pokemon in class a lot, either on an emulator or occasionally just bringing my gbc to class on days where not a single **** was given xD). So yeah, I'll never understand why so many people are all about that Sinnoh.
    Sinnoh was a very boring region, no doubt. As I said, it was basically just Hoenn: Cold Edition, the first set of games to explicitly copy the formula of a previous set of games in almost every way. I would've much rather seen a GSC-style direct sequel to RSE, IMO (and I'm not even the biggest fan of those games).

    There's no question that HGSS saved Gen 4 from being a total loss, even if they came out so late that their time in the spotlight was cut short by BW. (At least, though, that meant they weren't a rushed, partially incomplete product like FRLG were.)

    I kinda wanna thing the real reason is that all the kids these days just started with Gen 4, so that was their Gen 1 and that's what they feel nostalgic for. Not that they're old enough to know anything about nostalgia for realsies but y'know.
    Hard to believe, but yeah, there are a lot of kids who started with the DS games, and many of them are already crying for a DPP remake.

    (Even when there's still one more Generation left that doesn't have any kind of access to the 3DS and needs the updates a HECK of a lot more than DPP do. Sorry, Sinnoh kids, but y'all will have to wait your turn. )

    So basically what you're saying is that she's Princess Celestia. Supposedly all that and a bag of chips, but she's a generic mary-sue who doesn't deserve the praise the games give her, when other characters like Princess Luna and Princess Cadence have more interesting backstories but don't get as much going on in the episodes.
    Yeah, basically. Everything about Cynthia screams "fanfic character," even right down to her appearance--a tall, thin, extremely beautiful light-skinned young woman with long, flowing blonde hair. She's, essentially, a supermodel-turned-archaeologist/Champion (who still dresses like a supermodel). And, the way they gave her a perfectly balanced team with perfect IVs and fan-favorites like Milotic, Lucario, and Garchomp is just the icing on top. Blech.

    The first female Champion should've been someone a lot like the games' first male Champion, someone who was rude, a little bratty, and didn't always say or do the right thing. That's what REAL female representation looks like, female characters who are characters, not bland "role models."

    I remember that guy! I know he stuck out to me, but I never put two and two together and thought "Hey that could have been The Looker, couldn't it?" In that case, maybe I should turn that into a tiny cameo, for the people who are in the know about that, without making him part of the story. That would be super forced, trying to add The Looker into it.
    You mean, like they did in ORAS?

    As a nod, maybe you could replace the generic Gentleman OW with one that looked more like Looker? I could always whip one up. Maybe, you could even have another character on the SS Anne reference him looking like David Tennant?

    Which somehow reminds me, some of my irl friends and I were jokingly saying that the guy in Cerulean City who is guarding the burgled house should say he is "Detective Munch" from Law & Order, since it's become a bit of a recurring thing that Detective Munch shows up everywhere and in everything whether he has any business there or not.
    Well, he's certainly been around! Maybe, I should also whip up another custom OW sprite just for kicks?
  9. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 5:56 PM
    I haven't made as many things for TS4 yet, but so far the third party tool and Paint.net are working pretty well. I never used Paint.net before this, always used Paint Shop Pro, but Paint.net was free and worked with the image format the tool was using.
    I occasionally use Paint.net, but I'm just too used to GIMP's layout. Unfortunately, GIMP still isn't 100% compatible and stable with Win 7 or higher, so crashes (and lost work) are frequent.

    Same here. That's always been one of the appeals of the Sims franchise to me, getting to escape real life for a while and play with other things. Live something else vicariously. Be ridiculous or be serious, whatever you're feeling with that neighborhood/world.
    Oh, I know. You can do anything you want in the Sims, which is beauty of the game. The possibilities are endless. It's why I've been a huge fan of the games for close to 15 years now.

    Yep, looks like we actually DO agree on a lot of the problems with Gen 4 after all
    I like HGSS, but DPP are not favorites of mine by a long shot. If anything, you could call them some of GF's least original games. They took most of the same basic elements from RSE--new isolated region, restricted Regional Dex, new Pokémon that are intended to "replace" older ones, new Evil Team who wants to use Box Legendary to destroy the world and is defeated after 7th Badge, Champion is a Cool Older Mentor who helps you against Evil Team, and so on--and simply stuck them in a cold region as if that was enough to make a difference. At least, BW/2 and to a lesser extent, XY attempted to break RSE's formula.

    (And, yet, for some reason, DPP, especially Platinum, are some of the fandom's most highly-regarded games. Why? I know many people came back into the fandom during Gen 4, so maybe, they didn't realize how formulaic and unoriginal the Sinnoh games really were, but come on...)

    I will say though, I don't have a problem with Cynthia
    As a female fan, my biggest problem with her is how she's constantly held up and promoted as this Ultimate Strong Female Role Model when her character is, to be blunt, a boring Mary Sue. Her team is perfect (both stat-wise and coverage-wise), and she's portrayed as this wise, all-powerful mentor who always says and does the right thing.

    Now, there are certainly male characters who fit that description, too, but they are balanced out by the popular, well-liked, and important male characters who are heavily-flawed, as well as by the simple fact that every main villain in the games so far has been male. On the flip-side, the few "flawed" female characters are either widely hated by the fandom or are simply not given the same level of importance and backstory, and none of them are Champions or even leaders, period. Many female characters are completely underwritten and ignored, altogether, and almost all are degraded into cheap fanservice... often by the exact same guys who'll praise Cynthia to high heavens.

    Bleh, where's the Sims and its bastion of equality when you need it?

    but y'know. I am actually kinda planning to use The Looker in a hack... although in my game he would pretty much act exactly like David Tennant as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, and when he introduces himself, he would say something like "Hello, I'm The Doct-- wait, no. What is it they call me here? Oh right. I'm The Looker! Never quite understood that one..." That isn't Red++ though.
    He does look like the 10th Doctor doesn't he?

    Ironically, Looker may have actually made his very first appearance in Gen 1, but it has never been confirmed. His character doesn't really deeply enrage me like Cynthia does, but I do find it a teensy bit annoying how he's appeared in every single game released since Platinum (sans HGSS and B2W2) while many other characters haven't been seen or heard from in years (some, even more than a decade).
  10. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 4:05 PM
    I'm good too!
  11. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 3:59 PM
    How are you my friend?
  12. TyHawk4501
    March 29th, 2015 3:54 PM
    Hey Mateo!
  13. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 2:18 PM
    I guess it's *possible* that there is one on their website somewhere and I just haven't seen it because it didn't seem to come bundled with the game when you buy it in Origin. But the tool I have is third party. *shrugs* haha.
    Well, as long as the third party tool works fine enough for you. While I used the Sims Creator for my very first skins many, many years ago, I've long since abandoned it for GIMP and BodyWarp. The EA/Maxis tools usually don't give you as many options as the fan made ones, anyways.

    Yep! If only real-life could learn from The Sims and start being more open to equality.
    I agree. As stupid as Sims can be, their society is far more equal than ours. I like being able to imagine a better world in my game.
  14. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 2:05 PM
    My real problems with Gen 4 are specific to the Sinnoh region. I don't like the graphical style of the maps, it looks blurry and shoddy to me. And the storyline with Pokémon literally being gods and you going to the shadow realm to fight a giant ghost centipede just felt like bad fanfiction to me lol. I enjoyed HGSS though. The graphics still could use improvement but they are better than DPPt to me. Will reply to the longer message when I'm back on my laptop.
    Yeah, I also hate Sinnoh for introducing god Pokémon and religion into the games, especially a certain deformed llama who tried to steal the throne from the true ancestor of all Pokémon. Sinnoh also begat the trend of every Box Legendary being an ugly, overdesigned Dragon type (one that XY thankfully discarded), and the games' Legendary count, in general, was just insane.

    It also marked a low point in female PC design (It's cold enough for you to wear a coat and scarf, but not pants?!!?), and it introduced two of the franchise's most annoying and overused characters. The evolutions DPP added were a mixed bag, although they lose points for A) not letting you get most of them in DP, B) giving most of them ridiculous and over-complicated methods of evolution, C) not giving Jynx an evolution along with Electabuzz and Magmar, D) not making Yanmega Bug/Dragon, and E) making an Eeveelution that's completely redundant with a previously-existing one.

    This was also the Gen when Smogon started to take over the fandom. Blech.

    But, on the other hand, Gen 4 did give us the P/S Split, and HGSS, while not without their flaws, were far better remakes than FRLG. The move to the DS was also a pretty important first step, even if it was better-realized in Gen 5.
  15. BettyNewbie
    March 29th, 2015 12:54 PM
    I've never tried making requests (it seems most creators these days claim they don't take requests, which is honestly understandable). Still might be worth looking into though if I can't find something that suits me.
    Well, they're both active members at CTO (Hypnotiq is even a Mod), and I've seen them both take requests there. You could also hit up Viv and see if she could show you how to convert Sims 2 outfits to Sims 1.

    I guess it strikes me as odd since The Sims 4 claims to be more open for modders, (like some things in-game can apparently be changed by editing xml files) but still it struck me as odd that it didn't come with a basic tool for making clothing recolors like Sims 2 did. I mean we have tools for it now and all but yeah haha. Struck me as weird.
    That is odd, since even Sims 1 had a basic clothing-maker tool (albeit, only with Deluxe versions). It's possible that EA is saving it for a later EP or Stuff Pack, for whatever reason.

    *makes Red++ a freemium game for iPhone and Android*
    "Buy a Rare Candy for 2 gems?"
    I can already imagine that nightmare.

    I never considered them like straight-up stereotypical hippies, but they are free-spirited and open minded and stuff. And Meadow ended up becoming a lesbian and is married to a sim I made named Christy Simm (because I apparently suck at coming up with last names). Her sister on the other hand isn't dating anyone and just hangs out with her BFF a lot.
    Cool that you had her be a lesbian. I always loved how the Sims never cared about any of that stuff. The game treated all couples equally.

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